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Using DVD Box Covers As Folder Icons

eye-catcherI’ve been trying to utilize DVD box covers as folder icons for downloaded video files without success. Recently, I stumbled upon the solution. Very simple procedure and the resulting appearance is an improvement in my opinion compared to the default folder icons. I’m using Windows XP so the following steps will apply to that operating system. Please click the included illustrations to display full size images. Let’s get started.


The 7 Most Flexible Girls in Porn

I’m pretty sure it’s a common fantasy to have sex with a gymnast, cheerleader or generally flexible girl who can twist into all sorts of positions. Not many folks ever realize that dream, but that’s where porn saves the day.

I’ve ranked the girls based on a combination of flexibility, beauty and frequency of pretzel scenes. Each image is linked to a video of the lady in question showing off her limber moves.

1. Vanessa Lane
Vanessa Lane


This Week’s Finishers Returns

I’ve finally gotten back into the swing of things around here enough to bring back this much beloved weekly feature. Enjoy.

Evelyn Lin
The Babysitter #25, Scene 4 starring Evelyn Lin

Evelyn Lin jumps off this Werewolf/Yeti thing and scores an oral creampie. Watch at your own risk.
Filthy Fuckers First Time Amateurs, Scene 2

No idea who this girl is but she’s cute. And her stroking/tongue technique eventually pays off.


Evan Stone LOVES VideoBox

Walking down the hallway out of the convention center, we spotted Evan Stone chatting with fans. As soon as he realized the camera was on him, he launched into this:

Soap Star Kelli McCarty Leaves Network TV for Porn

Kelli McCarty Launches Porn CareerFile this one under You Don’t See That Every Day: Kelli McCarty, former Miss USA 1991 and star on the soap opera Passions, has left the mainstream entertainment biz for adult. She’s already shot her first feature for Vivid, a MILF-themed movie called Faithless. According to AVN, Faithless is the story of an unhappily married woman who seduces her stepdaughter’s boyfriend.

With the rising popularity of MILF movies, I can’t say that waiting until age 39 is totally unheard of in porn nowadays, but it’s certainly not common. The word from Kelli is that she approached Vivid with the idea for Faithless and was happy enough with the outcome that she may try her hand at another porn movie. I hope she does, because I don’t predict she’ll be getting offered too many mainstream roles in the near future.

Adult Entertainment Expo 2009 Wrap Up: Stars

Stars at AVN 2009
It can be hard to find time to write longer posts on the road, but now that I’m home and have had some time to reflect, I’ve decided to write about my general impressions of the stars the studios and the show in general at this year’s AEE show. This entry will cover the stars that I met, photographed and observed on the convention floor. For pictures, check out Flickr or Photobucket.

The Stars
I had the opportunity to meet and talk to a variety of women this year who I thought were really stellar – as performers and as people.

Sunny Lane
Sunny seemed like a lot of fun. She really looked like she was having the time of her life posing with fans, writing naughty things with her autographs and generally showing off her assets. A genuinely playful person, I’d totally recommend getting her autograph at the next show.

Rebecca Linares
She looked radiant and seemed very demure. Very nice, but slightly quiet and reserved for a porn star.

Tiffany Mynx
Tiffany decided to do her signings on her hands and knees, showing off her nicely toned ass at the Jules Jordan booth. She clearly seemed to be enjoying the attention and happily signed tons of autographs.


Brittaney Starr from Rock of Love Bus

Brittaney Starr from Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels
I decided to check out the newest reality dating show trainwreck, Rock of Love Bus, this evening and one of the very first girls introduced was Brittaney. As in Brittaney Starr, the porn star.

As it turns out, we have 9 sex scenes with Brittaney Starr on VideoBox (that doesn’t include BTS), the most popular being Gentlemen Prefer Anal, Scene 5. I guess that’s a good sign for Bret.

Jenna Haze: In It To Win It

Jenna Haze at the AVN Show

I had the opportunity to interview Jenna Haze at the show this year and I found her to be delightful, though very very business-minded. This is a quality that can go either way (too much: boring performer, not enough: broke), but I think Jenna has a great balance. She does her best 100% of the time and really views this as a fun career, not just a job.

After Jenna Jameson’s shameful performance at last year’s AVN awards, Jenna’s proclamation on Saturday that she is going to “spread my legs forever for this business” made me smile. I think that’s because I really believe her.

What’s it Like to Go to the AEE?

Here’s a quick preview of what I did at the show the past few days.

AVN 2009 from VideoBox Blog on Vimeo.

Jada Fire is Hilarious

I had the enormous pleasure of interviewing Jada Fire this morning. She’s probably the funniest porn star I’ve ever interviewed, and maybe the most candid. She told me a story about a scene she did with Annette Schwarz that you are seriously not ready for.

Interviewing Jada Fire

I do realize that I’m not laughing in this picture, but every other one that was taken is of me cracking up while she talks. And blurry.