Adult Entertainment Expo Day 1: Industry Only Day

I got into Las Vegas around noon today and headed straight for the AEE floor. Because it was industry-only day, there weren’t huge hoards of people lining up 50 deep to get their pictures taken with porn stars. Unfortunately, not that many big stars were signing today for that same reason.

I saw a bunch of great girls though (Sunny Lane, Jenna Haze and Rebecca Linares are fine examples) and I even got a little up close and personal with Alexis Texas. I can honestly say I’ve never been groped by a woman with a more magnificent ass.

My cameraman (you guys remember Noah, right?) gets in late tonight, so it was just me and the pocket camera today. I guess I had it on a funky setting because a lot of my pictures didn’t come out great. But I have three more days of taking pictures and shooting video, so consider these photos the tip of the AEE iceberg. Some previews:

Sunny Lane Rebecca Linares Jenna Haze Gina Lynn Tiffany Mynx Phoenix Marie

Tomorrow’s going to be a big day: a minimum of six interviews with girls, at least one of whom I’ve been hoping to meet for years (one small hint: she’s one of my Top 5 Porn Stars). I can’t wait to post the videos for you guys! Stay tuned…

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21 Responses to “Adult Entertainment Expo Day 1: Industry Only Day”

  1. cocaine Says:

    you left the page private we can’t see the photos

  2. Guess Says:

    Is that Jenny Hendrix as the blonde you labled as “Who’s this girl?”?

  3. alison Says:

    Apparently, Flickr is having some kind of problem where they’re not letting people see my pictures. I have them set so that everyone can see them, so I’m not sure what the problem is. I’ll look into it as soon as I can.

  4. dirtyboots Says:

    I wasn’t able to see the Flickr set either. However, if you go to your account settings, then to privacy and permissions. Scroll down to Content Filters and edit the setting called Search settings and set SafeSearch to Off. Should work now.

  5. UrineDanger Says:

    I bet you the girl she wants to meet is Gianna Micheals

  6. alison Says:

    I ended up putting everything on Photobucket because changing my settings on Flickr didn’t seem to help anything. And no, UrineDanger, I wish it were Gianna, but it’s not….

  7. ropeadope Says:

    Loving the pictures Alison. Photobucket working nicely for me; great lineup of girls for the first session. The only pic I would place in the “unflattering” category is that of a girl whose work I’ve been much admiring lately – Roxy DeVille. Looks like a mannequin to me. Probably just the way the light is reflecting, as I do believe she’s a very beautiful woman. Highly anticipating the upcoming interviews, videos, and additional photos.

  8. alison Says:

    ropeadope – You know, I didn’t even realize that was Roxy until I looked at the headshots she was signing. It was the best photo I could get because I’d been waiting forever to get her picture and her line just wasn’t going anywhere.

  9. dirtyboots Says:

    Sorry, I meant the setting for the viewer, not the uploader. Be careful of Photobucket, the slightest hit of nipple and they might delete you pictures.

  10. alison Says:

    dirtyboots – Thanks for the warning. Luckily, the AVN show allows no nudity whatsoever, so it’s not too hard to play by the rules in this instance. I just can’t post my picture of Alexis Texas flashing her pussy, I guess.

  11. wcfields Says:

    You could post it here.

  12. wcfields Says:

    Alison – The one you labeled ‘Not sure who this is’ is the hottest girl of the whole bunch, with the possible exception of Jenna Haze. Did you figure out who she is yet?

  13. alison Says:

    wcfields – I believe it’s Jenny Hendrix. At least, that’s what I was told and it seems right to me.

  14. schweppes Says:

    nice pics, Alison … but isn’t the pic that’s labeled “Alexis Texas” really Flower Tucci?

  15. alison Says:

    schweppes – I thought Alexis bore a pretty uncanny resemblance to Flower too. I can guarantee you, however, that that really is Alexis Texas.

  16. carsenome2 Says:

    Just a note that the woman in blue on the bottom left is Dana DeArmond and not Bobbi Starr.

  17. alison Says:

    carsenome2 – Thanks. Fixed that. That was a dumb mistake because I actually interviewed Bobbi. She has the most incredible ass…

  18. guess 2 Says:

    dude u r in the wrong business..u dont know none off this chicks name whats the matter with u..the girl u lable as phoenix marie the one with the black dress n beautiful smile is not phoenix marie..she is one of the most beautifullest girl there n u dont know her..that sucks!!! p.s. can somebody get her name please…

  19. guess 2 Says:

    the one u lable as “alexis texas” that is really flower tucci…

  20. guess 2 Says:

    please get the girl in the black dress name…

  21. cmon2 Says:

    did anyone ever find out who the girl in the black dress is?