Quick Update Before Dinner

Belladonna is not only cute and pixie-sized, she’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.


Full recap of the day later, but I’ll say it was lots of fun and I got to hug Jenna Haze.

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15 Responses to “Quick Update Before Dinner”

  1. irhamsrevenge Says:

    She’s super cute! Love her!
    Your pics bring back memories of my experiences at CES/AEE…enjoy the expo!

  2. doppyman Says:

    Wow, Bella looks cuter here than I have ever seen her look. Nice.

  3. alison Says:

    irhamsrevenge – Isn’t she adorable? I’m definitely trying to live it up for the few days I’m here. When was the last time you came to the show(s)?

    doppyman – The pictures don’t even do her justice. When she smiles, it’s hard not to swoon.

  4. mistahleary Says:

    This is the first time I saw Belladonna that I thought she was hot. One question: What size is pixie sized? I always knew Joanna Angel was small, but when I saw her at ExxxoticaNY I couldn’t believe how tiny she was, even in stripper heels.

  5. alison Says:

    mistahleary – Porn stars do tend to be quite small. I’d say she’s probably about the same size as Joanna. I’m sure I could wrap my arm around her waist and touch myself.

  6. CORRY Says:

    WOW She makes me cum every time.

  7. irhamsrevenge Says:

    alison – I attended ’98 thru ’01, so it’s been quite a while. Back in the day, Kobe Tai always commanded the longest lines, but Cumisha Amado was definitely the nicest & most cordial starlet I met.

  8. hombre1 Says:

    Bella is turning out to be one of my fiancee’s favorite stars. I just bought “Girl Train” and she does a blistering scene with Sasha Grey. My girl likes Bella’s enthusiasm and willingness to do anything. I guess that’s one reason to marry her.

  9. Garp Says:

    I must agree Belladonna is smoking here. Great Pic. Did you get an interview?

  10. steve Says:

    love her and i think she looks a lot better in blond

  11. mike Says:

    picture is down =/

  12. alison Says:

    CORRY – She’s just as hot in person.

    irhamsrevenge – That’s really interesting. I think Cumisha stopped working around the same time I started attending the show. Who would you say was the most beautiful star you met in person?

    hombre1 – You’re a very lucky man. If I may ask, who are your fiancee’s other favorite stars? I’m always curious who other women like because I think we tend to judge girls based on their attitude more than their looks.

    Garp – I sure did 🙂

    steve – I wouldn’t have expected her to make such a gorgeous blonde, but the proof is right there.

    mike – Apparently Photobucket objected to it. Whatever…

  13. irhamsrevenge Says:

    alison – After reviewing ‘my photo album not for family eyes’, Alisha Klass was very beautiful. I don’t recall which year, but the pics I took of her was on a day when she didn’t wear much makeup & sported jeans & a tight t-shirt…glowingly natural. Me being tongue-tied & hung over, the extent of our ‘conversation’ was merely a request for a picture, then compliance. LOL…to this day, I remain as smooth as 60-grit sandpaper with the ladies!
    On the opposite end of the spectrum, I snapped a couple unflattering pics of Bridgette Kerkove…yikes! A bit too much of everything!

  14. alison Says:

    irhamsrevenge – I don’t suppose you have those photos online, do you? I (and I’m sure a ton of other folks on this blog) would love to see your photos from the show in those days. Alisha Klass was not only gorgeous, she was an incredible performer. She’s missed in the industry for sure.

  15. hombre1 Says:


    Trust me, I know how lucky I am to have a woman that likes porn. Some other girls she likes are Ashley Blue and Aurora Snow. She loves the “Fast Times at Deepcrack High #2” scene with Aurora and Gina Ryder. She definitely loves the innocent girl getting corrupted.