Randomly: Penny Flame

I happened to bump into Penny Flame outside the convention, who was carrying a bullhorn, wearing a bathrobe and causing a huge ruckus. I love Penny.

Penny Flame in a Bathrobe with a Bullhorn

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6 Responses to “Randomly: Penny Flame”

  1. wcfields Says:

    Wow, that’s awesome. I gotta get to one of these things at some point.

  2. CORRY20 Says:

    Penny Flame one of the hottest funniest girls in porn.I love this women.

  3. doppyman Says:

    Corry has it right. She’s very funny. She’s also a really good actress. And she’s hot and alternates between cute and gorgeous.

  4. ropeadope Says:

    Making an auspicious entrance, Noah’s convention arrival was perfectly timed to glimpse a peek between the folds of Penny’s robe.

  5. walken Says:

    Penny is cute and funny. I am curious as to what she was saying?

  6. Dizzy Says:

    I’m the other guy in the photo, she’s saying “Penny Flame is exiting the building” She repeated the same thing for about a mile and a half!