Adult Entertainment Expo Day 2: Interviews a Go Go

This morning, I woke up and had breakfast with America’s Beloved Porn Journalist. Always a fun time. My first interview of the day didn’t go so well (in a number of ways), so I grabbed some coffee and waited for my 1:30 with Belladonna – yes, she is the star I’ve been waiting to interview for five years. And I was not disappointed.

After that, I got to sit down with the lovely Chayse Evans for a bit and discuss the finer points of nymphomania and dildos. I always love it when I get to do an interview with a girl who doesn’t take herself too seriously and likes to have fun. On the way to lunch afterward, I heard someone behind me causing a ruckus with a bullhorn. When I turned around, it was none other than Penny Flame. In a bathrobe.

After lunch, I had the chance to sit down with one of my favorite stars, Jenna Haze. Believe it or not, she’s even cuter in person. And she claims that she’s a total dork. I didn’t notice it, but apparently she has some issues with stairs. Namely walking on them without bruising herself. She showed me the one she got the day before.

After Jenna, I had a double interview with Mya Luanna and Shy Love. It turns out they’re best friends and Shy actually does Mya’s taxes. I doubt there are too many pornstars out there who double as CPAs.

I have lots of video of all of these interviews and more that I can’t wait to share. Finding time to edit video at the convention is tough, but keep an eye out over the coming weeks for all the silliness I’ve gotten into with these girls while I’ve been here. It’s been a blast so far…let’s see what Saturday will bring…

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2 Responses to “Adult Entertainment Expo Day 2: Interviews a Go Go”

  1. ropeadope Says:

    Hi Alison, that was a complete day’s work. Ah, it was Belladonna off your top 5 list. I was incorrect, having speculated on Katsumi. I thought you had interacted with Belladonna at last year’s show, but it must have been just in passing, as opposed to a full sit down interview. I hope for Mya’s sake that Shy wasn’t Janine’s tax preparer in the recent past. Sounds like you’re having a blast, please continue to keep us updated and keep on having fun.

  2. alison Says:

    Hey Rope, You’re correct. It was indeed Belladonna. I’ve taken pictures of her and spoken to her in the past, but I actually had the chance to sit down and do a semi-in-depth interview this time and it was just incredible. And you made me LOL with that comment about Shy doing Janine’s taxes 😉