Jada Fire is Hilarious

I had the enormous pleasure of interviewing Jada Fire this morning. She’s probably the funniest porn star I’ve ever interviewed, and maybe the most candid. She told me a story about a scene she did with Annette Schwarz that you are seriously not ready for.

Interviewing Jada Fire

I do realize that I’m not laughing in this picture, but every other one that was taken is of me cracking up while she talks. And blurry.

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26 Responses to “Jada Fire is Hilarious”

  1. ropeadope Says:

    Guys, there’s something unusual about this picture but I can’t put my finger on it. I’ve read the entry several times and am convinced I’m overlooking something obvious. What could it be? Help rope out!

  2. AxXis Says:

    Rope, could it have something to do with the beautiful young woman sitting next to Jada?

  3. subdude Says:

    Hey Rope maybe you can help me identify that hot starlet sitting with Jada. Nice to finally see a pic of our beautiful blogress. Thanks for everything Allison.

  4. jimioz Says:

    you never knew Jada was a Power Ranger:)

  5. ropeadope Says:

    (banging head against wall)

    AxXis & subdude – Oh Good Lord, you’re absolutely correct. I can’t believe how Alison snuck that in on us – talk about understated! I was just on the verge of asking Alison if the gorgeous girl sitting on Jada’s left was on her interview agenda. Alison, you’re beautiful and …. sneaky! So wonderful to see you. Thanks guys, appreciate the help.

    jimioz – lol

  6. along Says:

    Its nice to finally have a face (one side of a face anyway) to put with the tattoo and all the blogs. Looking good Alison. 😉

  7. alison Says:

    Aww, thanks you guys! You’re way too nice. You’ll be seeing the other side of my face when I post the interviews 😉

  8. HotScooter2 Says:

    Wow and Yabba Dabba Doo,
    Now i know the foxy brunette is you.

    It is really cool that you feel comfortable enough to share a pic

  9. Out4fun3 Says:

    Awesome! Alison, you look more beautiful than I pictured you.

  10. UrineDanger Says:

    Alison is a hot chick. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  11. walken Says:

    Hey Alison, I agree with everyone else, it’s great to put a face to a personality we’ve slowly got to know over the time the blog has been running. Thanks for sharing a photo of yourself and for all of AEE updates, I’m looking forward to the interviews.

  12. Garp Says:

    Rope, let me know what other scenes where I can find that Hot Brunette!!! Alison, I can not wait for the interview with Jada. Hope you are having a great time. You run a great blog. It is the first thing I check out when I log onto this site…then it is on to the T & A.

  13. vs283204 Says:

    So Alison, when is your directorial debut coming out?

  14. fedor Says:

    oh wow Alison is smoking hot.

  15. wcfields Says:

    Haha, Alison IS hot! And sitting there in that light with Jada Fire, there’s a real ‘ebony and ivory’ thing happening. Bueno!

  16. davros Says:

    I have to add to everyone else’s admiration. Alison, you are quite fetching.

  17. jo Says:

    Hm, not sure here.
    Isn’t that the super hot chic that usually slags off other girsl with ink? Oh wait a minute, she’s got ink herself! Oooooh, not sure about this one. She does look hot though.

  18. alison Says:

    To everyone who left comments – Thank you so much! The fact that I have the best readers in the world is the reason I decided it was time to post my picture and I don’t regret it one bit.

    vs283204 – I’ll keep you posted 😉

    jo – To be fair, I posted a picture of my own tattoo while I was talking smack about other girls’ ink ;P

  19. Rael Says:

    As I have been reading your blogs, Allison, I have always envisioned a really good looking woman writing them, as I do with every woman in the internet that I haven’t seen. Many times I have been dissapointed, only to find they are ugly.

    How delighted I am to see you are freakin’ hot! Now, I wouldn’t normally ask a chick this, but considering the place I guess it wouldn’t be too inappropriate, so here goes. Have you ever considered doing porn?

  20. teerockness Says:

    whoa… allison is like, all hot and stuff. whoa.

  21. LV-426 Says:

    Hey Alison:

    How do you keep a turkey in suspense?

    You could tell us tomorrow. Or you could tell us about these interviews but not provide a link to find them. You obviously had a blast in Vegas, throw us a bone here! (And if they’ve been posted and I just overlooked it… oops, sorry!)

    Love the blog, keep up the good work!

  22. Andy Says:


  23. alison Says:

    Rael – Haha, it’s not the first time I’ve been asked, so no offense taken. Basically, I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to work in the industry. But I also knew that I’d be a lot happier behind the scenes, so I’ve never seriously considered being in a movie myself.

    teerockness – Don’t act so surprised 😉

    LV-426 – Sorry I haven’t been able to post any of the interviews yet. They’re taking a LONG time to edit because of the ridiculous sound situation at the show. I promise to put some up as soon as I can though.

    Andy – I’d love to. Unfortunately, bigamy is illegal in the US. ;P

  24. db Says:

    alison, any idea when u will publish the interview you did with her? id love to read it!

  25. alison Says:

    db – I’m hoping to get the first one up next week. Fingers crossed!

  26. hombre1 Says:

    Alison reminds me of one of my favorite actresses, at least in this pic, Zooey Deschanel.