What’s it Like to Go to the AEE?

Here’s a quick preview of what I did at the show the past few days.

AVN 2009 from VideoBox Blog on Vimeo.

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12 Responses to “What’s it Like to Go to the AEE?”

  1. chuck Says:

    the music made that one

  2. the content dude Says:

    wow i have been going to this show for 15 years and it never looked this fun.

  3. Gimmegimme Says:

    I want MORE alison!! MORE! Looks like you guys had a rad time. Hope you get to party like a pornstar tonight. 😛

  4. Silkyog Says:

    Looks like you and your cameraman both had a really good time!
    Another great post Alison!!!

  5. Slimboy Says:

    What’s the name of the girl at 0.17 s ?

  6. xposh Says:

    Slimboy, Havana Ginger.

  7. DP Says:


    hey, was that Gianna wearing the bangbros t-shirt who flipped off the camera? I can’t believe she would promote that website. She should have been wearing a VB shirt !!

  8. davros Says:

    I agree with chuck, great song. And it looks like you all are having fun.

  9. bubblesnsavvy Says:

    My wife and I went, and we had a great time. I think this is the first time I ever went to Vegas and NOT hit the casinos. We went to the convention on Saturday and got some photos and autographs. Ron Jeremy looked perpetually burnt out on life. But, it seems he was there as a tourist (i.e. not there by contractual obligation); so he was gracious enough to put up with all those who wanted autographs pictures with him.

    My wife’s goal was to meet Tera Patrick, Katsuni (Digital Playground), and Kaylani Lei (Wicked). Katsuni and Kaylani were very nice, and they took the time to make small talk with us (and we assume with all the fans who waited in long lines to get autographs). Whether or not they were genuine, at least they ‘acted’ like they were happy to meet and pose with their fans.

    However, we were disappointed with the Tera meeting. She sponsored a pre-party in the Lavo Lounge at the Venetian. For $30, people got in to the private party, an autograph, a photo opportunity, and a free Tera DVD. She looked more like someone who was performing a court-ordered community service obligation. She was not rude in any manner, but she seemed like she wanted to be somewhere else. I’m sure there are some Tera fans out there who may say, “how would you act after posing with hundreds of myspace predators all day.” Well, if I was there as a tourist, I would probaby act like Ron Jeremy (see above). If I was getting paid to do it, then I would probaby act like I just purchased a sail boat those fans paid for. Nonetheless, she was hot. Evan Seinfeld was also there with her.

    We will go back next year to the convention.

  10. KyonoRocks Says:

    Ohhhhh please tell me you got an interview with Evan Stone. I love watchin the girls as much as the next guy, but if I ever went to a porn convention the first thing I’d do is find Evan Stone and shake that guy’s hand

  11. phral Says:

    For those interested (I know many are) Alison appears at :02, :05, :08, :14, :19, :28, and :40.

  12. alison Says:

    chuck – Haha, thanks. That song was actually the content dude’s suggestion.

    content dude – That’s because you haven’t been hanging with me 😉

    Gimmegimme – It really was a lot of fun. I have hours of footage that I’ll be editing over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out!

    Silkyog – Thanks. Our own Noah held the camera and I think he had a pretty good time.

    xposh – Thanks.

    DP – She was, but I’m sure in her heart, she wishes she was wearing a VB shirt 😉

    davros – Thanks. I was hoping to give a quick idea of what the show’s like to attend (maybe some of you will come next year!).

    bubblesnsavvy – That’s so cool that you came! Sorry that you didn’t have a great experience with Tera. I know that most stars LOVE meeting their fans (especially the nice ones), but I think Tera tends to think a lot higher of herself than many girls do. You were lucky that you came this year, though. I’d say this was the smallest turn out I’ve ever seen at the show and I think it probably helped keep the lines a little shorter this year.

    KyonoRocks – I wouldn’t call it an interview so much as being talked at, but yes, we have some Evan footage 😉

    phral – You are absolutely right. I didn’t realize that I was in the video that much until you mentioned it, but I went back and confirmed that I do indeed pop up at those times.