Brittaney Starr from Rock of Love Bus

Brittaney Starr from Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels
I decided to check out the newest reality dating show trainwreck, Rock of Love Bus, this evening and one of the very first girls introduced was Brittaney. As in Brittaney Starr, the porn star.

As it turns out, we have 9 sex scenes with Brittaney Starr on VideoBox (that doesn’t include BTS), the most popular being Gentlemen Prefer Anal, Scene 5. I guess that’s a good sign for Bret.

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24 Responses to “Brittaney Starr from Rock of Love Bus”

  1. irhamsrevenge Says:

    I think Brittaney made an appearance on the Howard Stern Show a couple years ago promoting a single (of all things). As director & star of the ‘Party Bus Pussyy Patrol’ series, she should feel right at home on four wheels….

  2. danebly Says:

    B. Starr is an under rated performer. Great eyes.

  3. alison Says:

    I’ve watched 2 episodes so far and the strong impression I’ve gotten from Brittaney so far is that she’s kind of nuts. *Spoiler Alert* In the second one, Bret has them do a fake wedding complete with vows written by the girls. Brittaney wrote 5 pages of super serious vows and then bawled for what looked like hours when she didn’t win the challenge. For reference, most of the girls’ vows were stuff like “I promise to let you fuck me in the ass.”

  4. genegenie Says:

    She is the perfect role model for the media’s impression of stereotypical porn star; Low self esteem, totally crazy, and ridiculously stupid. Way to take one for the team….

  5. alison Says:

    Here’s a recap of the show. Of course the main image is of Brittaney crying…

  6. HotScooter2 Says:


    i am not sure what you are meaning when you refer to Brittaney as kind of nuts. spare me aren’t we all.personally she may be the one outsmarting us all,by making fun of the whole gig,with psuedo compulsion towards writing the vows. and if she is one of the good guys by being a nut like me that is great,because any bipolar or schizophrenic could outsmart Brett Michaels,who thinks he is gods gift to women. artistically he is no Dylan or Leonard Cohen as a poet that’s for sure. and remember a large percentage of the greatest artist of any kind have been bipolar.And the late Jimi Hendrix even wrote a song called Manic depression,and he was a rock geniuus for sure as well as blues.listen to way he sings Muddy Waters standards,or way he sings dylan’s all along the watchtower,which by the way Dylan himself loved way he did it.
    Alison i am not trying to start a fight with you but rather too present a different perspective,as i don’t really feel you were trying to talk in a bad way towards those of us with emotional problems.But i am a bipolar and a diabetic and just as sane if not more sane than those that say they are sane,and look down their nose at those that they deem to be crazy.
    about the only thing i have in common with Brett Michaels is being diabetic.
    Whatever you may or may not think i was pleased you showed us your face,you are attractive with classic features which is really good in my eyes.sort of a modern day mona lisa quality. i have probably said way too much and you gonna feel like whoopin my ass

  7. HotScooter2 Says:

    genegenie and alison:

    just cause Brittaney acts stupid does not make her that way.
    Look at the late great Lucille Ball she played dumb as hell on i love Lucy but she will be remembered as a comic genius far ahead of her time. what do y’all want pornstars with Rhodes scholarships i don’t think you will see to many of these.signing out while that is still an option.but as long as i write on these blogs i will write how i feel cause that is all i know to do.and there are times i take an unpopular stance or even disagree with Alison,a lady i basically like and admire.

  8. vs283204 Says:


    I think you’re tripping on syntax rather than definition. Alison was just pointing out that Brittaney set herself up for failure by being a complete outlier from her competition. She was expressing this concept by simply using a certain definition of crazy, meaning somewhat deluded and separated from reality, not crazy in the sense of someone with a serious psychological disorder.

    I like your summary, especially the flippant last part there. It’d be sorta awesome if that were a more commonly accepted part of people’s vows, although crude. lol. 😉

  9. schnubbele Says:

    She certainly has a very bad impulse control and should be considering a behaviour therapy. It’s nothing really bad but leads to overestimating “bad consequences” and to overreactions in emotional situations.
    And she’s really really stupid me thinks.

  10. alison Says:

    HotScooter2 – I think you might be reading a little too much into my and genegenie’s characterizations of Brittaney. Her stalker-like behavior and penchant for crying constantly don’t necessarily make her mentally ill, but she’s certainly behaving in a way that’s abnormal. I completely respect your opinion and appreciate you sharing your point of view, I just think you may have misinterpreted what I meant.

    vs283204 – Thanks for clarifying that for me…your explanation is exactly right. And yeah, wouldn’t it be funny if people made *real* vows…I promise to do anal, I promise not to get fat, etc etc…

    schnubbele – At the very least, I think it’s going to get in the way of her goal of marrying Bret Michaels…

  11. HotScooter2 Says:


    i just was saying what i did to make sure,as i did not truly believe that you were prejudicial towards those like me that are bipolar,also known as manic depressive.But i was sticking up for Brittaney as her behaviour,as her obsessive compulsive character is frequently part of bipolar personality. i have seen so many straight people or so called fucking normal people put down their noses at folks like me,that i defend those being put down such as Brittaney.and i still think she may be the one fooling y’all,as she is smart enough to see the stupidity of the whole fucking thing,and realizes that Brett is no catch,and is merely feigning the thing.But it really matters little who is right and who is wrong,Brittaney is still a human being,flesh and blood,and is worthy of our respect.she is not a side show freak if her behaviour is different.
    And Alison if you do not approve of what i am saying,tyou have the power of censoring me or kicking me off the site,but i am only guilty of honestly expressing my feelings and defending Brittaney.but hey i have also defended Brittany Spears,because hey man i being bipolar am used to bizarre behaviour like hers. and i grew up with Dylan and Hendrix and Janis Joplin.
    But as i said before Alison i am not at war with you,but with the way society in general treats those like me with severe emotional disorders. but this is not the purpose of this forum. But one final thing on this subject. for those of you that feel the south is so backward,you are wrong.When i lived other places when i told folks i was bipolar they freaked,but here almost everyone makes me feeel at home and treats me pretty much like anyone else.Don’t you think thats what i want and Brittaney Starr.And folks of various races they too just want to be treated the same as everyone else.why can’t anyone understand that.
    to sum it up,as this has been way too lengthy,i am not mad at you Alison,but still respect and like you.your words towards Brittaney just reminded me of snide remarks folks have made about me in the past. Maybe i am just touchy recently and should no longer participate in the blogs. take care and i still think you are sweet ok

  12. HotScooter2 Says:


    if Brittaneys behaviour can be construed as inappropriate or outrageous than more power to her as it puts her in an elite class. Throughout history almost every great person was viewed by their peers as outrageous,inappropriate or in point would be the renaissance artist Michelangelo. The italians of his time thought he was nuts being totally obsessed with finishing the Sistine he is considered an artistic genius. Look at Robin Williams and his absurdity. He openly admits his being bipolar,and many consider him the greatest comic of all time. i hope to spend the rest of my life being absurd,or even obscenely absurd like the late Lenny Bruce.
    I just hope that you don’t feel that there is really anything wrong with someone displaying what you consider abnormal or inappropriate behaviour. if you do that implies that you feel you are better than them. and i believe in the words of Jesse Jackson when he said “walk tall”. and those words can apply to more than just african americans,but those of us considered mentally ill as well. yes i guess i am picking on you Alison but you are in charge of this blog and i feel you are responsible for your words,and if you like me less than before for all of this i am sorry.but i am only portraying things as i see probably didn’t mean anything by your words and had no idea of how i would react to them. it may be that i am in a lot of physical pain right now and that is making me as grumpy as a mean ole grizzly bear

  13. wcfields Says:

    @ Hotscooter – Dude, you’re crazy. It’s not surprising that you don’t find Brittaney’s crazy ass to be all that crazy. But she is. Alison is too nice to say this, so let me pipe up: Calm down before you fucking hurt yourself, bro. It sounds like you’ve got other things to deal with besides defending a clearly-crazy reality TV show ‘star’.

  14. HotScooter2 Says:

    perhaps my post are viewed as out of place,though i don’t feel that way. and if you would prefer i no longer post ,just holler.
    i know you are highly liked on these blogs,and i am not running a popularity contest,but i do feel i have the right to criticize statements made by you as well as other members of this blog. as long as i show respect in doing so.and i do feel i have always given you are just dealing with a sore spot by using the word crazy to describe Brittaney. we use it amongst ourselves but don’t like others using it. Much like african americans hate being called the “N” word,but use it all the time amongst themselves.
    i never did take offense with the late Waylon Jennings in his song I’ve always been crazy” because i just fell he understood. yep i have been upset but am coming out of it.and there are times i feel the need to educate folks,about how we feel.
    But i am also mad at myself in a way for revealing being bipolar for some reason it makes me more vulnerable. but it is all done,. you all know.
    My words i feel have been relevant as i felt the need to defend Brittaney,go ahead and laugh i think she is sexy as hell,has great tits,and i still think she may be pulling a fast one on you ,by faking an obsession with Brett,and taking vows so seriously.. she could wind up being porns first really great actress. she may be even a better actress than your friend Sasha Grey. her crying fits could be faked,as could her obsession with wedding of then laughed about vows because it is funny but hey she just does it differently and that is ok with me.

  15. HotScooter2 Says:

    Now back to what y’all want

    Rock and roll

    so go ahead girl
    Shake your booty

    fe fi fo fum
    Let’s shake it ,
    bake it too
    we all have some fun

    boogie on up and
    boogie on down

    u do fine
    we drink some wine

    i’m a nut so what
    i got 2 nuts to shake any ole time
    ain’t getting me to do the nutcracker suite

  16. HotScooter2 Says:


    you think i’m crazy fine.think what you like.but at least i don’t use name of a famous comic for a user id.where you get off on idea of me hurting myself over this.But being bipolar does not make me crazy,and only reflects your ignorance if that is what you think.about the only sensible thing you said is that Alison is nice.other than that fuck it.
    i am no crazier than anyone else on this site,and the only dumb thing i did was to ever mention being bipolar.
    i would just as soon move on to another topic as i feel i have drained this one out.
    i am not sure how much longer i will even be a member of VB,and it does not reflect the fine job Alison is doing, itsd just that there is a lot more to life than porn.

    But talking on a blog is BS as no one gives a shit about anybody else,or how anyone feels. just porn talk.but that is what i am on is a fucking porn blog so i guess i am the fool to expect anything else

  17. alison Says:

    HotScooter2 – You know you are always welcome to post here, whether your point of view agrees with mine or not. How interesting would the comments be if they all said “You’re right, Alison”? Not very. So please, continue to be yourself and say what’s on your mind. Just don’t be *too* serious 😉

  18. HotScooter2 Says:


    peace and a big cyberhug to a real sweet lady. i overreacted to something i am sensitive about,and now realize you didn’t mean anything bad in your remarks about Brittaney.
    i am glad you realize that it would be no fun for you if we were all asskissers.but like we say down south “i’d rather kick ass than kiss it”
    just remember eccentricism is a positive gift,and speaking of nuts if squirrels love them than why not we,and as a man better to have 2 nuts than none,nuts are in man remember that,they made the planters company rich right.
    And after all i said today i still think you look great.we give you too many more compliments it gonna get to your head chile.
    a big hug

  19. HotScooter2 Says:

    is it too late to change my mind.i agree that Brittaney is out of place if she stalks Brett.Stalking is a form of obsession that also as i understand is illegal,and obviously very frightening towards those being stalked.After rereading your remarks i saw that you said she stalked him,making oyur comments quite valid. i do not support her behaviour in that way. i wish to apologize to you alison and the blog for my behaviour over the last day or so.when i am wrong i say so.
    there is a difference between being different or eccentric and stalking. her behaviour crossed the line and was inappropriate as you said all along.why is it everytime i start an argument with a woman i would think i would learn.
    so guys lesson # 1 in dealing with women. admit she is always right lol

  20. garbman Says:

    I have watched one episode of this show. At first I thought she was a nutcase. But it could be she’s playing a role for ratings only. Reality tv is still somewhat scripted, as is all tv, it creates or some would say attracks an audience. Kinda like porn….

  21. doppyman Says:

    Sorry to detract from the drama (I’m basically with you hotscooter, terms like crazy are basically meaningless and can be harmful – I have bi-polar folks in my family and they are different, sometimes troubled but also often really perceptive and smart so the word crazy is inappropriate and basically wrong) but Alison, I would like to know what you thought of the various studios’ booths and presentations. I can understand if you don’t want to get too specific if it interferes with good will in the business; maybe you are already planning to discuss this. But the more dope on the studios’ presentations and of course your impressions of different girls would be really interesting.

  22. ropeadope Says:

    I haven’t been aware of this show or the fact that VH1 seems to air many “reality” programs. The first two episodes of Rock of Love Bus are being shown beginning in just a few minutes (noon Eastern time). Hopefully I can catch up on the fun.

    EDIT (12:15): Well, my cable programming guide lists an episode of Rock of Love Bus from 12:00 – 1:30 followed by a second episode from 1:30 – 2:30. However, VH1 is currently airing Charm School with Sharon Osbourne (which looks pretty wacky in its own right). Not unusual for the cable guide to be incorrect. We’ll see what follows.

    EDIT (2:45): Just finished viewing the second episode (with the wedding vows). First episode wasn’t shown. As Alison stated, this is a train wreck. Brittaney was way over the top in her actions and reactions. I think garbman may very well be correct that Brittaney is “playing a role.” Found the show entertaining, but I dislike the infighting among the girls. Are these women representative of the average “girl next door” nowadays?

  23. The Content Dude Says:

    Rope – I think you can watch this nonsense online at VH1 whenever you like.

  24. ropeadope Says:

    Thank you Content Dude, didn’t realize that was possible. Checking it out now. Cheers.