Jenna Haze: In It To Win It

Jenna Haze at the AVN Show

I had the opportunity to interview Jenna Haze at the show this year and I found her to be delightful, though very very business-minded. This is a quality that can go either way (too much: boring performer, not enough: broke), but I think Jenna has a great balance. She does her best 100% of the time and really views this as a fun career, not just a job.

After Jenna Jameson’s shameful performance at last year’s AVN awards, Jenna’s proclamation on Saturday that she is going to “spread my legs forever for this business” made me smile. I think that’s because I really believe her.

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8 Responses to “Jenna Haze: In It To Win It”

  1. mistahleary Says:

    In the fall I took my girl to ExxxoticaNY, and got a picture of her with Sasha Grey. In March, Jenna Haze is going to be dancing at a club nearby, and I hope to get another pic to add to my “Fantasy 3sum” collection. Jenna isn’t the sexiest or the cutest, but combines the 2 better than anyone. She reminds me of a chick in high school that was almost too perfect; she intimidated every guy in school.

  2. wcfields Says:

    Jenna Haze is not in my top 10 pornstars to jerk off to, but she is my unqualified #1 to listen to, whether she’s talking dirty or not. That girl has actual moxie and talent, it’s pretty badass.

    Alison – What do you think about the stuff further down in the article, where Larry Flint says the alternative to a bailout is bankruptcy? It seems impossible in an industry where demand is as inelastic as in porno. I can see how sites that give it away for free won’t make it, but can it really be possible that you can’t even sell people sex any more?

  3. alison Says:

    mistahleary – I hope you get to meet her, she’s super nice.

    wcfields – I think that Larry Flynt is the master of spectacle and this is all a huge publicity stunt. I’m not saying that the industry doesn’t have a lot of problems right now (free sites being just one), but my opinion is that the fittest will survive.

  4. schnubbele Says:

    Problems for the pros:

    – youtube like flash based porn sites that show pirated content for free (especially lots of videobox rips)

    – amateurs generally showing of for free

    – social media sites growing into a great source of porn/softporn themselves.

    – generally laziness of the “new generation” of porn viewers
    preferring one-click flash porn jerkoffs over signing in into porn sites.

    My guess is that without the old victims that are habitually paying for porn since they’ve grown 18 ( like myself ) the whole industry would be dead by now. ALmost nobody who has grown into the porn viewing range of age in the post youtube area (2005) understands that you have to pay for a product or otherwise there will be no product.

    The truth ist tha if you make a pro and con list for payed porn sites there’s not much on the pro site for paying besides that it’s legal and you’re supporting the product in itself. The later reason of which is just not on par with the current zeitgeist I suppose.

  5. jfro21 Says:

    Alison, what did you mean “very, very business-minded”? She gives off an air of being kind of a ditz or at least being very spontaneous. When I think business-minded I think of people who are very planful…maybe a little manipulative of themselves or others…very strategic.

  6. ocdave67 Says:

    Alison, I have been wondering what the purpose for you attending these conventions are. Are you gathering interviews for use just on VB or are you employed by someone other than VB that have other reasons for sending you there? Do you solicit production companies to add to VB?

    Just curious..

  7. alison Says:

    schnubbele – I think there are a lot of folks in the industry who would agree completely with your characterization. I tend to think that as people age, they get tired of crappy quality and the effort it takes to find things they like on free sites and just subscribe to a site every now and then. For example, maybe college students bother using p2p networks to find music, but if you can just open iTunes, buy it for less than a buck and listen to it almost instantly, why bother? Price, in my opinion, is the ultimate factor in whether porn survives or goes the way of the record industry.

    jfro21 – I’m not sure you have to be all that smart to be business-minded. That said, I’m not sure Jenna Haze isn’t smart. Playing dumb as a porn star is kind of par for the course. The reason I call her business-minded is when we spoke, she talked a lot about her giant slew of upcoming projects, what she wants to do with her career, etc. A lot of girls do porn so they don’t have to work. Jenna works very hard and wants to be the best at what she does.

    ocdave67 – My main purpose at the convention is interviews, especially this year. We have other folks who talk to production companies who were also there, but my goal was to get interesting blog content.

  8. emefer Says:

    i seen alot of pornstars threw the years she won for performer of year thats great but i dont get her why is she so popular???????????????????????????