Adult Entertainment Expo 2009 Wrap Up: Stars

Stars at AVN 2009
It can be hard to find time to write longer posts on the road, but now that I’m home and have had some time to reflect, I’ve decided to write about my general impressions of the stars the studios and the show in general at this year’s AEE show. This entry will cover the stars that I met, photographed and observed on the convention floor. For pictures, check out Flickr or Photobucket.

The Stars
I had the opportunity to meet and talk to a variety of women this year who I thought were really stellar – as performers and as people.

Sunny Lane
Sunny seemed like a lot of fun. She really looked like she was having the time of her life posing with fans, writing naughty things with her autographs and generally showing off her assets. A genuinely playful person, I’d totally recommend getting her autograph at the next show.

Rebecca Linares
She looked radiant and seemed very demure. Very nice, but slightly quiet and reserved for a porn star.

Tiffany Mynx
Tiffany decided to do her signings on her hands and knees, showing off her nicely toned ass at the Jules Jordan booth. She clearly seemed to be enjoying the attention and happily signed tons of autographs.

Alexis Texas
She got mistaken for Flower Tucci a lot. She’s a little more filled out right now than in most of her pictures and has a Flower-like haircut, so I can see why people would be confused. She was fun to pose with and flashed her pussy for the camera a ton.

Dana DeArmond
I’m pretty sure I saw Dana signing for something like 6 hours, all told. She looked fresh and seemed more than willing to pose seductively for fans.

Jenna Haze
One of the lovely ladies I had the chance to have a more in-depth conversation with, Jenna struck me as very nice and very focused. She just started her own company and directed her first movie. She also has about 20 other random gigs. I honestly don’t know when she sleeps (she says she doesn’t).

Penny Flame
Ridiculous and silly walking around the floor, but pretty on top of things in the booth. I saw her do a bunch of great posing (standing, sitting, lying, legs up, legs spread, etc). She honestly looked better when I met her a few years ago, but porn’s a hard job I suppose.

Joanna Angel
She seems really nice, but maybe she’s shy. She didn’t seem super outgoing (sort of like Rebecca Linares), but she looked great and signed a ton of pictures.

Aurora Snow
I think Aurora looked good, but I was surprised to see her signing at a random booth in the back of the convention (I think it was for some kind of sexy audio CDs or something). Another girl who wasn’t completely outgoing, but not everyone can be Sunny Lane.

Gianna Michaels
Speaking of outgoing, Gianna playfully flipped us off while she was signing autographs. Her line was huge and she looked fantastic, although a little skinny. I may be biased because I really like her, but Gianna was very cool.

Bobbi Starr
Total girl next door. Drop-dead gorgeous, really sweet and has a kind of innocence about her that you wouldn’t expect from a girl who’s been fisted by Belladonna. Oh, and she has a seriously hot ass.

Jada Fire
Really beautiful and totally funny. She seems like the kind of girl who just doesn’t give a fuck and will say whatever’s on her mind – most which is usually kind of ridiculous. Doesn’t seem like she’s all that excited about signing autographs, but it could be because she has a stalker-type who brings her 100 polaroids to sign every year.

Havana Ginger
Another more reserved star. She looked great and signed a ton of autographs, but she definitely seemed to have a more dignified attitude that didn’t really allow for things like flashing her pussy and so forth.

I think I’m in love. She looked amazing this year with the blonde hair. She’s definitely the type who will make fans swoon just from meeting her because she’s so gracious and so very nice. If you ever have the chance to get a picture or an autograph from her, I very highly recommend it.

Mya Luanna and Shy Love
I group them together because they’re best friends and I couldn’t even interview them separately. Mya seemed to be the more relaxed of the two, while Shy has about 3 different businesses going and can talk a mile a minute about them. I don’t believe they were signing (if so, I didn’t see them), so I’m not really sure about how they are with fans. If I had to guess, Mya would be nice to get autographs from while Shy seems like she might come off a little chilly.

Chayse Evans
This was the first time I had heard of her and she was really fun. Totally hot and very silly – the two things I love in a porn star. She seemed to enjoy herself and enjoy meeting her fans.

Lexi Love
Really cute and super tiny, even by porn star standards. She’s a little firecracker and seems to get a kick out of shaking her ass and generally having fun with the fans.

Tory Lane
She seemed a little like a badass. Sitting in a corner outside the convention smoking, she looked great and came off kind of like a party girl (hard to believe, I’m sure).

Evan Stone
We randomly ran into him in the hallway and he saw we were rolling tape and launched into an impromptu VideoBox commercial that had us all in tears. He genuinely seems to love meeting all the fans and kind of roams around looking for them from what I can tell.

8 Responses to “Adult Entertainment Expo 2009 Wrap Up: Stars”

  1. HotScooter2 Says:


    very good coverage,and i want to tell you i still have a lot of respect for the job you are doing and as a person .At least the person i have gotten to know on the blogs.Our paths will probably never cross but you have always treated me fairly,along with all of the other groupmembers.
    And i hope when i disagree with you again about something i will do it with class and never be insulting.

  2. davros Says:

    Alison–Very good report. Sounds like you met some cool people and had a decent time. I, for one, am glad that you post this blog and seem to be a very cool person yourself. Keep up the good work.

  3. irhamsrevenge Says:

    Gawd, you & me both w/ dear Belladonna – simply, the greatest & most beautiful woman to imbed her footprints on this sad yet beautiful planet. I love her.


  4. out4fun3 Says:

    Alison-It looked like you were enjoying yourself at the convention (one had to look closely while watching “What’s it Like to Go to the AEE?” to see you in a lot of the footage). I am glad you decided to reveal what you look like. I think you are way hot in more ways than one and your significant other is one lucky person!!!
    You said once you collected odd or unusual things from conventions and the like. Did you run across anything at this year’s convention?

  5. zarafan Says:

    This was a great wrap-up and I’m looking forward to reading more about your experiences as you have time to reminisce. I’m thrilled to hear whatever information available about Rebecca Linares, and I have to say that finding out she’s demure/shy actually enhances her allure and appeal for me!!

    Thanks for communicating with us throughout.

    And best wishes as always,


  6. xposh Says:

    It’s good to hear that Evan Stone is such a nice guy. He’s been in too many funny late night HBO skin flicks to have me thinking he’s anything but. One of only a couple male performers I actually like.

    Only girl here I’d like see in person would be Tiffany Mynx. Liked reading your post/thoughts.

  7. doppyman Says:

    That was a very enjoyable snapshot of what some of the girls are like. Thanks!! It’s a fine line that porn fans walk; we are curious about the girls, but don’t want to know too much, I think, because it might ruin the fantasy of the scenes we watch. (That is the essence of the Haley problem, I think.) Anyway, thanks again. I enjoyed the coverage.

  8. HotScooter2 Says:

    say Alison:

    If i were to continue to tell you what a complete lil fox you are,would i qualify for free membership. Big cyberhug,lol.Even not you still look pretty darn good,but the more free memberships the better you start looking.anyway you can’t blame me for being so cunning as to try.
    Seriously you know the members of this blog are very fond of you,because you are fair and are easy to get along with.
    you know you got a great job getting paid to interview hot porn stars.least you can do is next year take us all with you.Yep0 hotscooter is back to his ole awnry self