Evan Stone LOVES VideoBox

Walking down the hallway out of the convention center, we spotted Evan Stone chatting with fans. As soon as he realized the camera was on him, he launched into this:

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17 Responses to “Evan Stone LOVES VideoBox”

  1. KyonoRocks Says:


  2. beta_catina Says:

    well, at least they didn’t post an endorsement from LEE stone.

  3. HotScooter2 Says:


    How much free champagne did you give him to say all of this.
    Heck i would have said the same thing for free,but hey i am not famous like he is.How much would it mean if i said VB rocks,as a long term member.Evan Stone is a talented male pornstar,but it is your members that pay your paycheck,and it is the volume of your membership that keeps VB rated ,#1.
    i am not upset about any of this,it is always nice to hear from Evan that he thinks VB rocks.But my point is that it is your continuation of a steady member base that is of even greater importance.
    There are several reason s IMO fp=or Vb being rated #1
    1. very reasonably priced.good value for the money in other words
    2.large downloadable database,as every day there are 5 updates.unlike many sites that claim to frequently update VB keeps their word
    3.excellent customer service and staff
    4. Blog is very interesting reading.mainly because of the leadership of Alison,and Rope even though he is not on staff but a member.
    5.lack of censorship. Alison and staff do not censor unless the material is extremely offensive because of racism or total lack of respect for feelings of others.
    And yes Allison i just gave y’all a very good review just cause i wanted to. I am not implying by ant means that Evan was not just as sincere as i am.
    Please continue the high level of customer service that you are presently providing and you should remain #1.
    And for those that fuss about the DVD’s perpetually there is no way everyone is going to like everything,as the goal is to please all it’s members who have differing taste.
    As always a big cyberhug Alison

  4. fedor Says:

    Its pretty clear that while he is a pretty cool dude he has no clue what videobox is. Awesome though.

  5. alison Says:

    KyonoRocks – 🙂

    beta_catina – It might be even funnier if it were Lee Stone, come to think of it…

    HotScooter2 – You’re such a flatterer 😉 Cyberhug back at ya. Evan kind of just launched into it when he saw Noah’s nametag said VideoBox. No request needed.

    fedor – No clue whatsoever. It was totally ridiculous.

  6. WiSeGuY Says:

    can you say cocaine!!!

  7. HotScooter2 Says:


    what would possibly ever give it away that i am a flatterer and a flirt too.you should visit the south and check out the southern women.not only are many of them so beautiful,but they are the biggest flirts you have ever seen. and they love to play dumb around men. But they are dumb like foxes.anyway i learned from the best how to flirt. Have you ever been south i think you would like it down here? what you hear about southern hospitality is true,even if it is not as great as it once was,as a newcomer you would still notice it right away.
    So y’all come on down ya hear. and i do hope you know that the late Julie Robbins and Brandi Lyons have a much more genuine southern accent than Nicole Brazzle who lays it on way too thick. she may indeed be from Tennessee but the people there as a general rule do not have that strong of an accent as she has. i have lived in the south for 23 years now,and think i can tell the difference.finally have you ever noticed how many national beauty contest have been won by southern women

  8. the content dude Says:

    WiSeGuY – Exactly! … But who the hell cares I used to find David Lee Roth entertaining as well.

  9. xposh Says:

    I was hoping you would post this and you did! Thanks.

  10. ropeadope Says:

    Outstanding. I have to admit I was always a bit put off by Evan. But in the space of just over 20 seconds, he’s turned me into a fan. Alison, does that make me fickle?

    HotScooter2 – (re point 4 of your initial comments) I give you my word, the day will come when I’ll be able declare (ala that guy from The Hair Cub For Men), “I’m not just the owner, I’m also a member.” Lol, always good to see you, many thanks for your continuous support.

  11. davros Says:

    Nice, funny segment. Thanks for posting it, Alison. This blog of yours is first rate.

  12. HotScooter2 Says:


    in your humble opinion who are the 5 most beautiful women in the world.And you are not allowed to vote for yourself hon,ya gotta give the rest of them a chance. It does not matter if they are in the adult business or not. And please notice that Rope is the new owner of VB,lord help us all lol. you heard of the game simon says now we all gonna be playing rope says. so
    will he make a good boss or not. stay tuned for another exciting episode of as your Rope burns.
    So who’s scared of the big bad rope
    the big bad rope

  13. ocdave67 Says:

    Considering that Audrey Hollander has 188 scenes on VB, I think she would make a better “pitch presenter”.

  14. WiSeGuY Says:

    hey content dude there is nothing wrong one bit. Im just saying that was the first thing that i thought of when he started to speak! lol!

  15. Noah Says:

    I wasn’t ever a big fan of Evan’s but seeing as how that 20 seconds made my whole AEE experience worth while, I now have a knew found respect for Mr. Stone (not Lee…although he keeps me laughing too).

  16. marca56 Says:

    Ropeadope, I have actually sorta been a fan of Evan’s for a while. I think he’s one of the only guys in porn that has some acting ability. See Pirates. Now to stop talking about guys before people get the wrong idea…

  17. Ditto Says:

    Commenting in an old post! Evan now loves Videobox … with less hair!