This Week’s Finishers Returns

I’ve finally gotten back into the swing of things around here enough to bring back this much beloved weekly feature. Enjoy.

Evelyn Lin
The Babysitter #25, Scene 4 starring Evelyn Lin

Evelyn Lin jumps off this Werewolf/Yeti thing and scores an oral creampie. Watch at your own risk.
Filthy Fuckers First Time Amateurs, Scene 2

No idea who this girl is but she’s cute. And her stroking/tongue technique eventually pays off.

MILF Mayhem, Scene 1 starring Luciana

The lighting is atrocious. But she is able to jerk him off near her mouth.
Brittany Blue
Throated #5, Scene 2 starring Brittany Blue

Squirts the cum right into her mouth like a porn star should.
Ginger Lea
Throated #5, Scene 3 starring Ginger Lea

This is sort of uneventful. She blows him, stops, he cums onto his own stomach. Eh.
Alana Evans
Throated #5, Scene 4 starring Alana Evans

Mascara smeared, she stokes him right onto her tongue. Good eye contact.
Throated #5, Scene 4 starring Julie Night

She has sad eyes as she double-hands him into her mouth.
Pretty Little Latinas #35, Scene 3 starring Cindy

Per rutnadexin3: “she finished it with an oral creampie. Then she rubbed the contents on her tits. Would have prefered a swallow, & she probably would have if they had paid her more.”
Ass Munchers #2, Scene 1 starring Jersey Jaxin

She looks so tiny next to his dick. She maintains eye contact as she jerks him into her mouth. I could do without the gargle before the swallow though.
Ass Munchers #2, Scene 3 starring Sophia

Double-handed, into the mouth. Finally smiles when he comes.
Ass Munchers #2, Scene 4 starring Hollie Stevens

She seems a little taken by surprise when he pops on her face, but quickly directs the stream toward her mouth.
Ass Munchers #2, Scene 5 starring Tiffany Rayne

Dodger. Rubs him off onto her cheek.
BJ’s In Hot PJ’s, Scene 2 starring Aurora Snow

Even though I like her better as a brunette, Aurora has the finish down pat. Two hands, into the mouth with gusto.

9 Responses to “This Week’s Finishers Returns”

  1. HotScooter2 Says:

    Always a good choice to include Aurora Snow. She may be an established veteran in the biz,but she is still very attractive,and knows how to put on the moves. so she has gained a few pounds,it is easy to do.To me the anorexic look is not always sexy anyway. As a matter of fact if society did not stress skinniness so much for females,there might be a lot less women with anorexia and other eating disorders

  2. garbman Says:

    Scooter will you let go of the aches an pains,disorders, etc. Jesus already.

  3. HotScooter2 Says:


    i was only trying to say that women do not have to be extremely skinny to be beautiful,and that there should not be so much societal stress on them to be thin.

  4. Papayaman Says:

    I think the fact that Evelyn Lin managed to finish a werewolf is proof positive of her extraordinary sexual talents. More of this exquisite woman please!

  5. Rael Says:

    THANK YOU ALLISON! I thought I was the only one who found the cum gargling extremely unattractive.

  6. rutnadexin3 Says:

    Thanks for includng me in the last two “Finisher” postings, Alison. 🙂

  7. vigilante Says:

    I agree with you scooter. Not that i’m into big chicks, but it’s almost 100% that i tend to prefer particular porn stars when they appear a bit more fleshy than they do in other scenes. But in this industry, that’s usually indicative of drug problems.

  8. alison Says:

    HotScooter2 – I noticed people talking about how she gained weight in the comments of this scene and it kinda ticked me off too. Aurora is by no means overweight and the fact that people criticize her for being a normal size is just dumb.

    Papayaman – Haha, true.

    Rael – Haha, you are not alone!

    rutnadexin3 – You post such concise, on-target reviews that I don’t feel like I could possibly sum it up any better. Thank *you* for commenting 🙂

    vigilante – Gaining weight is indicative of drug problems? Or the other way around?

  9. red space Says:

    your freaking awesome.