Using DVD Box Covers As Folder Icons

eye-catcherI’ve been trying to utilize DVD box covers as folder icons for downloaded video files without success. Recently, I stumbled upon the solution. Very simple procedure and the resulting appearance is an improvement in my opinion compared to the default folder icons. I’m using Windows XP so the following steps will apply to that operating system. Please click the included illustrations to display full size images. Let’s get started.

Assume we’re downloading “From Her Ass To Her Mouth.” Download the video files as you would normally do. Additionally, we want the front box cover. Click on the link “Show Larger Covers.” Right click the front cover >>> Save Picture As >>> Save.

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Now we have the video files (5 scenes) and front box cover on our computer. Note that I’ve renamed the box cover to the specific DVD title. This is useful when working with multiple files as all front covers will download with the same file name (front_380x541) regardless of DVD title. Place those files in a folder named From Her Ass To Her Mouth. Open the folder. Click View >>> Thumbnails.

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Close the folder. Right click the folder >>> Properties >>> Customize >>> Choose Picture.

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A browse box will open. Highlight the box cover file >>> Open >>> OK. That’s all there is to it.

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Here’s how one of my Platinum X studio folders looks after the steps outlined above were applied to a few dozen folders.

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I also use this technique for series folders with a slight variation. Let’s construct a series folder for “Young Ripe Mellons.” Save all eight box cover files from the series to your computer. Place those files in a folder named Young Ripe Mellons. Download the video files but do not place those files in the Young Ripe Mellons folder for the time being. Open the folder. Click View >>> Filmstrip.

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Now create eight folders [Young Ripe Mellons 1 thru Young Ripe Mellons 8] within the Young Ripe Mellons series folder. Place the appropriate video files and box cover files in each of the eight folders and follow the steps outlined above. This is how the series folder will look.

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Coming soon:

Threesome poll #4. I saw Kissy Kapri, Lexi Belle, Missy Monroe, and Riley Mason congregating around the VideoBox water cooler. I thought I glimpsed Lilianna Moreno and Peaches but I may have been mistaken. Was that Mona Liza coming out of The Content Dude’s office? We’ll have to check out poll #4 to know for sure. Speaking of the polls, how cool was it that Annette Schwarz responded with a comment toward the bottom of poll #2? Pretty cool I think.



18 Responses to “Using DVD Box Covers As Folder Icons”

  1. xposh Says:

    In the immortal words of Stifler from American Pie: “I don’t know man, that seems like a lot of work.”

    No, really though. I’m sure someone will find this helpful. I don’t ever download to keep, at least not anymore. Stopped doing that like a good two years ago. When I did though I’d take just put all the video files in one folder and knew what each scene was just by looking at the screencap. Seemed to work better in my mind that this going by the box cover business.

    Oh, and post more Veronique scenes!

  2. viking09 Says:

    This technique also kinda works in Vista, but I’ve found that you have to rename (or rename a copy of) the image you want as the folder cover as “folder.jpg”. This file then needs to stay in that particular folder for this to work, which seems like a bit of a step backwards from XP.

  3. ropeadope Says:

    @ viking09 – Thank you for the advice regarding Vista. I haven’t moved to that operating system yet, but I’m sure many of our fellow subscribers are using Vista. Much appreciated.

  4. fat_fukeen_rush Says:

    rope, we’d like to see tons more jenni lee and one of ur favs, kaylynn; also there’s a bish out there named morgan sumthun, she was in daddy does me good or sumthing like that…long legged bish takes the batter like a champ on some some victorian kinda yeller chaise; thanks rope, let us know when ur going to offer an IPO on vb. i’ll get all mah ditto_fuggas to drop some loads

  5. ropeadope Says:

    @ fat_fukeen_rush – Not familiar with Morgan but I’d certainly endorse more Jenni and Kaylynn. Looking at Jenni’s filmography at iafd, I can’t see anything that would be coming our way (unless we start receiving the Wife Switch series from Pink Visual). However, those listings are often incomplete and there may be other offerings available.

  6. floatingeye Says:

    Interestingly enough the saving via context menu doesn’t seem to work in Firefox, i.e. I don’t get the option to “Save Image As” in the small window that opens. Works in Opera though; and in Firefox I can save the whole page which unfortunately saves all the images on the parent page as well.

    Although occasionally the “show larger covers” doesn’t open the smaller window but just the jpeg of the front cover.

    I don’t confirm the need to rename the picture in Vista. It appears you can choose whichever image file you want. The graphic is always an open folder with the chosen picture sticking out of it in three dimensional view, which may not be what you want.

  7. walken Says:

    Cheers Rope! I have been slowly tring to put some order to my collection since reading your comments in ‘What’s your porn library like?’ post. I already have everything downloaded by porn star, so the long road of creating shortcuts to various categories has begun. And now with the new information you have presented, that road has become longer… And I was up to ‘M’ too!

  8. schnubble Says:

    I as a habitual downloader ( due to my 100mbit line ) highly recommend saving the page and the scene so you can use this to make a searchable library including previews and tags of your own. Not as complicated as it sounds but certainly beyond the scope of a blog comment 🙂

  9. ropeadope Says:

    @ floatingeye – Quite honestly, I failed to give any consideration for use of different browsers. I’m on Internet Explorer and should have specified that fact. Surprising that Firefox doesn’t give the option for saving the image through the context menu. Before saving the entire page in Firefox, do you have the option to place a checkmark next to the image or images you desire? Or remove checkmarks from the images you don’t wish to save? At any rate, thank you for noting the workability in Opera for those who don’t use Internet Explorer and the additional facts you provided for Vista users. I think it’s a random bug where the “show larger covers” fails to open properly. I’ve experienced this, but repeating the request a few times seems to solve the issue.

    @ walken – Cheers my friend, good to see you. I’m also trying to better organize my collection, attempting to rein things in before they move beyond the point of controllability. Hoping to follow my own advice in the post you cite. Sounds as if you’re well on the road to a finely coordinated storage system. Please don’t abandon what you’ve already accomplished. Use this (if you wish) to supplement what appears to be an excellent work in progress.

    @ schnubble – Are you using an OC-3 connection? Intriguing concept of a searchable porn library. You’ve piqued my curiosity. Would it be possible to elaborate a bit further?

  10. rubmeright Says:

    I’m using Firefox, and I get a “save image as” prompt in the context (right click) menu. Right between “copy image location” and “send image.” Using V3.0.5

  11. floatingeye Says:

    rubmeright, I have tried it with Firefox 3.0.5 and Firefox 3.1 beta2. I don’t see any of those choices. The menu contains Back, Forward, Reload, Stop, Bookmark This Page, Save Page As, Send Link, View Background Image (greyed out), Select All, View Page Source, View Page Info, and Properties. After left-clicking on the page the menu changes to Copy, Select All, View Selection Source, and Properties. I thought the problem might have had something to do with the NoScript or Adblock Plus extensions, but nothing changed after I disabled them. I don’t really use any other extensions that would mess with the page content.

  12. fat_fukeen_rush Says:

    rope it’s stacee morgan in daddys little princess 2; sorry to interrupt your post here, but u know how fat asses r. i’ve only been able to find two scenes w/ her, this one and one where she sucks off 4 or 5 guys.

  13. ropeadope Says:

    @ rubmeright & floatingeye – I tried Firefox and the context menu was displaying for me as floatingeye describes. However, I did a google search and there’s a save images add-on available for Firefox (Save Images 0.5.1). Is it possible rubmeright, that you installed this add-on? Thank you both for the helpful info.

    @ fat_fukeen_rush – Oh, Stacee Morgan. Evidently she only filmed a few movies and left the business. No activity for 2008 according to iafd. One movie she did appear in was Ten Little Piggies #9 for Platinum X. I would think we stand a good chance of receiving this DVD. Volumes 1 thru 3 of the series have already been posted to the site. Note that a new Jenni Lee scene has just been posted. Many thanks to The Content Dude and the VideoBox content team for the update.

  14. ff_rush Says:

    thanks for the info rope and mucho grasaciousity to content dwood for the jenni lee post. too bad her and stefanie cane didn’t do a threesome there i think she spoiled us with her threesome where i’ve busted many a nut. oh well, thumbs up to all mah ditto_fuggas out there.

  15. schnubble Says:

    I’m hooked to the german research network (dfn) that’s why I do have an synchronous 100mbit line. The other thing – I wrote a script that looks up the tags and stores filenames, tags, description in an mysql database and creates via an extra software preview screens so I have a database ^^
    That’s it basically.

  16. Jappanese Beaver Says:


    naw, just kidding, good thoughtful advice though!

  17. ILTK Says:

    Nice free tip if you don’t wanna spend a little bit. If you do, go get a copy of ACDSee Pro, it shows video thumbs and it’s intelligent about it.. It will show thumbs with 4 images from various parts of the scene as the thumbnail of a scene. Most other programs will show a thumb with a screenshot of the start of the scene, which is always the black intro text, useless. It will also show the first 4 screenshots of the scenes in a folder on folder thumbnails. Makes finding and managing tons of videos a bliss. I’ve also wondered how much strain we euro’s puts on the videobox network? A lot of euro’s have at least 10mbit, I can get 100mbit fiber in a couple months and a lot of my swedish friends have had 20 and 100mbit for years, that’s gotta hurt download services. I useually try to contain myself, but it’s hard when there’s so much awesome content and you can download 10gigs while you have a cup of coffee 🙂

  18. cherikee Says:

    There should be an option to “download all scenes” or “download entire dvd”. It would save time since I sit and click on all the scenes anyways. It would just help the people who do want a collection. Oh, and an “analingus” tag.