This Week’s Finishers: 1/24 – 1/30

Vince Vouyer saved the week, at least as far as finishers were concerned. I think Alektra Blue and Bailey were pretty top notch and Olivia del Rio made a good showing as well.

Alektra Blue
Road Head, Scene 1 starring Alektra Blue

Nice job on Alektra’s part, taking his cock deep and getting him to cum in her mouth. And she swallows!
Road Head, Scene 2 starring Bailey

Oral creampie and a swallow. What more can you as for?

Candi Summers
Road Head, Scene 6 starring Candi Summers

I’m just guessing, but i don’t think Vince Vouyer was planning to get cum on his pants when he asked for some road head.
Jasmine Rouge
Sexy Secretaries #3, Scene 4 starring Jasmine Rouge

Blows him and squirts the cum all over her tongue where it proceeds to drip down her chin.
Sexy Secretaries #3, Scene 1 starring Daria Glower

Jerks him off and licks up the cum somewhat.
Ass Munchers #3, Scene 3 starring Crissy Moon

His cum clearly tastes bad because the face she makes when it gets in her mouth is not one of joy. Or maybe it got in her eye.
Ass Munchers #3, Scene 2 starring Kyra Steele

She jerks him off onto her face/chest. He makes loud noises. She laughs.
Ass Munchers #3, Scene 1 starring Alishia Angel

Kind of a weird end to the scene. He doesn’t cum very much.
Pussy Tales #4, Scene 1 starring Antonette and Kayla Marie

I love teamwork. Both girls jack this guy off after some decent bj/ball sucking action.
Screw My Wife Please #30, Scene 5 starring Cameron Cain

One thing ruins this scene for me: Nick Manning. Penis blemish “Droppin’ Loads!” = ugh, I don’t care if she finishes him with her mouth no-handed.
Coxxxuckers #2, Scene 9 starring Olivia del Rio

A non-traditional finish, but the fact that she was the one working her boobs on his cock definitely qualifies her as a finisher.
Coxxxuckers #2, Scene 5 starring Jennifer Andersson

It’s gotta be tough to give head with that hat on. But she persevered to good effect.
Coxxxuckers #2, Scene 4 starring Sara Mackie

I can honestly see I’ve never seen a pop shot like this. For a second I thought it might even be fake.
Coxxxuckers #2, Scene 2 starring Rayveness

I think this was an oral creampie. Perhaps she swallowed it. Only Rayveness and that guy know for sure.

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3 Responses to “This Week’s Finishers: 1/24 – 1/30”

  1. HotScooter2 Says:

    Hey Ali:

    don’t forget us hon when you get that $25 billion bailout for
    yourself as a corporate leader with VB. just messin with ya.
    you know you are a real fox and we all love’s ya. i was taught flattery will get you a long ways,well hell i keep tryin. nothin to complain about i managed to flatter and flirt away into catchin me a mighty fine wife about 23 years ago.

    seriously though Banks get bailouts and maybe automakers get it too,why not porn folks like our very own Alison and yea content dude too,but they gotta share it with me cause it is my brilliant idea.And yea rope and the rest of us get a share too. what you guys think .should VB get a bailout?
    times is tough even in porn

  2. Ravo2006 Says:

    Thanks Alison, these are great posts, I just love these “finishers” and your comments on the scenes LOL LOL Cheers Ravo

  3. Ron Says:

    Thats great material, like your stuff, just passing to say hi!