Poll: You Make Three (part 4)

Happy Groundhog Day. It’s official, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and six more weeks of Winter are upon us. Let’s warm up with the fourth edition of our threesome poll. Voting is still open in poll #1, poll #2, and poll #3. You’ve been selected to participate in a threesome and can choose to join one of the following pairings. We’ve made the assumption all the girls are still active and in their prime.

Ariana Jollee & Dana Vespoli
Babalu* & Mona Lisa**
Faye Valentine*** & Missy Stone
Jayna Oso & Loni
Kissy Kapri & Missy Monroe
Lela Star & Rachel Starr
Lexi Belle & Kacey Jordan
Liliana Moreno & Peaches****
Madison Ivy & Madison Scott
Maya Hills & Riley Mason

*One scene credited as Babaloo and one scene credited as Bab Lu. The Babalu link above will pick up the scenes credited as Babalu Monike.

**Ignore the Elvis Slept Here scene. Different Mona Lisa.

***One scene credited as Faye Reagan.

****Peaches from the Breakin’ ‘Em In #2 and Just Over Eighteen #3 scenes.




25 Responses to “Poll: You Make Three (part 4)”

  1. the one handed typer Says:

    For my fantasy in this poll it is simple. A re -enactment of Weapons of Ass Destruction #3, but putting the big tittied and dirty talking LONI in place of my baby Roxy Jezel (don’t cry for me). The two of us can put that dirty little whore of a sex kitten named Jayna Oso on a leash; and I would spend a weekend locked in a cabin with a half pound of weed, a cooler of liquor, a bottle of viagra, tons of Lube, a stocked fridge, and a video camera.

  2. wcfields Says:

    Never cease to be amazed by the variety of tastes and preferences among the membership. I thought Liliana and Peaches would have it in a landslide. The one scene with Liliana was pretty much the most popular scene ever posted on the site.

  3. no sense Says:

    They used to say that the best men’s doubles team in tennis was John McEnroe plus anyone else. That’s pretty much how I’m viewing this: Peaches + anyone else = win.

    Although now when I think of me & Peaches & Liliana, I imagine McEnroe busting in in his little short shorts & his white man’s ‘fro, yelling “You cannot be serious!” Talk about a boner killer.

  4. extremejay Says:

    Hands down kissy kapri and missy monroe. Yes rope once again the squirtfactor does come into play liek my other choices, but i am obsessed with kissy kapri right now…..im trying to get every peice of video shes ever done. I know the mindless sheep will talk bad about her tits…I FUCKING love those things. I guess after so many years of being force fed plastic her cute face combined with some nice floppy tits (others would say saggy, who cares they are great!) and its all over for me. i will literraly cry when i find out she gets implants…i know it will happen some dumbass will get in her head.

  5. xposh Says:

    These polls are horrible.

  6. mistahleary Says:

    This was the toughest yet. I went with Lexi and Kacey, even though I haven’t seen either doing anal. The pairing with Peaches, Faye Valentine, and Riley Mason also garnered consideration.

  7. doppyman Says:

    Rope, you’re making us do research now to give your polls serious consideration. While tempted by the Lela and Rachel star combination, I had to go with the cuties, Maya and Riley. They both bring the energy and are absolutely adorable. Keep up the good work, Rope. You really help make VB more than just a place to watch clips – more like a club of porn fans.

  8. walken Says:

    Damn Rope, this shit is tough! Admittedly I am not familiar with all the girls, unlike doppyman I didn’t do any research… the decision was too hard already. Faye Valentine, Lexi Belle, Riley Mason… these girls have all been my favourite at some point in time and all for different reasons. I ended up going with the Lela Star and Rachel Starr pairing, both awesome girls. Rachel’s scene in Nasty Talk scene 3 is a particular treat. You do a good job at continually challenging the mind of a porn fan. Well done sir.

  9. ropeadope Says:

    Of the four polls posted in the threesome series thus far, this edition is proving the toughest for me to reach a decision. Over three hundred votes have been cast as I write these words, but my vote is still outstanding. I assumed I would vote for Jayna Oso & Loni. They’re two of my all time favorite performers. However, the competition is fierce. As an example, I’ve always loved Mona Lisa. Gorgeous girl. Remember the scene from Legal Skin #10? The guy pays for her services, then steals the money back. A few minutes later, Mona Lisa manages to reclaim the cash. I thought that was a cute twist to the scene. A case could be made for any of the pairings. Think I’ll have to sleep on this one.

    @ the one handed typer – LoL, sounds like a plan. Can I join you? Now let me display my complete ignorance when it comes to weed by asking, isn’t a half pound a lot for a weekend? I really don’t know. But it seems like a lot. Well, I don’t smoke or drink but better pick up some more Viagra. Jayna & Loni would definitely wear me out.

    @ wcfields – I thought Liliana & Peaches were the team to beat and they do currently hold a narrow lead. But their lack of scenes is a negative. A more complete body of work would have solidified their advantage. Contrast their history with that of Ariana Jollee, Jayna Oso, or Missy Monroe. Those girls are battle tested. They’ve danced every dance.

    @ no sense – Didn’t married life calm down McEnroe? Damn, Tatum O’Neal AND Patty Smyth (loved Scandal). Although come to think about it, he did have a major outburst or two on the Curb Your Enthusiasm “Freak Book” episode a little over a year ago.

    @ extremejay – I love Kissy Kapri as well and have absolutely no problem with her breasts. Do you prefer Missy Monroe as a blonde or brunette? I was accustomed to Missy as a blonde, but I’ve recently viewed some good brunette scenes from her and it’s growing on me. Isn’t Ariana Jollee also a squirter?

    @ mistahleary – Completely agree with the difficulty of choice and can’t fault your selection. Lexi and Kacey, both very hot. Initially, I was going to pair Faye Valentine with Pason (Red Heaven). Would that have been too much red at one time? Always enjoy the enthusiastic performances of Riley Mason. In general, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the Goth look, but I’m definitely a huge fan of Riley’s work.

    @ doppyman – Very much appreciate the kind words my friend. The camaraderie at VideoBox (especially here on the blog) is a key element in my (and hopefully others) overall enjoyment of the site. Those that research and explore the archives, may find treasures which they wouldn’t have normally crossed paths with. As to your selection, if I gravitate away from Jayna & Loni, Maya & Riley will likely be the recipient of my vote.

    @ walken – LoL, you’re spending too much time organizing and not enough time researching! Then again, your selection is running a very strong second at the moment. Liliana & Peaches haven’t been able to give them the slip. I just played through the Nasty Talk scene to refresh my memory. Outstanding scene. Rachel looks great, excellent tease footage, excellent eye contact in POV, and she finishes. Thank you for both the scene reference and the kind words Sir.

  10. VB Says:

    I love the movie “Groundhog Day”. I watch it every morning at 7:00 a.m.

  11. Val Says:

    VB is Val. Sorry, forgot.

  12. ropeadope Says:

    @ Val – I like the movie too, but watching it every morning at the same time is setting up your very own personal Groundhog Day. Be careful to break up the routine in the remainder of your day or you’ll wind up in the same endless circle that plagued Phil Connors (probably without the benefit of immortality). I failed to take notice this year. Doesn’t TBS or TNT usually run the film back to back to back throughout the day?

  13. HotScooter2 Says:

    i gotta agree with you man. peaches + anyone gets my vote too.
    But hey Rope if you want to get a couple of southern babes that would be guaranteed to win match up Peaches(from Louisiana) and Gauge(from Arkansas).
    i guarantee the two of them would blow up the screen with the heat. i know you well enough Rope to know you already like the sound of these two girls chemistry together. and hell Rope i would need a whole bottle of Viagra to handle those two

  14. the one handed typer Says:

    @ rope
    half a pound is a lot of weed, but i figure maybe if i get them high enough they will lose track of time…

    i am suprised for the lack of luv for Jayna and Loni…watch Jayna in a threesome, she is both affectionate, nasty, and always involved, never just sitting there. what more can you ask for?

  15. ropeadope Says:

    @ HotScooter2 – Have to hand it to you, Gauge & Peaches would be a sizzling duo. Southern heat. However, I don’t think Gauge is about to dissolve her partnership with Jenna Haze. They dominated an all star laden field in the first edition of the poll and probaly rate favoritism for the eventual final showdown.

    @ the one handed typer – Thank you for the weed clarification, certainly makes sense. I’ve noticed the Asian and Latina pairings are facing an uphill battle in the polls. Lily Thai and Luci Thai fared reasonably well; the others have struggled. You’re preaching to the choir, I need no convincing. I reviewed a couple of Jayna Oso threesomes for previous blog articles. Her scenes from Cumaholics (mff) and 1 In The Pink 1 In The Stink (mmf) to be specific.

  16. Garp Says:

    That was a tough one, but Liliana Morena is just too beautiful to pass up, but the Starr sisters are 1a. VB…find more Liliana…please!

  17. Derek Says:

    Loni is one of my favorite pornstars. I had to go with her.

  18. davros Says:

    This was a hard choice to make, but after putting some thought into it, I went with cuties Lexi Belle and Kacey Jordan. To be sure, there was a lot of cuteness in this skill, but being paired with Lexi and Kacey would be a great experience.

  19. Vanderslice Says:


  20. extremejay Says:

    well rope i prefer her as a blonde. but i did see her with dark hair and she looked phenomenal. Hell i could care less shave missy’s head and shed still be hot

  21. ThePack34 Says:

    hard choice but what does anyone think about being paired with keri sable and madison ivy or ashlynn brooke with lanny barbie?

  22. ropeadope Says:

    @ Garp – I believe they’ve found the only scene in her filmography. According to iafd.com, it was one and done for Liliana.

    @ Derek – Same here. Loni & Jayna got my vote after much deliberation.

    @ davros – Can’t dispute your decision, although in general, I prefer brunettes to blondes. But Lexi & Kacey are a dream pairing.

    @ Vanderslice – Jayna can own me any time she wants. I’d be a cheap acquisition to boot.

    @ extremejay – Lol, absolutely. I viewed Missy exclusively as a blonde for a long time and it took some getting used to, seeing her as a brunette. Additionally, sometimes she goes with the long hairstyle and sometimes with the close cropped short cut. Missy keeps you on your toes. But I agree, love her any which way.

    @ ThePack34 – I think you’ve hit upon a great idea. Madison Ivy & Ashlynn Brooke would be an outstanding duo. I intend to include Lanny Barbie in a future edition of the poll. Who do you picture her paired with, keeping in mind Keri, Madison, and Ashlynn have already been utilized?

  23. marca56 Says:

    Cool. My write-in nomination for the last three of these got made an option this time and won! Two Starrs = four stars!

  24. uscue Says:

    Not even fair – you could put a rabbit paired with Rachel Starr and get an automatic vote. She has skills that currently aren’t matched in the business thanks to a few retirements the past couple of years.

  25. ymeliechki Says:

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