Would You Vote for Stormy Daniels?

Stormy Daniels for SenateA group called Draft Stormy in Louisiana is trying to encourage Wicked contract star Stormy Daniels to challenge the Republican incumbent David Vitter for his senate seat. Vitter espouses very conservative policies, but has been implicated in the D.C. Madam case, making him another in a long line of hypocritical conservative politicians ensnared in sex scandals.

The only even marginally successful porn star-turned-politician that I know of is the former Italian parliamentarian Ilona Staller (aka Cicciolina). American porn stars who’ve attempted to enter politics and failed have included the likes of California’s Marey Carey and Nevada’s Mimi Miyagi.

I don’t know whether U.S. is ready for a porn star politician (I suspect not), but to be honest, if I had the choice between Stormy Daniels and David Vitter, I’d give Stormy a chance. I met her a few years ago and found her to be very intelligent, thoughtful and interesting person. I don’t think that having sex on camera should disqualify a person from holding public office, especially in a country where a pro wrestler can be elected governor of a state (I’m talking about you, Jesse Ventura).

What do you think? Would you vote for Stormy? Do you think she’ll even agree to run?

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34 Responses to “Would You Vote for Stormy Daniels?”

  1. zarafan Says:

    Louisiana is a state of many political contradictions: in 1991 the two candidates for governor were the neo-Nazi David Duke and the notoriously corrupt Edwin Edwards (who is currently in federal prison and who previously had coined the phrase, “The only way I could lose this election”–an election he proceeded to win by over a million votes–“is if they catch me in bed with a live boy or a dead woman”). The winning slogan, thankfully, was “vote for the crook.”

    David Vitter isn’t as bad as David Duke, but he’s bad enough, really: a hypocrite, a bigot, and an opportunist who cares much more about himself than he does his state, and much more about his rank in the Republican Party than the needs of his constituents. Given the choice between him and Stormy Daniels–and I don’t vote in Louisiana so what I’m saying completely moot–I definitely pick Stormy. After all, one thing we know in advance about porn stars: they know how to service their constituents….

    And of course allow me to be the first to say, inevitably, that it brings a whole new meaning to the term “polling the electorate.” Waka Waka!!

    up the republic,


  2. ropeadope Says:

    Yes Alison, I would vote for Stormy. I would love to see all incumbents (with very rare exception) voted out of Congressional office (Senate & House). While I don’t know Stormy, your endorsement attesting to her intelligence is good enough for me. In 2000 (before being implicated in the DC Madam case), Vitter’s wife Wendy commenting on the Clinton – Lewinski scandal stated, “I’m a lot more like Lorena Bobbitt than Hillary. If he [Vitter] does something like that, I’m walking away with one thing, and it’s not alimony, trust me.” LoL, I guess he’s sleeping with one eye open now.

  3. alison Says:

    zarafan – You managed to enlighten me and make me laugh in one comment. 🙂

    ropeadope – I remember hearing that statement brought up as she went through the political-sex-scandal-wife walk of shame like Hillary Clinton, Silda Spitzer, Dina McGreevy, Suzanne Craig and so many before them. An interesting phenomenon in itself, I think…

  4. zarafan Says:

    The first time of many, I hope, Alison!!!



  5. bergman2 Says:

    This is completely irrelevant to the topic, but I don’t know of anywhere else to ask. Were all the Big Wet Asses dvds removed from the site? Are you guys at liberty to share the reasoning behind this?

  6. HotScooter2 Says:

    Zarafan and Alison:

    i was not familiar with David Vitter but sure am aware of David Duke who i associate with the KKK,which is basicallly the same thing as a neo nazi. David Duke represents what i can’t stand about the old south.. buut i feel,or at least i would like to think that ,with each passing year the south is drifting further and further away from the Klan mentality.
    But the Klan never has been and never will be an organization existing purely in the south

    But i can definitely say that Stormy is a whole lot sexier than Vitter

  7. doppyman Says:

    I love Stormy and think she has shown real class in her career. But there is no way she would be a viable candidate for Senate in this day and age. If the Democrats nominate her, they would lose. If you want to beat Vitter, the best bet would be to find a moderate Democrat with a clean record who can play the high moral ground card. Louisiana may be a bastion of sin, but we are a nation of hypocrites and won’t vote in people who are associated with sex. Heavily Democratic Louisiana just put in a very conservative non-white governor because he is seen as honest, intelligent and above moral reproach. His anti-abortion stance was prominent in his campaign. The church groups would come out full force against Stormy. (Look at the role of the Mormon church in California’s gay marriage referendum.) Louisiana is heavily Catholic and judging by the statements made by many Catholic clergy in the last election cycle, the idea of “whoever is without sin cast the first stone” hasn’t been to heavily analyzed by the church, despite the pope’s recent reluctant hedging admission that the church conspired to cover up pedophelia. So. it’s fun to talk about Stormy running, and this site surely is full of people who believe like I do that sexual activity is not a sign of poor moral character, but at this time the idea of a porn star winning a Senate election seems to me to be a fantasy.

  8. doppyman Says:

    I should add that Governor Jindall is a REPUBLICAN. I omitted that key word in my fifth sentence in my previous post.

  9. zarafan Says:

    Dear HotScooter:

    You’re right that the Deep South is changing from its Jim Crow days–and that these problems aren’t limited to one geographic area in the US (or anywhere else in the world…)–but people like David Vitter prove that this change can’t happen fast enough. North Carolina and Virginia have broken the monopoly of the Republican Party (which itself replaced a previous monopoly of a segregationist Democratic Party) in the last election cycle, but even after all the Republican administration in Washington did and didn’t do to ruin the lives of hurricane victims in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas, these states still voted Republican in November. Old habits die hard….

    Regarding Duke’s affiliations between the KKK and the neo-Nazis, well, first off, this is really an instance of a “distinction without a difference.” But Duke was a neo-Nazi (swastika armbands and all that) before he was a klansman, and since he left the public eye around 1992 his activities and affiliations (including some real creeps in Eastern Europe and Russia) have been a lot more consistent with Nazis than home-grown bigots.

    As a very wise and more forthright political commentator than myself once remarked, “Some people are just pimples on the asshole of life…”!

    Best wishes,


  10. UrineDanger Says:

    Ok, David Vitter attended Harvard University for his undergraduate studies and Tulane University for law school in addition to winning a Rhodes Scholarship to University College, Oxford. He served as a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives before entering the U.S. House.

    Stormy Daneils was made editor of her high school newspaper, in addition to serving as president of her school’s 4-H club, a service oriented organization sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture.

    If Stormy had any of the qualifications that David Vitter has, I could consider her for office. But it is not even listed if she has graduated High School. I feel in these hard times anyone in office should at least have a college level education.

    She has only done porn and directed and written a couple of porns other than the stuff she did in high school. I would also consider her if she was the CEO of Wicked Pictures or ran it’s operations, but she has not. Think about it, writing and directing a porn is alot easier than a grade A Hollywood movie like Star Wars, or The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

  11. TBiz Says:

    Someone being a porn star would have no influence on whether or not I voted for them. There are far more important things to consider.

  12. zarafan Says:

    Dear UrineDanger,

    First off, cute nickname…

    But to the point: David Vitter attended Harvard–but George Bush got his MBA from Harvard Business School, and still managed to screw the economy worse than Lexington Steele screws Katsuni (to use an analogy from our website…). As I travel through life I come increasingly to the recognition that educational credentials equal neither sound judgment nor responsiveness to the needs of other people, which are the primary qualifications, I think, to serving in the Senate. And I can think of dozens of well-qualified politicians with both the best of credentials and the best of resumes, who nevertheless proved to be a disaster in office.

    True, Stormy Daniels–who, were I a gambling man, I would not bet the farm on as Vitter’s replacement, especially since as far as I can tell she hasn’t even announced that she’s running–makes (or has made) her living screwing on camera. But we know of Vitter at least that he’s done far worse behind closed doors than she ever did in her choice of profession.

    And beyond whose screwing whom, the voters of Louisiana are getting screwed not by what Vitter does during his “down-time” (though I recall that New Yorkers were apparently far less forgiving of their governor than Vitter’s constituents in Louisiana…) but by the policies he’s been advocating in Washington. In the name of the venerable expression “Yellow Dog Democrat,” meaning that someone would vote for the Democratic candidate, even if it were a yellow dog, I think voters should be looking to support Anybody But Vitter in this campaign. And as with David Duke, if you’re a candidate whose constituents respond to the choice between you and the porn star and respond, “I’m thinking…” you’re not really in a good place, are you…?

    In these hard times, the primary question facing a senator isn’t his or her educational pedigree, but the policies he or she would advocate in office. And on that score, I think Vitter earns an unqualified “F.”

    Not that I have strong opinions on the subject,


  13. harstad Says:

    Yeah, this website should be the last place for political discussion. George Bush had as much to do with the economy tanking as President Obama is going to do fixing it. Little to none. Having an educated representative is almost as important as having an informed and educated electorate. These people do not just go to Washington and blather on about things they like, well not all of them anyway. You need to know what your doing and I really dont think a current or former porn star is going to cut it. Rhodes Scholars dont become porn stars. As to his adultery, its not like he did it in the Oval Office or anything.

  14. UrineDanger Says:

    Dear Zarafan,
    Thanks(name comment)

    It’s not that I’m against pornstar in politics I just think we should be sure that people who run the country can do simple mathematics and know enough U.S history to pass a green card exam.

    Howard Stern has a game he plays with many pornstars but currently its called the Brittany Stevens Game. A caller named Steven wanted to play a game, so Howard gave him a shot at $500 if he could successfully make it through a round of The Britney Stevens Game. Howard explained that Sal (a producer for the show) asked the lisping porn star a series of questions, and Steven had to guess whether or not she would get the right answers, to win the cash. Howard told Steven that three out of five takes the prize and started in with the clips:

    1.Where is your cranium located? Her answer was “In your skull?” This was the only one she got right.

    2.What is the capital of California? Her answer was, “Um, USA?”. I would also like to include CA is her home state.

    3.What is 10% of 100? Britney answered with a question: “50?”.I need to find out to get a job as her agent or manager.

    My point is that her current job doesn’t challenge the mind at all. She also has no experience running a company or management knowledge.

    Forget the Senate seat thing for a moment. What if Stormy Daniels recently received the top job at your employer or company you invest in the stock market heavily. Would you stay at your job or keep your money in that company? I think not.

    Again, I’m not saying pornstars can’t be in politics. I just think their are more qualified candidates then Stormy Daniels that would take the job a bit more seriously.

  15. zarafan Says:

    Dear Harstad,

    Given the curious combination of cynicism and naïveté in your posting I am forced to concede that this is perhaps not the best place for a reasoned and well-considered exchange of political opinions. Suffice it to say, though, that if you don’t think government policy has an effect on the economy, then either you understand little about the government and the economy, or you have been mystified by a politics of distraction that has gotten the world into the mess it’s currently in….

    Best wishes, and check in with you again after 4 years,


  16. zarafan Says:

    Dear UrineDanger,

    If someone who had been a pornstar were made CEO of my company, I would judge his or her performance as a CEO, not as a pornstar; analogously, if my boss announced that our new CEO is a Rhodes Scholar, etc., etc., I would want to know the way he or she plans to run the company, not where he or she drank beer at Oxford.

    As I said in my previous posting, I don’t actually take the notion of Stormy Daniels’ candidacy seriously: I don’t even have evidence that she’s taking it seriously. More to the point, however, I do believe that David Vitter has disqualified himself from representing Louisiana–even “vote for the crook” Louisiana!!–because of his behavior (in part) and more importantly because of the policies he’s advocated and voted for; policies, it may be noted, that include regulating the sexual behavior of private citizens (vis-à-vis abortion, gay rights, the regulation of the Internet, etc.) that should be anathema to every member of this site.

    You know, when all is said and done, I’m a pretty lousy and despicable guy; every day my time is filled with shameful and reprehensible behavior. For example, I spend a lot of time at an adult web site called Video Box…. But at the end of the day, I can at least give myself credit for not cheating on my wife with a prostitute. There’s that minimal moral achievement to be proud of, I suppose. It’s not something that David Vitter can lay claim to. Are there better qualified people/citizens/politicians out there to represent the people of Louisiana? Doubtlessly. On a purely ethical level, would Stormy Daniels be one? I suspicion as much. Either way, the people of Louisiana, America as a whole, and his own wife deserve better than him…


  17. extremejay Says:

    hey why we gotta bash wrestling?

  18. xposh Says:

    Go rent the 1989 Paul Newman film called Blaze. It’s about “Earl Long, Louisiana political honcho who fell in love with stripper Blaze Starr (Lolita Davidovich) while he was governor in the 1950s.”

    Very good film and a true story.

  19. HotScooter2 Says:


    thanks for the feedback concerning David Duke,i do indeed after thinking about what you said remember Duuke being involved with the neo nazis prior to the klan,not that there is significant difference in the mentality of the 2

  20. doppyman Says:

    Zarafan – You are so right about educational credentials having little to do with how well one governs or if one governs with the interest of the people in mind. You need only read David Halberstam’s “The Best and the Brightest” to see how the superminds of the Kennedy and Johnson administrations screwed up on Vietnam big time; and these Democratic intellectuals began the dangerous trend of lying to the public and concealing actions behind executive privilege in the name of the national security state that Nixon and George W. Bush pushed to further extremes.

    Harstad – I think you mean “you need to know what YOU’RE doing” not “you need to know what YOUR doing”. I agree with you that an EDUCATED and informed electorate is important. As far as Bush screwing up the economy, I have to disagree with you. His administration was committed to deregulation and to do this, it appointed people to regulatory roles that were friends of the industries they regulated. So the Bush administration not only promoted the sketchy instruments of finance that led to this crisis, but made sure that the government acted as a cheerleader for all of this and not a watch dog, protecting the people’s interests.

    UrineDanger – Is technical expertise as essential to a Senate seat as a commitment to serving the people’s interest is (as opposed to serving special interests like the lobbyists that contribute to your campaign, or as in the case of the Bush administration, the interests of energy companies, the military-industrial complex and people in the upper tax brackets, to name a few of those most obvious and salient interests he served)? I would agree 100% if the position was in the executive departments, but legislators usually are not experts in most technical areas like economics or foreign policy when they take office. They hire staffers to do this stuff and learn from them. That is how Ted Kennedy learned about health care or Joe Biden or Dick Luger or John McCain learned about foreign policy.

    Finally, Zarafan’s clear and intelligent postings have really summed up the issues here very well. I will only posit that Vitter has posed as a moral watchdog over other people’s behaviors while engaging in the type of behaviors he has righteously crusaded against. This leads me to believe that Vitter is more than just a hypocrite. He has been willing to publicly stir up hate and resentment against people on false moral grounds for his own political benefit. Now that politicians can’t use blatant racist appeals to spread hate and fear they play the anti-gay, anti-Muslim and anti-sex angles to win votes through hate and fear. It would be poetic justice for a simple of love to beat a cynical breeder of hate.

  21. doppyman Says:

    That would be symbol of love. An educated electorate is important.

  22. zarafan Says:

    Dear Doppyman,

    Thanks so much for watching my back in this exchange; I have to compliment you in turn not only for the eloquence of your posting, but also the thoroughness of your arguments: you filled in a lot of blanks I left behind. And yes, “The Best and the Brightest,” both as a book and a wider phenomenon, was exactly what I had in mind when I made my comments.

    By the way, Jon Stewart on The Daily Show last night showed footage of Vitter speaking out on behalf of cutting funds reserved for educating people about and preventing sexually transmitted diseases. The irony was devastating!!

    Best wishes,


  23. harstad Says:


    As someone arguing that education has little to do with being a quality politician it is hilarious to me that you think government policy has so much to do with the Economy. Of course, your correct and I will concede that when the government decides to remove policy and insert nationalization of banks and birth control and smoking cessation to stimulate the economy it now has a great deal to do with it. A great deal to do with making it worse. Good day.

  24. Detritus Says:

    OK, reality check. Stormy is a very beautiful woman and seems very intelligent based on what I have read in other medium, granted I don’t know her so that’s an assumption, and running for any public office off of that assumption is a huge reason we are in deep shit now. It would be a novel idea to some extent, I actually lived in Italy when Cicciolina was elected so this is not unprecedented, but in reality she would have no chance. You can site hypocrisy and differences of political opinion and even criminal activity in regards to changing any political candidate or serving member, but replacing one with a Porn Star, even a supremely intelligent and beautiful one such as Stormy (call me) is not really an option, and I would think she would most likely agree. In this day, the media storm surrounding any candidate is intense to say the least. As liberal as the press generaly is, they would try to destroy her, after using her initially as a tool for ratings. Interesting idea and fun topic for debate, but when reality sets in, there simply is no chance.

    Also, for those of you strongly liberal of conservative, remember this. Government, and by way, politics, is like a seesaw. Sit on whichever side you wish, but you better not let it hit the ground.

  25. zarafan Says:

    Dear Harstad,

    As far as government making the economy worse, I’m wondering where you’ve been over the last few months? Do you think the economy is in such great shape now? Do you think that giving CEOs more leeway than they already have will ensure better results? Do you think there would be positive consequences in maintaining the policies that have been in place for the past decade?

    In the supermarket yesterday the guys at the fish counter were listening to talk radio–it sounded like Rush Limbaugh or one of his clones. The person on the radio was saying that we’re “watching the disappearance of our republic” and its replacement by some kind of Orwellian socialist state. The reason he offered for this happening was because “when people are too complacent, too comfortable with their material possessions, they lose sight of their priorities and cede their future to the politicians.”

    Yeah, the reason why people voted for President Obama is because they’re feeling too comfortable right now; they’re insufficiently worried about their future. Right. What planet do these people live on?

    Vote Quimby,


  26. ropeadope Says:

    Guys, I believe we’re moving a bit too far afield from the questions Alison presented to us. Not saying these aren’t interesting topics worthy of discussion. I just don’t feel VideoBox is the proper arena for such discussions to take place. Please narrow your focus. Do you think Stormy will run for office? If so, would you vote for her?

  27. zarafan Says:

    Right as ever, Rope: (1) I don’t think she’ll run; (2) I’m anticipating there will be other candidates more electable than she to choose from; (3) in a two-way race between her and Vitter, I’d choose her. Hands down.


  28. doppyman Says:

    Ok, in deference to you, Rope, I’ll cut it short and not respond to Harstad again.

    But, before I stop, I will only add that the Republicans court the Christian right and are willing to install the policies of the Christian in exchange for their votes. We already have a Supreme Court one vote short of being willing to overturn all of the reform rulings from the mid-1950s on. I won’t say what this means in terms of birth control, abortion and gay and civil rights issues. I will say that it would strongly impact the obscenity laws. We had the Meese commission under Reagan and the Justice Department prosecution of John Stagliano (regarded the father of gonzo porn!!!) under the last president. Unchecked Republican power could eventually lead to the end of Videobox and perhaps even prosecutions for the possession of pornography!!!

    I would vote for Stormy if she ran against Vitter. I might even work for her campaign, provided she would agree to help work out a deal with Wicked Pictures so that their stuff could be on Videobox. This might be difficult, because as far as I know, Stormy is not known for back door deals.

  29. caamtrax691 Says:

    Yes i would, after all I wrote in Mary Carey’s name because the two idiots offered for prez, were not and are not worth shit. Obama may have won but I can now bitch, complain, and moan, just because I DID VOTE.

  30. Typvgs Says:

    Can’t we all just get along?? 🙂

    Seriously, I think the idea of having two ‘heads’ of a political entity is a good one—-one taking on the organizational work (the “decider”), the other a figurehead.

    It would lend a better balance to public representation.

    Go Stormy! (For co-Governor.)

  31. DP Says:

    Honestly, Stormy is safer in porn. You saw what happened to the DC madam. A conveniently timed “suicide” just before she was about to testify about her client list.

  32. DP Says:

    PS- In response to the question, if Stormy was willing to consult the Constitution and Bill of Rights before voting for or against a piece of legislation, then she’d get my vote.

  33. zarafan Says:

    I think Doppyman raises a valid point, as usual, in this context: Stormy could do a lot more to earn my vote on the VB website, at least, by doing anal… 🙂

  34. doppyman Says:

    I know no one’s reading this topic anymore, but I would like to add that Vitter has been tied to a call girl ring in the New Orleans area, and it appears that he likes to do some fetish stuff, including, apparently, infantilism. This has earned him the nickname Diaper Dave.