Saturday Survey: Favorite VideoBox Studio

VideoBox is currently represented by the presence of over 200 studios. To keep this poll manageable, I’ve narrowed the list of contenders down to 20. Undoubtedly, I’ve left out the favorite of some in the membership. If your choice has not been listed, please submit a write-in vote by leaving a comment to the post which specifies your selection. Included in the poll are Acid Rain, Amateur District, Brandon Iron Productions, Combat Zone, David Luger Productions, DVSX, Elegant Angel, Fusxion, Hundies Entertainment, Lethal Hardcore, Mayhem, Notorious, Overboard Video, Pink Visual Productions, Platinum X Pictures, Private, Red Light District, Sin City, Smash Pictures, and Vouyer Media.




35 Responses to “Saturday Survey: Favorite VideoBox Studio”

  1. flblasted Says:

    Leaving Intense Industries off of this poll is criminal.

  2. HotScooter2 Says:

    i voted for pink visual because they do a lot of reality DVD”s,and do a variety from college wild parties to backseat bangers and tons of other stuff in a wide variety of interest.
    i also like a great deal all of the Bang Van series,especially Haley Paige’s performance in the 1st of the bang van series.but many others were hot back then including audrey Hollander,Tyla Wynn,and the incredible Hillary Scott. i think they were Jim Powers productions and i think he should be on the list as he is very prolific in the industry,and i think he has also had his own productions for a long time as well

  3. HotScooter2 Says:


    the end of my last posting should say, i think he has also had his own production studio fo a long time as well

  4. friedrich Says:

    Elegant Angel. Get Big Wet Asses #10 on this site! You’ll thank me.

  5. doppyman Says:

    Hey, how could you leave out Jill Kelly Productions? On another note, Rope, I’ve noticed a huge increase in the number of European girls in the vids posted, which I find great, plus a number of videos lately from good studios with all new girls. I think this has really revitalized the VB selection after a run last year where we were getting the 30th and 40th scenes of too many girls. Was this a conscious decision by Content Dude or just our luck?

  6. Papayaman1 Says:

    At one time this would have been a no-brainer for me and I would just have automatically said Private. They used to be so much better than the opposition. But whilst Private can still find exquisite women (particularly from Eastern Europe) and still turn out some very stylish scenes, they also seem to me to have lost some of the erotic edge that consistently put their work above that of their competitors. Sometimes I think they try too hard to be different as in the epilepsy inducing scene featuring Ashley Long in Desert Foxx.

    Plus, the opposition has got better. In terms of the videos on the site, I think the studios that turn out the most consistently high quality product would have to be one of Red Light District or Voyeur. Outside of the site I like what I have seen of Jules Jordan’s work whose Asian themed product is very hard to beat. I’ve yet to see a director make better scenes featuring two of my favourites, Luci Thai and Sabrine Maui.

  7. ropeadope Says:

    @ flblasted – Criminal may be an overstatement, although they do produce pretty consistent DVD’s and could have been included in the poll. Should I register your comment as a write-in vote for Intense Industries?

    @ HotScooter2 – I enjoy the “reality” theme of the Pink Visual releases as well. Back Seat Bangers, Bang Boat, Boob Exam Scam, Teens For Cash, etc. Bang Van was directed by Jim Powers for Notorious. Let me recommend another series from Pink Visual which hasn’t made it to the site yet – Couples Seduce Teens. I own the first six volumes of the series and they’re quite good. I don’t know if The Content Dude has the option of bringing this series to VideoBox, but if he does, I would encourage him to do so.

    @ friedrich – I believe The Content Dude stated that the Big Wet Asses series was no longer available for licensing. I’ll have to check the blog archives and see if I can locate the comment.

    doppyman said: Hey, how could you leave out Jill Kelly Productions?

    @ doppyman – Doesn’t a statement of that nature usually require one of those “smileys” afterwards. I loved Jill Kelly as a performer; not so much as a studio. Have to include her in the next threesome poll. Who to pair her with? Charlie? Inari Vachs? Nikita Denise? Tera Patrick? I know The Content Dude is always on the lookout for exciting new girls and new studios. I don’t know if he was specifically aiming for additional European content or if it just played out that way.

    @ Papayaman1 – I haven’t gotten into the Private DVD’s yet, but this is my own fault and not any shortcoming of the studio. I hope to rectify the situation in the near future. Red Light District was the provenance for so much of the great material on the site. Not just the releases under their own name. I believe Platinum X sprung out of Red Light District and much of Vouyer Media was initially issued by Red Light. Some titles from Brandon Iron, David Luger, and Amateur District also have their origins in Red Light District or Platinum X.

  8. davros Says:

    I voted for Lethal Hardcore. I haven’t seen a bad movie in the bunch. Of course I haven’t watched all 199 titles on this site, but the ones I have watched have been very entertaining.

  9. ocdave67 Says:

    I voted for Vouyer but feel all of the studios listed provide pretty decent porn. I can imagine how hard it must be to decide on content and studios for VB. I wish video box could do 41 updates a day (insuring that all the categories on VB are covered each day). Short of this step I find that I have periods of time on VB where I do not care for the porn offered for an update, However I assume others must have their time of frustration waiting for their nich as well.. Double the updates rope.. VB needs a stimulus plan 🙂

  10. flblasted Says:

    ropeadope – Yes please. 😀

  11. tombrokaw Says:

    wtf, I recognize different porn companies. Disturbing.

  12. Garp Says:

    I went with Lethal Hardcore, but I would have voted for Third World. 1) Because their content hitting percentage is very good. 2) They have titles like Ms. Big Ass, Look at that Big Ass, and Ms. Big Ass Brazil (Why don’t we have an Ass category???) 3) We needed more diversity. I give Black Market hoorable mention, but their consistency is just now good enough to get them in the money.

  13. Papayaman1 Says:

    Ropeadope, I’d no idea Red Light was so strong. Had I known I think I would have been even more inclined to go for them. Thanks for the info.

  14. the one handed typer Says:

    Me I like bitches getting banged in the ass hard and fast…so I like fusxion…but honestly it’s like fucking the cute girl or her twin sister…pretty much your gonna nut so who gives a fuck?

  15. ff_rush Says:

    greetings ditto_fuggas, i’m up to mah fat ass in straw skirts and umbrella drinks, doing cannonballs w/ my oxy-contin; no pain here. brokaw’s right (although he’s really left, as am i deep down), it’s a damn shame we know these. combat gets my vote; the vid w/ the jenni lee threesome takes the cake. hey rope, speaking of combat, vb posted a combat vid back in sep/oct last year named, wet lesbians weekend (not to be confused w/ Bernie), but it’s gone, where go rope? my real question though rope is, in scene one, cute angie and this other bish steam it up, who is the other bish? she really hot looking and very good performer. me luv u long time rope if u can answer. actuwee, one more rope, how do we find more vids with keagan styles (strap it on #2), scene 2, bish is hot. tks rope and bless all u ditto_fuggas out there…keep drinking the kookaid….ohhhhh yeahhhhh!

  16. countrydick Says:

    Red Light was definitely my favorite studio in the poll, but having only five videos in the last three years on here I couldn’t give them my vote. Went for Lethal Hardcore, glad to see RL making a comeback here.

  17. ropeadope Says:

    @ davros – Agreed, the Lethal Hardcore updates were uniformly excellent. I believe the studio is still active although IAFD only lists one DVD issued in 2009 thus far (Big Bodacious Knockers #5). Hopefully, The Content Dude has been saving a few of their releases for a rainy day.

    @ ocdave67 – 41 updates a day would mean a new DVD every 35 – 36 minutes. I couldn’t possibly keep up with the downloads. It just took me 2 hours to download Who’s That Girl #1. I could see the possibility of adding a sixth update to the daily schedule. But please understand, I am not privy to the future plans of VideoBox management.

    @ flblasted – Most welcome, one vote for Intense Industries.

    @ tombrokaw – Well now that you’re retired, you have much more time on your hands. I wouldn’t worry about recognizing the studio names. Keeps the mind sharp for those occasional special assignments from NBC.

    @ Garp – Good Call on Third World Media. I’ve enjoyed much of their material although we may be in the minority with that opinion. Note that the titles released under Asian Eyes and Latin Eyes are also Third World Media. Regarding Black Market, I couldn’t tell from the spelling. Were you giving them honorable mention or horrible mention?

    @ Papayaman1 – My pleasure. The updates from Red Light and Vouyer have been superb these last few days and my assumption is that they’ll be a mainstay of the site over the forseeable future.

    @ the one handed typer – If you’ve done the cute girl and also her (cute) twin sister, now’s the time to set the bar a bit higher. A twin threesome. Now you’re talking extreme Fusxion.

    @ ff_rush – I had the home office reinstate Wet Lesbians Weekend just for you. Den at CAVR identifies the other girl in scene 1 as Dhalia. No last name and I know nothing more about her. Keagan Styles worked primarily under the name Hailey James. Click the name to find a few more of her appearances on the site.

    @ countrydick – Can’t argue with a vote for Lethal Hardcore. I’m elated to see that the issues (licensing?) which have kept Red Light District titles off limits have been rectified. I’m convinced we’ll have many outstanding updates to look forward to.

  18. ff_rush Says:

    thank rope

  19. anabolicfan Says:


  20. ropeadope Says:

    @ ff_rush – Welcome bro.

    @ anabolicfan – Write in vote for Original Entertainment or Original Sin?

  21. borat Says:

    Not to be a negative nancy, but I noticed a lot of other DVD’s that are missing from the site.

    Cytherea is Squirtwoman
    Swallow My Squirt # 1
    Hillary Scott’s Anal Princess Diaries

    is this common for videobox to remove them after they went up. Are are certain titles only temporary due to licensing issues? I ask because I never DL, I just stream on the flash player out of convenience. If however I am to assume that it is normal for DVD’s to be removed I would start saving more.

    also can these be brought back to the site?

  22. deepsix Says:

    It’s interesting to note that all 3 of the titles borat mentioned are by Elegant Angel, for me I noticed that all of the Big Wet Ass releases were gone, by them as well.

  23. The Content Dude Says:

    Rope, sorry for the late post on this. Here is my 2 cents if it’s not too late…

    Some things I found surprising:
    Private in the top 3? This is not consistent with comments and data i see. But hey, good to see (that deal was a pain in the ass).
    Hundies ranked so low… Hundies is actually really popular. We have 33 titles and only 5 are not 5 star.

    Finally, although there are only a few new Vouyer Media (not to be confused with Vouyer productions) titles on the site, this poll doesn’t reflect the overall popularity of this studio based on the data that I see from the viewing and download logs. It is clearly the most popular line we have right now. We released the first title, 3 On Me POV, on Super Bowl Sunday and the percentage of our member base that watched this movie was unreal.

    borat/deepsix – No its not normal to pull things down. Yes they were from Elegant. I was not happy about the situation but had to leave the door open for better content from them down the road. Lets leave it at that.

  24. ropeadope Says:

    @ borat & deepsix – I was stumped but The Content Dude was nice enough to address the issue. Please see his remarks above.

    @ The Content Dude – Thank you for your comments and reactions to the (current) poll results. Obviously it’s never too late to hear from the individual responsible for bringing such awesome material to the site. I believe the tabulations are roughly in line with my expectations coming into the poll. I agree that Hundies is deserving of more votes and would probably say the same for DVSX. But with the heavy hitters like Red Light District and Combat Zone grabbing the lions share of the ballots, I guess it’s not all that shocking. Possibly I should have allowed each member to vote their top three selections. With twenty candidates, one vote can only go so far. As I stated in an earlier reply, I’m loving the new content from Vouyer Media and Red Light District. Congratulations on both those deals my friend.

  25. xposh Says:

    Is this poll gonna help them get new matierial by the top studio or is it pointless?

    How is Lethal Hardcore and some other great studios that aren’t represented here much got so low? I’m guessing a lot of new members voted and they don’t remember the days of a Lethal Hardcore update showing up about every single day, LH never had a bad update from what I recall. Like the top 4 spots here are taken by studios that are showing up right now. Maybe should have had a restriction like you had to be a member for a year to vote. Maybe then this poll would make more sense. Pink Visual puts out so much junk dvds. Fusxion kicks ass and it’s lower? Maybe a true way to do this poll is off star ratings the dvds get or individual scenes.

  26. ropeadope Says:

    @ xposh – I envision the poll as being one additional tool for VideoBox to utilize in gauging membership preferences. Lethal Hardcore is currently sitting in seventh position out of twenty of the best studios on the site. That’s a good showing, especially in light of the fact they’ve had only five titles uploaded in the past seven months. Management is aware this has a bearing on the results. You also need to realize people have varied tastes. Personally, I’ll take Pink Visual over Fusxion any day of the week. But it doesn’t trouble me that you feel otherwise. Different strokes for different folks. [Note that I still enjoy Fusxion releases, however, not as much as those from Pink Visual.] As far as placing restrictions on who is allowed to vote, I’ll never do so. We’re all part of a community. Be it for a day, a month, a year, or a few years, everyone gets to participate.

  27. the content dude Says:

    Rope – Glad your enjoying the Vouyer Stuff. Vince is a big fan of the site and I don’t think you will find this content anywhere besides his own site.

    Xposh – Lethal Hardcore is and will always be a great studio. Stoney puts out 2 titles a month and holds back anything new for 6 months. I have no problem recommending you to visit his website for additional updates if you would like to see his content sooner

    To your point about the ‘good ole days’. We are going to migrate this type of polling behavior onto the site for the entire community to rate studios, scenes and stars.

    To put Ropes poll into context, the blog community is arguably the most engaged members of Videobox so it’s largely self selected and not a true representation of ‘Joe VB’. That said, I think the results here are fairly consistent with the entire members base. If you ran this across the member base you would see more outliers based in stars rather than studios.

    Lastly, could argue that Vouyer Media is this years Lethal Hardcore.

  28. doppyman Says:

    I know I’m chiming in late, but I just want to note that I voted for Hundies and have been a vocal fan of theirs in comments. And the few times I answered someone who sort of put Hundies down, when I put a good word in for Hundies I got a few pos bangs. Hundies rocks.

  29. doppyman Says:

    Hundies is new on VB and I never heard of them before I saw them here. It’s possible some people who like them just felt they were a small outfit of no consequence and not worth wasting a vote on a company that will only have a few more vids to supply.

  30. ropeadope Says:

    @ The Content Dude – You know Vince Vouyer? Hey Content Dude, if I move to the left coast, can we start hangin’ out?

    @ doppyman – Good job with the Hundies vote. The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced I should have allowed three selections per member. I don’t feel it would have changed the actual positioning of the studios in the poll results. But I believe the voting would have been less top heavy. In other words, with more than one vote to expend, members may have been more willing to go out on a limb with their second and third choices. The studios in the lower tier of the poll would have earned a higher percentage of the vote relative to the upper tier as currently configured.

  31. deepsix Says:

    @ content dude – Thank for responding, I figured it was something of that nature. Its good to know you care, by whatever motivation. I know a WHILE back we had No Cum Dodging Allowed 1 and that was taken down, since we are now again getting Red Light releases again, any chance at getting that back? That whole series is great…

  32. deepsix Says:

    There doesn’t seem to be anyway to edit or delete a post…anyway I forgot to say. Big Wet Asses is probably quite easily EA’s best seller, I mean bagging that Sunny Lane scene? Had to take some $$$, because they figured that’d get a lot in sales…

  33. elatch3 Says:

    oops, i accidentally voted twice. I know I voted for private both times so im not too manic yet.

  34. BPGuy Says:

    Not sure if this is administratively feasible. But from the perspective of garnering a better statistical sampling, you may want to look into asking for a “top three” in future similar polls. Because you pretty much had to know that Red Light, Combat Zone, Private, Elegant Angel would be at worst 4 of the top 5. The challenge for the content crew is probably knowing whether to continue with Luger or Smash or Sin City. I was tempted to vote differently because I do like several of the Hundies titles…but did not want to risk Elegant Angel being considered for release.

  35. Glenn Says:

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