Chayse Evans Interview

Here it is, my long-awaited first interview! I had the pleasure of talking to the very lovely Chayse Evans at the convention last month and she was awesome.

Watch the video to see our conversation about her fans, her self-described nymphomania and why she can’t wait to shoot her first anal scene.

You can look forward to seeing Chayse on VideoBox in the very near future!


15 Responses to “Chayse Evans Interview”

  1. ropeadope Says:

    Loved the interview Alison. Great job helping us feel the atmosphere of the show. It’s pretty loud there, huh? I have one scene of Chayse (Perverted POV #1 from Legend) and she’s a good performer. I notice she’s filmed for Red Light District, Vouyer Media, and Lethal Hardcore. I eagerly await her VideoBox debut as well as further interviews you conducted at the expo. Couple of questions if I may.
    1. Did you see Chayse’ tattoo’s in their entirety? What did you think of them?
    2. Did Noah film the interview? Good job by whomever shot it.
    On another note, so wonderful hearing your voice and seeing the animated Alison (vs still photo). More, more, more!

  2. xposh Says:

    Nice Misfits sample at the beginning.

    Just watched a few scenes of Chayse. Not into her.

    Her scene in Fucking Me POV #4 which will probably show up here soon, as it’s a Red Light District title, has her paired up with Mark Wood to my sad dismay. Actually, Mark’s the only male in that film which should be fun. We get to hear him moan for 156 minutes. Ugh.

  3. HotScooter2 Says:


    love that giggle of these hard economic times laughter is good for us all.
    big cyberhug to ya

  4. ff_rush Says:

    nice interview alison, me thinks you are as interested in Chayse as we are. but that’s fat_rush thinking and you know i can get things screwed up. neways, i hope vb invests in some better sound equip at your next go; us deaf people need all the help we can get. i had never heard of chayse before this; i’ve now watch a couple of her scenes, and she proves to be a great performer w/ a very pretty pussy and nice naturals (which i know u like); oh well, just a few thoughts i wanted to spew to the membership; like also to give a shout-out to mah ditto_fuggas, keep drinking the kookaid folks. out

  5. ocdave67 Says:

    Thanks for trying Alison but the audio quality was so bad in this interview that I could not make out anything discussed during it. Hopefully future interviews will have better audio 🙁

  6. flblasted Says:

    I’ve seen Chayse in a couple different movies and they’ve all been awesome.

    Thought the interview was good even if it was hard to hear at points. Thanks!

  7. alison Says:

    ropeadope – Unfortunately, I did not get to see Chayse’s tattoos. But yes, Noah did film the interview. I think he did a great job too. And thank you very much, you’re way too nice.

    xposh – Thanks 😉

    HotScooter2 – Thank you kindly. Cyberhug back at ya 🙂

    ff_rush – Thanks. She was definitely a fun girl. I had to admit I was a little surprised to hear she was in the Marines. I guess I’m just interested in people. Sorry about the sound.

    ocdave67 – I apologize for that. We were on the convention floor (as opposed to in one of the closets I ended up filming my other interviews) and while I tried to clean the audio up a bit, there’s really only so much you can do. One thing to try if you’re really interested is headphones. They help you hear the voices better.

    flblasted – Thanks. I think Chayse is one of those very few performers who are actually really into it and that puts her head and shoulders above 95% of the other girls.

  8. deepsix Says:

    I’m inclined to agree with ocdave67, though I can make out things, not making it all out makes it rather unintelligible. Also I’m currently headphone-less so I’m unable to attempt that at this time. I can almost make out the ambient music better unfortunately. You apparently just used the mic on the camera itself? Could I recommend using clip-on mics next time. Now if you did…wow don’t know what to advise then.

  9. apefl3to2 Says:

    I fast forwarded it to see shots of Allison.I always had you pictured in my mind as 400lbs that’s why you shyed away from showing yourself.Pleasantly suprised on your hotness.

  10. davros Says:

    It was a great interview. And Alison, you are fetching, as always. And I agree with Hotscooter, you have a nice giggle.

  11. Garp123 Says:

    Very good interview indeed, Alison. I agree with the group you are pretty cute, but an incredibly cool chick!! That’s why we like you. That said, you have made Chayse interesting. I look forward to reviewing her work when VB offers up her art for our consumption.

  12. HotScooter2 Says:

    truth or dare time for you.are you getting off on all the compliments you are getting about your looks.?
    regardless i think it is great the way you let all of us be ourselves on these blogs

  13. shammy Says:

    Thanks for posting this Alison, the interview was great. I personally could make out the whole interview but it was tough at points. Maybe you could transcribe it for those who are not able to understand all of it.

  14. Trucutru Says:

    Alison: Have you considered shut a porno movie yourself?

  15. onyx69 Says:

    more than lovely Chayse Evans … thank you for the interview with her 🙂