Breast Identification Quiz

116Calling all breast experts. I’ve captured screenshots from ten videos appearing on VideoBox. The images concentrate on the performer’s breasts. Your job is to identify each performer. Two ways to tackle the assignment. For the true expert, the images will be the only clue. However, if you’re like me, you will need additional assistance. I’ve included a help file toward the bottom of the post. The help file contains twenty performer names. Ten of those names are the correct matches for the images. The other ten names are false leads. At the very bottom of the post is the answer key. Good luck!

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If you need some assistance, please click to view the Help File.

Once you’ve completed the quiz, please click to view the Answer Key.



18 Responses to “Breast Identification Quiz”

  1. greywind57 Says:

    Here’s my attempt

    01 – Vicky Vette
    02 – Lela Star
    03 – Alicia Rhodes
    04 – Loni
    05 – Monica Sweetheart
    06 – Jayna Oso
    07 – Sativa Rose
    08 – Brittany Skye
    09 – Missy Monroe
    10 – Gia Paloma

    I wonder how I did.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    My thanks to doppyman, extremejay, et al for inspiring the idea for this post and to mistahleary and junkco for proposing the concept of a matching list. Apologies to others in the membership I may have overlooked. All suggestions are considered and appreciated.

    @ greywind57 – Why not click on the answer key link provided in the post to find out? Hint >>> You did quite well (7/10). Did you arrive at your answers with or without use of the help file? Good job either way.

  3. Papayaman1 Says:

    If nothing else this really does emphasise how well endowed some of our favourite porn girls are. I immediately recognised Loni’s wonderful tits and Alicia Rhodes too. I fairly quickly also picked up on Monica Sweetheart and Sativa Rose. But I hadn’t realised just how magnificent Britney Stevens’ boobs are, nor Missy Monroe. So this was educational as well as entertaining. Another good one Rope.

  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ Papayaman1 – Thank you. Excellent work on your part, better than I could have done (had I not chosen the images myself). I tried to trip you up by including some additional Asian performers on the matching list who weren’t featured in the quiz. Guess you’re too smart for me.

  5. HotScooter2 Says:

    my picks

  6. HotScooter2 Says:

    my picks :
    1. vicky vette
    2 Lela Star
    3. Alicia Rhodes
    4. Loni
    5 Monica Sweetheart
    6 Britney Stevens
    7 sativa rose
    8 gia Paloma
    9 Missy monroe
    10. Kaylynn

    how did i do,does anyone think for one minute i would ever look,cause if i was female i would wear a cross my heart bra.
    and i used to be a cub scout and boy scout too.
    the bonus boobs written in invisible ink that only the rope and i can see are
    11 Haley Scott
    12 audrey hollander
    13 Nina hartley
    and finally
    14 nikita denise

  7. Odwalla Says:

    This quiz would have excited me more if Gianna Michaels was featured in it 😉

  8. ff_rush Says:

    hey rope, good post, here are the real answers:

    vicky vette
    lela starr
    alicia rhodes
    rush limbaugh (b4 milking)
    monica sweetbish
    jana olso
    brittney skye ( i think r the nicest)
    rush limbaugh (after milking)

  9. extremejay Says:

    holy shit i was one of the first to suggest this and i think i failed miserably…then again gianna’s tits werent even included so i cry foul…LOL

  10. ropeadope Says:

    @ HotScooter2 – I neglected to mention only one submission per individual will be accepted and by rule, I must take your first response. Good effort though. Oh, what the hell. For mentioning Nikita Denise, a rope favorite, I’m crediting you with a perfect score.

    @ Odwalla – I promise to include Gianna in a future edition of the ID quiz.

    @ ff_rush – Thank you. Pretty good test result, but I fear your mind is preoccupied with rush. Are you still in Hawaii?

    @ extremejay – Oops, sorry for my oversight. I corrected the text above. I know several members have made this recommendation. My memory is getting worse by the day and I could only recall the most recent request. Look for Gianna in an upcoming quiz.

  11. xposh Says:

    Gianna Michaels is overrated. I can never get past the face.

    Of these chicks it’d be Alicia who has the nicest tits. Plus, she’s fuller in size and has a PHAT ass making for a rather delicious girl to dream about and watch.

    You know what I was really hoping for for Valentine’s Day this year? A post of girls with heart shaped bushes. I can name three. That would have been a fun post. Maybe next year?

  12. ropeadope Says:

    @ xposh – I fully agree Alicia Rhodes has extraordinary assets. Of the specific images appearing in this post, my personal preference by the slimmest of margins would go to Monica Sweetheart. But Alicia, Britney, Sativa, and Missy would be right there in a photo finish. Good Valentine’s Day wish. Conversely, I was hoping for a 2 lb. box of Russell Stover chocolates. The one with the orange crèmes, maple crèmes, vanilla crèmes, etc. Crikey, now I’m hungry. Getting back to your idea. Who are the three girls with the heart shaped bush? Do they maintain that style year round? Or just around Valentine’s Day?

  13. davros Says:

    I so agree on Alicia Rhodes. She has such a nice set …

    Usually I’m a natural boob man, but there is something about the massive mammaries of Eve Lawrence that trips my trigger. Something about that gal …

    And after checking the answers, I only got 4 right. I’m sad … :o)

  14. marca56 Says:

    The only ones I recognized were Loni’s. I found that odd because the scene with Lela Star is one of my favorites (and her tits look WAY better in the scene). At least I got the one. I didn’t even do that well with the tattoo quiz.

  15. wcfields Says:

    Open Question: I was just browsing on some porn forum, and I linked to Britney Stevens’ profile on Gold Star Modeling, and it said she was available for G/G/A scenes…what the heck is a G/G/A scene? I’ve heard of B/B/G, or B/G/G, but I don’t know what that A stands for.

  16. doppyman Says:

    Rope, I failed the test miserably, getting the first three and missing every one after that but enjoyed it a lot nonetheless. I used your help list as a research tool, however, and checked out each of the girls that I hadn’t checked out before. I have a lot of studying to do before I can get my degree in pornology and, unfortunately after a certain period of time I find myself rather distracted and have to um, take a break. Is a G/G/A perhaps a girl-girl with anal?

  17. wcfields Says:

    The only other thing I could think was G/G/Animal, but is that even legal in the US?

  18. Zeus Mutation Says:

    Funny Quiz … I read the person asking how much porn is too much? This was fun. You should set it up to include before implants and after. What I get frustrated with VideoBox is that often their ‘New’ movies are of starlets who now look different due to surgery or implants … I spot it a mile away. Maybe your next quiz can have a something like it …