Our 6,000th DVD Goes Up Today

Today, VideoBox’s 6,000th DVD will hit the site. We think that’s a pretty big deal, so we’ve planned something a little special for you: our first Vivid movie!

Pop Star features the very talented Monique Alexander, Audrey Bitoni, Presley Maddox and Carolyn Reese. Click here to watch the trailer for Pop Star.

This video is the first of several exciting things to come, so stay tuned for some awesome new developments at VideoBox!

37 Responses to “Our 6,000th DVD Goes Up Today”

  1. Lubenluv Says:

    So I take it Vivid is your new studio content huh? I’m greatly disappointed but I guess it beats more tranny vids. Barely.

  2. alison Says:

    Wow, way to rain on the parade, Lubenluv.

  3. mistahleary Says:

    Ok, I’ve never watched one of their vids, but I’ve heard of Vivid hate before. How come so many pervs don’t like them?

    P.S. I’m very happy VB is getting new studios on here. I get so sad when I log on and the updates are British junk.

  4. badbenny Says:

    I thought it was going to be a surprise!!

  5. Scrugglebumms Says:

    that is awesome that vivid movies will be on videobox, you guys and gals rock!

  6. ropeadope Says:

    Congratulations to VideoBox on DVD #6000. Seems like only yesterday we were ushering in #3000 (the site debut of Platinum X with Bell Bottoms #3). I’m looking forward to this and other Vivid titles. A very long time ago, before I entered the computer age, I subscribed to the Playboy Channel on my cable system. Playboy featured movies from Vivid. This was my introduction to performers such as Ashlyn Gere, Tori Welles, Heather Hunter, Racquel Darrian, and many others.

    @ mistahleary – I believe some perceive Vivid as being too softcore. Not sure if this claim is justified, but in any event, I really don’t think The Content Dude would shortchange the raincoaters* in the audience. Note that Alison stated there are several new developments in the works. I’m not privy to any inside information (despite trying to butter up all the girls, and some of the guys in the home office), but it wouldn’t shock me to see yet another new studio announcement of a more hardcore nature, in the not too distant future.

    *Pure coincidence I was staring directly at you zarafan, when making that pronouncement. 😉

  7. zarafan Says:

    I think it’s always good news to celebrate the arrival of a new studio at VB and I for one would like to place a request for some older Vivid titles, particularly the classic series featuring Ginger Lynn in her heyday!! I also recall in the 90s that Vanessa Chase and Stephanie Swift were well represented on Vivid (if I’m remembering correctly), and more of their work is also appreciated!

    I hope there will be more to come, both from Vivid and other long requested studios.

    Thanks and welcome back, Alison,


  8. mustangsally1 Says:

    WOWSER!!! I’m stoked about Vivid coming on here! I hope this means we will get some Nina Mercedes on here, you know, the former Miss Nude Olympia (I think that’s right). Maybe even some classic, dare I say it….Jenna?

  9. Microphone Says:

    I read the blog regularly but I have never posted a comment here before. The inclusion of Vivid as a studio warranted a response.

    For those who enjoy feature style films, Vivid has some of the best content available. While this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, neither is gonzo. I have always enjoyed a mixture of content and this is as good of an addition as I could imagine.

    Thank you to Videobox for making this happen. To show my appreciation I plan to resubscribe when my account is due.

  10. ocdave67 Says:

    I would like to thank Videobox as well for bringing us Vivid content. I also hope that some of the vivid classics might come to Videobox as well.

  11. Damon Says:

    Thanks Alison for the great news! Vivid content is usually quite good and am excited to see what titles you get on the site. Hopefully none of the ones I own already (lol). Vivid is the premier porn producer and if they are partnering with you in any way that is a major validation of the quality of this website. It is almost like frosting on an already excellent cake. Glad to hear you are back. 🙂

  12. beta_catina Says:

    well, variety is the spice of life.

  13. greywind57 Says:

    Congrats! Here’s to 6,000 more!

  14. zarafan Says:

    Dear Rope,

    As far as raincoaters are concerned, you got me pegged…. And you’ve awakened my curiosity regarding the upcoming content announcement; something to focus on in stray moments at the office in days & weeks to come…!

    Keep the faith, bro’


  15. ocdave67 Says:

    I did check out the Vivid website and it looks like they only have content going back to 2005 on the web site. I sure hope VB will have access to some of the movies before this date. Vivid also has quite a few 4 Hour gonzo movies, I wonder if they will be shared on VB as well?

  16. Kong Says:

    Great. Weak ass porn. You guys ever hear of Diabolic? That’s a porn studio.

  17. HotScooter2 Says:

    Alison ad VB:

    way to go on 6000. big cyberhug for Alison. interested in seeing a vivid DVd as i thought of joining their site,and was too cheap to pay their membership fees.much higher than this wonderful VB site. Alison and the crew have done welll in bringing new studios frequently.again glad you feeling better

  18. Mistahleary Says:

    @Rope & @Kong: After rope talked about a more hardcore studio, I thought of Anabolic and Diabolic. Much like RedLight, their websites suck, so I’d LOVE to see there content on here. Even if it is a couple years old.

  19. FlopTheNuts Says:

    I fail to see how one porn is different from another porn. They’re all exactly the same.

  20. xposh Says:

    I posted some days back on whatever movie about it maybe being Vivid. Score 1 for me!

    Would have been more fun if the dvd was a surprise though. 😉

  21. GatosNunez Says:

    Congratulations Videobox for the 6000th title in the database!

    I really don’t mind seeing content here that *I* personally might not fancy. There are weak and strong Vivid-Titles and the label sure is part of porn history, so it’s only logical it becomes part of the Videobox-History.

    What I *do* mind however is the observation that you guys seem to have some issues with converting 16:9-content. We saw that with the majority of the Private-stuff and now it can be seen here. And as much as I like this website, I find it hard to understand that you are calling for a big parade and then expect us to manually convert the aspect ratios of the downloaded files in order to have the original impression of the movie.
    What is it? A simply technical thing that will be addressed in the future? It can’t be that the folks reviewing the uploads do not notice that there obviously is “something wrong with the picture” …… too bad. Parade called off for me.

  22. jbiz330 Says:

    man FUCK Vivid.. Get a real studio next time you do some bullshit announcement. you got my hopes all up. Less fluff and more Gonzo please.. Get Candy Shop, West Coast Productions, Diabolic/Anabolic, More Devils Films etc.. Those are REAL studios.. If I wanted to watch a Vivid flick I’d order it from Cable OR go to a hotel.

  23. ropeadope Says:

    I for one, enjoyed the video, and would not mind seeing a new Vivid update each and every day. In fact, we’re reached the point where a typical day could include one update apiece from Red Light District, Vouyer Media, Platinum X, Private, and Vivid. Backed up by DVSX, Hundies, Fusxion, etc. All for the daily cost of what, a small package of Twinkies? I believe The Content Dude, Alison, and the entire VideoBox team should be thanked and congratulated for their efforts.

  24. deepsix Says:

    Me, I’m not really a Vivid fan, but how the hell did you guys land that studio? Congrats.

  25. Mister Handy Says:

    I’ve not seen much recent Vivid stuff so I don’t know if I’ll like it or not, but given how many truly awesome films they had in the past I am very much hoping we will be getting more of them… and perhaps to echo @zarafan, particularly classic stuff (although isn’t a lot of that released on DVD as “Wave” these days rather than under their own label?)

  26. Mister Handy Says:

    Let me also second the request that the content guys try to do a better job with 16:9 content – manually having to set the aspect ratio for anamorphic (“squished”) 16:9 content is kind of a drag.

    For those who are also bothered by the squished ones, but don’t know how to fix the problem, look here: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=116761 – this tool lets you change how WMVs display in Windows Media Player.

  27. drawstroke Says:

    I like Vivid. Beautiful women having sex. Maybe not the DP anal-fest that some of you prefer and that’s fine with me.

  28. CNote Says:

    While I am not a huge Vivid fan, they do have some really good movies. Some are really bland and boring, but it could be worse. I just recently came back to VideoBox after a few months gone, and had no desire to rejoin because the updates were so bad. Ultimately, I came back because I saw VB got Red Light District, which BTW, I hope to see more of in the future. Vivid is a solid addition as well. Looking forward to what comes out in the future.

  29. Donron999 Says:

    Would have like videos from VCA or Wicked Pictures more than VCA.

  30. DP Says:

    Congratulations for landing a Vivid contract! Lets just hope that they send you some of their best, rather than their bargain bin stuff. A couple of their 4-hour gonzo compilations are *ok*, but I’d encourage you to steer clear of them in general. Vivid overall seems great for features.

  31. Dumdum Says:

    Why are some American Xcess movies missing ? UK Student Houses and Office Sluts series are gone…

  32. doppyman Says:

    Kudos on the Vivid acquisition. Their girls are the best looking in porn. I enjoy features with plots, however threadbare, and Vivid films often have plots that are somewhat amusing. It will also be nice to see B/G scenes that don’t involve anal and spitting and choking.

  33. extremejay Says:

    Just to put it into perspective for others who dont get the hate that vivid gets here are some examples. Vivid is the Mcrosoft of porn. Or for all you gamers out there Vivid is *gasp* The Electronic Arts of porn. If you dont like either one of those companies for any reason then you will understand why diehard porn fans dislike Vivid. My main problem is that they have all these girls under exclusive contracts so they dont get to branch out (someone please correct me if im wrong cause im not 100% sure about that statement) but more importantly how many of our favs have we lost to vivd only for them to shortly thereafter get implants. ARRRGGGHHHH! and its cause vivd has an image they want thier girls to be and i hate that. I like the variety of women out there. but im glad VB secured it cause it adds a huge amount of cred to the site within the industry. people gotta realise that Videobox has changed they way porn subscription sites should be. if you dont beleive me go visit the brazzers guys. they now have a new site that is a complete ripoff of the videobox format. I can get all the porn i want for free. I can hit up torrents and get gigs and gigs for free. I CHOOSE to pay for videobox because they have my respect and because they are handsdown the best. We subsribers never have login issues or password problems or account screwups like ive run into on other places. So i say congrats to the entire staff at Videobox on everything. k Keep up the goodwork.

  34. walken Says:

    Great work extremejay – I’d like to second your comments on VB, this site has an awesome VARIETY of high quality vids at an affordable price with a kick ass blog to go with it! Not to mention our educated and well spoken blog mistress. Before VB I would sporatically join the odd pornsite – but generally only for a month and normally would be disapointed, bored and a litte ripped off by the end of the month. But all that is a distant memory since I hit the subscribe button for VB…

  35. J Says:

    So like, where are these vivid videos?

  36. Chrono80 Says:

    A big thanks to the wonderful team at Videobox who put together the best site on the web! Keep the Vivid vids coming!

  37. Mircalla Says:

    Congratulations! Vivid have featured some of my favorite performers over the years, and I look forward to seeing them on here in the future. Monique was a great start 😀