This Week’s Finishers: 3/7 – 3/13

Back from hiatus, it’s This Week’s Finishers. Please enjoy.

Lindsay Meadows
Who’s That Girl #2, Scene 1
starring Lindsay Meadows

My favorite scene this week, hands down. Lindsay finishes Vince Vouyer with what sounded like a great oral creampie. Then swallows. Love that girl.

Monique Alexander

Pop Star, Scene 6
starring Monique Alexander

Monique Alexander is gorgeous. And she jerks Nick Manning (boo) off onto her perky little tits.

Kelly Kline

Grudgefuck #3, Scene 3
starring Kelly Kline

Kelly handily finishes her husband into her mouth. Whether he’s a d-bag or not (see reviews), she does a great job.


Devastating Divas, Scene 2
starring Carmelita

Finishes into her mouth. I wish he’d have shut his mouth…

Lynne Stone

3×1: Three Guys On One Girl, Scene 2
starring Lynn Stone

I realize there is a lot to dislike about this scene. She does look like a sci-fi peacock. And two of the guys jerk off on to Lynn’s face. But she does finish the third guy, which is why this makes the list.

Missy and Yasmine

Fuck It Like It’s Hot, Scene 1
starring Missy Nicole, Yasmine Gold

Yasmine finishes him into both their mouths. Nice.

Tarra White

Fuck It Like It’s Hot, Scene 5
starring Tarra White

This scene was a two-fer. She finishes the male “star” and then throws one in for the camera guy. Sharing is caring after all…

Jennifer London

Truly Nice Ass #6, Scene 2
starring Jennifer London

It takes some serious fucking coordination to finish two guys at once (I’d assume) and even though the first one seems to take her by surprise, I give it a solid B .

Crissy Moon

Fucked At Random, Scene 1
starring Crissy Moon

Double-handed HJ into the mouth area. Then lets him stick his dick in her ass a couple more times for good measure.

Claudia Rossi

Fucking Me POV #4, Scene 1
starring Claudia Rossi

Gotta love the cute eyes while she’s finishing him off.

Soccer MILFs #1, Scene 1
starring Rayveness

Looking really great and finishing like a champ, Rayveness is definitely a fave.

Aiden Starr

Jake Malone’s POV, Scene 1
starring Aiden Starr

Jerks him off onto her tits. Very solid scene. As a side note, is it just me, or should Aiden let her natural hair color grow in? I just don’t like the fake red/blonde thing she has going…

Delilah Strong

Jake Malone’s POV, Scene 2
starring Delilah Strong

I was really digging this finish – straight into the mouth, no spitting – until the gargling. Not personally a fan of that…

Sharka Blue

Jake Malone’s POV, Scene 5
starring Sharka Blue

Sharka milks that dick for everything she can squeeze out of it.
Saskia Steele

Soccer MILFs #2, Scene 3
starring Saskia Steele

Was this an oral creampie? If it wasn’t, it should’ve been…

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12 Responses to “This Week’s Finishers: 3/7 – 3/13”

  1. ropeadope Says:

    Thank you for returning “Finishers” to the blog Alison. I look forward to this feature and know it requires quite a bit of work compiling and linking all the qualifying scenes. Much appreciated.

  2. HotScooter2 Says:


    who is Alison? seems i have heard names of Alison and Rope before. oh yea it’s coming back to i concur with Rope and miss this feature when we don’t get it. And both of you know your porn,but in different ways. And Alison seems to be the one best suited for the finishers rope is for tracking down repeat scenes

  3. the content dude Says:

    15 Finishers in one week must be the VB Finishers record.

  4. fatrush Says:

    thanks for the info rope; i was thinking the same thing dwooooooood.

  5. ted Says:

    The Gauntet #1, Scene 3

    Chelsie Rae finishes with an oral creampie around 19:00. Easy one to miss being in the middle.

  6. ropeadope Says:

    Guys, I know for a fact that so many in the membership appreciate the “Finisher” posts (as do I). Please show Alison some love and let her know. I’m not saying you need to leave a ten paragraph commentary. A simple thank you will suffice. Of course, if you wish to expand it to a sentence or two, that’s wonderful. As an (occasional) fellow poster, I can assure you it makes a difference. These type of posts require a great deal of effort to bring to the blog. If we don’t let Alison know how much we value them, we run the risk they will disappear forever.

    @ ted – Excellent catch, I would have completely missed that one. Good oral creampie.

  7. Papayaman1 Says:

    The finishers features are indeed a great addition to the blog. I have found them useful in directing me to scenes I enjoyed that I would otherwise have missed. So Rope is absolutely right, many thanks Alison.

    Speaking of finishers what a great addition the Jake Malone’s POV update was. Not only a high proportion of girls finishing their studs off, but also really well shot. I felt the Sharka Blue clip in particular was one of the best scenes I have viewed of a really lovely girl who is already one of my favourites. If there are more in this series I am sure they would be welcome additions to the VB catalogue. Thanks again.

  8. alison Says:

    ropeadope – Thank you very much. They are a bit of work, but I’m just happy people enjoy them.

    HotScooter2 – Thanks, hon 🙂

    the content dude – Perhaps the studios are finally listening?

    ted – Thanks for the info. I’ll add that one to the list ASAP.

    Papayaman1 – You’re very very welcome!

  9. daydreamkid Says:

    Carolyn Reese, Pop Star, Scene 2

  10. onyx69 Says:

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