VideoBox Annouces Premium Upgrades

Well, we have been saying there is going to be a huge change at Videobox and by now you are fully aware that you can add additional Evil Angel or Vivid movies to your membership at VideoBox.

It wasn’t an easy decsion on our part to add these additional subscriptions. We get a huge number of requests for Evil and Vivid from our members, but those studios were not interested in licensing their content. The only way to get them on board (so that we could give you guys additional content options) was a model like this.

VideoBox has been and will continue to be the best value on the net. If you look at the average price of an adult website at $29.95, $17.95 is still a pretty good deal.

I look at it like HBO. You can have basic cable, or, if you want to watch the Sopranos you can add HBO. Granted, it’s not for everyone and you don’t have to subscribe. VideoBox will still provide the same great service we have and the content will continue to be good and get better. I have no intention of rigging the Videobox queue with crappy content that doesn’t benefit anyone.

Without wanting to sound salesy, I think you should try one if they look interesting to you. If not, you can continue to enjoy VideoBox the way you always have. I am committed to continuing to bringing you the best content service at the lowest cost possible and we never intend to change that.

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170 Responses to “VideoBox Annouces Premium Upgrades”

  1. Necro Says:

    Well the one thing that is good is you can watch full scenes right now of both premium sites, just can’t download it. I didn’t realize that, and for that I apologize. Hopefully that stays the same, and we can still at least view the scenes.

  2. Lubenluv Says:

    As I mentioned previously, I’m already a subscriber to the EA/Buttman group of sites. The VB interface here is a HUGE welcome to the shitty “website in a box” crap that EA has slapped together for their own content. However, at least with the EA main site, you get access to a LOT of content if you can just suffer through the shitty user interface. I just did a brief comparison here and VB is giving us about 1/20th of the content of the EA sites. So if you want to save yourself some coin, go sub up for the EA sites directly for $30 a month, download everything you can and then call it a day, cancelling before your 30 days is up. Paying for a smaller library of releases here, over time, just isn’t worth it. Keep the main VB subscription but go direct to the source for EA content and cut out this middleman shit.

  3. DP Says:

    I believe in the free market, so if this decision will help the Videobox company keep running in the coming economic depression, bravo. People who join VB after the 10/10 reviews from the different review sites on the net will not notice a thing.

    Personally- I wouldn’t pay an extra penny to access Vivid content because I’m not a big Vivid fan, and while EA is a great studio, I can’t afford to spend more. So I won’t. It is always nice to have options.

    Hell, in parts of Europe you have to pay to use a public toilet. VB ain’t a public service. It is a business. Until the US dollar starts hyperinflation, I don’t expect any changes to my basic member contract.

  4. pedroantonio Says:

    I have made my numbers. I’m at the middle of my 10-month suscription, it is left 5 months. Upgrading to one channel costs the same as a regular videobox premium service, i.e. 17.95 monthly, 99 for 10 month, and the upgrade is tied to the normal videbox account (so normal premium videobox and the 2 channels, will be 17.95×3, in the monthly billing).
    As i have 5 months left of my account, they billed me the equivalent to that time, nearly 50$, for the evil angel upgrade, and the 2 accounts will end at the same time.
    I think that’s the way it works.

  5. BigBoss Says:

    Can someone PLEASE tell me why I can’t Upgrade for just one month??? I have the 18 month package already, and the damn site wants to sell me 18 months of upgrades. Please answer me.

  6. rayd 70 Says:

    I dont want to hear weak defences of a an underhanded move nothing was said about premium anything when changes where announced the 6000th video was a vivid release suggesting vivid content would now be available to vb now EA/Vivid populate the searches as advertisments when we know they have not had time to be reviewed by vb users yet they are all the most popular videos this is a lie I WANT TO HEAR FROM VIDEO BOX ! btw have you looked at content lately ,not up to par and they say value and quality will not be an issue going forward come on

  7. LloydChristmas Says:

    I signed up for Evil Angel yesterday and it still says my transaction is pending. I know that there is enough credit on my card. Has anyone else had this problem? I have e-mailed support and haven’t heard anything back. Anyone know what my problem might be?

  8. doppyman Says:

    Guys like Spikejabber, Carlos and Mattvee who are calling us whining bitches for objecting to the changes are like the girlfriends of chicks who are beaten by their boyfriends; “Hey, my boyfriend beats me too. It’s not that bad.” The points that have been made by rayd and remarkable tell it all. We were led to believe that Vivid content was going to be part of basic Videobox. It was a deliberate deception on the part of VB. And now we have advertising for the extra cost channels shoved down our throats wherever we look. Remember when VB polled its subscribers about adding a premium setup? I believe a strong majority of the responses expressed hesitation that it would seriously downgrade the quality of the basic content. So reactions here are consistent with what people felt and feared before. Now we may be wrong. Content Dude has promised us that the quality of basic content will stay as high as it has been. And it is great. However, now we have to wade through advertising crap to get to it. And given that VB deceived us about Vivid, given that VB is saying that the premium content scenes are the most popular videos of the week when they have not been on line long enough to be, given that Content Dude told us about a filter that doesn’t seem to exist yet, given that we have no real suitable response on the issues raised from the VB staff, given that the content is not available to many subscribers who don’t use CC billing, given that since the changes things are much slower on the site, given that specific and clear information on pricing is woefully lacking, and given the billing problems that you can read about in this thread, right now it is a real leap of faith to be optimistic about the future. Spikejabber, you might want to put a little more makeup on that shiner under your left eye. It’s beginning to show.

  9. ESPN Sucks Says:

    With people already having paid for either EA or Vivid premiums already and seem to be trouble gaining access, one has to wonder if VB has already put the breaks on this whole thing and is seriously reconsidering, or is in the process of scraping it before anyone is billed for it.

  10. jaykay Says:

    I almost feel like a loner when I say that this feels great. So maybe VB couldn’t get a deal in with EA and Vivid to go on the regular site – but this feels fine as well. There’s been numerous times with members asking for scenes or videos from these 2 companies. Don’t know so much about all the Vivid videos but at least Evil Angel’s videos are completely awesome. I’l definitely consider upgrading my membership once the small bugs that I’m reading on the blog, have been fixed.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  11. ESPN Sucks Says:

    Another thing, I just read in one of the video reviews that all of the “Big Wet Asses”, “Cum Craving Teens” series’ among other previously posted material by Elegant Angel have been removed from the site (I can verify Big Wet Asses is indeed gone). Anyone think we can expect an Elegant Angel “premium” channel on here sometime in the near future and these removed vids being put back on the site, only to have to pay for a new EA channel to have access to them??

  12. drudgereport Says:

    Jaykay: Nobody on here really has a problem with the addition of EA and Vivid at all…it’s the manner in which it was presented. Shoved down our throats if we don’t want it, and “baited and switched” with Vivid.

    ESPN Sucks: I’ve noticed the exact same thing and am truly worried. This is indeed a slippery slope.

  13. killjoy Says:

    yo VB, ya done good. people LOVE to complain. Guess thats what happens when ya give em a voice. they’ll shut up after awhile, jus freakin out cause, it would seem, VB is their life or something. jus fix the bugs and bam! back on top! and evil angel, awesome!!!!

  14. meltedmoss Says:

    Another thing, I just read in one of the video reviews that all of the “Big Wet Asses”, “Cum Craving Teens” series’ among other previously posted material by Elegant Angel have been removed from the site

    Ya I don’t understand this either they are gone for sure they don’t show up in the searches anymore I did have them bookmarked as a user before. Now I can’t find them through the star search or the DVD search. Did they say anything about taking them down?? or is this just a bug?

    As far as the premium channels go I think they need to reduce the price or make a bundle or deal if you sub to more then one. if this is going to be the normal model they work from this will get very expensive in a matter of months depending on how fast they roll out new channels. Hopefully we will not be paying for any old content put back into the site either.. And are we getting some Vivid videos with our Basic subs now? just not “alot” of new ones.

  15. Robert Says:

    yes put this shit in the EXTRA section. Please!

  16. sizelarge22 Says:

    The beginning of the end.

  17. Cabe Says:

    I decided to try out the Vivid sub and I’ve discovered that at least half the videos are messed up. All of the Vivid DVD’s that feature multiple angles have all of the different angles meshed together in one long choppy sequence. This is very much not OK for a premium addition.

  18. patrik Says:

    Thanks you for article. 😉

  19. Alexx Says:

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  20. Hodgepodge Says:

    What I recall about Vivid is that the bulk of their material is crap–too much plot and too little sex. I for one am glad you kept your subscription price reasonable and gave the option for people who like Vivid crap to obtain it.