VideoBox Annouces Premium Upgrades

Well, we have been saying there is going to be a huge change at Videobox and by now you are fully aware that you can add additional Evil Angel or Vivid movies to your membership at VideoBox.

It wasn’t an easy decsion on our part to add these additional subscriptions. We get a huge number of requests for Evil and Vivid from our members, but those studios were not interested in licensing their content. The only way to get them on board (so that we could give you guys additional content options) was a model like this.

VideoBox has been and will continue to be the best value on the net. If you look at the average price of an adult website at $29.95, $17.95 is still a pretty good deal.

I look at it like HBO. You can have basic cable, or, if you want to watch the Sopranos you can add HBO. Granted, it’s not for everyone and you don’t have to subscribe. VideoBox will still provide the same great service we have and the content will continue to be good and get better. I have no intention of rigging the Videobox queue with crappy content that doesn’t benefit anyone.

Without wanting to sound salesy, I think you should try one if they look interesting to you. If not, you can continue to enjoy VideoBox the way you always have. I am committed to continuing to bringing you the best content service at the lowest cost possible and we never intend to change that.

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170 Responses to “VideoBox Annouces Premium Upgrades”

  1. Kev Chan Says:

    Well I guess if the reality is we were never going to get EA/Vivid DVDs in the old subscription model then I guess the new subscription models makes a little more sense. The key thing for me is that existing studios don’t follow suit. It would really suck for the users if new Red Light District/Combat Zone etc DVDs only end up in their unique channel. I’m keeping my fingers crossed the content quality doesn’t drop here in VB.

  2. Detritus Says:

    I think many of us will “dabble” in them both from time to time, but I can’t see keeping them running like the regular stuff. It’s a shame both studios are like that though. EA has great stuff, far better than Vivid, but it needs to build first, and update faster really. At what, 12 a month, that’s a dollart a movie roughly. So maybe 2 times a year I’ll swing over, DL, then cancel it, keeping the regular VB. I concur with Kev though, the “old” studios, RLD, Voyeur, CZ and P-X, better stay as is, or all bets are off.

  3. rayd 70 Says:

    you cant possibly believe the old video box will remainonce other studios feel they are on the low end of the vb cash pool they will either pull out our demand higer compensation ie. their own channel,or more $ per tittle

  4. Lorddork Says:

    As long as it adds new value and doesn’t change the old deal in the long run, I guess it’s a good addition.
    Kev Chan has a point though; What will keep other studios from demanding more money now?
    Oh, and I hope I won’t get spam in search results now :p

    BTW, are the new channels DRM-free like the rest of Videobox?
    Is downgrade painless?

  5. WillieD Says:

    Evil Angel has superb content, and at the moment, access to that content is higher elsewhere. This new setup can work if, as others have mentioned, the regular content stays good. This means regular updates of Red Light District, Platinum X, and the like. Whether or not the old studios charge more for content is a loss VB are going to have to take for the sake of the new business model.

  6. Robert Says:

    I’m not sure if i missed something here. Is this included in our membership or is it something that we’re going to have to pay extra for? Will this increase the price of the total monthly membership or are they going to charge per download within the premium sites?

  7. rayd 70 Says:

    hello Vivid was on this site it was the much hyped 6000th video now we are told its extra canyou say bait and switch the implication was that vivid content would now be on vb no one implied our suggested at that time it was to be an additional premium for it

  8. rayd 70 Says:

    hello Vivid was on this site it was the much hyped 6000th video the implication was that vivid content would now be available to vb no one suggested at the time there would be a “premium” can you say bait and switch .why would you change or modify a business model that is sucessful to begin with? why would you risk angering your subscibers like that?

  9. Lorddork Says:

    What exactly means “First month … prorated to 2/10/06″?
    Sounds like a bad deal?

  10. DRHouse Says:

    Fine verrry fine… from my webbilling service its not possible to upgrade…. thats if really want get the EA Stuff on my Hardisc…no chance.
    Sorry VB you had to think about it…but the idea is good!!

  11. Jeff Cleghorn Says:

    I think this is kinda lame. It just reminds me of Skype and how they went from the very best deal on phone service to screwing me over. As of now, it’s not a horrible deal but if this continues, VB will soon be heading south; maybe not on business, but the quality company we once saw could spiral into just another site.

  12. J Says:

    I certainly am also disappointed that we were led to believe that Vivid was going to be part of our regular membership, then without a Vivid update after a week it’s now a premium upgrade to access those videos.

    I think you guys may have ruined a good thing here. This is the only adult site I’ve ever had a subscription to – not only because of the content and cost, but because of the lack of gimmicks and commitment to continually improving the site for the members.

    I know that you’ve said that the content will continue to stay the same, but it’s already been downgraded from what was seemingly promised last week. The way this was handled has made me reconsider my membership for the first time since I signed up 3 years ago. And unfortunately, any further drop in content will probably seal the deal.

  13. Mihx Says:

    Great new feature. I’m not particularly interested in most of the Vivid movies, but I just added the Evil Angel channel to my membership.
    Less content than joining the Evil Angel network (I’ve been a member there before), but lower price, better video quality and a vastly better site interface.

    But I do agree with the potential problem several other people have brought up, that other major studios might no longer want to agree to the usual licensing deals the next time whatever contracts you have with them are up for renewal.

    I really hope you don’t start screwing over regular VideoBox members with almost nothing but mediocre updates in the future. But since that would probably be slow suicide (I rather doubt even those of us willing to pay extra for one or two channels, would be prepared to suddenly having to do the same for four, five or six or more), I’ll remain confident that this issue was in fact considered very carefully before the decision was made to offer these new premium channels.

  14. Tomas Says:

    The last comment was three hours ago and there has been no response from “management”.

    What’s up?

  15. lubenluv Says:

    I am already a subscriber to the EA/Buttman series of sites. That is the most PATHETIC website construction I’ve ever seen but the movies are top notch so thats why I sub there. Now if VB gives me a FAR better UI to access the same content, I’ll drop that quickly and go premium here. But that totally depends on content. What I’m willing to bet is that there will be shit content here on the premium channel and a continued shitty UI to the better content over at the official EA/Buttman sites. The worst of both worlds in other words.

  16. Tomas Says:

    To edit my comment above, when I click on one of them and then upgrade it says “$99.51 billed in one installment of $1.32. Valid until 03/27/09 Amount: $1.32″.

    What does this mean? I thought you said $17.95, am I paying that or $99.51 or $1.32?

  17. Strangepork Says:

    Interesting choice VB… interesting…. There are certain studios I might be willing to pay more for, but not these. And even if they were, I wouldn’t pay that much more. I joined VB for the great variety at a low price; adding a studio for such a price makes it almost like paying for another site on the side. (And I thought joining VB meant I’d never need to join another site!) If you keep adding “channels” like this, maybe you’ll consider offering a package deal allowing access to all of the channels at a discounted price?

  18. beta_catina Says:

    whats up with the fact that all I see for the first few pages of “top scenes this week” are vivid and evil angel scenes. how can these scenes be the top rated if they were just posted a few hours ago. Its annoying that they seem to have artificially inflated ratings (or no ratings at all because there are no stars visible for these scenes), placing these scenes above all others. I think this is the most annoying part about the update!!!!!

  19. Strangepork Says:

    Yeah, the top rated thing really needs to be fixed. I don’t mind them showing along with the “regular” stuff, but they should be ranked based on the same criteria as the other scenes. When I click to view all scenes based on popularity, I find it very difficult to believe that these new additions are really as popular as some of the all-time classics showing on the first few pages.

  20. garbman Says:

    I’m think’n were going down from here.

  21. Draganov2 Says:

    Annoying idea. Signed up to see how it works and it doesn’t.
    Maybe I should cancel my subscription altogether, you are getting too greedy.

    How about rather you:

    1. Change the WMV codec to version 9 so it works on standalone players ?

    2. Put all the links to videos AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE as I asked you FIVE (5) times already so I do not have to scroll down to select links (annoying to fish the high res one by one)

    3. FIX THE CACHING PROBLEM ! that messes up files queued with Flashget so I have to go back and redo #2 above when I get those nasty join.seam 100 files ???

    That would be actually doing something useful.

    4. Rather than use the horrid WMV codec you could use the AVI codec so the files would be easily playable to standalone players ?

    Maybe I should go back to VideoSZ.

  22. Robert Says:


  23. Brian Says:

    This is going to set a very dangerous precedent. I’m sorry to see this happen..

  24. TBiz Says:

    I wonder if they’re doing this because they were losing money on the old model.

    The way this move was handled smells like desperation (or thoughtless greed).

  25. rayd 70 Says:

    hey contentdude I wonder will any new studios sign under the old lic. agreements now? I doubt it.

  26. TBiz Says:

    For I too have never joined another site, nor have I seriously considered dropping my subscription since I joined last year. Excellent site that has always seemed to care about their customers.

    Which is why this doesn’t make much sense to me. (I’ll second the annoyance with the distorted best scenes of the week).

  27. thebigjizzler Says:

    Vivid sucks. Evil Angel is okay. Neither of which are worth paying another $9.95/month.

    I just hope that other studios don’t end up having their own channels and the content takes another downtick.

    This is an ominous precedent. VB is taking a BIG risk here.

  28. Chris Says:

    Please add an option to filter out the premium channel videos from search results and top downloads. Really annoying to have stuff I can’t download and have no interest in purchasing in my searches.

  29. rayd 70 Says:

    Hey content dude will any new studios work under the old lic. agreement now I wonder or will future itroduce other “premium”. features?

  30. Kev Chan Says:

    I am glad I am not the only person who feels this way about the update. I think for most general subscribers it would easily fix the evident problems if we had the following channel choices: Evil Angel, Vivid, All and “GENERAL” (that doesn’t include DVDs from EA/Vivid). It is extremely annoying to click the “New DVD” or “Top Scenes This Week” icons and have DVDs/scenes show up that we don’t have access to. I know this is a business decision to attract subscribers to the new channels but it is EXTREMELY ANNOYING for the rest of us. I don’t want to scroll through multiple pages on the top scenes area before I can find a scene I can actually watch/DL. PLEASE FIX!

  31. Not Impressed Says:

    Bad idea guys. You should have run it by your community first. The whole idea dilutes your brand and message. Oh well, I guess your current business model isn’t profitable. I agree with thebigjizzler that this is an ominous precedent.

  32. rayd 70 Says:

    What new studios will sign with vb under the old lic. agreements now amputee porn?

  33. Bry-Rye Says:

    I feel this hurts the simple, straight forward, no frills design that attracted me to VideoBox in the first place. This site is QUITE different from any other adult video site on the net, and (at first glance, at least) this addition kind of blurs the line that separates you all from the rest. Also, as others have mentioned, it could cause a chain reaction in terms of other studios asking for special treatment.

    On a more positive note, I’m digging the subtle layout changes. =)

  34. extremejay Says:

    WOW! so far EVERYONE hates this. This sounds like when a company that was once run more like a privatley owned business starts feeling more and more corporate. Honestly i dont remember many people really wanting vivid stuff. we all knew they were to high and mighty to be on this site. I do recall people requesting evil angel but this set up is just plain stupid. I think you guys should have polled us first had we been asked hey would you like to pay extra just to be graced with the presence of vivid? we would have all said no. What will keep me around is how the VB staffers respond to this criticism. I mean if we all say we dont want it, you kinda have to listen and just dump it. So far No one From VB has responded to any messeges on here. I dont think we will get any either. Instead we will get another blog post that will sound more like a corporate press release telling us what we will and will not like. This sucks…..this sucks bad

  35. Draganov2 Says:

    Personally, never ever when I sent a complaint email to VB about the issues I have described did I get anything else but the canned auto reply thanking me for the email and referring me to the “detailed FAQ”. Just crap. Never were the issues fixed, either.

  36. extremejay Says:

    ok so went and checked out the channels. I dont know what the countdown starts at but currently the EA coutndown is at 65 hours……65 Hours????? wow im gonna get something new every few days but for the same price?…no and thanks

  37. beta_catina Says:

    i just want to reiterate how upset I am about the fact that they’ve totally biased the scenes rankings towards vivid and evil angel scenes.

  38. Draganov2 Says:

    I subscribed to check it out, then tried to download anything and says that I have to upgrade. Tried to upgrade (again) and it said that I already have a transaction in the queue and it will take a “few minutes”. For the last 2 hours.

    Good job. Excellent business decision and implementation. This sucks beyond belief.

  39. Mircalla Says:

    Hey, if it means that I can get access to more (good) lesbian content, then I don’t mind paying an extra subscription. Neither Vivid, nor EA seem particularly good on this front however… Perhaps EA is a little bit ahead on this front, but I don’t like their ‘hardcore’ angle.

  40. Draganov2 Says:

    Got an email from CCBill about the transaction. No amount charged info, but says it will expire today. Pretty cool, since I still cannot download anything. Shutdown IE, restart, same issue, VB’s site still says that I need to upgrade, but cannot since it says I already did. Great job.

  41. Draganov2 Says:

    Does anyone else get this great screen:

    Thank you for your interest in upgrading your membership. We cannot currently process your request because you already have a transaction in pending status. Processing transactions usually takes just a few minutes. Please, try again later.

  42. doppyman Says:

    I have to join in with the negative reception of your changes. First of all, I can’t even give an upgrade a try yet since my biller isn’t set up to do so. Secondly, I had to log out and pretend I was not a member to try to get the exact price of the upgrade. And the way the upgrade reads, it says three DVDs a week for Vivid. Does that mean you can only download a limited amount per week or is that the amount of new content added each week? Searching the Vivid archives was ridiculous. By going to a star’s name, I got a zero result. Browsing the DVDs I found the star, clicked on her name and got a different result. One star was said to have 6 scenes but looking at the content, five of the six were actually from one scene in a movie (K know, I’ve seen it). Finally, I am furious at the whole bait and switch thing you did with Vivid. You created a false impression and raised expectations; to avoid disappointment, I would have to pay more per month. I won’t cancel right away. I will wait for you to address my specific questions. But if I don’t get answers to these questions specifically and if I find that I can’t sign up soon to try the new service, I might have to take a hiatus from VB just to express my disapproval at how this was handled. There is enough great content on VB already to make the site worthwhile, but at the same time, I feel that sleazy advertising practices and technical incompetence should not be rewarded. I’m really disappointed in how you’ve handled this, and while I still love your site, this is probably a time for a little consumer tough love. It’s up to you guys now to restore my confidence in you …

  43. Bourbon Says:

    I am having the same problem as Draganov2, I’m trying to add the Vivid channel. I’m assuming its because the content has just gone live and will be resolved soon, but it is a tad frustrating. Just letting you know that you are not the only one, and for any one else experiencing the problem.

  44. Brian Says:

    Now that the content is mixed, most of the filtering functionality has become useless. I clicked “top scenes this week” and the first page is riddled with premium crap. Great. Too bad I prepaid for a year because this shit makes me want to cancel.

  45. Draganov2 Says:

    Thanks, Bourbon, for the update.

  46. ocdave67 Says:

    I hope VB takes the channels and all the premium channel content and moves it all into the EXTRAS section of the site. I will not like being reminded daily of the “extra content” that I will not be able to view without ponying up extra subscription charges. Good idea to include this content VB but bad idea to integrate it into the main VB web page.

  47. the content dude Says:

    I want to clarify some things for everyone.

    1. The content on videobox will continue to be be as good as or get better as it currently is. The studio’s we currently work with are happy with the deals we do their problem is they don’t have enough titles to keep up with our consumption. There is nothing to be gained by trashing the basic value offering that Videobox has. We are committed to improving both the service and the content.

    2. We value you as a customer and if there were a way to give you Evil Angel and Vivid included in a $9.95 price I would have happily done it. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. We’re offering the best price we’re able to on these upgrades and it’s really intended to be something for people who want the convenience of having content from these studios on our platform.

  48. Necro Says:

    Yeah I seriously cannot search anymore without being annoyed by it. Please include an option for everything that isn’t part of the studios. Searching top scenes all time, and getting every other selection as a premium one is just insanely annoying.

    The best part of this site was it was simple as hell, pretty well organized, and fun to just quickly find what you want, and get going. Now we have to go through this nonsense.

    We are paying customers, we had a model in which finding what we wanted was easy. Now it’s a pain.

    All will be fine if you stop trying to combine all the sites into one.

    I mean can’t you just put some random ads for those other studios or something? It just doesn’t seem fair to do this to your loyal customers at all. I could see having this on your general site for others to see, or even the main page, but to have it mixed in makes no sense at all.

  49. Bry-Rye Says:

    I like ocdave67’s idea of moving this stuff to the EXTRAS section.

  50. bobsipod Says:

    If you weren’t going to offer either studio anyway, then fine, offer the additional pay service. If nothing else changes, then its no harm, no foul. I don’t see it happening that way, but I’m willing to go through a probationary period. One thing though, why should i have to wade through the ea or vivid content when I search the standard content? Why is there an ea channel, a vivid channel, and an everything channel? Basically, you’re using the search engine as an advertisement. Work out the bugs, because seeing scenes i don’t have access to kinda pisses me off.

  51. deepsix Says:

    So this is the foreboding I had when VB went into maintenance today. And they say only chicks have intuition. Regarding support, when the new steamer went into effect most of the time I had to go to lower quality and then back into higher quality to get it to work, I was fine with this annoyance, now… Seems though by Draganov2’s comments I’m not gonna really get any help… +1 on this top rated shit, the second best dvd on this site was JUST released, seriously?

  52. the content dude Says:

    Necro – There is a filter that allows you to only show results based on your subscription. You can set up to show everything or only VB results.

  53. Necro Says:

    Where is this filter?

  54. peru1978 Says:

    This is most disappointing. I’m not a fan of Vivid, but announcing them as your latest studio last week led me to believe that their content would be available to me as a subscriber. Now it’s a premium that I’m going to be nagged about every time I visit the site. This is so unlike you, videobox, up until now all of you’re adjustments and improvements have been steps in the right direction, especially in getting the customer involved. I was looking forward to watching some Kobe Tai, too.

  55. Draganov2 Says:

    Still waiting on that nag screen. Did you guys test this “feature” before implementing it ?

  56. Bobby Says:

    Videobox has died.

  57. bobsipod Says:

    content dude- please describe this filter. I just checked the my videobox page- the one where the sliders for transexual and fem-dom are slid way the hell to the left- and nothing there seems to filter out the premium stuff.

  58. Necro Says:

    I’m still searching, and so far there’s no way for me to search top scenes of the week, or all-time without seeing a bunch of premium site selections. Is there a way to not see those, or no?

  59. Strelok Says:

    Hi , I’m getting the same nag screen Draganov , My account is in limbo wtf…Its been pending for hours…

  60. ocdave67 Says:

    Same here content dude. I cannot activate any so called filter to remove this new content from both scene and star searchers. Please explain this filter further..

  61. Draganov2 Says:

    Hey, Strelok, you will not suffer much longer. As CCBill says, your subscription will expire “today” so no need to wonder soon, it will be just expired. Depends which timezone they use, best money invested ever. Maybe next time I will just start shredding dollar bills, much more entertaining, have to wait only less than a sec for the sound to reach my hairy ears.

  62. mistahleary Says:

    I can’t take seeing search results that I can’t download, because I aint buyin the premium channels. That sucks. Keep Premium shit on a Premium search. If it doesn’t change, I’m gone.

  63. Kev Chan Says:

    I would love to see this filter as well. Honestly, if a bunch of regular users can’t easily find the filter then it is somewhat indifferent from not having one. I’m really happy to hear from the content dude that the video content will remain the same (if not better) but this upgrade in a way worsened my subscription mainly because there’s no filter to filter the new stuff from EA/Vivid. Hopefully we’ll address this issue quickly. Thanks!

  64. Mihx Says:

    I’m having trouble finding that filter as well. Inside categories there’s a “Only Show Videos That Are Also” Evil Angel/Vivid, but not one for “basic” VB.

  65. febtober Says:

    So, last month they announced that Vivid was coming to VB…but now we have to pay extra to see it? Come on VB, thats no way to treat your loyal customers. I’m not impressed to say the least.

  66. doppyman Says:

    I have to agree with previous posters; showing us scenes that we have to pay extra for is annoying. Listing those scenes as the top scenes when they have only been up for a few hours is downright insulting. I hope you let us know more clearly about the filter so we don’t have to see them. Content dude – I didn’t see people insulting the value here. Rather, I saw completely legitimate fears expressed about the FUTURE value of content. Given that we have been jerked around by the Vivid bait and switch, given that loading up the top scenes screens with premium content that we know can’t possibly be the top scenes for the week, we are all wondering to what degree VB will change in a less trustworthy direction. Your reply post sounded offended, rather than reassuring.

  67. jfro21 Says:

    Content Dude,
    Where is the filter so I don’t have to view Premium content except when I enter the Premium interface? You mentioned the filter but there are no instructions. I see that I can include but not exclude premium content.

  68. bobsipod Says:

    it’ll probably take another 6 hours of maintenance to add a filter. afterward, we’ll be informed that for an additional 9.95 a month you can filter out the stuff you’ll need to spend 9.95 a month to see. And for 7.95 a month you can borrow my neighbor’s kitten and a spoonful of peanut butter…

  69. drudgereport Says:

    Really pissed about what has happened. I want to believe that the content isn’t going to go downhill after this, but after they deceived me by baiting me with the Vivid switch…I’m very skeptical.

    Probably going to quit the site…shame.

  70. extremejay Says:

    Ha! although im surprised we got an answer from anyone at all i knew that a response to our Unanimous dislike of all this nonsense would be answered with a response that makes us sound like we ar all stupid for not liking this and not seeing the “value”.

  71. Brian Says:

    Just out of curiosity, how is this upgrade pricing? I understand about licensing issues but it pisses me off that its advertised as an “upgrade”. VB is now starting to seem like a lot of those sites that try and doop customers. Guess its time to start looking for another site. *sigh*

  72. Necro Says:

    To be fair if they keep the content at the same level, and simply fix the issue with trying to mix in the two studios in general searches I will have no issue with it. If that isn’t fixed I’m done with the site most likely.

  73. drudgereport Says:

    I’ve decided that I won’t quit the site under two conditions:

    1) This update takes care of the filter issue
    2) They apologize over the “vivid bait and switch” as well as apologizing for insulting our intelligence by trying to convince us the top rated scenes were all scenes added an hour prior

  74. bobsipod Says:

    well, site’s down again. My prediction came to fruition!(see my post a few minutes ago.)I gotta go trap a kitty. sorry- either I amuse myself with this bullshit, or i watch the world baseball classic. I think the japanese team uses the terminator theme song in the background, so theyre trumping vb right now. How does that feel? I’m disgusted enough to watch second rate baseball!

  75. Kev Chan Says:

    There will be no apology I gather. Seems a little absurd to ask for one to begin with. My main thing is as long as the filter issue is fixed (so I don’t need to look at premium stuff) and more importantly content quality doesn’t worsen I doubt I will quit VB. They are still a great site but if these issues aren’t addressed then I will probably quit.

  76. StarFucker Says:

    You guys are all fucking nuts. Best site on the web just got better. Where the fuck you gonna get EVIL ANGEL at this price? fuckin’ whiners.

  77. scott12983 Says:

    There basic price has also been raised to $15.95 a month

  78. rayd 70 Says:

    to anounce the arrival of new studios but not the fact that they are to be a premuim service is deceptive to post all the scenes as most popular when we all know it not possible since they just came out is deceptive to say that this change will not efect the relations you have with your current or future studio partners is not realistic if you had given do consideration to these issues you would not be here defending your decision it sounds as if you are in damage control mode now and now we hear the new sites arent even working for those who have paid for them what should we think?

  79. drudgereport Says:

    Scott12983: Where did you hear the basic price got raised to $15.95? If this true anyone?

  80. Kev Chan Says:

    @Scott: I don’t think there has been a price increase on the basic subscription. Site still says $10 for 10 month recurring or $18 for 1 month recurring.

  81. Mihx Says:

    “… and now we hear the new sites arent even working for those who have paid for them…”

    Well, the Evil Angel section is definitely working fine for me. I’ve been streaming and downloading several scenes without issues.
    It sounds like there are upgrade issues with some billing processors though, and looking at the join page it now seems like CCBill might be the only processor they use (and if I recall correctly I think my VB account is indeed under CCBill).
    Let’s hope they get that fixed very quickly – along with those search results.

  82. bobsipod Says:

    yeah, starfucker, it got better… for a price… during a recession. Fucking brilliant. Its not the content we dispute, but the manner in which it is presented, and how it is found. Our beef is with the now cluttered search results, and me selecting Sophie Dee and seeing that there are 3 sites I won’t be seeing on this site because one’s on vivid, and two are evil angel. No sale.

  83. doppyman Says:

    Drudgereport expresses my view completely. The filter issue is paramount here. Some addressing of the Vivid bait and switch would be nice, but frankly, I don’t expect it. If the filter issue is not addressed, I would interpret that as VB either is so intent on driving us to get premium content that basic customers can look forward to more negative changes AND/OR that part of their deal with the new studio included this type of intrusive advertising. In both cases, this would be a bad sign. And like a lover who has been cheated on, I’ll probably play the porn field in return and go to other sites for a while.

  84. febtober Says:

    Anybody else feel like we’ve just been given a giant middle finger here? Unbelievable. If I wanted to pay more for vivid, I would just subscribe to the vivid website.

  85. xposh Says:

    There are a few things I’d like to see but not going to spend money on it. It’d be nice if after like a year that they would add these to normal VB. If you these extra channels but don’t wanna spend the extra dough, you’re probably good with quitting regular VB for a month and switching to a premium studio for a month..
    Not really worth it, though. Most vids are broken into parts. Probably because of the world economy and the fact that there are so many free sites on the new showing full scenes or being able to DL dvd’s just by searching Google.
    Is this what took like 4 hours or whatever Alison said?
    Btw, never seen so many comments before! Where have all you “hiders” been??

  86. Lorddork Says:

    I just saw the premium channels have directors listed and searchable for movies.. Awesome! Can we have that for oldsk00l Videobox too? Pretty, pretty please with cum on top!

  87. Dave Says:

    This is hilarious. Never seen a bigger bunch of whiny bitches in my life. Some of you really need to get a fucking life, because if something like this makes you go this nuts, you obviously dont have much else going for you. BOOOHOOO, you have to pay a little extra for porn. Thats life. Prices go up, especially with upgrades. People on here are crying even though VideoBox is far an away the best bargain on the internet considering everything they offer. Be happy they are offering these videos seperately and you have the choice, instead of just upping the price on everyone.
    Some of you also need to learn to fucking read. You cry about them screwing you because they dont give you all of this for the same price, yet they CLEARLY STATE that it wasnt up to them. Those studios wouldnt offer their content with just a regular membership.
    If you hate it that much, then go join another site that offers half of what VB offers but chargers twice as much. Youll be back in a few weeks.
    And no, Im not a VB fanboy at all…I just get a kick of some of the bitches on here.

  88. bergman2 Says:

    I’m having trouble buying accepting that the other top studios on VB are going to stay “happy” with their current deals for very long. Why should they? They are providing a comparable product, with comparable brand recognition, yet are receiving nowhere near the same exposure and (presumably) generating nowhere near the same profit.

  89. doppyman Says:

    Dave – NOW we know that the studios wouldn’t offer the content under original terms. But when VB hyped their 6.000th video and then posted a Vivid video, VB gave us the impression that it was going to be part of their regular content. They didn’t give any indication to the contrary. They could have easily avoided a fair amount of our displeasure by not doing that, not doing a bait and switch and a good percentage of the complaints here would then be based on the sleazy effort to shove premium content down our throat by not having filters in place to block out premium content on certain pages. So, Dave, we bitches CAN read. We also know about reading and analyzing things in context, something you don’t seem to have done.

  90. bergman2 Says:

    And obviously Vivid and Evil Angel content showing up in regular membership searches is absurd. The “All” tab should have been a “Standard” tab. I mean, come on, you guys couldn’t see this coming? Standard members are not going to want to wade through content which is entirely inaccessible to them. Nor be kept abreast of updates either. Of course Videobox has a right to advertise their new system, but the new navigation bar and the banner at the top of the home page seem sufficient.

  91. bergman2 Says:

    And, ugh, who would ever pay extra for Vivid? After a cursory browse, 80% of the shit up so far is either terribly lit, old as fuck, or boring softcore. And at a rate of 12 new DVDs a month, that ain’t gonna change any time soon. The only thing separating them from your standard VB throwaway studio is a graphic design department

  92. Breadwinner Says:

    I think that I do not need to voice my opinion as others that having EA and Vivid as premium sites are not bad things. It is the slippery slope of others wanting the same once their agreements expire that has us all worried. This will then translate to “due to the rising costs of delivering high quality content to our subscribers, we have been forced to raise our subscription rates.” The best thing to do is to simply show VB and the studios what a mistake it is by DEMONSTRATING WITH OUR WALLETS. DO NOT patronize the “premium sites” at all. This will show with $ how much of a bad idea it is. Maybe you think they will not listen to complaints but they will notice the loss of $ for the “premium contract” paid gentlemen. Other studios will also see this and the slippery slope scenario will never occur.

    Please take notice of this VideoBox.
    BTW, I loved your site until now.

  93. rayd 70 Says:

    had video box announced a premium upgrade to go with their new studios no problem had they not populated the search engine with content that could not be seen by a regular subscriber no problem if this were a seperate service no problem and none of us would be here bitchin Dave but thats not what happened most of us stick with vb because it is the best value out there and they dont try to stick you for all they can but it is sure hard to feel that way now

  94. DonkeyPunch Says:

    I think this a wonderful addition to the VB family of smut. It’s pretty exciting to have EA porn for only €17 odd. People need to have a reality check … this is great value compared to other sites…. I’m just waiting for the ‘upgrade’ function for my biller to kick in.

    Well done VB – class stuff

  95. jimioz Says:

    great stuff – Shame my biller Epoch isnt supporting this or something which is a shame cos I was so ready to upgrade – Evil angel are my fav studio by miles!

  96. Boeber Says:

    What is going on with the Stars Page ???
    I’m selecting on a star and it displays wrong videos or no videos.
    I’m watching a scene ans selecting a star and it shows no videos!!!! or it takes me to the crapy vivid page…

    what’s going on ?????

  97. miguel Says:

    Well this is a damned shame, some business idiot decided to kill the goose that lays their golden eggs. The worst part is how they mess with the ratings to push this crap. One of the main reasons I’ve been a Videobox customer for years is because of their straight-forward no ad gimmickery. Anyone has a recommendation for a new site?

  98. Kev Chan Says:

    Not 100% sure about EA but for a big company like Vivid there is absolutely no reason to provide VB with good content especially since they don’t want to dilute their brand name. Considering Vivid charges their members on their site like $20-30 the only way they can justify letting VB charge their members $18 is by:

    1) Giving VB crappier content. So Vivid videos are generally older than the ones on Vivid’s site. This seems to be the case with the 100 DVDs that have been uploaded.

    2) Make sure VB has limited number of DVDs (hence the reason for 1 DVD/week) relative to their site.

    As many have said…this is indeed a slippery slope. I’m almost certain we’re looking at a price hike here at VB in the next 6 months (even if for inflation’s sake). If there is no price hike we better brace for a decrease in content quality.

    ALTHOUGH, to be fair…VB does have an awesome deal and their site is the best online. As long as the price hike isn’t unreasonable I’m sure most of it’s members will not be upset.

  99. Mihx Says:

    “… Anyone has a recommendation for a new site?”

    Good luck finding that.
    Even if we go with the worst case scenarios suggested on this comments page and the search result page issue doesn’t get fixed, the quality of the regular videos decline and VideoBox adds another $5-10 to the base price, I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a site that offer as much value for money, wrapped in an equally powerful site interface (even with “polluted” search results) and with similar video quality (with a DVD quality membership).
    Although with a price increase it would put it closer to the few other DVD download sites out there that are “only” one or two thousand DVDs behind in terms of raw volume (but they tend to have a similar mix of great titles and bargain bin crap).

  100. DonkeyPunch Says:

    Any update on the billing situation would be appreciated…

    I’m with Epoch and they currently don’t allow for the upgrade

    I’m trying to give you some money folks.. so try and sort it fast

  101. Teacher Says:

    I can understand that it might be in Vivid’s and EA’s interests not to lease their material to other companies, but I too would like to have been polled, with some options that might have prevented this obvious backlash.

    I think too that your marketing of it as a redesign built up the wrong kind of anticipation. And I agree that there should be some way to block the Vivid and EA content if we don’t want to purchase them.

    And I agree with everyone else that this is an ominous sign. Customers are your friends, and I sense we’re a loyal bunch. A lot of the people complaining are still willing to stick with you — me included! — for the time being. To me, that’s a sign of loyalty that has sadly and unnecessarily been strained here.

    This is something I hope the management team can learn from!

  102. xtc123 Says:

    More like a downgrade, plus the biller i use for VB will not work with the new “upgrade”- it sucks!!
    If the billing company will take my mony for VB why not the “upgrade”?

  103. Garp123 Says:

    Wow. This is a popular topic. I am not interested in addidng either new studio but I am curious why out of over 100 responses, none from the resident expert Rope or our vixen Alison. Does your silence mean you did not endorse the move? I think we should all take a wait and see attitude. If “basic” content continues to be solid, then nothing changes and those who want the “Premium” will have it. However if content degrades, then we voice our opinion and march with our wallet.

  104. ropeadope Says:

    The level of bellyaching in this thread is beyond ridiculous. I welcome the availability of Evil Angel and Vivid DVD’s as an option for the membership. If you don’t wish to partake of these vids, don’t sign up. I intend to add the Evil Angel channel; the content looks outstanding. If allowed to do so, I will write a review for the blog.

    I have no concerns whatsoever that the primary VideoBox site will experience a reduction in quality. Actually, quite the opposite. With the recent return of Red Light District enhancing an already strong studio lineup (Vouyer Media, Platinum X, Private, DVSX, Hundies, Amateur District, Venom, etc.), I see continued improvement ahead. In addition, I’ve enjoyed the first two DVD’s from both Sinsation and Candy Shop, which also bodes well for future updates.

    I will add my voice to those above who have expressed a desire to have the premium content filtered from the standard content. But let’s give the VideoBox staff some time to get it sorted out. I guarantee you the world will not come to an end in the interim.

  105. xtc123 Says:

    I dont consider it bellyaching to comment on the fact that billers that bill you for VB will not do so for the new content & i’m not the only one that’s had this problem.

  106. Draganov2 Says:

    And it STILL does not work. Whining ? Deceptive advertising and purchased product does not work. I guess if whining is a bad thing, complaining to the credit card company and canceling membership is the manly thing to do. I paid one year in advance. Once my subscription runs out, I will go back to VideoSz.

  107. ropeadope Says:

    xtc123 – Two suggestions. From the main site, go to the support page (link at top of home page) and submit feedback describing the problem you’re encountering. Give as much specific information as possible. Primarily, who is your billing agent? If you wish, you could also leave the info here. Now you have two avenues to resolve the situation. Customer support from your feedback and Alison or The Content Dude from reading it here. This upgrade is less than 24 hours old. There are bound to be some initial bugs. Communicate your problem and I’m sure it will be rectified.

  108. firesnype Says:

    I just hope that this isn’t the begining of the end for VB. You guys have always been upstanding porn junkies. And I’d like to say that Vivid i can do without but Evil Angel does have some quality vids.

  109. xtc123 Says:

    Thanks for the reply-will check it out.

  110. militiagoat Says:

    VB already is a ripoff due to the fact 80% of the stuff here is anal crap. Why would i pay more to just get more crap?

  111. pronguy Says:

    So I looked at Evil Angel and there are no BBW videos and only one tranny vid. No upgrade for me. Until I see chicks with dicks banging sweathogs, I’m not ponying up another $9.95. Speaking of ponies, where’s the Monica Mattos and clydesdales scene?

  112. xtc123 Says:

    My billing agent is localBilling but they dont seem to want to take my cash for the upgrade.

  113. DRHouse Says:

    ive got the same Problem!!

  114. xtc123 Says:

    Hi DR i just had a look at the support page & at the bottom it says- Note: Premium channels are not available to Localbilling subscribers.How slack is that?they take our mony for 1 thing but not the other yet both are on the same site.

  115. ryan Says:

    I looked into upgrading and it said i would be charged 39.80 a month, no way i could justify that.

  116. redchile1537 Says:

    Okay, I have a simple question. I have subscribed to VB for the last four years, and have paid $9.95 a month. I have no interest in Vivid or Evil Angel. If I do nothing, is the monthly charge of $9.95 going to change?

  117. Uplink Says:

    How about adding “HD Video” to the new premium channels to make them more valuable. Since you know have vivid for example, you could be importing video directly from bluray masters (instead of dvd), so what about 720p/1080p h.264 videos that you get access to when you purchase the vivid channel. As well as the normal 640×480, etc videos…. I think this would help justify the cost? Special content + better quality video files.. ???

    Also, when are you going to add the digital playground channel??? And please, please add more hentai (come on, you must be able to get more than 3 movies…..) ;o)

  118. yoshi Says:

    I second what J posted (see below)
    Sure, pricewise it might be ok comparatively, but
    it´s dangerous (as has been said before) because it is setting a precedent, but what´s more, for the first time I feel like we´ve been passed over in the decision making process when VB claims to be a “community” of sorts and prides itself in taking the costumer´s wishes and thoughts seriously. that seems to have become limited to questions like “subtitles or no subtitles”.
    fix the filter at the very least.

    J said:

    I think you guys may have ruined a good thing here. This is the only adult site I’ve ever had a subscription to – not only because of the content and cost, but because of the lack of gimmicks and commitment to continually improving the site for the members.

    I know that you’ve said that the content will continue to stay the same, but it’s already been downgraded from what was seemingly promised last week. The way this was handled has made me reconsider my membership for the first time since I signed up 3 years ago. And unfortunately, any further drop in content will probably seal the deal.

  119. beta_catina Says:

    so, is there any way to remove vivid and evil angel scenes from the top scenes list?

  120. Cougar57 Says:

    Hey guys,, i have the name of another decent downloading site. I don’t know if ya’ll already know of this one but i can’t leave the name here, don’t think VB would appreciate that. And yes i have been a loyal patron for about 4 yrs. now, but from what i’m seeing (ie: pages not fully loading, getting scrambled pages when i try to advance to another page, just a total slowdown of the site) I may be moving on. I don’t know how i can get the website name to ya’ll but if anyone has a suggestion,let me know. i’ll check back to see what ya’ll hafta say.

  121. rope-shooter Says:

    I want more cock in my porn! Gimme a cock-only premium channel and I’ll be happy!

  122. 2axisassassin Says:

    VB offers a lot of content — some good, some pretty pathetic — at a good price. The quality has declined over the years. When I saw EA, I thought, great, something to improve the overall quality — you can only take so much repackaged scenes and Brazilian anal sex. Then I see it’s another $17.95 AND the amount of new EA content is limited (3 a week?). NOT.
    There are two VBs — the premium one with good stuff, not much volume — and the original VB with uneven content and a lot of volume. They just happen to cohabit the same web site. If I want to pay through the nose for EA, I’ll join their site, pay a little more, and get as much as I want – which better be way more than 3 a week. (And btw, I’d have upgraded if the price wasn’t 100% more than I already pay.)

  123. Mikom Says:

    The beginning of the end.
    This is the long goodbye.

  124. Detritus Says:

    Damn. Two things. It isn’t that bad so calm down. I’m not all that pleased yet either but let it work itself out for a bit before we all freak out. Increased content, even at extra pay is fine, though the filter MUST be seperated to reflect this. The prices for the extras are very low, compared to the individual sites for these studios, or any studio really. Give it a little time. And the regular content assurances are greatly appreciated, though I too worry about precedent regarding other studios for the future. Let’s just all step back and see how it goes.

    And two: you won’t find a better site at present. Price and contect here are tremendous. I like to dabble in other sites (I’ve done RLD, Anabolic, Diabolic, Brazzers, Reality Kings, Bangbros, and several others I can’t recall over the last say 5 years) occassionally. I’ve never kept any of them for more than a month because of price, poor design, and just not enough quantity or quality to justify keeping a subscription. VB is the only one I’ve kept, for about 2 years now I think. I’m not bailing because some changes, albeit a bit troubling on some levels, have been made.

    Give it a little time, let them work out the kinks, and let’s see where it goes.

  125. shawnwilkesbooth Says:

    I love Vivid because I’m a big fan of features from the 90s and am really sick of just seeing gonzo stuff everywhere. I just wish I could actually sign up for the Vivid channel, says Epoch won’t work with them.

  126. Raymade Says:

    Im confused…….if I do the vivid thing is it another 17.99 or or they requesting another 3.00 on top of the 15.00 membership I pay

  127. rayd 70 Says:

    some of you dont get it its not the premium its the way we have been treated, decieved and now some are saying give it time or its no big deal its still the best value etc… thats not the point to hear some half hearted defence of this only serves to deepen my anger and mistrust iwant to hear how vb will fix this

  128. mistahleary Says:

    One other thing, if they cared so much about their users, they would have done something about the slow download rates. I go to a site like FacialAbuse, and d/l scenes 4-5x faster than I can around here.

  129. Scrubblez Says:

    Yuck!!! This is the saddest news I’ve ever heard about my previously beloved videobo :-( I’m a very sad panda today, and it looks like a lot of other people are too.

  130. pistolero Says:

    While you can’t download the premium content without upgrading, you can sure stream it for free right now. I’m enjoying it.

    Though i wonder how long the “preview” function will exist.

  131. Ditto Says:

    I appreciate the opportunity to get Vivid and EA content through our VB subscription. We weren’t going to get it before, and hopefully this new model pans out into a cost/variety option that meets the high VB standard. I feel that I, myself, will not yet take advantage of this option – but I’ll certainly watch and see what happens. THINGS I LIKE: 1) The option to have new content on the fantastic VB interface, obviously! 2) The ‘quick preview’ option is available to me on premium channel movies. This really helps get a feel for the scene and allows me to make an intelligent choice about the content I am evaluating. THINGS THAT CONCERN ME: 1) The current inability to filter out premium results when I’m browsing the site. I’m relatively certain I’m not missing anything technical, here, and it’s a feat I’ve not yet accomplished. When I want to see what I’m missing, I’ll go browse the premium channels – have no fear. 2) It MAY be coincidence, but my flash player performance has slowed significantly since the upgrade yesterday. I hope this isn’t indicative of a back-end change to accommodate new “levels” of content, while slowing said content unintentionally. Lastly, I’d like to comment personally that I feel the premium channels are pricing themselves out of the VB league. Less updates, same price, and (especially on the EA channel) some of the updates are split into parts 1 and 2, often leaving an update with only three scenes. These things aside, I hope this change shakes out, finds its groove, and remains a great new option for VB faithful. Best, Ditto.

  132. shawnwilkesbooth Says:

    I get super mad when my pornography websites add good content!!!!!111

  133. Slap Yourface Says:

    You all need to stop whining like spoiled little girls.

  134. pedroantonio Says:

    Hi, i have a ten-month plan that lasts until august, and i have upgraded to the evil-angel channel. I have been billed by 47$ (35€) but in CCbill the end date of that upgrade transaction appears as 03/25/2009, tomorrow.
    I guess that date is an error, is anybody in the same situation?.

  135. pistolero Says:

    never mind. you only get a certain number of free streams from the premium channels before it prompts you to upgrade.

  136. MacMan Says:

    The current economic impacts on the porn industry require new ways to deliver products. The VB premium Content is an interesting approach. There are potential upsides and downsides to this. That is the nature of trying new ideas. If it does not work then it will be abandoned. If it does work, then this becomes a new model. I am sure that VB will use its industry leader status, when it works, to find a reduced subscription rate for the other sites.

  137. SluggyJohnson Says:

    I was contemplating cancelling my subscription a month or so ago, decided not to as the content was what i considered as “premium”. This new upgrade now makes all the other content feel substandard and therefore it’s ‘precieved’ value has dropped in my opinion. This is a very sad day for Videobox, i thought the increase in costs a couple of years ago for “dvd quality” was pushing the boundrys but this is a step too far. Porn is porn, it’s free all over the net. I didn’t mind paying to get consistantly good updates, ease of downloading and good content, but now i feel like a poor relation because i will not be upgrading. Are there going to be more and more premium channels? At an additional cost for each channel? How long before i’m paying £30, £40 or £50 a month? No sorry VB, not this punter, you’ve had all you’re getting out of me.

  138. drawstroke Says:

    My 10 month subscription will expire in June. So I have about 3 months left. If I upgrade to a premium, will I be billed $99.51 for those three months? The other option (and I’m guessing it’s an option cause it’s not clear) is to pay $34.82 a month. Or maybe it’s $99.51 for some time period that’s undefined? And there’s an option for that to be billed in three installments?

    A lot more information needs to be posted on the cost, time frame, etc. Like what happens if I sign up for a premium channel for a year and my VB subscription expires before that.

  139. Verny Says:

    I have never seen a good vid from Vivid. Bunch of contracted chicks with a bunch of bolt on parts faking it….

  140. SpikeJabber Says:

    You are all a bunch of whiny ass bitches. If you cant afford it, too fuckin bad, shut the fuck up. As far as porn sites go YOU WILL NOT FIND A BETTER ONE. Still the best deal in town. VB rules!

  141. carlos Says:

    HA ha ha, you guys are all lame. SpikeJabber is right and you all know it. VB is the only site out there worth a damn.

  142. remarkable3 Says:

    How cools is this. I have the basic program, and for no extra cost, I get free access to many ads that I didn’t have before and twice the clicks to see the same info. I also got a website that has been down quite a bit since the changeover and not working as well when up.

    Porn is all over the net, I PAID for videobox because it WAS straighforward and simple. No more. Just another crappy site.

    How great this program is. Now rather than just seeing the videos I can download simply on one page, I get to scroll through pages of advertisements, see what I cannot get until I upgrade. More time and more teasing. What a deal. .

    Since the plans are separate, they could have just as easily had separated it so those with the basic service get to see basic options. But they chose to make it cumbersome and difficult for those with the basic service in the hopes that many would upgrade.

    Unfortunately this makes the basic much more difficult to use and from a marketing standpoint, makes it looks much lower quality. Well every company has to do as possible to maximize profits, and fritter away a good thing. Add to that, service is down and slower, how sad.

    You think they had an MBA analyze their business then show them how to screw up a good thing?

  143. MATTVEE Says:

    Wow, all you guys who are complaining are ridiculous. If you don’t want to pay for the premium channels, you don’t have to!
    The price is still unbelievable when you look at how much it would cost to purchase a dvd or the cost to another site…this is still the best deal around! I couldn’t agree more with SpikeJabber…VB is still the best!

  144. Detritus Says:

    It appears some of the previous gripes have been dealt with. When you search a person for more scenes you get regular, and can click on what they may have under the two new ones. That makes things much easier, good job. Over all I’m changing my mind. It could have been handled better for sure, but the regular VB can be used just like old, though it is a bit slower here also. And when I feel like browsing the other ones, I’ll upgrade to them, individually, DL like a fool for a month and ditch it. Many of you are right, the simplicity and ease is what makes this a great site, and the only in my opinion that I would pay for continuously. I understand the concerns also, but it really isn’t worth bitching about just yet.

  145. BigBoss Says:

    This sucks beyond all belief for me. A few weeks ago, I signed up for the 18-month subscription package, and now this crap gets dropped in my lap. There’s no option for me to “try” the new content. Just a way to fork over another $120 to access the new content. I cant just try it for a month to see if i like it. And its confusing beyond all belief, is the $120 just for one studio? or both? I can’t tell. Furthermore, in comparison to the content that is available though the regular subscription, i feel these upgrades are horribly overpriced.

  146. Detritus Says:

    OK, maybe I was wrong. Some of it is, some isn’t seperated on searches.

  147. rayd 70 Says:

    still no responce from vb. typical

  148. meltedmoss Says:

    Whats the cost per month of adding both studios plus the regular content all together?

    And is this going to be the new model going forward and will other studios be added and or will package deals pop up.

    At $9.00 per studio I think that’s what it is now it’ll add up very quickly if there are 5 or more added $45 extra or something it dosn’t really make much sense. I get that you are essentially adding “another site” but at the same time the content is bleeding over as well which is going to cause some identity issues later on.

    Also some of the older Video Box videoes are “lost” Big Wet Asses is missing as well as a few others.

  149. THEDIDDY Says:

    I went ahead and added Evil Angel for a month. Hopefully when I cancel (after I download what I want), I can just cancel the Evil Angel Premium Sub and NOT my whole VB account.

  150. yesman Says:

    Hi. How can I disable the advertising to the premium content and remove it from my searches and listings?

    It makes it feel like the normal content isn’t as good and we have to pay more for the good content now. It’s like eating a really good sandwich and having someone remind you you’re not eating lobster. It makes the good sandwich taste worse, and makes me feel like I’m a step down as a videobox member now. An option to disable it so we don’t have to see what we can’t actually watch would be good.

    Please consider this. thanks videobox.

  151. Necro Says:

    Well the one thing that is good is you can watch full scenes right now of both premium sites, just can’t download it. I didn’t realize that, and for that I apologize. Hopefully that stays the same, and we can still at least view the scenes.

  152. Lubenluv Says:

    As I mentioned previously, I’m already a subscriber to the EA/Buttman group of sites. The VB interface here is a HUGE welcome to the shitty “website in a box” crap that EA has slapped together for their own content. However, at least with the EA main site, you get access to a LOT of content if you can just suffer through the shitty user interface. I just did a brief comparison here and VB is giving us about 1/20th of the content of the EA sites. So if you want to save yourself some coin, go sub up for the EA sites directly for $30 a month, download everything you can and then call it a day, cancelling before your 30 days is up. Paying for a smaller library of releases here, over time, just isn’t worth it. Keep the main VB subscription but go direct to the source for EA content and cut out this middleman shit.

  153. DP Says:

    I believe in the free market, so if this decision will help the Videobox company keep running in the coming economic depression, bravo. People who join VB after the 10/10 reviews from the different review sites on the net will not notice a thing.

    Personally- I wouldn’t pay an extra penny to access Vivid content because I’m not a big Vivid fan, and while EA is a great studio, I can’t afford to spend more. So I won’t. It is always nice to have options.

    Hell, in parts of Europe you have to pay to use a public toilet. VB ain’t a public service. It is a business. Until the US dollar starts hyperinflation, I don’t expect any changes to my basic member contract.

  154. pedroantonio Says:

    I have made my numbers. I’m at the middle of my 10-month suscription, it is left 5 months. Upgrading to one channel costs the same as a regular videobox premium service, i.e. 17.95 monthly, 99 for 10 month, and the upgrade is tied to the normal videbox account (so normal premium videobox and the 2 channels, will be 17.95×3, in the monthly billing).
    As i have 5 months left of my account, they billed me the equivalent to that time, nearly 50$, for the evil angel upgrade, and the 2 accounts will end at the same time.
    I think that’s the way it works.

  155. BigBoss Says:

    Can someone PLEASE tell me why I can’t Upgrade for just one month??? I have the 18 month package already, and the damn site wants to sell me 18 months of upgrades. Please answer me.

  156. rayd 70 Says:

    I dont want to hear weak defences of a an underhanded move nothing was said about premium anything when changes where announced the 6000th video was a vivid release suggesting vivid content would now be available to vb now EA/Vivid populate the searches as advertisments when we know they have not had time to be reviewed by vb users yet they are all the most popular videos this is a lie I WANT TO HEAR FROM VIDEO BOX ! btw have you looked at content lately ,not up to par and they say value and quality will not be an issue going forward come on

  157. LloydChristmas Says:

    I signed up for Evil Angel yesterday and it still says my transaction is pending. I know that there is enough credit on my card. Has anyone else had this problem? I have e-mailed support and haven’t heard anything back. Anyone know what my problem might be?

  158. doppyman Says:

    Guys like Spikejabber, Carlos and Mattvee who are calling us whining bitches for objecting to the changes are like the girlfriends of chicks who are beaten by their boyfriends; “Hey, my boyfriend beats me too. It’s not that bad.” The points that have been made by rayd and remarkable tell it all. We were led to believe that Vivid content was going to be part of basic Videobox. It was a deliberate deception on the part of VB. And now we have advertising for the extra cost channels shoved down our throats wherever we look. Remember when VB polled its subscribers about adding a premium setup? I believe a strong majority of the responses expressed hesitation that it would seriously downgrade the quality of the basic content. So reactions here are consistent with what people felt and feared before. Now we may be wrong. Content Dude has promised us that the quality of basic content will stay as high as it has been. And it is great. However, now we have to wade through advertising crap to get to it. And given that VB deceived us about Vivid, given that VB is saying that the premium content scenes are the most popular videos of the week when they have not been on line long enough to be, given that Content Dude told us about a filter that doesn’t seem to exist yet, given that we have no real suitable response on the issues raised from the VB staff, given that the content is not available to many subscribers who don’t use CC billing, given that since the changes things are much slower on the site, given that specific and clear information on pricing is woefully lacking, and given the billing problems that you can read about in this thread, right now it is a real leap of faith to be optimistic about the future. Spikejabber, you might want to put a little more makeup on that shiner under your left eye. It’s beginning to show.

  159. ESPN Sucks Says:

    With people already having paid for either EA or Vivid premiums already and seem to be trouble gaining access, one has to wonder if VB has already put the breaks on this whole thing and is seriously reconsidering, or is in the process of scraping it before anyone is billed for it.

  160. jaykay Says:

    I almost feel like a loner when I say that this feels great. So maybe VB couldn’t get a deal in with EA and Vivid to go on the regular site – but this feels fine as well. There’s been numerous times with members asking for scenes or videos from these 2 companies. Don’t know so much about all the Vivid videos but at least Evil Angel’s videos are completely awesome. I’l definitely consider upgrading my membership once the small bugs that I’m reading on the blog, have been fixed.

    Keep up the good work! :)

  161. ESPN Sucks Says:

    Another thing, I just read in one of the video reviews that all of the “Big Wet Asses”, “Cum Craving Teens” series’ among other previously posted material by Elegant Angel have been removed from the site (I can verify Big Wet Asses is indeed gone). Anyone think we can expect an Elegant Angel “premium” channel on here sometime in the near future and these removed vids being put back on the site, only to have to pay for a new EA channel to have access to them??

  162. drudgereport Says:

    Jaykay: Nobody on here really has a problem with the addition of EA and Vivid at all…it’s the manner in which it was presented. Shoved down our throats if we don’t want it, and “baited and switched” with Vivid.

    ESPN Sucks: I’ve noticed the exact same thing and am truly worried. This is indeed a slippery slope.

  163. killjoy Says:

    yo VB, ya done good. people LOVE to complain. Guess thats what happens when ya give em a voice. they’ll shut up after awhile, jus freakin out cause, it would seem, VB is their life or something. jus fix the bugs and bam! back on top! and evil angel, awesome!!!!

  164. meltedmoss Says:

    Another thing, I just read in one of the video reviews that all of the “Big Wet Asses”, “Cum Craving Teens” series’ among other previously posted material by Elegant Angel have been removed from the site

    Ya I don’t understand this either they are gone for sure they don’t show up in the searches anymore I did have them bookmarked as a user before. Now I can’t find them through the star search or the DVD search. Did they say anything about taking them down?? or is this just a bug?

    As far as the premium channels go I think they need to reduce the price or make a bundle or deal if you sub to more then one. if this is going to be the normal model they work from this will get very expensive in a matter of months depending on how fast they roll out new channels. Hopefully we will not be paying for any old content put back into the site either.. And are we getting some Vivid videos with our Basic subs now? just not “alot” of new ones.

  165. Robert Says:

    yes put this shit in the EXTRA section. Please!

  166. sizelarge22 Says:

    The beginning of the end.

  167. Cabe Says:

    I decided to try out the Vivid sub and I’ve discovered that at least half the videos are messed up. All of the Vivid DVD’s that feature multiple angles have all of the different angles meshed together in one long choppy sequence. This is very much not OK for a premium addition.

  168. patrik Says:

    Thanks you for article. ;)

  169. Alexx Says:

    Hello, anyboday know from where can I take porn video and Uploaud on my website??? Thankss and wots rules.

  170. Hodgepodge Says:

    What I recall about Vivid is that the bulk of their material is crap–too much plot and too little sex. I for one am glad you kept your subscription price reasonable and gave the option for people who like Vivid crap to obtain it.