We’re Making Some Major Updates

The site will be in maintenance mode today starting around 12:30pm PST. The changes we’re making will take somewhere between 2 and 4 hours to complete (how’s that for an estimate?), but I’ll tell you that they’re pretty major and definitely worth the wait.

While you’re here, why not check out some porn star interviews, lists of scenes where the girls finish the guys, posts from the one and only Ropeadope, or check out the list of our most popular posts of all time on the left.

36 Responses to “We’re Making Some Major Updates”

  1. dd135754 Says:

    Hurry and finish up! Cant wait!!

  2. G Says:

    so, what’s the major change?

    any thought on adding more fetish-specific video companies. Like Cuckold vids, rim job vids, humiliation vids, bisexual vids, etc. etc. etc. etc.

    and how about some Alt-Porn!!!

  3. Bronty Says:

    Ohhhhh— Looking forward to the update! Whatever it is, big or small, I’m sure it’ll be great. I must say, I feel very spoiled here!

    Wrong blog post, but thanks again for the Jada Fire interview!!

  4. FlopTheNuts Says:

    So basically now I have to pay more if I want good content? I guess all my budget allows is tranny porn, fat chicks, and double-posts of Haley Page or whatever.

  5. garbman Says:

    Flopthenuts, I hope your not right but I’m thinking ya just might be. I’m guess’n that we won’t see anymore content from vivid or evil angel unless we upgrade. Except for their bargain crap.

  6. R Says:

    I guess it’s nice to have options, but the price is steep just to add one studio. I would be curious to find out how many subscriptions you think would have been lost if you just raised everyone’s membership fee is $2 or $3, instead of charging $18 per studio. I can justify a small increase, but not double or triple the current rate. My guess is that most people (myself included) would not have complained about the small increase for the extra content.

  7. bobgoatse Says:

    Worth to wait, lol. A possibility to scram some more $ to the table?

  8. bobgoatse Says:

    Basically there isnt 6000 videos at videobox anymore, RIP…

  9. rayd 70 Says:

    so we have to to pay three times as much or we get 2nd hand or 3rd hand cotent. 18 bucks for one studio ?come on

  10. Kev Chan Says:

    Update looks cool but I don’t really see how this update benefits the VB users. Vivid is definitely a great studio with good production value but it is somewhat absurd to pay another $18/month for access to 1 studio versus the large amount of studios we currently have access to. Plus there are 102 Vivid DVDs versus the 6000+ DVDs in the general subscription plan. From what I can tell a lot of the Vivid DVDs seem ‘older’ (which is not my cup of tea). If it was fantastic content that might be a different case. From my point of view it would make more sense if the Vivid/Evil Angel channels were like add-ons for like max $5 extra per month.

    VB, nice to seeing you are making improvements but this is somewhat of a miss for me 🙁

  11. rayd 70 Says:

    videobox 2 the quest for more money

  12. soleblazer Says:

    Uhm, no. I have been a member for a couple of years now, and this is not an upgrade. This could be the begining of the end, whats next, paying extra for each type of porn?

    Give me a break, Flop is dead on

  13. Necro Says:

    I just resigned up, and cannot believe this is what I’m seeing. The first day back, and this? Just wow. I used to be able to see the scenes I wanted, now its mixed in with stuff I can’t get. Just really disappointing.

  14. gettodachoppa Says:

    I guess only time will tell whether we see a big dip in the quality of the regular postings. That said, it definitely sucks knowing that there will never be another Evil Angel or Vivid release as a regular update. I’m sure more channels are around the corner too so it’s probably only a matter of time until we’re saying goodbye to Combat Zone and others as well. I guess $18 per month is still a pretty good price compared to straight up buying the dvds but its hard to get excited when I see that there is 70 hours until the next Evil Angel release and it costs nearly twice what I’m paying right now. I’ll stick on the regular membership and see what happens. If the quality starts getting really shitty then I guess me and VB will have to part ways. It’ll have been a good run…. one my hard drive won’t ever forget.

  15. jack_black Says:

    VB has sold out to the man….smh

    Seriousyl though, RLD, Voyuer, P-X, are all my fav updates anyway. This new change doesnt bother me too much.

  16. usbmac Says:

    This CAN’T be an EXTRA $32/month for two studios, can it?
    Actually, I can almost see those two studios trying to reach a deal with VB. Vivid is WAY over rated, I probably wouldn’t watch their slo-mo porn if it were free. Evil Angel, on the other hand, has much better content. I’d pay an extra $3 to $5 a month, but not $18. I guess we’ll see what happens. I do have to say, though that to begin with, VB’s price is the absolute best for the amount of content. Maybe I’ll do it for a month.

  17. jack_black Says:

    Alright, lets calm down a bit here. I can still see all my regular stuff, you don’t have to click on the new stuff, it’s just extra. You werent getting the vivd & ea stuff anyway…

  18. gettodachoppa Says:

    I did not realize that Exotic Angel and Vivid weren’t on the site already. In that case, consider my anger guardedly retracted. I guess this was probably the cheapest they could get those studios for and instead of just scrapping the whole deal they decided to give us the option. As long as the already established flow of content stays 100% the same as it has been, I guess there’s no reason to get worried.

  19. Necro Says:

    It should be organized in another area then. Mixing in with stuff you already have is confusing as hell. I look up a certain pornstar and there is mixed in stuff that I can’t currently access. I could see having a few premium channels, but mixing it in that way is just annoying.

  20. Kev Chan Says:

    Yeah I think it will be very sad if general subscription users starts getting crappier content to make way for these new channels. Gettodachopper is probably right on point. New channels are probably in the pipeline and this is just the tip of the iceberg…it always is. Although $18/month per studio isn’t ‘expensive’ per say if you compare to DVD prices but that pretty much contradicts what made VB so successful in the past. If content value starts to dip…unfortunately that probably means bye bye VB for me as well.

  21. rayd 70 Says:

    this used to be the best value out there now its like all the rest out to pick your pockets

  22. Kev Chan Says:

    Jack Black is right. We aren’t ‘losing’ any DVDs from this update. I agree we weren’t getting Evil Angel DVDs but I believe we just started getting Vivid DVDs last week (Pop Star on 3/12/08). I was pretty happy we were getting a new awesome studio but it looks like we’ll probably have to pay extra for that stuff 🙁

  23. rayd 70 Says:

    Vb usedto be the best value out there now its like all the rest out to pick your pockets

  24. Detritus Says:

    As long as the regular VB stays the same (5 vids a day for 10 a month for non-dvd) this is fine as long as the quality doesn’t drop (THIS IS KEY). EA and Vivid are nice, EA particularly, but not at an extra 10 a month for each when they only update 3 times a week. I’m sure I’ll dabble with each once the content climbs, but staying with it isn’t an option under these terms. I too would have preferred adding them to the regular rotation and jacking the price a bit (but not too much), because it’s the unkown of what we’ll get every 5 hours that makes this sight awesome. Knowing 2 studios are here that aren’t part of that takes away from it. While this isn’t that bad really, it is a swing and a miss for me.

  25. Damon Says:

    Lets be honest that none of these movies would have ever made it to this site if it were not for the carrot of additional revenue for these major studios. Basically Vivid and Evil Angel are not going to give away their premium content for peanuts however $17.95/month for the addition of one studio may be pushing it. The following sets a dangerous precident as other studios who compete with the major studios will resent that they are getting so much less for there content and will ask for more money leading to less, good value-added content in the future. The optics of asking customers to double or triple their bill in recessionary times is poor. $9.95/month would be more appropiate for 1 channel. Why can’t we have the option of purchasing a single movie if all we want are a few titles from a studio?

  26. Joe Says:

    I agree with Necro. The way in which the premium content has been mixed in with the rest of the updates makes the site cluttered and difficult to navigate. For instance, when looking up the “top scenes this week”, ALL of them seem to be either Vivid or EA with the exception of 1 or 2 per page. It is also worth adding that I, along with several members above, will be severely disappointed if the “regular” content decreases in quality as a result of this “upgrade”. It will surely result in the cancellation of not only my membership, but a great deal of other memberships as well. Does anyone else find it odd, that during a time of economic decline, Videobox decides to change its strategy to involve the option to pay higher prices for “premium” (quotation marks because Vivid and EA are both mediocre studios at best) content? C’mon Videobox, get your heads out of your asses, consider your target market, and give them what they want.

    P.S. If you dont know what your target market is, it is those who enjoy a large variety of quality pornography at a low price. Up until now you seem to have operated with this in mind. Don’t fuck it up now.

  27. Papayaman1 Says:

    It does seem clear that the Vivid and Evil Angel material is additional to what is already on VB. However, there are still some questions that I don’t think VB’s publicity material has answered. One thing I could not work out is do we have to pay $9.99 for access to both these prime channels, or do we have to pay $9.99 for each? At the moment I’m thinking it’s $9.99 for both, but I’m not sure. If it’s $9.99 for each that is steep and definitely undercuts VB’s current position as most competitive site. Secondly, will there be updates on the new channel in addition to the videos currently being advertised for Vivid and Evil Angel. If so, how frequent will they be – one a day, two a day, or what? Thirdly, a Brit like me would want to know if the rate will be the Sterling equivalent of $9.99, or will it be Euro9.99 – the latter would be a disadvantage as Sterling is particularly weak against the Euro at the moment. The last point is a bit particular to a few subscribers, but I think everybody would appreciate clarification on the other points as they are central factors in deciding whether or not we want to take advantage of this new deal.

  28. Zack & Miri Says:

    I think the new feature is pretty cool. If you guys don’t like it, then don’t subscribe. As far as I can see, the normal services that the site provides has not changed, and they released two new studios today. I’m totally digging the Candy Shop and the Sinsation. I personally think the quality of videos on the BOX has improved a lot with Red Light District, Hundies, etc.. Anyway, VB is still the best value for me, I’ve been a member of sites that charged over $30 a month and the quality is shit compared to VB. If you guys know of a better site for the same price, I’d like to know what it is!

  29. Kev Chan Says:

    Damon I think that is a very good point. This whole new channel system looks to be a slippery slope. If I was a competing studio why would I continue to accept peanuts for my DVDs (unless bound by contract) when studios like Vivid/EA are demanding such high profit margins? Even if I was bound by a contract pretty much I would change that the moment the contract is up. So logically speaking…it sounds like the beginning of the end boys.

  30. Gimmegimme Says:

    vivid.com – $33.97
    evilangel.com – $29.95 DivX only
    videobox.com – $14.95 for 6000+ titles from great studios, any one notice they added 2 new studios in the past week? That Faith Leon scene is fucking hot. I know it’s steep, but fuck it, I’ve got expendable income and I’m spending it on Evil Angel. $18 is a deal, and it’s still part of VB, which, IMHO, is still the best site on the net.

  31. ocdave67 Says:

    I have to wonder as well if VB will remain the same or will we have more studios going this route. As someone else mentioned, how long until Voyuer Media, Combat Zone and other top studios decide to go the same route with VB as Vivid and EA just did? I also do not appreciate the premium channel advertising that you put into the archives. I know this is done on purpose to get people to subscribe to a channel to see that content I however just do not like the way you are going about it VB. Please remove the “tease” from the archives and put them on each paid channel on archive. End of rant..

  32. DontQuoteMe Says:

    I am stoked! I pay $15 to $20 for one Evil Angel DVD – this is awesome. VideoBox has to make money – can’t be in business for free. Sign me up! Way to to VideoBox – Now, please secure Hustler, New Sensations, Kick Ass, etc. Great upgrade!!

  33. ocdave67 Says:

    I screwed up the last sentence on my previous post. I meant to say I hope that the premium channels get their own archive so that I do not have to see the content I am missing when I search the VB star or scene library. I also would like to request that the blog page only address scenes that are on the “standard” VB website. I do not want to see Alison including premium channel scenes in her “Best finishes” blogs and etc. This would be another unwanted temptation to this VB member who just can not afford the extra $$$ for these two great studios. 🙁 Now I am done with my rant 🙂

  34. garbman Says:

    We used to get more bang for the buck.the buck stops here!!!

  35. doppyman Says:

    How well VB handles the presence of the premium content will probably determine whether or not I stay on VB as a regular member. If VB decides to shove the premium content down our throats by making us see it on the top scenes and new DVDs screens, if scenes are mixed into blog discussion, I probably will treat VB like I have other sites, dropping them for a while and then coming back occasionally, rather than just staying with them all the time. I think the gist of a lot of comments here is that we trusted VB, that it was different in that it didn’t jerk you around and didn’t pimp for the extra buck and kept advertising to a minimum, etc. Today’s changes go a long way towards negating that feeling.

  36. pfffffft Says:

    I appreciate the premium content, at least in principle. Don’t mind the upsell if I see value in it. DO have an issue with the sudios selected for that premium content. Vivid is the geriatric ward of porn stars and Evil Angel looks like skank central. I’ll pay up to the $30/month your competiion is charging. But you DO have to give me something to chew on. Go license some better content.

    The premium billing stuff is probably a pain to work out. But you’re smart guys. You’ll figure out a clever pricing scheme that makes sense and can be implemented by the CC processors. Focus on the content. Give me a reason to pay more. And I will.