Follow Up to the Last Post

In case you missed my responses in the comments section of the last post, I just wanted to say:


Thanks for your understanding.


Some responses:


1) We will put together an FAQ on billing prices. This is the first time CC Bill has done such a complicated upgrade/downgrade system (and Epoch can’t do it at all yet), so we don’t have precise details. Give us a couple days to work out the kinks, and we’ll post something.


2) Every now and then we have to remove some titles (like the “Big Wet Asses” series) because whoever licensed them to us didn’t have the authority to do so, and the studio requests that we take them down.


3) We just added a filter so you can see VideoBox-only content. We’ll polish it up a bit so that you can save an account setting if you never want to see premium content, but for now it should let you browse like before.


Thanks for all your comments!

51 Responses to “Follow Up to the Last Post”

  1. Alex Says:

    why is everyone picking on poor scooter. he has every right to be pissed and every right to voice his opinion, even if you or I do not agree with it.

    The fact is that this premium stuff has been a disaster. Videobox should have never gotten into bed with the big studios. There are so many smaller, sexier, indie studios that videobox could add to its regular lineup.

    I for one am seriously considering canceling my membership because of this.