Follow Up to the Last Post

In case you missed my responses in the comments section of the last post, I just wanted to say:


Thanks for your understanding.


Some responses:


1) We will put together an FAQ on billing prices. This is the first time CC Bill has done such a complicated upgrade/downgrade system (and Epoch can’t do it at all yet), so we don’t have precise details. Give us a couple days to work out the kinks, and we’ll post something.


2) Every now and then we have to remove some titles (like the “Big Wet Asses” series) because whoever licensed them to us didn’t have the authority to do so, and the studio requests that we take them down.


3) We just added a filter so you can see VideoBox-only content. We’ll polish it up a bit so that you can save an account setting if you never want to see premium content, but for now it should let you browse like before.


Thanks for all your comments!

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51 Responses to “Follow Up to the Last Post”

  1. drudgereport Says:

    Thanks again Josh. Thanks for the filter, it works great, and thanks for the clarification of the removal of some series titles (hey, at least we got to see them when we weren’t supposed to!)

  2. rayd 70 Says:

    thank you for your responce you have addressed these problems with class and honesty thanks again I hope vb will continue to be as good or better than ever I now feel confident it will thanks again

  3. ESPN Sucks Says:

    Thanks for your honestly and filling us into what is going on. As far as the “Big Wet Asses” series is concerned, I’d personally like to request that a reasonable attempt be made to get that series back on the site. Thank you,

  4. bobsipod Says:

    Big wet asses is gone? dammit! I’m not even blaming you, i’m just dismayed.

  5. orgo14 Says:

    So in the Vivid section under “Stars” when the number of scenes are listed and for example for Kobe Tai it says “17″ but there are really only 5 scenes… could you explain this discrepancy? Has only part of the initial library been uploaded?

  6. DonkeyPunch Says:

    Great stuff Josh .. get them ‘Big Wet Asses’ back up tho :-p

    I think its great you’ve got EA on board & I want to wish you the best of luck with this new venture.

    Once the pricing details have been ironed out, I’ll be on board with EA

  7. HotScooter2 Says:

    Josh,Alison and content dude:

    we got an expression down here in the south and that is “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it” i almost feel like i have become a friend with Alison on these blogs and i am shocked that she and content dude would follow through with these premium channels without polling us,especially Alison. she is very conscientious that way. and now it seems you have created a monster out of your control.y’all are pretty much unanimously considered the # porn site by most reviewers,and now i think you have seriously jeopardized that status,as you see from all the negative feedback you have recieved. and i concur with this negative feedback. i do hope you will keep Alison in charge of the blog,because the blog members love this little lady.she has won our respect. so why were these changes made without concurring with members via the blog.if you had done that it would have saved y’all a lot of grief. i hope to continue my regular membership unless it becomes too confusing,but i do not wish to pay extra for vivid or the other one. if that becomes the case i would have to cancel and so would many others i am sure.. too me it seems you went you the expense of making such changes in an unwise manner. and oyu know the hardest thing there is ,is maintainig your number 1 position

  8. killjoy Says:

    OMFG! still complaining? scooter! get it together, it’s gonna be ok dude.

  9. greywind57 Says:

    Hi VB. I just wanted to put my two cents into what looks to be the already overflowing VB piggy bank.

    I like this site. I like it a lot. It is without a doubt the best damn porn site I have ever seen, much less been a member of. You provide a top notch product at a great price. Plus, the blog is great. The ability to provide meaningful feedback to a staff that really cares about VB is part of what makes the site great.

    Having said all that, I think the new additions to VB are a good move. While I likely will not upgrade immediately, I imagine that I might do so once more dvds have been added form both Vivid and Evil Angel. Judging from what you’ve told us, I can just sit back and continue to enjoy the same great content without upgrading, so it’s really no problem for me that the new stuff is coming. Who knows, maybe next week you’ll add a video that sends me scrambling for my credit card.

    Anyway, that’s my thoughts. Have a good one and keep up the good work.

  10. ocdave67 Says:

    Thanks for addressing the issues brought up VB. I do have to say that I hope you polish up that search engine “sooner” rather than “later”. I appreciate the filter you have put on the site but cannot wait for you to add a cookie or whatever needs to be done to make the removal of the premium channels scenes permanent. I do NOT like having to click on the VB filter on every search.
    I hope you are right about the other studios as well Josh. I am going to take a wait and see attitude on your beliefs on this issue. I think this could lead to problems in the future.
    I like the idea of a mid level subscription to Evil Angel and Vivid. It is almost like a go between subscription of a trial membership and a full membership. This model might work out!!
    Maybe you should consider offering limited material from Jules Jordan, VCA, Hustler as far as studios go. Or how about limited content memberships to Naughty America, Reality Kings, and Brazzers and the like?
    One other concern that was not addressed as well was blog content Josh. I hope the VB blog only continues to cover material that is on the main VB website. I do not want to see alison picking scenes for her weekly favorites from the extra content. I think this again will irritate your core VB members again. Please address this issue as well.. Thanks!!

  11. doppyman Says:

    Hotscooter – Your point about consulting the membership is well taken. As a matter of fact, VB did put out a trial balloon. I remember a blog discussion of whether or not there should be some type of two tier membership, or some sort of premium set-up. I seem to remember that there was a large majority against it. I think I am like you in my love of this site and the sense that what it made it so special was that it not only was an awesome source of porn at an outstanding price, but there seemed to be a real devotion to members’ interests and feedback, that it was a community in which, rare thing, the customers’ needs and wants were really taken seriously by the staff. The sudden changes caught us by surprise and we temporarily felt let down. I am hoping that we overreacted and that once the bugs are worked out, we’ll find that things will be OK. Josh’s response is very very encouraging. To the VB staff, I just want to point out that some of the intense reaction we gave you was a result of your success in creating a web site that some of us really love and trust. (I know, some of you more casual porn-hounds will say, get a life.) That’s no small accomplishment.

  12. friedrich Says:

    Love the site, Josh. An awesome price for so much content. Ironically, I’ve been asking for Big Wet Asses #10 to be added for a while, and then you’re forced to pull the series. Damn it all.

  13. Papayaman Says:

    It seems to be coming clearer that this is a storm in a teacup. The regular content on VB does not seem to have suffered. And once the pricing FAQ is worked out I’m anticipating/hoping that we will all be able to see that this is a cost effective way of providing content we otherwise would not have had access to (at least not at a competitive price). Given that the premium channels are optional and that the normal VB channel seems to be continuing as before I cannot see a downside.

  14. yesman Says:

    Thanks for the filter Josh. Do you think you guys could add a preference setting to disable the large premium advertisement at the top center of the videobox page too? Thank you.

  15. Microphone Says:

    *Billing Then*
    I have always hated the way that VB does billing. I deal with it because the price was right and it was either “get it or don’t”. The last time that my membership expired, I had to create a new account and user name and lost all of my settings. This was frustrating and I must admit, I shopped around to see if there was any decent competition. I stayed with VB.

    *Billing Now*
    I would be willing to give the Vivid channel a test run, but there is no way I am going to do it when I can’t (easily) add or remove time to my current billing cycle. I want it to be easy to add and remove premium content as well as maintain my account.

    It is time for VB to handle its own billing.

    *The New Content*
    I am happy to see it, but I think it needs to be reduced in price and changed to a monthly billing with the option to switch Premium studios. There isn’t enough new content to make it worth the current price.

    *Basic & Premium… that’s it*
    I am personally saddened that there are multiple premium channels instead of just one “upgrade” as another tier of membership. If the options were “basic membership $10/month” and “premium membership $20/month” I would sign up for the second one… but I don’t want the complications of only getting a “channel”. That is how so many other porn websites run. I have no interest in those sites, which is why I chose VB. I want a one stop shop.

    No tricks, no gimmicks. As a paying member with a “basic” membership I do not want any ads for premium content other than a single tab. I don’t want the videos mixed in with my content unless I am paying for them. That is why I paid to join a site rather than to use Youporn or RedTube.

    *Final Words*
    I think that this site has the most potential for success, and I don’t think that it should ask for permission to make big changes. However, with a mission like Josh stated, “My #1 goal is to create the best porn site in the world” I think that VB staff should put itself into the shoes of its consumers. What would make this site easier, quicker, more attractive… perfect.

    * Easier: Better streamlined billing
    * Quicker: No trick links
    * More Attractive: Lower prices on premium content
    * Perfect: You guys are close! Don’t get greedy and you can get there!

  16. inbaetet Says:

    VB FAQ: Existing users on a monthly plan who upgrade will be charged a prorated amount for the remainder of the current month. After the first month, you will see one monthly charge for the total amount of your subscriptions.

    That is not what is happening.

    I did not upgrade because when I clicked the button to do so, it says “Prorated from 09-08″ I WILL NOT be paying for 7 months of content I did not have access to prior to joining. Judging by comments made from some other, that seems to be what is happening.

    Please address this.

  17. bigkai19 Says:

    Hello all, I pretty much understand, what the deal is, but as we all know, you start playing with the big dogs, you have to play by all their rules, I just hope no other titles will have to be pulled due to license issues, I wish I could have got a heads up on the Big Wet Asses series, a few scenes like Naomi, Lauren, and olivia were keepers. I hope in the future, if you have to remove something, tell the customers in advance, then it’s up to us if we want to grab it or not. Don’t leave us in the dark.

  18. Lubenluv Says:

    Forgetting for the moment the whole pricing issue, I do want to say a big thank you to VB for ensuring that the premium content was placed here in a manner that STILL leverages the incredible, state of the art VB user interface. I sub to EA’s site myself already and it absolutely sucks. VB has a serious value-add with your user interface, the comment/review features built into the individual clips, the “Create your Own Clip” feature, etc. I will be a subscriber here at VB for some time simply because you have, hands-down, the best UI for digital porn I have seen. So regardless of where you go with premium or extra content, please….keep up the great work on the existing “classic” VB user interface and continue to sink your investments there. You have an engine that, if marketed the right way, will get a LOT of other “Premium” content providers to just throw away their own efforts and sell their content thru you. In time, I see VB as the Amazon of porn.

  19. Lubenluv Says:

    Follow-up to above….

    Oh and a HUGE THANK YOU for pulling the Vivid candy-ass porn library out of the mainstream VB library. Personally, I hate Vivid and prefer to never see it co-mingled with my other stuff. In fact, I’d really like it if I could create a “My VideoBox” that would let me pre-filter new content as it arrives….sort of like a porn spam box. I really hate DP/Gangbang flicks and would prefer to not even see them when I’m browsing new features and/or seeing the “recommended” scenes on my screen. This may not meet your marketing needs, but if I had it my way, I’d want your tweaking of the Filter engine to be universal and really letting me customize my VB experience.

  20. MrPointy Says:

    That’s all great. Now can you do something about the number of videos that are getting posted without sound or with screwed up aspect ratios?

  21. Murder Says:

    I am pretty disappointed by all of this. I know you want to do bigger and badder things but I liked Videobox the way it was. Perhaps its time I close my membership. I don’t like how you put these new channels to tempt us and then find out I can’t upgrade because of my Biller, Epoch, cannot support it. This infuriates me.

    The final icing on the cake was the fact that you removed ‘Big Wet Asses’ from your selection of VB dvds. I’m beginning to wonder what other DVDs you have removed and if you are just lying about the actual number of DVDs VB has. Do you subtract them from the total when you remove them?

    Thanks for providing me with a great service, it was awesome while it lasted. Good luck in the future.

  22. Cabe Says:

    I decided to try out the Vivid sub and I’ve discovered that at least half the videos are messed up. All of the Vivid DVD’s that feature multiple angles have all of the different angles meshed together in one long choppy sequence. This is very much not OK for a premium addition.

  23. Lorddork Says:

    Off topic:
    Why has my account been canceled? I had monthly recurring plan. Is it a side-effect of the recent change? According to the mail I got today, two hours left till terminal exodus.
    CC Bill shows no (obvious) way to undo the cancellation.
    Is there a way to save my favorites?

  24. BigBoss Says:

    This whole thing stinks to high hell. I WOULD like to upgrade and get Evil angel content, BUT I have the 18 month package already, and the damn site wants to sell me 18 months of upgrades. When will you fix this so i can just sign up for ONE month to see if i like it? instead of paying $120 to find out i don’t like it.

  25. jfro21 Says:

    Slightly off topic: I notice now that browsing scenes by popularity now filters out evil Angel if I want it: Great.
    One question though: I notice the ranking of the popularity of scenes has changed….I may be a complete porn geek for inquiring about this but I kind of “believed” that the ranking was an actual 1,2,3 ranking of how many 5 star etc votes that scene got. Now, though, the ranking has suddenly shifted around with some scenes now “on top”. It appears as though the ranking is an artifact of something else.

    Can you a) explain how scenes are arrayed in that ranking? and b) make it so the scenes are ranked even to a number of decimal places according to their popularity (as you define it). That they shift around makes me think that what I THOUGHT were the most popular scenes were just an artifact of some other number or randomness in your system.


  26. bigkai19 Says:

    Some changes needed on the home page, take that big banner down, and advertise the two channels on the side, where the blog banner is located, if we’re not going to subscribe, why waste memory from your browser everytime you log in. This change I believe was all to fast, and now the vb pages aren’t responding to well, I’ve sent emails about this, and some other issues that turned up, I hope there being looked into.

  27. Draganov2 Says:

    And it still DOES NOT WORK. Come on, two days already. This really sucks.

  28. meltedmoss Says:

    Ya thanks for clarifying where the titles went I’ve been thinking it was a website issue for months. And I am looking forward to a faq on priceing.

    VB is a good site despite what people say about the quality most of the videos are worth watching. I’d rather see more videos like the early ones. Breaking them In etc. But some of the new stuff is at least close.

    It’d be nice to see some attempt made to re-licence those old videos that had to be deleted they were some of your better offering over the years.

  29. PinkPanther Says:

    First the upgrade then the info on prices? Hmmmm – sounds a little ass-backwards, but it will be interesting to see what gets rolled out – hard to go for something when even the owner of the company doesn’t seem to know what the prices are. Sorry if I’m seeming negative, but I believe my attitude is what’s deserved in this situation at the moment. I may feel entirely differently when there’s some real info.

  30. HotScooter2 Says:


    first of all you have no right to say i am complaining again,i have just as much right to express my opinion as anyone else.
    And since when are you qualified to tell me i need to get it together.
    i doubt if you are man enough to do anything about it,but rather hiding behind the monitor like many cowards you wanna start something,will do ya “go ahead make my day”
    crawl out of your fucking cage and go see mommy

  31. HotScooter2 Says:


    i think we are pretty much on the same wavelength. thanks for the reply

  32. bobsipod Says:

    Got another glitch for you. all the catagory filters disappear when i click on a star’s name. anyone else getting that? I have no interest in sorting through nearly 200 audrey hollander vids without the benefit of narrowing it down. By the way, i love it when people tough talk one-another through blog comments. It makes me appreciate the fights ive actually been in so much more.

  33. Xanthious Says:

    To VB Higher Ups:

    While I don’t have a problem with your current moves in theory, in actual application they have been nothing short of a disaster. I understand that all businesses must grow and that all things in time will change but this recent change has left a VERY bad taste in my mouth for a variety of reasons listed below. . .

    First and foremost, nobody is able to clearly explain pricing and any well run business would of at least had this part down before rolling out such all encompassing changes.

    Secondly, you are only making these “upgrades” available to a portion of your customer base while completely leaving out another portion that rely on a particular billing model. This reeks of poor planning and even worse implementation.

    Thirdly, this whole thing has the feel of being rushed out and with little to no prior planning as shown by there being no filters in place for your basic members and other things that are being fixed as you go instead of already being in place.

    Finally, until I happened across Video Box some time back I had never paid for porn on the internet and if I ever leave VB I probably wont be paying for it again. Adult entertainment is by far not a difficult thing to find on the internet these days. Sites that offer excessive amounts of adult content freely and safely in a manner similar to Youtube are popping up all over. Video Box has always offered enough and shown they value us as customers to never make me question why I dont just get my porn for free. While I am happy to see the founder coming out and taking the heat for this I am cautious to see if all these promises will be upheld. If they are upheld then I, and many others will applaud and Im sure your sight will continue to thrive. However, if you continue on your current path and no fixes/changes are made then I and most likely others will be quick to show our displeasure with our wallets.

    Hopefully this will be read by somebody at VB and taken to heart. Thank you for your time.


  34. garbman Says:

    I posted my opinion on this subject late yesterday evening. By this morning it was deleted from the blog. Granted I have in the past been derogatory towards the site. However, yesterday I didnot use, derogatory, or otherwise offensive languege. In my opinion, sure I made my point and obviously it was true, because it’s gone now. Thanks VB. for shutting up the membership for thier opinions,

  35. killjoy Says:

    scooter! Compose yourself dude. you sound like a crazy person.

  36. ocdave67 Says:

    Want to see a little more deception? Go to the Evil Angel channels and bring up the “stars” category. First one on the list is “Adrianna Nicole” and the page says she has 13 scenes on the site. However when you click the name link it shows she only has 7 scenes. This is true of every star I clicked on!! So do not be fooled into thinking that the number on the main stars page is accurate. I wonder if this was a mistake or an attempt by VB to over represent the actual number of scenes per star.. You sure are on fire this week VB..

  37. Asterra Says:

    The scene count isn’t right. The filters don’t work. This is all an evil plot to screw us over. Whaaa Whaaa Whaaa!

    Some of you people are incredible. There are bugs, all right? VB is fixing them. Grow up and get over it.

  38. Breadwinner Says:

    These are interesting posts, but not unlike a lot of other sites (nonpr0n). There are the those that like to flame and there are the fanbois. I actually think for this rollout, the complaining is healthy for the site. This of this like a beta test. The more errors that are found once the product is introduced into the wild, the better for the VB IT people to correct it. It might leave a sour taste in those early adopters but better for everyone in the long term. Think of this as VB’s version of Windows Vista. Terrible at first, but decent now (BTW I still prefer XP). So go ahead, complain away and hope the IT guys are reading this.

  39. Breadwinner Says:

    These are interesting posts, but not unlike a lot of other sites (nonpr0n). There are the those that like to flame and there are the fanbois. I actually think for this rollout, the complaining is healthy for the site. Think of this like a beta test. The more errors that are found once the product is introduced into the wild, the better for the VB IT people to correct it. It might leave a sour taste in those early adopters but better for everyone in the long term. Think of this as VB’s version of Windows Vista. Terrible at first, but decent now (BTW I still prefer XP). So go ahead, complain away and hope the IT guys are reading this.

  40. doppyman Says:

    Asterra – I would think you might have noticed that there are a lot of people that had problems here, that the problems were multiple and serious and that, if you read the answers from VB, a lot of them caught them by surprise. IT’S PRETTY CLEAR THAT OUR COMPLAINING ALERTED VB TO SPECIFIC ISSUES AND NOW THEY ARE ADDRESSING THEM. What would have been the merit of saying nothing? Think of it as constructive criticism that helps VB get better. We’d rather get over it by having problems addressed and corrected.

  41. bellator Says:

    More filters would be great, for example: run a search for scenes INCLUDING blonde, anal, big tits, but EXCLUDING transsexual, BBW, squirting.

  42. shawnwilkesbooth Says:

    Any ETA on Epoch folks being able to order premium content?

  43. Thund3rstruck Says:

    Thanks for the transparency guys! Doing a great job of making it feel like Videobox is just as much Our site as it is Yours. I like the new additions and I trust that your will continue to take care of us! Thanks

  44. HotScooter2 Says:


    first of all i started nothing with you. you are the one that mocked my post and not vice versa.
    second of all you are not qualified to determine if i am crazy or not crazy.
    all i did was to state what i did not like about the changes. if you have read more of my post to the blogs i tend to be more complimentary than critical. And what is the boundary between and normal who really knows ? who is to say i am crazy or you are normal? these terms are relative and frequently judgmental. in your case i think you made the remarks to me in a judgmental way. you do noot know me and have never met me or talked to me,so Dr. Killjoy it is absolutely amazing that you can make such a diagnosis. if i have anyone else that needs any medical advice i willl certainly refer them to you.
    And in my previous post i was not intending any harm but imitating Clint Eastwood. i wish you no harm in any way. i was purely toying with you for telling me to get it together.
    so find someone else to fight with. our flame war is officially over

  45. Draganov2 Says:

    And it still does NOT work. Does this damn upgrade work for anybody ? Ridiculous. Instead of fighting with each other we should focus on the crap update.

  46. HotScooter2 Says:

    What is the difficulty that you are having with and billing through them? why are prices not available?why wasn’t this information provided to us before the changes were made? i feel these are all perfectly sensible questions that have not been answered to my knowledge by the staff at VB.
    as you can see by the responses many people like myself that have been primarily complimentary towards VB,are now being highly critical.
    and one last thing to Killjoy you do not have the right to suppress my right to speak my mind on this blog without your insulting remarks. i think with a little introspection you will see that you were the one instigating.if you don’t like what i have to say then don’t read my post.

  47. SingularManX Says:

    1. The content recently has been terrible. Terrible. Atrociously bad.

    2. No video should ever be posted without the names of all the actors in the scene. No, not asking for real names, but consistently spelled acting names. Go back and fill-in the missing names.

    3. No more videos with bad lighting or bad/missing audio. Go back and fix videos that do not meet a minimum standard.

    4. Why are there no actress names listed with less than ten videos? Shouldn’t we be able to search for an actress with just a few videos and high popularity?

  48. Skoal Says:

    Thanks for the blog post explaining things. Very nice to see the transparency.

    My biggest beef with the new content was Vivid was more or less implied to be a regular studio for VB. That was all part of the 6000th dvd thing. Sure going back and reading everything like a lawyer it is apparent you gave your self an out. Too everyone who thinks Vivid sucks, two words. Kobe Tai.

  49. killjoy Says:

    scooter! really, settled down now, it’s unattractive dude.

  50. G Says:

    Josh…you sounds like a typical big business spin doctor. instead of sticking to your supposed mission, you are selling out at the behest of the larger companies and then charging us and prorating us and maginalizing the original site.

    You should not be looking in the direction of vivid, etc.

    go the other route….smaller independent studios who focus on niches…i.e. cuckolding, humiliation, rimming, alt porn, punk girls, real lesbians, goth girls, prostate milking, etc. etc. etc.

    there is so much out there you could use from small independent companies. but instead you choose the two biggest sellouts in the inductry and expect us to pay triple what we are already paying for a couple hundred dvds. That’s just bad business man.

  51. Alex Says:

    why is everyone picking on poor scooter. he has every right to be pissed and every right to voice his opinion, even if you or I do not agree with it.

    The fact is that this premium stuff has been a disaster. Videobox should have never gotten into bed with the big studios. There are so many smaller, sexier, indie studios that videobox could add to its regular lineup.

    I for one am seriously considering canceling my membership because of this.