How Do You Use VideoBox

I have a question… how do you use VideoBox?  In other words, how do you navigate?  What do you watch?  What do you wish were better about the experience?


I’ll go first.  I’m not a typical user, since I’ve been around from day 1 and it’s free for me :)   But here’s what I do:


First place I usually go is “Top Scenes This Week”.  Most of the time, I see something that is new and looks good.


If not, I’ll check out the recommendations.  One nice thing about recommendations is we filter out everything you’ve seen before, so you know it’s all fresh.


And sometimes I look at videos I found while at work.  Since I work at one of the few places where you get yelled at for *not* looking at porn, every now and then I come across something cool and add it to My Favorites, to be watched later.


Also, I always watch Flash.  I never download, unless I’m going somewhere without an Internet connection.


My Pet Peeves


There are a couple things that keep VB from being porn nirvana.


Sometimes I’m in the mood for a style of content that we just don’t have (and that’s cause we can’t license it — more on that later).


And sometimes what I’m looking for is so specific, like just the right angle and position, and there’s just no easy way to find it.


How about you guys?

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64 Responses to “How Do You Use VideoBox”

  1. Breadwinner Says:

    I typically navigate by reviewing the new DVDs since I last checked the site. This is then followed by scenes of the week and recommended scenes. There are times when I am looking for a particular actress in a particular DVD. Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don’t. If there is not much or the new DVDs do not interest me, I then look around the genres I like and look at the back catalog of scenes.

    Peeves: 1. Missing DVDs from a series. 2. Certain niches such as Japanese Hentai, true foreign porn (I love stuff from different countries), or certain fetishes are missing and/or sorely underrepresented. 3. Incomplete DVDs. Scenes are broken up and some DVDs are actually missing scenes. This sometimes includes the person on the DVD cover! What a dissapointment! Sometimes, such as storyline DVDs, I wish I could just get an option download the whole things all at once. 4. Occasionally, there are some scenes that have poor video or sound which re-downloading does not fix. 5. Please consider upgrading the WMV format to WMV9 as WMV8 is becoming outdated and modern media players will not work with this format. 6. Nowadays, with HD quality, DVD quality may not be enough. I for one, am willing to pay a small premium for an HD content upgrade. The proliferation of HDTVs would make sense to have this kind of upgrade but obviously, it depends on the source material and your compression techniques to make it look good for the HDTVs. Just a thought.

  2. bobsipod Says:

    Since I’m sick of talking about premium content, I’ll happily partake in this thread. I always check out the latest titles on the home page first. I do not typically get angry if nothing is to my liking for 4 or 5 dvds at a time, because hell, i signed up here because of the 30,000 scenes anyway. I typically will only download my favorite stars (Tobi pacific and Sophie Dee are currently my top 2). Having recently upgraded my computer I can now use the flash player to far greater effect, as my old one simply couldn’t handle it properly. I dont hit up the top scenes too much, and if I do I’m only checking to se if a scene I enjoyed was near the top. Mainly if I’m searching I’d start with one category, then add another filter or two, and check out a few scenes. I lost faith in the recommended scenes page because i was being spoon-fed a steady diet of behind the scenes vid I couldnt care less about.

  3. ReedO Says:

    I check the new DVD’s daily. I will click on the quick flash view and I will download if I am interested in the scene. This site has the fastest download speed at 10 mb per second, so it’s a breeze to download and delete later. Since I just fell off the turnip truck I discovered I can stream scenes on my Iphone. This amazed me. I will use my favorite’s list to view on my Iphone to save time browsing with the iphone. I feel like I am getting 2 sites for the price of one. The basic Videobox is plenty for me. I have no pet peeves. Sincerely, Reed.

  4. Rael Says:

    Every time I log on to VB, I look at the new DVDs that have been uploaded and look through them and add the scenes I want to watch later to my “watch later” folder. If I see a scene I know I will want to watch later, I will put it in my favorites. This is why I have about 60 favorite scenes, and almost 900 watch later scenes. . . as I never clean that folder out.

    Occasionally I will go to most popular scenes and just randomly browse through the thousands of scenes I have never seen. I also use the recommendations feature.

    My pet peeve is the same, when I want to see something specific, like a certain position, it can be frustrating. The only way I can think of fixing this would be to add a huge amount of filters, which would be problematic in itself.

  5. BigBoss66 Says:

    I’ve posted in multiple blog threads about my issue, tried to send an e-mail, but i cant find an address. so i sent it through the automated system you all have set up. Instead all I get is an automated response saying that i have to contact CC-bill about billing inquiries. I wanted to try out the Evil angel channel, BUT the system you people have in place FORCES me to upgrade the remainder of my subscription left with video box WHICH is 18 months. The original subscription was the 12 month package with six months free. This has led to a ridiculous fee of $110 to try out a service that only has around 120 dvd’s. Missing from the current collection are the Fasionistas, and anything by Rocco Siffredi.

    This whole situation has really set me off. Now I’m at the point where even if I could upgrade to a monthly plan, I wouldn’t. I refuse to pay extra to sit by month after month hope that of the 12 dvd’s that will be uploaded each month, something will be in there that I like. Part of what made VB great was that there were 1000’s of DVD that had a lot of stuff that i liked. Now your asking me to pay EXTRA for a studio who’s Feature films I like aren’t even there on the site? Or pay extra for another studio, who’s Feature films I can’t stand?

    Last month, I bought the 12 month package for $120 in good faith. I thought that whatever got uploaded to the site for the next 12 months would be available to me. I even got six months free. However, a month later I am being asked to pay another $110 to access ONE studio, $220 to access both. I can’t deal with this anymore, I refuse to pay more when I already have memberships to other sites that have original content, with DRM free downloads, in HD.

    Please cancel my account, and refund the rest of my subscription.

  6. tyler Says:

    I love girl/girl stuff so I almost exclusively watch lesbian scenes. I go straight to view scenes by date and then hit the lesbian filter and go from there.

  7. MacMan Says:


    I have no problems with basic VB. Love the site. I am excited about the chance to get EA at a discount price!! Yes, I am an outlayer from what you seem to receiving. This is the future of porn sites and you are on the cutting edge.

    I can’t figure out how to get upgraded to the EA site. I’ve tried everything I can think about and it doen’t work. Can you please provide a way yo do this? It is not the same as the Premium sites; those are Premier Sites.

    I am a happy member and looking for answers to your new offerings.

  8. nick Says:

    I’ve been a happy member for over three years now. I tell every fellow porn-hound I know about VB. Most of them think it’s too good to be true. I did too, but that’s why this is the first and only site I’ve ever paid for.

    That said, from the get-go my only minor complaint has been that the “threesome” category needs to be bifurcated into MFF and MMF sections. I’m a big fan of the former, but not so much the latter, so I get a lot of results I don’t want for one of my favorite categories.

    Other than that, I was impressed the changes you guys have made to the recent update in response to the overwhelming amount of feedback. I think all the negativity may have scared off the blog’s head writer – she’s been conspicuously absent since the update… your readers miss you, Alison!

  9. HotScooter2 Says:


    all of the negative feedback does not reflect on you. come back to the blog we miss you.eventually things will sort themselves out. you don’t come back i am gonna sing for you and i sing worse than anyone you ever heard.hope you are still with VB as you are an important reason for why it works

  10. Hamtili Says:

    I check every new update, if I like it, I download it.
    I also use the flash player for quick previews. I don’t download single scenes, I always download whole DVDs even if I only like 1-2 scenes. If the movie is from a series I look for the other DVDs of the series. I’m trying to get all movies of a series. I also search through older DVDs filtering by different options.
    Things that I would like: some (good) jap. Hentai, more filter options (more specific categories, maybe I have oversight it, but a way to check scene pairings would be good, male performers under starring: of a scene, DVD), HD – I would pay extra, porn and nature documentaries are THE arguments for High Definition

  11. Hamtili Says:

    Edit: I agree with Breadwinner about his peeves.

  12. Papayaman Says:

    VB has a lot going for it in terms of the different strategies you can take to navigating through its content. You can look for a particular star, or studio, or niche, all of which I’ve done at different times. That said, like most, I usually start by checking the new uploads on the home page. If there is nothing there that hits the spot I will sometimes go to the reccommendations or top scenes this week. Quite often I’ll discover a star I find particularly attractive and look up what she has got on site through clicking on the star facility, or through the search facility.

    In contrast to Hamtii I think one of the huge advantages of VB is that you don’t have to download a whole video. The large majority of videos have some scenes that I would regard as filler, or else they just don’t appeal to me. I think it’s good that things are structured in such a way that Hamtii can do it his way and I can do it mine.

    With regard to the premium content I personally would be happy to see them mixed with scenes from the main channel in the reccommendations and top scenes this week sections. From what I’ve seen I think that is what you have done. Personally, I’m ok with it.

    Peeves are few and relatively minor, but here they are. Like Breadwinner I sometimes find it irritating when incomplete DVDs are uploaded, especially when the cover advertises a star I like and that is the scene that is missing. On a recent update I was disappointed when an advertised Sonia Red scene turned out to be absent, especially as she is under-represented on the site. Very occasionally a scene wont download properly and this can be irritating. In the case of the scene on V8 featuring Daphnye I tried multiple downoads but could not eliminate interference – very annoying because she was smoking hot in that scene. These are amply compensated by the good scenes on the site.

  13. Skyine Billy Says:

    Josh, I’ve been a member for two years now and I’m pretty happy with VB. I check the site out almost everyday, so I first browse through the new updates to catch up since the last time I was on. I scan the screen caps for scenes that look interesting and read the “reviews” for a good laugh. After that I go back to the main page and check out the recommended scenes and movies for any old ones I may have missed.

    When I get on here I’m usually looking for whatever I’m in the mood for, and a lot of times that can be very specific. So while I’m browsing, I use my favorites folders to filter existing categories to my tastes and to use for categories VB doesn’t have like boots, euro babes, glasses, and stockings/pantyhose. After two years I’ve used this technique to filter and categorize the scenes for about 97% of the movies on here. In case anyone is wondering, each favorites folder holds 2500 entries. LOL! Those times when I am looking for something specific I can go right to my favorites folders and use the existing VB filters to easily find the types of scenes I’m in the mood for, and not have the scenes with women I don’t find attractive or scenes with condoms (Don’t get me started! Automatic ban from my favorites folders or download.) showing up in the results. That way if I’m looking for a cute redhead taking it anally while wearing stockings, or a hot brunette MILF getting cream pied with her glasses on, I’m only going to have to look through a handful or two of results to find that certain “thing” I’m looking for.

    I only use the flash player to quickly assess a few things you sometimes can’t tell by the screen caps that are given: is she into it, is it a real cream pie, or are they using condoms? (I know, I know. Sorry, I just can’t get into it when they are.) The WMV DVD and H.264 look better on my monitor so I either stream or just download when actually watching the scene.

    My pet peeves with the site would be multiple name listings for the same star, movies that have less than 4 standard size scenes, movies that have scenes omitted from them when posted on here, and the lack of certain niches or fetishes like the ones I’ve added to my favorites folders. I’ve noticed the past few months that whomever has been matching the “related scenes” to the individual scenes within a movie has been subtly doing some of these categories. For example, new scenes with girls wearing stockings have related scenes with girls wearing stockings listed with them. So why not go ahead and add some more of these categories? Judging by a lot of the “reviews” left by other members there seems to be a fairly high demand for some expansion to the categories like other sites have.

    As far as the recent site upgrades goes, I wasn’t upset by it at all. I understand how some of these studios operate when it comes to their product. I will probably try out the EA channel for a month and see how I like it. I think it’s a good idea since you can’t cut a deal with these guys and there’s certainly been a demand for both of these studios. However, if your staff had spent some more time working out all of the kinks before the launch, and posted the details about the upgrades at least a week before, I think the backlash would have been a fraction of what you ended up having. We’re your dedicated members because we know you’re the best. We don’t like mysterious and complicated changes of this magnitude without some kind of forewarning.

    That being said, all of you at VB keep up the great work! I’m not going anywhere because I know you’re still going to be the same great site you’ve always been… Now with a few more options for those so inclined.

  14. Skyine Billy Says:

    Damn! I didn’t realize that was going to be so long.

  15. apefl3to2 Says:

    You mentioned camera angles Josh which I’m real big on.Do you think there will be a day ever where we can select the camera angle?When I preview on flash player I’m looking for camera angles that I like if I think it’s a hot scene.I download 2-5 minute segments of scenes and burn as many of these on to a dvd as possible.I’ve only downloaded and burned maybe 15 or so full scenes I consider classics.I don’t consider the premium thing offensive ,maybe I’ll try in down the road but it didn’t make me mad.I’m overall happy with VB or I wouldn’t be here.

  16. fatrush Says:

    greetings ditto_fuggas, sounds like we got a lot of change to deal with here. i think bigboss66 is right in that we’re looking for answers to billing issues and that’s not being provided like it was promised in your last entry. it’s like, let’s dismiss the billing issues and address site options instead? wtffffffff. oh well, and for skyline, yes your post was too long, and you forgot to tell them you love for the tranny vids. right now i’m amazed at all the free porn sites out there; sheez; its a fuggn party in my hand all the time. keep drinking the kook! out.

  17. Green6 Says:

    I think videobox is exellent,I do sometimes read the blog but have never posted on VB blog before, I have been a member of VB for almost a year and have never needed to contact support. I like searching through the database for interesting scenes.
    Also I enter random key words into the search box to see what results you get. I use keywords from description of videos I like to find others. As with anybody else, my preferences for videos change from time to time.
    So with the huge data base VB has there is plenty of choice, for everyone. I cant think of any suggestions on how to improve the site, The flash player on VB is also great.So far I have only looked at a fyew categories, But the great thing about VB is that there are plenty more to choose from.

  18. ILTK Says:

    I load up all the new movies since last visit in new tabs (Opera contrl+shift click links), quickly scroll down to see if there’s anything that catches my eye, hit download on any scenes I like, control+w, next tab etc.., Opera rules as there’s no limit to how many downloads you can have running if you max out the total allowed connections in setup, I just queue everything up and forget about it. Never use “recommended” or “popular” scenes, never anything there that interests me. If there’s nothing of interest in the latest updates I just hit search and drill down by adding categories, Teens+Blondes for example. Once in a while I’ll check using “stars” to see if there’s a new scene by one of the girls I like that I missed somehow.

  19. ILTK Says:

    Oh yeah forgot.. can we pretty please have user tagging? When you are looking for something specific and there’s no category for it you are out of luck. User tagging would be a great way to find niche stuff. Combined with the major categories I could do something like Teens+blondes+skinny for example, skinny being a user tag to realy dril down when searching. There’s so many preferences that you could never dream up all these niche categories and add them as major categories. It would probably also give you more of a clue of what content people are interested in that you don’t have specific niche videos for. For example if you saw lots of members tagging scenes with some out there niche, you would know to add that to comming updates, that would give you data that you don’t have with the fixed categories.

  20. Lubenluv Says:

    I usually browse new content when visiting the site. I do pay attention to the “recommended” sidebar scenes and/or DVD’s as your system does a decent job of pushing content recommendations to me that actually do interest me. I rarely use the Flash player at all and when I do, it is to either preview a scene, quickly scroll thru a scene to find if a particular position is in place or to see if the girl finishes or we get the lame-ass jackoff-to-pop ending. I am a techie and have an iPhone but never browse the site that way as I always have a computer up and running somewhere in the house. I almost always download scenes of interest, storing them an a 2TB NAS rig I use as my media center which will easily let me put vids right onto my iPod (I grab the MP4 stuff) if I want to but I seldom do so. Pet Peeves I have are few and really could be dealt with the inclusion of a few more tags and an improved filter mechanism. I’d like the ability to search on rare, but often discussed, sex acts. For example: “Girl Finishes”….we even have a weekly roundup of these scenes here in the blog. Other tags I’d like see incorporated are “Ass2Ass” (2 girls using a double dildo vaginally/anally in ass-to-ass position), “Belly Down” (female gets fucked flat on her belly either vaginally or anally) and “Foot on Head” (guy fucks girl while placing a foot on her head). Now I realize that everyone will want to throw in extra tags and before you know it you could end up with having to re-tag 6K+ vids. So my other pet peeve applies to this….let users create their OWN tags -AND- improve the filter/search systems so that we can search on these user-created tagged content. Not all scenes may be indexed, but this assures that those scenes that your users find most interesting get tagged with the new qualifiers. This would also give me a feature I would absolutely LOVE…”MY Videobox.” Allow me to completely and forever filter OUT those types of scenes I just don’t want to see. Double-Penetration, Orgies, Gangbangs….those all would drop off my list. I don’t care if it means I end up missing entire DVD’s or most of the scenes of a particular movie. If it has that kind of scene in it I prefer you keep it off my screen as I HATE that shit. Giving me that kind of control via filters and extra tags would make this site just about perfect to me. Oh and be sure to carry all the above over to your premium content sites as well!

  21. ILTK Says:

    Good point Lubenluv, there should definately be a NOT operator on the category drilldown.

  22. Bob Says:

    I use a bookmark to take me to scenes with anal, sorted by date, posted in the last week. A queue feature or the ability to add a scene to a favorites list from this page would be nice; I currently open interesting scenes into background tabs for further examination and then watch with flash.

    It would be nice to able to exclude categories (e.g. “scenes with anal and threesome without double penetration”).

    It might be nice to have scenes involving lesbian anal sex categorized under Anal.

    It might be useful with the ability to exclude categories to have the three categories: scenes with women, scenes with transexuals, and scenes with men. I could then search for scenes with Women and Transexuals and Anal without Men.

  23. Curious Says:

    VB Staff,

    I am embarrassed to ask this question because the thought of a yes answer in a normal job would be… well a huge problem. But when you are talking about people who browse and publish pornography all day… I guess I am curious to know about VB’s work environment.

    Do you guys masturbate at work?

  24. Bry-Rye Says:

    “And sometimes what I’m looking for is so specific, like just the right angle and position, and there’s just no easy way to find it.”

    I’d say about 75-80% of the porn in my collection is POV with a cowgirl section.

    Normally, I just open up all the new DVDs in their own tabs and glance over the scenes, usually downloading what I want to watch. The only time I use the flash player is if… time is of the essence.

  25. Alex Says:

    to be honest, I think site navigation is VB’s weakest point. Most of the categories are too broad and vague. Things should be more specific. And while we’re at it, how about adding more fetish variety to the site.

  26. Monahan Says:

    I agree with most of the comments so far. I browse the latest postings and the recommended scenes first, then check out the flash plays for the scenes/babes that look appealing before I download.

    But my one big beef with VideoBox is that the accuracy of model identification has really gotten very sloppy of late. Misspellings, incorrect identifications, and no names at all, are becoming much more frequent, with the result that there is a lot of content with my favorite babes that I’ll never locate. As has already been said I’ve notified VB about this problem only to be told that I should contact CCBill if I have a billing issue. That ntells me no one bothers reading member feedback anymore.

  27. Roland Says:

    Hy, i have a litte question on billing:

    why is the converting from USD to EURO 1:1? I had to use an US-proxy to be able to checkout with the dollars instead of euros. the site advertises ‘$17.95′ a month when viewing with an US-IP, and ‘€17.95′ with my european IP, but $17.95 are only €13.3, in other words: european customer have to pay $24.14. I think this isn’t ok!

    In awaiting of response, roland

  28. jfro21 Says:

    1. I usually go to the home page, look at every new DVD into separate browser tabs. If I can download at that time I just start to DL to an external HD I have (I used to use DVD quality but now find that WMV high is fine for most clips) or if I don’t have the time or bandwidth I “favorite” the scene to a “ToDL” favorites list.

    2. I occasionally go to “Top Scenes” to see if I’ve missed something for that week
    3. I have an ongoing “project” to scan and DL the scenes in order of their popularity (I’ve been a member for around a year) and I am about 12% done with all the scenes. I am still within the 5-star category.
    4. Once I have DL’ed the scenes I sort them into about 3 categories “5-star” “4-star” and unrated. Those scenes that I really like are 5-star, those that I sort-of like 4-star and the rest I either leave in the unrated category or delete.
    Pet Peeves:
    A. Categorizations like “cumshots” and “big boobs” that are practically useless. “Cumshots” is too broad because almost every scene has one. “big boobs” is to me less important than “natural” or “Fake”. Also sometimes misassigned.
    B. Absence of key categories like: “natural” and “finisher” and “Euro” and “female orgasm”.
    C. Standardizing the names of some porn stars…difficult to keep track of favorites because of misspellings
    D. There must be more good 90’s euro porn out there to be had for relatively cheap. I don’t see much of it on the site.

  29. jfro21 Says:

    by the way my project is not to DL “all” scenes but only ones that look remotely interesting.

  30. Skullcrusher Says:

    I’m a fairly new subscriber (about 2 months), so the first few weeks it was pretty random, finding all my favorite stars and titles I recognize, etc.)

    Now that I’ve been here a while, I pretty much simply hit the newest releases, recommended scenes, and top downloads for the week.

    My biggest complaint is the rather glaring ommissions from the site… not sure if it’s intentional or licensing issues:

    1. No Hustler material (Barely Legal, etc.)

    2. Virtually no Rocco Siffredi material… that is VERY disappointing.

    3. Hardly any classics. I’d love to see material with Ginger Lynn, Nikki Charm, Raquel Darrian, Shauna Grant, etc.

    Lastly, if I might make a customer-service recommendation: when someone takes the time to send you email with suggestions or questions, at least take the time to acknowledge the issue. And I don’t mean an autoresponder.

    Currently communication is a 1-way black hole. The impression is that you simply don’t give a damn…

  31. HotScooter2 Says:


    i am not interested in discussing how i use VB,as i don’t really feel it matters to anyone. What i do feel is important is since all pf the controversy we are missing the 2 main contributors to the blogs,one that is under your employ and the other a very well liked member. Of course i am referring to Alison and Rope.
    These are the 2 contributors that are pivotal to the success of the blog. i certainly hope that Alison is still working there. if she quit and found another job then i am sure we all wish her the best. But if she were to have been let go then that would be the biggest mistake y’all ever made. this lil lady is very popular on the blogs,and strikes me as a very hard worker,and does a lot to make VB what it is and has been. So in my opinion and ,i feel that of many others,she deserves a raise and appreciation for the great job she hasz done. And as i have said before alison that is all the ass kissing you gonna get for tonight. But you know hon nobody kisses it any better than me. As always a big cyberhug from the original cyberhug for Alison man.there have been many copiers but i am the original ,and she can vouch for that.
    those that agree with me about the awesome job she has done please let your voices be heard.
    Alison if you get that raise you gotta take us all out for pizza lol

  32. BigBoss66 Says:

    They never respond Skullcrusher. I’ve posted in multiple blog posts and in the comments form that gives the auto response. I’ve tried to explain to them about my plight that’s been caused by the recent site changes, but they don’t seem to care.

  33. VB Josh Says:

    To BigBoss66 (and others having billing issues):

    If you have a multi month subscription, the upgrade will be one lump sum. In other words, if you’re two months into a ten-month $100 subscription, the upgrade will be $80 for the remaining 8 months.

    I would much prefer we could charge $10 per month, which would let you add and remove whenever you see fit. Unfortunately, the billers do not have such a capability.

    If you’re on a monthly subscription, you can add and remove whenever. Example: you pay $10 per month. You upgrade halfway through the month. You will be charged $5 for the remainder of the month, and then $20 recurring. If you cancel the upgrade, it will be active until the month term is over, and then your recurring charge will go down to $10/month.

    Finally, if you’re having any issues with billing, you have to visit the billers support pages. In the case of CCBill, they are

    VideoBox does not have your credit card information, or any way to refund transactions. However, if you’re getting poor service from CCBill, let us know and we can lean on them to be more responsive.

  34. murgatroyd Says:

    I really love the site. It is the best value for porn that money can buy these days. I check it almost daily to keep up with the new content. However, like any user, I have my wish list of things I’d like to see addressed.
    1. In addition to the VB posted date, I would like to see the movie production date too. That way, I can more easily judge if I’m going to like a girl based on what point in her career the scene was shot. This would be really helpful in those supposed “amateur” films where a renamed professional is doing something brand new, like anal. Of course, I realize this whole production date thing isn’t always going to work since porn producers are prone to splicing together any random combination of scenes shot on different dates in order to release a “new” movie, but it would work in general.
    2. I like the ability to do filter searches by specific categories, but I would like the ability to exclude certain categories from my searches too. Case in point, I was on a mission to download every Jenna Haze scene, but as anyone who is a fan of hers knows, at least half of her scenes are lesbian. Since I’m only interested in her hetero content, I would have loved the ability to filter out all the lesbo scenes.
    3. I was really happy when the Private label was added to the site. I’d love to see more of the classic private movies with Silvia Saint, Tania Russof, and Pierre Woodman’s casting scenes. That dude got to nail literally dozens of hot new starlets before they became popular porn stars.
    4. In the same vein as #3, I’d like to see more classic movies. I’d like to see much more of the stars from my younger days, like Kobe Tai, Barbara Dare, Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, Heather Hunter, etc.
    5. Tagging. Everyone seems to have issues with tagging, and I too would like to see more variety in the tagging. I especially like the idea of user tags (credit ILTK for first mentioning it above). That way any little minor detail concerning scenes could be added to a movie without the need for dozens (or hundreds) of additional tags. Of course, it would be tough to keep them consistent across all movies, and any hater could mess the whole thing up with false or prejudiced tags. Maybe a only certain trusted users could be allowed to enter user tags, but that would be tough to administer. Clearly more R&D is needed.

  35. fatrush Says:

    lol @ hotscooter; wtf u do’n some cannonballs; talkn some series shit bro; peace be wit all u ditto_fuggas. out.

  36. Mircalla Says:

    I’m really only interested in the lesbian content, and VB seems to have worked that out pretty well, so I typically follow the Recommendations pretty closely. Aside from that, I just check new updates to see if they feature any stars/scenes that I like.

  37. Mourningshadow Says:

    Ok, so I just signed up for the Vivid premium channel and I have a HUGE gripe here. What the hell is up with the constantly changing angles on the scenes?

    Just when I start to get into a scene BAM the angle changes every 2 seconds and it completely throw everything off and frustrates the hell out of me.

    Am I the only one or does everyone else feel the same way?

  38. ivan00 Says:

    Mourningshadow – NO, you are not the only one!! I too, signed up for the vivid content, as I seem to be int the minority here and was excited for some DRM-free Vivid content. And, yes, the scenes are all jacked up. I think it has something to with the multiple angles on the DVDs the scenes are being ripped from. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED, ASAP! It seems as if nobody is checking the final product after ripping/encoding the video. Its not just one or two titles, either. Its a problem on a LOT of videos. It seems absurd to me that someone isn’t checking on the final product before it gets posted.

  39. josh Says:

    Mourningshadow and ivan00:

    I looked at a few Vivid scenes and didn’t see any constantly switching angles.

    Can you let me know a few specific scenes where the problem occurs?

  40. clwizard Says:

    Generally I browse the new titles every day and if something catches my eye, I’ll add it to one of my lists. When I’m ready for some “alone time”, I’ll use the filter tools to find something more specific.

    I usually browse by scene, but I might start by selecting a star or series and then drill down using the category list. I also sort by popularity almost exclusively.

    Sometimes I only have 10 or 15 minutes in the morning and it would help if I could filter or sort on the length of the scenes, or at least see it when I’m browsing.

    Also, when I’m looking at a list of scenes, it would be nice if I could navigate directly to that dvd. If the caption under a thumbnail is “Finders Keepers, Scene 1″, how about if clicking on “Finders Keepers” brought you to the dvd, and clicking on “Scene 1″ brought you to the scene?

    Also, the categories could be more specific. I like threesome scenes, but only the “cool” kind. But, there’s no way to select just GGG, GBG or BGB.

  41. drawstroke Says:

    I agree with Hotscooter.This is a lame thread coming after all the attempts to explain a screwup. It reeks of megalomania. Bring back Allison and CD to explain what’s going on.
    And from the comment from Josh on this thread, it appears that the premium content can either be a good deal or a bad deal. If I’m on the last month of a 10 month subscription, then I would get billed $X for the remaining portion of my subscription ($10 or $19? why not put it in the FAQ?). If I add a premium channel at the beginning of a 10 month subscription, then I get billed for the whole 10 months with no chance of a refund if I cancel after 1 month.

  42. Spammy Says:

    I navigate primarily through the new DVD’s. For each new DVD since I last visited, I right click on the DVD and open it in a new tab within Firefox. Then I wade through these open tabs one by one to check out the scenes.

    I never use the flash player, as it would be faster to just drench my CPU in gasoline and light it on fire manually.

    In selecting scenes to download, I rely on my penile reaction to the screen caps and advice in the reviews (the actual reviews and not the trollish comments). Every once in a while, I follow a link on a particular starlet if they happen to inspire me, but this is pretty rare.

    My pet peeves: (1) The Flash player is fantastic on function, but not very useful unless you have a high-powered system with serious water cooling apparatus. (2) The categories and search functions aren’t helpful. There’s never a category or way to search for “Brunette girl with fleshy butt and pale skin lying across arm of sofa taking deep thrusting anal with face visible in gasping orgasmic smile”

    Suggestions: It would be nice if the users could add their own meta-tags or keywords to scenes that we could then use in searches. This might require some sort of moderation to keep the trolls at bay, but it would certainly open up for detailed searches like the one I mentioned above.

  43. killjoy Says:

    scooter! you’re sounding like a weirdie again bro.

  44. Kev Chan Says:

    I’ve been a VB user now for about 2 years. I never use the favorite’s folder (but probably should to avoid wasting time going forward). I used to check VB daily and go throw nearly every new DVD (at least those from good studios/promising titles/hot chick on box covers) and download all the scenes I like. The past 4-6 months I routine changed to:

    1) I check VB now about once every 2-3 days
    2) I’ll click “new DVDs” and basically only browse new DVDs that have star ratings (or come from good studios/good box covers). I’ll also check “Top Scenes” in case I missed any good scenes.
    3) I purely only watch via flash now. It’s such a major waste of HD space even though the quality of the video is watered down

    My pet peeves: Sometimes when I search for scenes under a porn stars’ name either via the search or the “stars” area and it says “10 scenes” but nothing shows up. The only way to fix it is to change the “sort” criteria then the scenes show up.

    Suggestion: On top of a blog if somehow VB could have a message board/forum I think that would really increase user participation. Sometimes I just want to post up stuff/questions about certain scenes or porn stars and there’s no where to do that.

  45. ivan00 Says:

    For an example of the constantly switching angles on the Vivid titles check out Dangerous scene 1, Kobe’s Tie scene 1, 2nd Coming scene 3. It doesn’t happen until the actual sex starts. These are just a few examples I’ve come across. I’m pretty sure the problem is with DVD’s that have multiple angles.(which always seemed like a pretty stupid gimmick to me, anyway) I’m no expert on digital video, but it seems that whatever method you use to rip the DVDs takes the different angles and just juxtaposes them together. The result is a constant switching between angles about every second.

  46. Paigan Says:

    I always go through the New DVDs. If I’m looking for something different, I’ll do a search for specific styles or stars. Very rarely I give recommended a look.

    Pet Peeve is when I’m looking for a specific scene by a specific star and it’s not here so I’ve gotta look elsewhere or when I’m looking for that exact scene and it’s been taken off the site (ie. Lauren Phoenix in Big Wet Asses). Don’t blame Videobox, it’s just sort of annoying.

  47. HotScooter2 Says:

    geez let me see. How do i use VB.

    1. it makes an excellent flyswatter
    2.It can be used to cure insomnia
    3. it can be used to deflate an erection when everyone is upset with aspect ratios or whatever they are called.
    4. it can cause drowsiness or dizziness,and one should not watch while driving or operating a vehicle.
    5. currently i am watching VB just to see how many folks are fed up,and watch their reviews drop drastically
    6. On the positive side VB can be taken with any food or beverage even alcohol. and since it does not induce labor can be watched by pregnant women.
    7. VB is safe to watch with other movies
    8. VB may be harmful to children and exotic pets
    9. VB should only be used as directed by your doctor
    10. take 2 aspirin and watch VB in the morning

    That’s all folks

  48. LexiconMogration Says:

    I appreciate you guys taking the initiative to negotiate hard-won deals with these allegedly “premium” studios. Honestly, I do. But in the end, it isn’t worth it. If they won’t license their content without screwy payment deals, then maybe it’s best if you leave them to their own devices. I somehow doubt that they have the subscriber base of VB.

    With the sheer volume of consumers you have on your side, you can call the shots. Just tell them to try and drive traffic on the levels you produce. Eventually they’ll come back asking for access to your subscribers. Don’t sell out too soon, and certainly don’t take a back seat in business to those studios. It’ll only encourage others studios to think they rule the porn planet.

    You own the consumers in terms of volume. That puts you in charge. Let these ‘premium’ studios rot for a while until they play by your rules. Then when they do come back asking for access to your subscriber base, tell them you want 50% oral cream pie content or no deal. Play hard and win. Don’t be their bitch.

  49. Mayshigian Says:

    I haven’t paid for a single porn DVD since subscribing here. If those premium studios want me to watch their stuff, they need to license it to you, and they need to do it without all this BS. There is no way on this planet that I would ever pay those rates just to see the output from a single narrow-minded mob-Sargent-business (uh, I mean studio).

    VB is the future of porn. The studios need to get on the bus or fade away into obscurity.

  50. josh Says:

    LexiconMogration and Mayshigian:

    We need more of that smack talk here at the office :)
    I totally agree.

  51. doppyman Says:

    How do I use videobox? I log on and try to figure out what price the premium channels are? since my biller can’t handle it, I get a message saying so, then I log out and pretend I haven’t joined videobox and I see the $17.95 number for a premium channel and I wonder, is that in addition to the price of basic videobox or is that a total price for one channel and videobox? Then I give up and look for other porn sites to switch to.

  52. Ditto Says:

    I’ll add a bit, here:

    Use: I check new additions since the last visit. This almost always contains something that looks good to me – hooray! I watch what interests me in the Flash player. If it’s something I think I’ll want to view multiple times in the future (I think it’s extra hot…) I download it. IF I happen to not find something in the new stuff, I start filtering the archives based on what mood I’m in. I repeat the process with Flash and downloading, and eventually I imagine I’ll get through the archive that way!

    Peeves: 1) No inclusion of a “not” filter. 2) Regular problems with synchronization of sound/filmstrip/video within the flash player. 3) The filmstrip moving on me when I’m trying to click within it. For a short while, the filmstrip “scrolled” along with your video position being the center of the strip. I loved this, and was sad when it reverted to the “jump ahead” mechanic. 4) Occasional random results from searches. Example – searching for a particular actress will return plenty of hits, none of which are her, and none of which seem even remotely related to what I searched for. 5) Dubbed porn. No – just please, no. Rip the video sound in the natural language, and don’t force me listen to random people in an audio booth trying to make up sex noises while watching the scene … 99% of dubbing is complete wood killer. 6) No preview on blog posts so I can make sure what I’m posting doesn’t look stupid. ;)

    A final and ridiculous request – I’d like an ignore function for other users. In the comments, certainly, and hopefully on the blog, though I realize this is likely just a blog package that VB doesn’t maintain. I enjoy the comments, and also the blog a great deal, and mentally skipping past people who routinely do/say ridiculous things (such as borderline Alison-stalking…) is onerous.

    Aside from these things, I love the site and remain a loyal user. Cheers for creating a great thing.

  53. Garp Says:

    I enjoy VB so I usually check out the latest downloads, then check out the screen caps of movies I might like, then I go to the blog. I will probably never do premium content because what you serve is usually good enough and there are free sites if I want to see more. My peeve is the same. Ass or Nice Ass or Big Ass (NOT BBW) category. Also, I wouldn’t mind the ability to filter out the nasty. BBBBW and tranny vids. I don’t even want to see that ever.

  54. VVV Says:

    I check in on most days and see the screenshots for almost all new DVDs with a few exceptions (not interested in transexual stuff for example). The stuff that I’m not interested in doesn’t bother me. I applaud the sites’ intent to cater to many different tastes.

    When I first subscribed I downloaded all scenes that interested me. Now I seem to use the flash controls and lists to set them up in batches. I keep them all in portable hard drives. I now also have lists organized by categories that interest me and a ‘favorites’ list with the stuff that I’m just crazy about. I use the flash viewer much more often now although downloading is still very important. There is this weird sense of satisfaction from having the files even though I’m sure I haven’t seen all the scenes I’ve downloaded.

    Finally, every so often I look at the recommendations and I do searches based on categories and stars that I like. The interface is fantastic!

    I’ve been surfing internet porn for a good 14 years and VB is by far the best site for non-original content I’ve ever come accross. The price/content ratio is phenomenal and as long as the quality is maintained I expect to be a subscriber for many, many years.

  55. damon Says:

    I check the new videos posted usually on a daily basis and will add the ones I like to my favourites. I will also look at what is being recommended to me as well in terms of movies and scenes and will peruse the content and stars within and will mark as favourite for a further look/download later. Next if I am looking for something specific and haven’t found it in the above methods I will will do a specific search and usually find something I have an apetite for. I will often skip from looking at the new videos to this step however. I used to actually view scenes using the flash player before I download them but now it takes so long to cache that I will just take the chance if the content and caps look appealing. Hardrive space is valuable and would prefer to use the flash player to sample before downloading. I prefer downloading as I can watch the content off line and wherever I want.

  56. Jer Says:

    I’d really like to be able to subscribe to content based on the tags you already provide – starlet, type of content, studio, etc.

    When new scenes that meet my criteria are published, they should be added to a list that I can peruse later.

    So, for example, if I’m subscribed to Tiffany Rayne, I should be able to see that she’s had a new video posted I haven’t looked at.

  57. Bouncy Says:

    Like many others, I start by looking at the “what’s new” list right on the front-page. Should there not be I may start searching, either by text or by genre. Usually there is something there worth watching of course, or a girl that I want to see more from which is then only a click away.

    One very, very nice thing about VB is that the genre and actor links actually work 99% of the time – there is the odd mistake here and there but rarely. Actresses with several noms de guerre can be a problem but realistically I cannot see a solution for that. (Eurobabeindex can be useful for such of course.) Other sites do have the content, but none that I have found have the metadata, not the the degree that VB does. Which is why I keep the subscription running :)

    One peeve, if i may? Like many others these days I use a very high-resolution screen. The preview thumbnails are TINY – could we have larger preview pix please?

  58. pimpslipper Says:

    I’ll try to keep this brief and easily scanable. Like most, I start with what’s new and branch out from there. Then my browsing typically takes this form (and usually in this order):
    - if there’s a particular hot star I hadn’t seen before, I’ll search for her scenes
    - I filter them based on my daily craving (usually anal with a good facial)
    - then I branch out into exploring some of their better movies and start the cycle again

    I typically download the iPhone movie vs. watch the Flash. That’s because I usually need to save the movies until I can, um, get some viewing time. As a result, I spend far more time browsing than actually watching. But for me, I love the excitement of discovering better and better stars and scenes.

    One filter I’d love to see is whether a scene has a facial cumshot, as that’s something I enjoy watching. Another thing that would be very slick is the ability to create a personal star hotness rating. Compare that to users’ ratings of similar tastes and recommend new stars we might find particularly hot based on our preferences. Just an idea.

  59. Boots Says:

    I visit roughly once a week, often rarer. I start scanning “New DVDs” starting where-ever I left off last time. I have a text file on my PC where I keep track of the date I reached; I’m currently at March 4th so I’m about a month behind (a good thing if it means there’s more in my life than porn).

    I open each DVD’s page in a new tab, then open interesting scenes in another tab. I’m going mostly by the screencaps, although I also look at star ratings and often read the reviews. I download every scene I want to watch. I sometimes use the viewer to help decide whether the scene is worth a download.

    Easiest thing to make my life better? Increase the size of the scroll area for the “Custom Clip” selector. If it was 2 or 3 times as tall it wouldn’t need scroll bars so often. The scroll bars are a pain because there are also scroll bars on the page itself and my mousewheel gets confused about which thing to scroll. You could make the size user-selectable if you like, but I doubt anyone would mind if you just changed the control’s height for everyone.

    User tags would be nice too. And a forum so the kinds of conversations that take place in the reviews would have a proper home. Many people here are open minded so the chat could be interesting.

  60. yesman Says:

    I’m a browser. I click the new DVDs, preview some caps, watch small parts in the flash player. I click actresses and studios I see, browse around there, and make heavy use of the recommended scenes on the right. I open new browser tabs for things I might want to browse later. Then I come across a scene I’m in the mood for and watch it in the flash player because it’s easy and fast. I like looking around almost as much as I like watching the scenes.

  61. Greg Says:

    I first look at the new material that’s released since last time I was here. But generally, I use the tags 95% of the time. A typical session goes something like this:

    Tags, (results sorted by popularity):
    anal/big boobs/brunette

    And then I flip through looking for attractive performers who **start out wearing clothes**. Although the European flicks generally have great looking girls, I really hate dubbed dialog, or worse, a blathering idiot behind the camera. These also tend to have more humiliation than domestic films, so these steer me off.

    I’m always looking for “feature” scenes. However, the “feature” tag is always unreliable. I prefer scenes with a little bit of set up or story. I’ll watch gonzo, but it’s not my favorite.

    More and more, I’d really like to see options for exclusion on the tags … like:

    anal/big boobs/brunette/threesome/(NOT) double penetration

    This would generally give me girl-girl-boy scenes only.

    Or: big boobs/japanese/(NOT) hairy/(NOT) midget

    Or, even better, and perhaps more applicable to others:

    anal/red head/(NOT) Performer->Audrey Hollander

    Though this might only come up with one or two hits, it’s still useful.

    So I’d like to see additional tags, like voyeur, hairy, european, quality (obviously $$$ video). Perhaps, expand out the “fetish” tag to be more specific to take account for each viewer’s shoes, clothing, hair, latex, midget, choking, gargling preferences.

    Also, one final wish, I’d love to see a universal/comprehensive exclusion feature:

    Don’t ever list or show me scenes (while browsing or searching) that have X … For instance:

    Audrey Hollander

    This way, there’s no surprises. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten wood seeing a great rack on a DVD cover and clicked through to find those tits have balls. Wood gone. This happened this past week, though I forget the name of the DVD. I’m generally not reading the text on the cover or reading the tags when I browse through the new releases.
    So, these are my thoughts. Not sure if any will sprout, but at least I’m planting seeds.

  62. Vampirum Says:

    I pretty much get a kick out of any type of porn as long as it is of good quality (and I find that VB puts up some good quality stuff). For the minor imperfections with this site it is hard to complain when you look at the very low price. You can find virtually any actress on VB so if you are a fan of any particular star you can find her listed here.

    My only real complaint is that many of the scenes are listed improperly. For example, some are listed as lesbian yet have male actors in the scene and should thus be listed under “threesome” rather than “lesbian”. Or you may find some scenes listed under “big boobs” where the actress would have medium/average sized breasts. If you are looking for one specific scene in particular (and are very picky) you may find it hard to find exactly what you are looking for.

  63. tjstjs Says:

    i usually just look at the new dvds and see which ones i like. watch using flash, never download.

    the one thing you could do to improve things is to be able to filter OUT categories as well as filtering categories in (e.g. i might want to search for big boobs scenes on videobox only and NO anal).

  64. Dan Says:

    One thing I wish was that the start of the sixth part of the video was BEFORE the cumshot. I always find myself rewinding after clicking on the sixth part.