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Favorite Website Content Redux

In last week’s post, Favorite Website Content, there were over 50 specific sites suggested. I felt it would be impossible to create a follow-up poll that we could get better information from, so I took the liberty of boiling the list down to 20 using the most requested and repeated site genre type. I feel this poll represents what most everyone was discussing. (sorry AC, no joyangels) Please vote on your faves. I have a pretty good idea of how I think this will play out but you never know…


Eva Angelina’s 5 Best Scenes

Eva Angelina
In honor of Eva Angelina’s upcoming return to porn after having her baby, I came up with a list of my 5 favorite Eva scenes on VideoBox. If you’re a fan, you know how ridiculously hard that was. She is definitely a little sex fiend (word has it, she was a huge slut before she got into porn at 18) and her energy and enthusiasm are almost over the top at times. She’s a dirty talking screamer who really seems to enjoy getting manhandled a bit.

When watching a lot of scenes from one actress, it becomes abundantly clear that the male talent and the director play a huge role in how the scene turns out. From the chemistry to the angles chosen, these are the things that make or break an Eva scene because she’s always on her game. So without further ado, I present…

The Top 5 Eva Angelina Scenes on VideoBox

1. Big Giant Titties #1, Scene 1
Directed by Manuel Ferrara (2005)
This is hands down my favorite Eva Angelina scene of all time. Great energy from Eva and awesome chemistry with her costar (Manuel Ferrara). She gets kind of lost in the scene, making the sex incredibly hot. She’s like a woman possessed and the dirty talk/screaming is really excellent (even for her!) and it really helps fuel the scene. You barely even notice that they’re fucking in a bare room on the floor because the action is so hot. The cum shot is pretty decent, with him squirting all over her tits while she laughs.

2. Easy Prey #2, Scene 5
Directed by Dan Silver (2004)
Despite the stupid set up (cable guy? really?), the sex itself is pretty fucking hot. Eva clearly loves having her pussy eaten and might have cum early on in the scene. I’m not Nick Manning’s biggest fan in general, but the play between Eva and Nick is pretty excellent and she lets her dirty talk fly. The best part of the scene for me is when they’re in doggystyle and he tells her to fuck him back and she slams her pussy back onto his cock as hard as she can. The cum shot is a standard Nick Manning “droppin fuckin loads” affair, so I recommend hitting mute once he starts making noise, but all in all, a great scene.

3. Whoriental Sex Academy #8, Scene 2
Directed by Bud Lee (2004)
This is one of Eva’s earlier scenes, before she got implants. She’s decked out in a schoolgirl outfit and sporting her signature glasses. Although I generally find Mr. Pete a bit too rough with the girls, Eva really seems to get off on being bossed around and throws all her energy into this one. Mr. Pete responds by nearly fucking the glasses right off her face.

4. Great Big Tits #1, Scene 1
Directed by Jordan Septo (2006)
The scene is relatively tame until about halfway through when Eva gets completely wild. Gyrating her hips and screaming and simply refusing to have sex that isn’t hard and fast and exactly what she wants. In doggystyle, she gets into the dirty talk, screaming things like “Fuck me like your little whore!” and holding onto the couch for dear life. When she flips onto her back, she squeezes her tits so hard that she leaves marks.

5. My Hero, Scene 1
Directed by Jerome Tanner (2005)
In this silly set up, Eva convinces Manuel Ferrara (playing a mugger) to give her purse back by promising to suck his dick. This is a workable compromise for both of them and they proceed to fuck right there on the ground. Manuel gives her the kind of fucking that she really seems to crave and she responds by screaming, yelling and returning the favor.

So what’re your favorite Eva scenes? Post them in the comments!

Favorite Finishes March 21-31

As a monthly feature, I’d like to start posting my favorite finishes rather than every single scene where a girl manages to make a guy cum. I’ve always hated posting stuff I’d never recommend to anyone in a million years, and now seems like a fine time to boil it down to the best.

Since March is pretty well covered with two posts already, I’d like to finish up with the best of the 21st through the end of the month.

I’m also trying something new with the thumbnails. Lemme know what you think!

jenaveve jolie
Swallow Myne, Scene 2 starring Jenaveve Jolie

Jenaveve strokes him right into her mouth, looking up at him the whole time, making sure not to lose one drop.


Favorite Website content

Right now, we only have porn that’s pressed onto DVDs. But there’s a much wider world of content out there, and I’d like to bring it into VideoBox.


Which website’s content do you like the most? Would you like to see reality content, amateur, foreign videos, fetishes, or weird niches on VideoBox?


If you give me names of specific websites, we can contact them and try to work out a licensing deal.


Note: how we pay for the content is still an open question. I may be able to flat out license it and mix it into the main VideoBox area. Maybe the sites would be willing to license a subset of their videos in exchange for our traffic. Maybe I’ll have to put it into a “premium” section. For now, I’m interested in what sites you’d like us to get.



Friday is Alison Day

After two great years with VideoBox, I’m writing to announce that my role at the company has changed. I’ve left my position as marketing manager, but will be staying on as a contributor to this blog. I prematurely announced my departure from the blog earlier today, but I’m very very happy to announce that it was the result of a misunderstanding and I’m not going anywhere.

So look for my posts every Friday. And don’t forget to check back during the week for new content from Josh and the rest of the VideoBox crew.

Ins and Outs of Content Licensing

For all of you interested in the breadth of human sexuality and/or intellectual property issues, here are some fun facts about content on VB 🙂

Tranny is Our Most Popular Request


People’s sexual tastes are wide… and specific. One person likes blond girls getting their toes licked. Another gets off on two older women playing with a double headed dildo. We try our best to make people happy with our updates, but the unavoidable fact is most people will not like whatever we put up.


And, yes, the most popular category request we get is transsexual.


Looks like VB Dipped into the Bargain Bin Again


We have a handful of studios that consistently release good DVDs (Red Light District, Platinum X, Combat Zone, DVSX, Lethal Hardcore, and a few others). So why doesn’t every update come from one of these studios?


It’s not because we’re cheap. It’s because they don’t release 5 DVDs per day. Most studios release only a handful of titles per month. We put 150 per month on our site, and that’s a significant portion of America’s porn production.


Cost vs Quality


For the most part, the cost of content has little to do with its quality. The two main factors that go into content cost are


1) The quality of the content, as perceived by its owner, and

2) The owner’s financial pressures


We’re always hunting for good content deals. That’s how we’re able to keep the price of VB relatively low. Our reputation in the content licensing world is that we’re predatory, but we pay our bills on time.


Nonetheless, we can only license a small fraction of the world’s porn with our existing payment structure. We could have 10x the amount of content on VB if we adopted a revenue sharing model. But our margins are so low that we’re be in the red if we paid for content through revenue sharing.


So rev share only works if we can attach it to an additional income stream, which is the thinking behind the premium channels.


2 Hours to the Next DVD


Another factor that goes into our content strategy is our site navigation. Specifically, the dominant feature of our home page is the latest DVD, and most of our clicks go to new DVDs.


That’s all fine if we stick to mainstream LA porn, but it doesn’t work so well if we want to expand into a wide variety of niches. Let’s say we want to add 1000 DVDs of girls getting spanked. Some members will like this content, but most will not, and they won’t appreciate seeing a new spanking DVD a day for 3 years.


In the future, it would be nice to use the home page real estate for something more relevant than the latest DVDs. It could be “scenes we think you’d like”, for instance. But such a change would affect most of our member’s usage pattern, so it’s a big deal.

Update on Premium Channels

Just so you know, I do read all your comments. The one principle that guided me through the 6 year history of VideoBox is to always improve customer value. So listening to you guys is important.

First, to set some expectations: there’s little we can do quickly. Our site – and its relationship with our affiliates and billers – is complicated. Adding premium channels was a six month project, with the UI changes being a very minor part.

So, to answer some questions:


How Much Does the Damn Thing Cost?

We charge the minimum our contracts allow, which is roughly equal to your base VideoBox subscription. We don’t give an explicit price because there are lots of different prices for a base VideoBox subscription, depending on whether you have DVD or non-DVD resolution, and the month duration of your subscription.


But there’s an easy way to see your price: click on the UPGRADE button. You won’t be charged, and you’ll see how much it costs.


You may see something about your first payment being “prorated”. That means you’ll be charged a partial amount between today and when your subscription rebills. So if you’re 10 days away from your next rebill cycle, you’ll be charged 1/3 of your monthly price today.



Can You Make It Cheaper?

I agree that these channels should be cheaper. After all, you don’t pay the same for HBO as you do for basic cable. I’m working on it, but realistically it will take some time to convince Evil Angel and Vivid to change their pricing structure.


VideoBox is a small percentage of Evil Angel and Vivid’s overall content distribution, and they don’t want their other distribution channels to charge less.



Other Billing Issues

We still can’t process upgrades for Epoch. We can’t charge upgrades on multi month memberships at monthly increments.


Overall, this project has exposed severe limitations of Epoch and CCBill. The only way we’re going to have the flexibility we want is to do our own billing (which we’re currently investigating).



Subscriptions vs Tokens vs Just Say No

Several thousand members have upgraded to premium content, so it wouldn’t be fair to remove it entirely.


That said, I agree that the majority of members who have no interest in upgrading shouldn’t have to see it all over the place. You should be able to enjoy VB without feeling like we’re upselling you constantly.


I’m working with the engineering team to hide premium content from the main VideoBox pages. I think we should still display premium content in certain narrow cases, such as if you click on a star name and we happen to have more scenes with her on the premium channels.


But for general browsing, you shouldn’t be exposed to content you have to pay more for.

In Memory of Rope

I’m very sorry to have to announce that I received an email this morning from a woman related to Ropeadope letting everyone in his address book know that he passed away early this morning.

I had no idea that Rope was ill, but according to this relative he was quite old (94!) and had become very sick in the last few weeks. I suppose that’s probably why he hasn’t been posting on the blog as of late.

At any rate, I wasn’t sure whether to announce this news in this way, but I think everyone here knows and cares about Rope, so I’ve copied the email (with his real name removed) below.