In Memory of Rope

I’m very sorry to have to announce that I received an email this morning from a woman related to Ropeadope letting everyone in his address book know that he passed away early this morning.

I had no idea that Rope was ill, but according to this relative he was quite old (94!) and had become very sick in the last few weeks. I suppose that’s probably why he hasn’t been posting on the blog as of late.

At any rate, I wasn’t sure whether to announce this news in this way, but I think everyone here knows and cares about Rope, so I’ve copied the email (with his real name removed) below.


Sorry, when Rope emailed me this morning with this idea, I couldn’t resist 😉 Happy April Fools’ Day, everyone.

44 Responses to “In Memory of Rope”

  1. aledat Says:

    At first I was stunned, but by the time I got to the bottom of it, I knew it was a prank. 94? Good one, though.

  2. zarafan Says:

    However much one might appreciate the prank, I think we can all agree that Rope possesses at least 94 years accumulated knowledge about porn–and we can only hope to hear from him on this blog at least another 94 years!

    Happy April Fools, Alison: can we also presume that the new VB pricing system is also part of the joke?



  3. DontQuoteMe Says:

    Good one Alison & Rope! Had me going…..I was cheering that he was 94 and still watching porn! Glad you are still with us Rope!!

  4. J Says:

    First I get fooled by the powdered beer scam, now this.

  5. Papayaman1 Says:

    I hope still to be reading Rope’s contributions when he actually is 94 – or, just as good, when I’m 94.

  6. G man Says:

    Nice one … and nice to read something here entirely unrelated to VB’s bloody pricing structure.

  7. apefl3to2 Says:

    That was a great one!

  8. ESPN Sucks Says:

    Impressive. Good to know that Rope is still with us.

  9. HotScooter2 Says:

    Damn it and i was all teary eyed. only 94 huh,i would have mistaken you for a much older man myself.Next time yoou do an april fools prank do one easier on the heart. hepyRope we care about you on this site,and i am sure many of us would feel very badly if you did die. but i should have figured out there was something fishy about a relative contacting Alison like that. i gotta admit this prank was right up your alleyand you got Alison ya lil bugger playin along real good. She can be made an honorary southerner for her ability to play possum on us all

  10. davros Says:

    I was going to be all set to give my condolences, but then I remembered what day this is. Good joke. But it is good to know that the Ropester is amongst the living.

  11. cuyote Says:

    Oops, got me! Makes me wonder how old is the most senior member?

  12. HotScooter2 Says:

    Next thin ya know Alisonn gonna tel us she looks so good at 97 and that Josh just had his 110th birthday.and that content dude is really Elvis. And maybe Alison is really Paris Hilton.WTF i’m all confused

  13. ropeadope Says:

    Thank you for all the nice comments, guys. Last years April Fools post was diagnosed almost immediately. I tried to come up with something a little more devious this year. The problem is that Alison was so convincing, adding in her own special touches, she had me believing it. I can assure you, nobody was more relieved than myself to click inside and see the words “April Fools.”

  14. Silkyog Says:

    I must admit you had me up until the age thing (94). Good one Alison! Glad Rope is still around to keep us informed!

  15. Zack & Miri Says:

    Good one Alison. Keep it rockin’ Rope!

  16. ocdave67 Says:

    It caught it right away when you said he was 94!! LOL. At that age trying to have sex is like shooting pool with a piece of “rope” LOL.. 🙂

  17. bigkai19 Says:

    Nice one, I was so caught up with my work schedule, I forgot the date! So it really did catch me off guard!

  18. justcantgetenuff Says:

    Not funny! Here I was planning on writing something really nice in memory of and I find it is an April Fools gag. Damnit, I made it till 10:05 pm my local time this year before getting got. Not funny, especially not with Rope….not funny at all……………………bastards………………….LOL

  19. drawstroke Says:

    You got me… Damn, what a memory at 94 was my first thought.
    But I wonder Rope – if your great,great grandson or nephew or the maid walked in with you keeled over the keyboard, what porn star would be on the screen? And would it be a repeat but with better color…?

  20. ropeadope Says:

    drawstroke – lol, if it were a Baby Doll or Cherry Boxxx release, then yes, it could very well be a repeat with improved color levels. The stars that seem to be on my screen a lot lately are Riley Mason, Veronique Vega, Alexis Love, etc. But if found keeled over the keyboard, then it must have been Lily Thai, Jenna Haze, Jasmin St. Claire, or Haley Paige that dealt the fatal blow.

  21. alison Says:

    Hehe, I’m so glad most of you enjoyed the joke. 🙂 Happy April Fools’ day!

  22. APE101 Says:

    Sorry but I do not like this joke. To many good people past away. It is hard to deal with this.

    NOTE: do you receive my mail about my tech. problems with your site? I get no reply on my mails for almost a week.

  23. thirdeye Says:

    Lol good one 🙂 Almost made me cry a little tho!!

  24. ropeadope Says:

    APE101 – My apologies for the questionable taste of my idea for the post. Did you check the Support page (link at top of home page) for a possible solution to your tech issue? There is a step by step troubleshooter and you could also submit feedback directly to customer support. If you wish to state the problem here, possibly another member reading this entry will know the answer.

  25. microphone Says:

    Not an April Fools Joke…
    My subscription expires at the end of the day and I don’t see a way to renew. This is the second time I will have to create a new account and reset all of my preferences. Videobox may want nothing to do with billing, but in the middle of the premium content billing fiasco and this renewal issue… I am going to take a break from VideoBox at the end of the day when the account expires. I’ll check the blog to see how this stuff works itself out and consider rejoining when it is resolved.
    Thank you for your subscription to
    Your subscription xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx will expire at the end of today.

    If you wish to re-subscribe to this website, you may do so by clicking on the website’s link offered below.

    For further details regarding this subscription and direct access to our online billing support services, available 24-hours a day, 365-days a year, please click here.

    Thank you for choosing CCBill as the eMerchant for your subscription!

  26. Hamtili Says:

    Nice try but it was to obvious.

  27. cuyote Says:

    APE101–Let me guess, no “Quick Preview” and no streaming and it says, “Greetings, you need to upgrade…” Only you’ve done that and likely jumped through other hoops as well. I’ve been reporting same every few days for weeks and weeks now myself–no reply, no nothing. Now, just to REALLY piss us off every page we turn to says, “Greetings…”

  28. fatrush Says:

    hey rope, damn i was only kidding about the drinking the kook; sheez you’ve taken it to a new level; i’m like surely this mf didn’t pass; glad ur still with us chumly. i’m thinking titiesandbeer may have ventured to the other side; haven’t heard a squeak out of her in awhile. tities, if you out there cous, give a shout out bish. bless all you ditto_fuggas during these holy times.

  29. HotScooter2 Says:

    as you are the only one at VB that seems to give me any kind of feedback. Have you heard what Josh plans on doing with the premium channels,and to make the billing clear to anyone. Obviously epoch finds it all very confusing and that explains why they have not accepted the premium set up,and i understand it took CC billing a while to make any sort of sense to it.
    Josh ask for our opinions but then as soon as he shows up with a blog he is gone again. i have been a loyal member of Vb for about 5 years,,and Alison in a way i consider you a friend.
    to be honest with you i feel the Vb we have groown to know and love has gone for good. i like many members are seriously pondering cancelling our memberships.Some kind of decision from him will need to be made soon,as it is not fair to your membership to leave us in limbo.
    i know this is not your problem or responsibility,but he has not posted for days after implying that he would do something after the poll he took concerning what we wanted done. you might ask him if he has reached any sort of decision,and to update us concerning the status of the premium channels with Epoch. they are the ones i go through to pay for VB.
    sorry to put this on this blog but you are the only one i felt i could go to concerning this matter

  30. ropeadope Says:

    HotScooter2 – I’m sure VideoBox is considering all the feedback received from the membership. The eventual policy decisions will probably take some time to hammer out. It’s not as if only three or four subscribers weighed in with their viewpoints. Hundreds of responses were posted. I believe we all need to show some patience. In the meantime, enjoy the site as you always have. Look at the most recently posted DVD. Another gem from Red Light District featuring Alexis Love, Sindee Jennings, Naomi Cruise, Summer Paige, and Kayden Faye. With updates of this nature, I can exhibit the patience of Job.

  31. Garp Says:

    Got me. My first thoughts were…damn..that old bird was spankin’ it at 94. I was impressed! Heck if you guys here I went out at 94 spankin’ don’t cry for me…build a monument! However, since you are still sippin’ air, I think you and Alison should be fitted for fire protectant suits. You both will need it when it IS time for the death rattle!!! Now where is my ASS category!

  32. walken Says:

    Damn….. my heart sank, I was so stunned it took me a minute or two to ‘read the rest of this entry’! I guess it’s my fault for not logging in for a few days, today is April 3 where I am and I wasn’t expecting an Aprils fool at all! You got me, you got me good!

  33. BB Says:

    Haha me too walken, I only just checked the site and wasnt expecting a prank today!

    Alison made it sound so real I genuinely felt sad and shocked. Glad everyones ok really. What would we do without Ropes comments!

  34. xposh Says:

    RIP. I doubt his relatives are reading this, though. That’s crazy that he was that old. I always imagined him as like in his 40s. Now I kinda feel bad for not liking his posts so much. Very unexpected and strange.

    Anyone remember when thewinekone on Youtube posted that In Rememberance video of himself and then said how it was a prank and how could he post a video of himself after he was dead? That was a good one.

    Anyone remember when TheBoringDispatcher or Tourettes Guy died unexpectedly? I’d last ye kinda put this in that category.

  35. DP Says:

    Funny, I didn’t click on the remainder of the post until TODAY. I’ve actually been reflecting on Rope for the past couple days. LOL this is rich. Good april fool’s!!

  36. ShowMeMo Says:

    Good one Alison and Rope!

  37. yesman Says:

    I knew this was a joke because Rope is a thousand year old ethereal being who’s job in the universe is to keep track of all porn knowledge. Rope dieing … haha no way. He’d just turn from Rope the Gray into Rope the White.

  38. Monahan Says:

    Phew. Rope is an essential part of Video Box and a big reason I’ve been such a long term member.

  39. sirjames Says:

    i was like “no way c’mon” then right before i hit the “more below” button, i got it!

  40. DP Says:

    As someone with papal lineage, I hereby declare Ropeadope as an “Apostle of Porn”.

  41. bellator6 Says:

    Very, very, very mean.

  42. HotScooter2 Says:

    Rope is the man
    Alison she is a lady.
    Rope man
    Alison woman
    Me go back into cave
    eat me a banana
    and some crackers

    Ain’t makin no point
    got nuttin to do wit blog
    just got a groove
    and i gotta move

    Yep alison she a cute lil gal
    she got no uncle hal
    and she my pal

    anyhow she gonna fix some chili
    and i take it with my pillies
    and then i lay down on my pillow
    and look at the weepin willow

    Now you never can say we don’t love you on this blog

    To all of those that love what Alison and Rope doing on the blogs let them know

  43. wcfields Says:

    Haha, that’s a classic. Awesome. I totally bought the idea that Rope was 94, it seemed just insane enough to make perfect sense.

  44. andy82 Says:

    It’s a cool idea, but why would a member of his family be intimately acquainted with him enough to know his porn browsing habits and furthermore, think to alert his equally pervy online chums of his passing.

    Pretty funny though!! who would replace rope as the …”that’s a repeat” guy?? lol