Update on Premium Channels

Just so you know, I do read all your comments. The one principle that guided me through the 6 year history of VideoBox is to always improve customer value. So listening to you guys is important.

First, to set some expectations: there’s little we can do quickly. Our site – and its relationship with our affiliates and billers – is complicated. Adding premium channels was a six month project, with the UI changes being a very minor part.

So, to answer some questions:


How Much Does the Damn Thing Cost?

We charge the minimum our contracts allow, which is roughly equal to your base VideoBox subscription. We don’t give an explicit price because there are lots of different prices for a base VideoBox subscription, depending on whether you have DVD or non-DVD resolution, and the month duration of your subscription.


But there’s an easy way to see your price: click on the UPGRADE button. You won’t be charged, and you’ll see how much it costs.


You may see something about your first payment being “prorated”. That means you’ll be charged a partial amount between today and when your subscription rebills. So if you’re 10 days away from your next rebill cycle, you’ll be charged 1/3 of your monthly price today.



Can You Make It Cheaper?

I agree that these channels should be cheaper. After all, you don’t pay the same for HBO as you do for basic cable. I’m working on it, but realistically it will take some time to convince Evil Angel and Vivid to change their pricing structure.


VideoBox is a small percentage of Evil Angel and Vivid’s overall content distribution, and they don’t want their other distribution channels to charge less.



Other Billing Issues

We still can’t process upgrades for Epoch. We can’t charge upgrades on multi month memberships at monthly increments.


Overall, this project has exposed severe limitations of Epoch and CCBill. The only way we’re going to have the flexibility we want is to do our own billing (which we’re currently investigating).



Subscriptions vs Tokens vs Just Say No

Several thousand members have upgraded to premium content, so it wouldn’t be fair to remove it entirely.


That said, I agree that the majority of members who have no interest in upgrading shouldn’t have to see it all over the place. You should be able to enjoy VB without feeling like we’re upselling you constantly.


I’m working with the engineering team to hide premium content from the main VideoBox pages. I think we should still display premium content in certain narrow cases, such as if you click on a star name and we happen to have more scenes with her on the premium channels.


But for general browsing, you shouldn’t be exposed to content you have to pay more for.

56 Responses to “Update on Premium Channels”

  1. flblasted Says:

    I subscribed to the Vivid exclusive channel recently and I have to say “Thank You” to the video box staff. I have always like Vivid and if I continue to get decent DVDs from them I will be very happy. Videobox has always been my top prospect since I started subscribing and even with the new exclusive content they still rock my world.

    I don’t know about other people but I was glad to pay the additional price. If anything I think you should give more frequent updates on the exclusive DVDs then you do now. Waiting days in between an update is plain torture.

  2. willdewer Says:

    #1:Over 90% of videos viewed are either choppy,or when they aren’t, the sound is WAY off, or both choppy AND out of sync with the sound.
    #2:When using a download accelerator such as DAP, the file downloads,but won’t play in EITHER WMP11 OR Real Player.
    #3:NO live support. I’ve tried the troubleshooting solutions given on your support page to NO avail and MUCH aggrevation,not to mention time taken to try and rectify the problems afore mentioned, including E-Mails to your “support staff”,which……,have gone unanswered.
    #4:I signed up for the $9.95 subscription rate and encountered these afore mentioned problems,which prompted me to use your “troubleshooting” guides (to no avail). So,upon recieving no help from your “support team”,I decided maybe I should “UPGRADE” to the $17.95 package to get better results but,noooooooooo.NONE were to be found
    I’m running Windows Vista Basic which(I’m told by Windows Update)is up to date.So,unless I’m running antiquated software, I’m out of luck and money??
    I like the content you offer, I really do, and the price in which you offer it, but unless these issues aren’t rectified for me………..,it’s a waste of time and money!! Foolish me for thinking you get what you pay for.

  3. ShowMeMo Says:

    People don’t like change, plan and simple. I appreciate the fact your trying to make the site better and give us more options. I don’t mind seeing the EA and VIVID updates mixed in with the basic updates and IMO I don’t see how anyone that has been a memeber of this site can see it as you trying to cram it down our throat, but to each their own.

    I think with the way you have run this site, and brought us great value in the past, that you deserve for everyone to trust you to continue that, and have patience while all of this gets worked out.

    I like the idea of added studio’s. I think it’s unfortunate that VIVID and EA are such greedy shits and will not buy into your model of pay structure as the other studios. But that is their mo . Before I found this site I joined VIVID because they have alot of my favorite stars. Maybe JOINED is the wrong word, because I cancelled after 1 DAY.They think their shit don’t stink. But I can see myself to subscribe to the premium content in the future to get some of those vidoe’s.

    As many others have said, my only concern is the other studio’s wanting the same thing.

    I also appreciate you explaing how, and what you go through with the studios in making this the best site on the net in your latest blogs.

    I don’t like the idea of making a seperate site for the premium channels. I think the way your doing it is the best solution.

    I myself would like to see more of the older, “classic” video’s.

    Thank you for providing the best site, and for your insight in your latest blogs as to how it works with the studio’s.



    P.S. my name has nothing to do with any of this. Just didn’t want you to misconstrue the meaning regarding the outcry.

  4. briancm Says:

    OK, I was anti-premium upselling when you guys first introduced it. But, I saw a lot of the vids from VIVID that I wanted to have a look at. At first, I thought you were only offering those on the Previews. But, once I dug inside, there was a lot more content than I thought, literally dozens of dvds inside. So, I gave it a shot.
    I did find some of the content good, stars I hadn’t seen before or in a while. Unfortunately, VIVID is not my sort of porn studio. It’s a little too vanilla most of the time for my taste, but I’m sure others will enjoy it.
    I was a little too quick to put down the Premium content without even giving it a try, so I would like to retract what I said and state that it is a fair price for content you cannot get elsewhere, at least, not at your price.

    Next, I will give Evil Angel a try. John Stagliano has been a good director over the years and there is bound to be some good stuff hiding in there as well.

    Thanks again VB for being the best porn site out there.

  5. Mircalla Says:

    What I’d like to know, is who that pretty Asian girl in the EA banner is.

  6. petermc Says:

    Just tried to upgrade to EA site and nothing has happened. Is it supposed to be instant? I’m worried about trying again in case I get charged twice.