Update on Premium Channels

Just so you know, I do read all your comments. The one principle that guided me through the 6 year history of VideoBox is to always improve customer value. So listening to you guys is important.

First, to set some expectations: there’s little we can do quickly. Our site – and its relationship with our affiliates and billers – is complicated. Adding premium channels was a six month project, with the UI changes being a very minor part.

So, to answer some questions:


How Much Does the Damn Thing Cost?

We charge the minimum our contracts allow, which is roughly equal to your base VideoBox subscription. We don’t give an explicit price because there are lots of different prices for a base VideoBox subscription, depending on whether you have DVD or non-DVD resolution, and the month duration of your subscription.


But there’s an easy way to see your price: click on the UPGRADE button. You won’t be charged, and you’ll see how much it costs.


You may see something about your first payment being “prorated”. That means you’ll be charged a partial amount between today and when your subscription rebills. So if you’re 10 days away from your next rebill cycle, you’ll be charged 1/3 of your monthly price today.



Can You Make It Cheaper?

I agree that these channels should be cheaper. After all, you don’t pay the same for HBO as you do for basic cable. I’m working on it, but realistically it will take some time to convince Evil Angel and Vivid to change their pricing structure.


VideoBox is a small percentage of Evil Angel and Vivid’s overall content distribution, and they don’t want their other distribution channels to charge less.



Other Billing Issues

We still can’t process upgrades for Epoch. We can’t charge upgrades on multi month memberships at monthly increments.


Overall, this project has exposed severe limitations of Epoch and CCBill. The only way we’re going to have the flexibility we want is to do our own billing (which we’re currently investigating).



Subscriptions vs Tokens vs Just Say No

Several thousand members have upgraded to premium content, so it wouldn’t be fair to remove it entirely.


That said, I agree that the majority of members who have no interest in upgrading shouldn’t have to see it all over the place. You should be able to enjoy VB without feeling like we’re upselling you constantly.


I’m working with the engineering team to hide premium content from the main VideoBox pages. I think we should still display premium content in certain narrow cases, such as if you click on a star name and we happen to have more scenes with her on the premium channels.


But for general browsing, you shouldn’t be exposed to content you have to pay more for.

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56 Responses to “Update on Premium Channels”

  1. HotScooter2 Says:

    you have cleared up a lot of it and i do feel better towards you and VB as a result of what you have just written. I pay a base price of $9.95 monthly and i think i understood that the premium channels would be equal to that,and that the 1st payment is prorated. since i am signed up with Epoch i won’t know what the actual rate will be until you get it all settled with them.
    I am still concerned about the effect that premium channels will have on the quality of non premium channels. other channels might decide to do the same as Vivid and EA.
    However i do see your side that those that want the premium stations have the right to have it

  2. Sirid Says:

    Well I have been here 5 of the 6 years and I do thank you for your comments. I will work on finding a new site I do not like the sound of your reply and honestly find it a big F you to me the long time member. I guess from your comments that we have not made you enough money to matter.

    It it is sad to think that i have been loyal to this site so long and this is the result. The only reason I can think of for you to to do this to us is greed and well guess I am happy if hasn’t happened sooner.

    Its been a great run and you have set a new bar on how a online porn site should work, but the lack of thought put in to this new phase shows now all you care about is money.


  3. ivan00 Says:

    Josh – Can you PLEASE fix the problem with the constantly changing angles on some Vivid scenes. I provided some examples that you asked for in a different post. But you obviously have not looked into the matter. I gladly upgraded to the premium content, but it is absolutely not worth it if the scenes are all jacked up.

  4. Agent Says:

    You said you have read all the comments, yet I noticed you did not clarify one issue that many people asked about. How can you be sure that other studios will not demand that they become premium content and deserve their own channel and extra charge?

  5. josh Says:

    HotScooter2 — just know that it’s in my interest to keep good content on VideoBox. I’d rather walk away from premium content entirely than see our best DVDs forced behind a wall.

    Sirid — I’m sorry you feel that way. The launch of premium channels has been more complex that I had hoped, but we’re trying our best to offer extra content to those who want it, and not annoy those who don’t. I’d like to know what you suggest we do (short of never expiriment with anything but a one-price-fits-all model).

    ivan00 — thanks for the sample. I forwarded it to our content team and they discovered that, indeed, many Vivid titles failed to rip correctly because of multi angle encoding. They’re being fixed, but I don’t know how long that will take. I can give you an update in a few days.

  6. bergman2 Says:

    I see no further steps which need to be taken re: “hiding the premium content.” The added filter eliminates the problem. The banner on the main page and the channels tab are sufficiently unobtrusive and seemingly necessary advertisement for your new product.

  7. Sirid Says:

    As I said before josh, start a new site. Do what you wish with it and offer thoses members this site as a premium and as a bonus to this site you could offer members here a rate.

    However I bet the big studios would not give you the contract without all of us as bait. Sorry I know its bussiness and not so lewd, but you got their content because you have a member base of X. X = Us That equals me and others and we aren’t happy about it.



  8. cuyote Says:

    Okay, now I think I’m getting it. Josh, you seem to be a reasonable guy and I certainly appreciate the fact that these things always turn out to be vastly more complicated in execution than in theory, especially if computers are involved.

    I really have two main concerns. One is that this premium thing doesn’t herald the end of the good ol’ VB we’ve come to enjoy so much. And two is that this premium thing has caused a loss of focus on VB’s part to the extent that I see customer service, site maintinance, posting quality, fixing bugs & etc. suffering. I’m sorry, but your IT guys seem quite clueless. For example I’ve had several problems and back when they’d actually get back to me about it and I tried this and that it’s been a problem with the site.

    Now the big problem is with the new version of Flash Player which actually worked at first for me. But now I haven’t been able to stream vids for over a month or even use “Quick Preview” Now, I’ve jumped through all the hoops at Adobe and more and the bottom line is my stuff works on every other site but VB. I’ve also upgraded to IE8 and now they want me to use Mozilla Firefox or what ever. At least now I can DL again, but your site doesn’t seem very stable (a lot of “connection with server lost”) and often DL’s are corrupted and won’t play all the way through or even at all. Now, again you might say it’s me, but these problems are only with VB.

    Thanks for listening to me grouse and good luck getting these messes cleaned up. Adobe is taking a good deal of heat over this, too. I, myself, have been waging a running battle with computers since they took up a whole building and were programmed with punch cards.

  9. ivan00 Says:

    Josh – Thanks for looking into and fixing the issue. You have provided an outstanding product since the site’s inception. And, contrary to the rash of complaints and despite the fumbled rollout, the premium channels improve upon an already quality product.

  10. Desprical Says:

    Sirid – I’m perfectly fine with it if it becomes less obtrusive as he suggested and I’m sure most others are as well. Videobox’s customer base and their ability to flaunt it to grow and experiment with new deals in new markets is ultimately to our benefit. You act like it’s some evil conspiracy, companies do it every day with everything from cellphones to a new roofing job — welcome to the 20th century.

  11. Sirid Says:

    I other words Josh don’t act all innocent. The studios wanted you to cram this down our throats. They wanted you to push it into our veiwing habits to get as many sign ups as they could. Maybe you refused all they had to say and your team came up with what we have as a compromise… we will never know. Truth is someone wanted money. Sure as a side note we get more pay per view choices, but the internet is full of those. That is not why we are loyal VB members. This is why this sucks.

  12. garbman Says:

    Thanks for the update Josh,but what I’d like to know is this. I renewed my subscription in december 08 for ten months. At this point I wouldn’t subscribe to the premium channels, and I think the quality of the basic VB site has gone south in my opinion. I’m just not happy with what VB has added lately. So my question is this, if I cancel my membership would I recieve a credit on my account for the remaining months I have left. Because in my opinion I think it’s time to check out some other sites to see what they can offer. There are more sites out there now than there were two years ago when I joined VB.

  13. Sirid Says:

    Desprical I agree welcome to the 20th century. But we don’t have to like it when it happens. We don’t have to just say nothing. I know I am powerless to change anything, but josh founded this company and he asked. So why should I just blow smoke up his ass and say i am fine with it when i am not. Thats all I am saying. The man asked, and as a member from close to the begining felt I should speak my mind.

  14. bergman2 Says:

    Sirid, shut the fuck up, you add nothing to the discussion. Voicing practical, valid criticisms is one thing, you having some absurd principled objection to companies trying to make money is quite another.

  15. Sirid Says:

    well I voiced my opinion bergman2. I don’t think atacking me is very practical. Do you?

  16. bergman2 Says:

    If it helps put a stop to your inane ramblings, yes

  17. Sirid Says:

    bergman2 voted for Bush it seems… good luck to you glad we are done with your kind.

  18. Sirid Says:

    sorry josh… I said my peace do what you wish. Anyway it goes you created the best site of its time and you should be proud

  19. josh Says:

    bergman2 — I appreciate your defense. However, Sirid has a reasonable perspective, and I appreciate his taking the time to express it.

    Sirid — I think I understand what’s bothering you. You’re okay with us starting a new site with more expensive content. It’s the mixing it with VideoBox that you don’t like. You’ve been a member for years, and you don’t have to like every change, especially one that feels like we’re just trying to get more money from you.

    From my perspective, I’m trying to strike a balance. On one end of the spectrum, I could have started a completely different site, but then no one would know it existed. Specifically, VideoBox members who *might* like the extra content would not know it existed. On the other end, I could turn VideoBox into a billboard promoting this new site. And that would piss off most of our members, who just want to use VideoBox.

    The balance point I’m trying to strike is where the promotion of the new site feel like information, not advertisement. Like if you have a favorite star, and she has a bunch of great scenes on Evil Angel DVDs, you might want to know that. When we launched the premium channels, we were too much on the over promotion spectrum (and for that I apologize). But, overall, we’re trying to find the right balance.

    cuyote — I’m sorry to hear about your IT problems. We will be releasing a new flash player in the next month or two, which might resolve your issue. I’ll have one of our sysadmins contact you. If you can show him how reproduce a problem (say, by pointing to a specific download that’s corrupted), he should be able to help

  20. bergman2 Says:

    “bergman2 voted for Bush it seems… good luck to you glad we are done with your kind.” LMAO. Baffling. More interesting than the fact that you’re 100% wrong is that you’re ignorant enough to feel confident in extrapolating such a conclusion from the radical belief that companies should try to make money.

  21. Desprical Says:

    “All you care about is money!” ~ It’s a porn website. No matter how fancy they get with drag & drop and ajax effects, it’s always about money and value. If you think there’s no value that’s one thing, but are you expecting someone to start a porn site as a non-for-profit contribution to mankind after deep meditation and a mug of herbal tea?

  22. doppyman Says:

    Josh – thanks for the reply. I think your decision on where to place information about the premium channels is a good one, provided you leave the filter in that lets you search a girl’s scenes without the premium channels. I don’t think it should bother people to click on a star’s name, see that she has scenes on premium channels and then filter that out. I agree with Bergman that the banners on the main page are not too obtrusive. Finally, I have not seen a big drop in content quality since the inception of the premium channels. While I am somewhat worried about the future in terms of companies insisting on premium status, I will shelve that concern and enjoy what has been posted recently.

  23. MacMan Says:


    Your efforts are cuttimg edge. When you succeed, your wealth will be well deserved. (Yes, my friends, there is a serious financial crisis in porn, too.) I am still having trouble with the “upgrade click” since nothing comes up for me. If others are not havimg this issue please e-mail me since I am interested in a Premier, not premium, channel.

    Note well, recent studios include Red Light District, Candy Shop, and others. Not excellent content for the price? Really??

  24. jaykay Says:

    Are there any way VB could make a Suggestion box sorta thing for people who has Epoch as the biller? As in if I e.g. click on the upgrade button I would get a “Sorry Epoch billers can’t upgrade in the current system with this kind of setup but instead you can upgrade to premium channels if you switch over to xx biller and this kind of xx monthly setup”? As a temporary fix? Or is my ‘little fix suggestion’ more complicated to program than that? :P

    Oh and @Sirid, please refrain from saying “we” about all the things you find bad, when it’s obvious others disagree.

  25. scud1373 Says:

    Is there any way to cancel a premium channel subscription without canceling your entire membership?

    I do not think I want to continue with my Vivid subscription after april, yet I do not want to have to cancel my membership, create a new account, and lose all of my ratings, recently watched, favorites lists, et cetera.

  26. josh Says:

    scud1373 — if you go to the “My Account” page, you can remove individual channel subscriptions.

  27. thirdeye Says:

    uhhh, no mention of the “Token” idea – still in consideration?

  28. Kev Chan Says:

    Personally just 2 things I have noticed since the introduction of the premium content:

    1) The quality of the regular VB stuff has gone down. It’s really sad but in my humble opinion it has. For a while there was almost awesome videos every day and for the past few weeks I would say I find maybe at most 3-4 good scenes every week. This has changed my VB habit from checking daily to checking every few days.

    2) The other sad reality is if you want to find an alternative on the internet there really aren’t any. At least not one that provides the quality at this price point. VB is still better than it’s competitors but clearly the gap has closed a bit due to VB’s dup in quality of content.

  29. HotScooter2 Says:

    your remark about Bergman2 voting for Bush,really cracked me up.it had nothing to do with anything discussed in this blog,and was more like a personal attack. First of all he did not even mention Bush,and since Bush has already served 2 terms it would have been impossible to vote for him in the last election anyway.

  30. Breadwinner Says:

    Josh, Thank you for the update as well as some ongoing issues. As I have mentioned in the past, I am not so much concerned for the present, I am more concerned about the future. If the content for the nonpremium VB site stays as good or gets better, then, I have no concerns. I DO NOT like the fact that some titles like the “Squirtwoman” series was pulled out. I actually had the 1&2 DVDs but sold them thinking I had them on VB. Now, they’re gone. I also noticed they are not even on the “premium” portion of the site either. Small favor, please bring them back to the fold in one shape or form. Thanks for reading all the comments.

  31. josh Says:

    thirdeye — I have no plans to convert VideoBox into a token system. There’s a larger conversation about content licensing approaches that VB members may find interesting, which deserves its own post.

  32. DRHouse Says:

    Its cool to know that you take care on the problems\suggestions we have. With a short break im Costumer for 4 years now – You did a good job in the past and i expect you to do the same in the future. Im curious to see your billing solution, Im sure i will use it.

    Greets Steve

  33. tom brokaw Says:

    I don’t think I’m going to buy the evil angel now, but I don’t see why people are so angry. The stuff you still get for ten to fifteen bucks is great. Nor do I mind seeing the other stuff a little when i browse. If it took up half the screen with stuff I can’t watch then that would be irritating, but since they are only a few scenes, I do like to see what I’m missing, in case I want to upgrade later. If the stuff I see in the searches is consistently high quality I’ll be tempted to get it. It’s not exactly breaking the bank here.

  34. meltedmoss Says:

    If it’s explained as a 3 in 1 site it makes sense but you don’t bill it that way you say it is “premium content” as in premium video box content. What you now have is 3 sites one vivid one EA and one Videobox Each cost exactly the same price to participate in. 2 of those sites are very low on content and it’s not vivids best videos or EA’s on top of that the quality of the video’s isn’t that much better. So you are paying full price for less quality all round.

    You’d be better off as a consumer to go directly to the source go subscribe to EA/Vivid directly. Now if you were to offer something that is difficult to find (niche) hentai/amateur (new stars)

    Do you need to be a video box memeber to be a vivid or EA member? what if I sign up for vivid then let VB drop how will that work for my sub?

  35. josh Says:

    meltedmoss — you can add and subtract the channels, but you can’t have a premium channel without VB. We may change that behavior in the future, but it will require some reworking of our permissions model.

  36. rutnadexin3 Says:

    It was when I clicked the upgrade button to see how much it would cost, when I was automatically subscribed (this was a week or so ago). While it may have changed now, when I did it, there was no choice to back out. I cancelled the EA membership, but since I was on a non-recurring VB membership, and since EA only gives your money back on the monthly basis, I lost my money. I don’t really care that much; I got bigger things on my mind right now. I’m not asking for anything. I’m just adding my experience to the mix.

  37. josh Says:

    rutnadexin3 — that should not have happened. You should have seen a screen with pricing options, and then a button that says “yes, upgrade me now”.

    If you submit your info on our support form (http://www.videobox.com/beta/contact_us.seam — choose “billing issue”), our staff should be able to help you out.

  38. Sirid Says:

    Well Josh all you would have to do for the new website to get the word out is put up a banner, similar to the one you have now saying “eclusive offer for Videobox members” and have that link go to a page that discribes your new site and what it would cost. Many have already said and I agree there nothing wrong with the banner you have now. So your reasoning for not doing a new site I am not buying.

    You have though hit the nail on the head on what I hate about the premium channels. “The balance point I’m trying to strike is where the promotion of the new site feel like information, not advertisement.” That type of “information” is propaganda.

    Take your example I am searching my favorite star and I see oh great look at these new scenes of her. I click and bang yup I can watch them if I pay more. Or in the list of new titles, oh that looks hot let me look at that… after a short tease. “Please pay more to see this.” That my friend is up selling and it is something done a lot but is dirty business. When I log on to the site as a paying member I have the expectation that I can view all the content on the site. I mean I paid for the site why wouldn’t I be able to. Plus as a long time member I also have a long history of being able to view all the content on the site. Now yes sure I know and expect ads etc, but I don’t expect them to be hiding in normal functions, that is just wrong.

    I hate to see Video box turn into an up sell site and yes if this works, as many other members have expressed, what’s to stop a lot of other studios in using this model on this site. It’s a slippery slope from here. Good luck to you.

  39. This One Guy Says:

    Sirid, please just STFU, man. Your rants have been more irritating than this entire premium debacle. It’s a business. Making more money is the point. The site is not your girlfriend.

  40. thirdeye Says:

    Rock on Josh, great customer service in answering a lot of the questions. I’ve personally got nothing against the way it is right now overall and look forward to any (if any) changes to come in the future. You’ve obviously got the members in mind and that’s good enough for me.

  41. bigkai19 Says:

    This recent post of yours has cleared up some issues, but I disagree with some statements made, The search thing: Let us the customer decide if we want to see if E/A or Viv has scenes with a certain star. It will still be like throwing the prem channels in those members faces, that are not subscribed. The best place to advertise the premium channels would be the start page, and then a small banner over the videobox guys banner.
    I also have a issue, with the (click on the UPGRADE button) I don’t get a response from the link at all.

  42. bigkai19 Says:

    I forgot to mention, The channels button, should be click to drop down menu, not mouse over! It’s to close to the home page link.

  43. drawstroke Says:

    This post clears up a lot. It would be nice if I could sign up for the additional content for just a month but I see that’s a problem with your billing methods.

    The steps taken so far to limit my exposure to premium content are fine with me. I don’t mind seeing that it is there and I’m also glad it isn’t filling up the top scenes/week now.

    I won’t upgrade now because I don’t think there is enough value. VB has value because you have years of content to choose from. The Vivid releases are limited in number and quality. After another 6 months or a year of updates, maybe I’ll change my mind.

  44. numbles Says:

    Josh, I do have a feature request that has nothing to do with the topic. I’ll ask anyways.
    Could you possibly include an Option to browse the “stars” list on videobox based on pictures?
    Like, you click on “stars” and instead of names you get a nice thumbnail + the names or sth. like that?
    That would be huge for the people who don’t know all the girls by heart.

  45. josh Says:

    numbles — yeah, we could do something like that. It’s a little tricky because we have over 6000 stars. We are also planning to allow you to create a list of your favorite stars, and get notified when a scene appears from a star in your favorites.

  46. febtober Says:

    What I want to know is that if this is 6 months in the making, why didn’t you ask our opinion to see if we wanted it in the first place?!?

  47. Mihx Says:

    “josh Says:
    April 6th, 2009 at 9:45 am
    scud1373 — if you go to the “My Account” page, you can remove individual channel subscriptions.”

    I saw that mentioned in your new FAQ, but there are no unsubscribe buttons or links on my account page (not that I’m in need of them right now :) ).
    All I see are the three channels (including the default VideoBox) and a date of subscription next to each one.

  48. rutnadexin3 Says:

    thanks, josh, for the info.

    I’ll check my statement at the end of the month – I think all the subscription will cost is about $30-40, so I’m not that worried about it. Plus I’ll have access to EA for a few months. ;)

    I don’t know why so many people are ticked at the changes you are making to the site. If people want to pay extra for 2 studios, let them. I think what you are doing makes business sense. Once you work out the kinks in the billing structure, things should calm down, and people will get back to downloading/watching DVDs instead of complaining. At least, I hope.

  49. rutnadexin3 Says:

    Hey, mihx. Go to my account. At the bottom of the page is a long gray box with this in blue: “Click here to cancel your subscription.” When you click it, you will be directed to another page. Check what you want to cancel, u can enter additional info if u want, then click submit. At least that is what shows up on my end.

  50. josh Says:

    febtober — we did a survey asking which studio you would like, but we never asked what you felt about the concept of premium channels. I consider that lack of communication a mistake, and we’ll be more proactive in the future about running new ideas through the blog.

    mihx — you’re right, my bad. You have to go to “My Account”, and then click “cancel subscription”, and then you see check boxes by each channel.

  51. flblasted Says:

    I subscribed to the Vivid exclusive channel recently and I have to say “Thank You” to the video box staff. I have always like Vivid and if I continue to get decent DVDs from them I will be very happy. Videobox has always been my top prospect since I started subscribing and even with the new exclusive content they still rock my world.

    I don’t know about other people but I was glad to pay the additional price. If anything I think you should give more frequent updates on the exclusive DVDs then you do now. Waiting days in between an update is plain torture.

  52. willdewer Says:

    #1:Over 90% of videos viewed are either choppy,or when they aren’t, the sound is WAY off, or both choppy AND out of sync with the sound.
    #2:When using a download accelerator such as DAP, the file downloads,but won’t play in EITHER WMP11 OR Real Player.
    #3:NO live support. I’ve tried the troubleshooting solutions given on your support page to NO avail and MUCH aggrevation,not to mention time taken to try and rectify the problems afore mentioned, including E-Mails to your “support staff”,which……,have gone unanswered.
    #4:I signed up for the $9.95 subscription rate and encountered these afore mentioned problems,which prompted me to use your “troubleshooting” guides (to no avail). So,upon recieving no help from your “support team”,I decided maybe I should “UPGRADE” to the $17.95 package to get better results but,noooooooooo.NONE were to be found
    I’m running Windows Vista Basic which(I’m told by Windows Update)is up to date.So,unless I’m running antiquated software, I’m out of luck and money??
    I like the content you offer, I really do, and the price in which you offer it, but unless these issues aren’t rectified for me………..,it’s a waste of time and money!! Foolish me for thinking you get what you pay for.

  53. ShowMeMo Says:

    People don’t like change, plan and simple. I appreciate the fact your trying to make the site better and give us more options. I don’t mind seeing the EA and VIVID updates mixed in with the basic updates and IMO I don’t see how anyone that has been a memeber of this site can see it as you trying to cram it down our throat, but to each their own.

    I think with the way you have run this site, and brought us great value in the past, that you deserve for everyone to trust you to continue that, and have patience while all of this gets worked out.

    I like the idea of added studio’s. I think it’s unfortunate that VIVID and EA are such greedy shits and will not buy into your model of pay structure as the other studios. But that is their mo . Before I found this site I joined VIVID because they have alot of my favorite stars. Maybe JOINED is the wrong word, because I cancelled after 1 DAY.They think their shit don’t stink. But I can see myself to subscribe to the premium content in the future to get some of those vidoe’s.

    As many others have said, my only concern is the other studio’s wanting the same thing.

    I also appreciate you explaing how, and what you go through with the studios in making this the best site on the net in your latest blogs.

    I don’t like the idea of making a seperate site for the premium channels. I think the way your doing it is the best solution.

    I myself would like to see more of the older, “classic” video’s.

    Thank you for providing the best site, and for your insight in your latest blogs as to how it works with the studio’s.



    P.S. my name has nothing to do with any of this. Just didn’t want you to misconstrue the meaning regarding the outcry.

  54. briancm Says:

    OK, I was anti-premium upselling when you guys first introduced it. But, I saw a lot of the vids from VIVID that I wanted to have a look at. At first, I thought you were only offering those on the Previews. But, once I dug inside, there was a lot more content than I thought, literally dozens of dvds inside. So, I gave it a shot.
    I did find some of the content good, stars I hadn’t seen before or in a while. Unfortunately, VIVID is not my sort of porn studio. It’s a little too vanilla most of the time for my taste, but I’m sure others will enjoy it.
    I was a little too quick to put down the Premium content without even giving it a try, so I would like to retract what I said and state that it is a fair price for content you cannot get elsewhere, at least, not at your price.

    Next, I will give Evil Angel a try. John Stagliano has been a good director over the years and there is bound to be some good stuff hiding in there as well.

    Thanks again VB for being the best porn site out there.

  55. Mircalla Says:

    What I’d like to know, is who that pretty Asian girl in the EA banner is.

  56. petermc Says:

    Just tried to upgrade to EA site and nothing has happened. Is it supposed to be instant? I’m worried about trying again in case I get charged twice.