Ins and Outs of Content Licensing

For all of you interested in the breadth of human sexuality and/or intellectual property issues, here are some fun facts about content on VB 🙂

Tranny is Our Most Popular Request


People’s sexual tastes are wide… and specific. One person likes blond girls getting their toes licked. Another gets off on two older women playing with a double headed dildo. We try our best to make people happy with our updates, but the unavoidable fact is most people will not like whatever we put up.


And, yes, the most popular category request we get is transsexual.


Looks like VB Dipped into the Bargain Bin Again


We have a handful of studios that consistently release good DVDs (Red Light District, Platinum X, Combat Zone, DVSX, Lethal Hardcore, and a few others). So why doesn’t every update come from one of these studios?


It’s not because we’re cheap. It’s because they don’t release 5 DVDs per day. Most studios release only a handful of titles per month. We put 150 per month on our site, and that’s a significant portion of America’s porn production.


Cost vs Quality


For the most part, the cost of content has little to do with its quality. The two main factors that go into content cost are


1) The quality of the content, as perceived by its owner, and

2) The owner’s financial pressures


We’re always hunting for good content deals. That’s how we’re able to keep the price of VB relatively low. Our reputation in the content licensing world is that we’re predatory, but we pay our bills on time.


Nonetheless, we can only license a small fraction of the world’s porn with our existing payment structure. We could have 10x the amount of content on VB if we adopted a revenue sharing model. But our margins are so low that we’re be in the red if we paid for content through revenue sharing.


So rev share only works if we can attach it to an additional income stream, which is the thinking behind the premium channels.


2 Hours to the Next DVD


Another factor that goes into our content strategy is our site navigation. Specifically, the dominant feature of our home page is the latest DVD, and most of our clicks go to new DVDs.


That’s all fine if we stick to mainstream LA porn, but it doesn’t work so well if we want to expand into a wide variety of niches. Let’s say we want to add 1000 DVDs of girls getting spanked. Some members will like this content, but most will not, and they won’t appreciate seeing a new spanking DVD a day for 3 years.


In the future, it would be nice to use the home page real estate for something more relevant than the latest DVDs. It could be “scenes we think you’d like”, for instance. But such a change would affect most of our member’s usage pattern, so it’s a big deal.

44 Responses to “Ins and Outs of Content Licensing”

  1. baldguyxxx Says:

    I think here the point is that most porno sucks, bad lighting, ugly girls,repeat scenes,etc. I remember the days I would go to the video store and rent 10 DVD’s and most of them were bad. The same holds true here… only a few are actually good and to my taste. I travel for a week and come back without having checked VB and have a couple of dozen new vids to look at and lo and behold most suck.. just a rule of thumb when it comes to porn be it online or in a DVD store.

  2. Matt H. Says:

    Honestly, I’m already over the premium channel dilemma, but I do appreciate your candor and revealing perspectives on the VB ways.

    Never imagined people getting so upset over the OPTION of getting new content or keeping their $10.00 a month that gives them over 6000 DVDs. I suppose all it takes is a few well-spoken detractors to get everyone on the complain-wagon.

  3. tfal Says:

    Keep up the current content model. At 5 DVDs a day they can be winners to all people. I’ve used some other premium site, and guess what, you might get one update a day at 3x the price. VB has a lot of content, lot of variety. As long as we can bitch and moan in the comments, I’m happy.

  4. MikhailT Says:

    Well that’s the beauty of the customizable home page set by user’s preferences (use AJAX to let the user dynamically change things)

    VB might as well work on a total redesign since the current premium channels screws up the flow of the site since not everybody is going to be on the premium and should have the right not to view them in search, home page and so on.

    This would allow VB to scale up to many different things in the future if they going to redesign the VB’s media player, offer more premium content, sick porn and so on.

    Speaking of which, is there any news on a new version of the media player? Specifically the encoding and higher bit quality with 16:9 full screen view support. Too many new DVDs lately with squeezed 16:9>4:3 screen inside the media player.

  5. Papayaman1 Says:

    Some well observed points from Josh here. Baldguy is also absolutely right when he points out that most porn is trash. Even in the best DVD you are going to find that there are maybe 3 out of 5 scenes that you will like and the rest will be filler. It is very rare to find a DVD in which you like all the scenes. And in a good proportion all of the content will be rubbish. The strength of VB is that we do not have to go to the expense of buying the whole DVD, we can download or stream the scenes we like. And with 5 a day being added everybody can find something to their taste. You may go on a streak of 2-3 days when nothing will turn up, but over a week I would imagine the average member will find a minimum of 3-4 scenes that they will like (bearing in mind that we all have different tastes so those scenes will not be the same ones for all of us – somebody will treasure those fatty gangbang scenes amazing as it may seem to most of us) – so if we take that rough calculation that is at least 12-16 good scenes a month for $10. Try and match that value buying DVDs or on other sites! I don’t think you can.

    That is why I think most of the complainers will simply stick at being complainers, because in the final instance VB gives the best value available in the market. Of those that leave I would not be surprised if a lot drift back when they find that other sites provide much the same content at a much higher price.

    So long as VB can continue meeting that basic criterion of providing 3-4 scenes a week (bearing in mind that it is actually more than 3-4 scenes from VB’s point of view, given that another member’s favourite 3-4 will be different from mine) that make us happy I think VB’s position as market leader is safe.

  6. DRHouse Says:

    @papayaman: I 100% agree with you, Oveall there are always 3-6 scene with a turn on for me, sometimes ist just the girl, like in the last days that went to the sindee jennings week!

    The only thing that sucks ate compilation discs, wich shown us some seen footage again!!!

  7. Steve Jobs Says:

    I never really understood the outcry from people when you announced the premium channels. I mean you weren’t forcing people to sign up to them. They could carry on just as they were before. I wonder if it was a highly vociferous minority, which gave you a skewed view of user opinions. Having a vote based system can sometimes give you a more representative view, since the degree of user involvement in providing feedback is minimal.

    The best way to deal with peoples niche preference is to give them the option NOT to see conent falling into a particular niche. For me, that would be tranny/gay content. There is NO way I even want to see a cover.

    One thing I would like to see more of is softcore content from Penthouse and other providers.

  8. peru1978 Says:

    To me, porn is disposable. Before I discovered this site I was buying 3 or 4 DVDs a month because I didn’t have a good rental store. For each DVD, I usually liked 1 to 2 scenes, and I almost always enjoyed the Behind the Scenes feature if there was one available. After a couple months they would all be in the trash. I don’t miss any one DVD, but I do miss certain scenes and I was definitely following certain actresses. When I joined Videobox a few years ago, I stopped buying DVDs. I spent a lot more time watching porn in the first 5 to 6 months, but now I’m back to watching only a handfull of scenes per month, and I’m spending considerably less money. I do think the user interface is excellent, and I really, really appreciate the attention that is given to customer input, but the one thing that is keeping me as a loyal member is value. When I was paying $20 to $30 for a DVD I was paying for an experience, not the actual product to keep forever. I feel the same way about a website membership, I have very few scenes backed up, and every time I revisit my library I find myself deleting scenes. I know viewing habits vary widely, and I definitely don’t speak for everyone, but I think the desire for value is a strong vein for most. After value would come quality of content, which is where the premium channels come in. I’m impressed, Josh, that you concur with the notion that a lot of your content is subpar, and I totally agree with your goal for trying to please as many of your customers as possible. I know from reading your responses that you have the best of intentions, and I trust you to get the premium channels properly integrated within the next couple of months. Thank you for your effort to bring quality content to your site that is already providing your subscribers an incredible value.

  9. sjenkie Says:

    Hi VB,

    congrats on the 6000th video! I was just wondering if certain dvd’s have been erased from the database? I can’t seem to find the lady fellatio dvd’s anymore. I’m especially sad that Lady Fellatio in the Dog House is gone, because it contains one of the best bj scenes on the whole site: the one with mia domore and lena ramon.

    I was very happy to see “hot property” from vivid appearing a while ago. That one’s great. Gazzman is a talented director.

    keep up the good work!

  10. bigkai19 Says:

    All is true, I completely understand where your coming at. The site is pretty much fine the way it is, I don’t check the site till the weekend, so I have a lot of content to check out, when I sign on. I don’t know other members routine, but I feel that’s the best method, your bound to find something good, out of a weeks worth of titles. I only wish a slightly better filtering system was here, I don’t like the fact that, when I sign on the lastest update is a tranny title large on the screen. If that factor could be adjusted, I would have no complaints for The premium thing is another story!

  11. Ditto Says:


    Tranny Premium Channel.

    If the requests are that numerous, you have a known potential subscriber base who have a defined demand. It also provides a very simple way for users to filter out tranny stuff, as it won’t be seen if it isn’t subscribed. Alison has noted before that tranny fans are rampant, here, and while it puzzles me that it’s considered “straight” porn, certainly you don’t want to antagonize either camp. Now is when the tranny fans cry, “But we shouldn’t have to pay extra!” This is a very interesting point, and one that would make for quite a debate. I would posit that a modest extra charge for significantly more tranny porn might be worth it to them. What do we get now, maybe 2 or 3 per month? That’s a fairly small number, overall, and if they’d not pay an extra couple dollars a month for vastly more tranny stuff, perhaps it isn’t that exciting. I dunno, just a brainstorm. Of course, it seems like this is one of the exact POINTS of your post, in which case I’m stating the obvious – and if so, ignore me… 🙂

    Cheers, D

  12. tom brokaw Says:

    people who complain about videobox are douchebags. 5 porn titles a day for 15 bucks? Ridiculous. You can even save the ones you like and keep them. Every now and then there is a tranny vid or something with ugly british people and you think you are getting ripped off? Go see how far 15 bucks gets you elsewhere then.

  13. housedj69 Says:

    Tom Brokaw, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Videobox is a bargain at twice the price.

  14. Shawn Says:

    I’m pretty well happy with videobox so far other than a few bugs I come across here and there I think the price is fair sucks about the loss of the premium content but there is more than enough content to keep me happy.

  15. Breadwinner Says:

    Josh, I think you have gone out of your way, above and beyond what I personally would imagine the founder/owner of this site would do to communicate to the subscribers. Obviously, you do not take some of the comments here lightly and I respect that. If you go another route and provide large amounts of certain niches without the risk of saturating the regular “premium VB,” such as tranny for example, I am all for it. I have my own personal tastes that VB does not have enough of but other sites do. Poll the subscribers. I think feeding underfed niches is a good thing while also feeding the masses the LA porn (which I like too!) and giving a sampling of the more offbeat (pardon the pun) material (like you already have been doing– don’t stop, it’s a good thing). If there is a particular niche I like and it is priced right, I am in.

    As for being predatorial, that is the licensing business and that makes you a savvy businessman. The true value of their content is what the buyers think of their content. Older vids do not sell/rent as well as the new ones. This is the same as regular movies. Therefore, studios make additional money by selling this to sites like VB. This way, these take on a new life for the studios as well as possibly get those subcribers to look for the latest in the series (it works and I do). I look at it as a win-win-win for the studios, you, the site owner, as well as the subscribers.

  16. Scrugglebumms Says:

    Your post was really informative and it helped me understand why Videobox content updates are posted the way they are.

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

    PS I would really be interested in some of the technical aspects of Videobox, i.e. servers used, bandwidth used, ripping/encoding, etc.

  17. bergman2 Says:

    The number of tranny requests is unsurprising. It’s a popular fetish that VB is providing, but not providing extensively. If VB had made the decision to not license tranny content, the amount of requests for it they received would be statistically insignificant. As it is, despite the small percentage it makes up of VB’s overall catalogue, VB, with over 350 scenes, is still probably one of the best sources of tranny porn on the net. Tranny fans, whom I presume are generally pretty passionate and devoted in their tastes, flock to VB for that content but are rarely provided with anything new hence the clamoring. The fans of niches which are not addressed at all have no reason to even give VB a second thought.

  18. Gatos Says:

    A very informative post.

    Talking about home page content, maybe it would be an idea to enable the user to have influence over his/her home page content, as it can be seen on various portal sites.
    Let’s say I always want to see the latest DVD-release, I add this content module to “My Videobox Home” – I would like to see your “DVD’s we thing you might like”-module, I add this and so on.
    Working with modules has the advantage that, while you can restrict the custom layout to a given number of modules, you still can reserve some space for the things you absolutely want to show up on everybody’s home page.
    I admit that this is a lot of digging into the way the site works for its members and maybe all the effort isn’t quite worth the outcome, because that might very well be that you find out that the vast majority of users simply go with the “default”-layout and don’t even bother to edit their home page appearance. All I can say that I am used to doing this at other places and I would use it here, for sure.

  19. Mister Handy Says:

    I agree with those who say Videobox is quite a bargain. I’m not sure it would be at /twice/ the price – $34/month would be getting up there, but there’s certainly a bit of room for price increases and still be a bargain.

    That said, a couple of things:
    – please, please if you somehow go the route of premium channels by specialty, and not just by studio, DON’T get rid of that content on Videobox proper – have that be an add on. One of my favorite things – perhaps even my very favorite thing about Videobox’s content is the diversity you guys have assembled and over a month I’ll generally see a nice mix of stuff that hits my usual interests, new actresses/kinks/whatever I find I enjoy but never would have noticed on my own, and some stuff that’s not really my bag but is interesting to see is out there.

    – A customizable front page (portal, whatever) would be nice, but really isn’t a big deal. The site works nicely as it is for the most part, and fixing search so it doesn’t occasionally bounce you to the front page would be a higher priority. So would an “advanced search” capability, and an ability to see all of an actress’s costars (ie click on Tiffany Taylor, and then be able to see a list of all the actresses also in scenes with her, so that we can find a specific pairing.) Heh, while we’re at it, I’ll throw in a request for populating the metadata tags (“properties” page in windows explorer) on the WMAs so that search will work locally in media player and stuff for those of us who use downloads rather than the flash player.

    It looks like the jobs you have posted (per google) are a bit above my pay grade, but as a Bay Area-based Java developer, I keep thinking of dropping you guys a resume. 🙂

  20. Mister Handy Says:

    Actually, come to think of it “@steve jobs – The best way to deal with peoples niche preference is to give them the option NOT to see conent falling into a particular niche.” might have the best option – filtering by genre (which you already have in a sense with the “select your favorite, least favorite genres” from the recommendation preferences would not be a bad thing.

  21. ocdave67 Says:

    Josh- I would hope you look at other factors than just user requests when obtaining material. I have a hard time accepting the claim that Tranny is the most requested content on VB. I wonder if parting members might request that from you as a “joke” on the other members?
    I make this claim because with 329 Tranny scenes on VB only 10 have ever been rated by members. Out of 69 Tranny DVD’s on VB not a single one has been rated by a member. This tells me that maybe this content should be removed from the site. Where is this “Army” of Tranny lovers?

  22. bobsipod Says:

    While tranny stuff may be the most requested type of porn, it is only because it is represents an extremely broad dynamic. Straight porn is divided into so many types, any one couldnt match the outcry for the chicks with dicks catagory, but add up all the requests for straight vs tranny, and its not likely to be close.
    This ties in with ocdave’s point that no one is ranking the tranny stuff. I may venture away from my usual anal or lesbo fetishes into some interracial or asian stuff but tranny? My porn’s gotta involve a woman. Thats rule #1.

  23. sadisticfucker Says:

    Josh says Videobox has “dipped into the bargain bin” because studios only release so many DVDs per month. That’s a very evasive explanation, because there are a lot of excellent Platinum X titles released a few years ago that haven’t made it onto this site. VB has only posted one title from “Bakers Dozen,” which is a FANTASTIC series. Where are the rest?

  24. garbman Says:

    I could be wrong but if tranny is your number one request why not make that a premium channel, so the rest of us can watch what we want. As far as profit margins being slim, I’m not sure I can swallow that. However, Josh thank you for addressing the issues at hand, and showing an interest in those issues. I’ve been kinda harsh at times I retract.

  25. fatrush Says:

    greetings ditto fuggas; josh i really don’t know how you compete v. all the free sites out there; i’ve found almost 20 sites that feature full lenght fuggn vids; how do they do it. i’m talkn all the sht u have plus naughty america, brazzers, bang bros, the bish that gives great head (heather brooke), i found smokn hot jenni lee threesomes with carli banks, brooke banner and brooke skye; i found three of the hottes fuggn threesomes ever one with lindsay meadows and teagan presley, one with lindsay meadows and rachael roxx and another with fuggn alektra, pre-titties and jamie huxley; i found sht on shawna lenee that fuggn blows ur cock away; i found fuggn nella and sophie moone flicks, fuggn sophie w/ this bish named kylie hot hot hot, sophie and sandy bish; i’m fuggn amazied; fuggn samantha ryan eatn almost every imaginable pussy u can think of; fuggn hot threesome w/ kayhlynn and lauren phoenix, imagine that rope, and that teagan, eva threesome, hell thats everywhere out there (not so hot). oh well, i wish i could start a site that links you to all the freebies; actually i found one of those too and its free too; i mean its literally a party in my hand whenever i want. that bish chayse that alison inverviewed has several vids out there, she’s fuggn hot and takes one in her balloon knot. oh well, just bein fatrush here; happy easter all u ditto fuggas and keep dreenkn the kook

  26. Agent Says:

    The reason tranny vids are so requested is because it is the category that least comes up and is broad as bobsipod says. If, for example, videobox started releasing more tranny videos than straight videos I’m positive you will start receiving way more requests for normal boy girl scenes than anything else. I’m happy with the variety I get and I always find stuff I like so I rarely request anything. I do think a separate channel for tranny vids (if there is enough to even make a channel) is a good idea, however. It is IMO a different general category of porn just like gay porn is, and you have a separate website for that. Also, how does the rating system work? Is what ocdave67 says correct? Does a dvd or scene with no stars mean no one has rated it? One more thing, can we get a counter for each scene or dvd to show the number of times downloaded? I think it may be a better indicator of a quality scene than just ratings, and I’d be curious to see what the most downloaded scenes are.

  27. josh Says:

    MikhailT and Gatos — I like your idea of a user-configurable homepage in principle. But I don’t know how well it would work in practice for non power users. One thing I’ve learned since building web sites is people don’t read text or do anything complicated. I want to figure out a design that works for the 95% of our users who will never change the default settings.

    Ditto — Actually, we do have plans for a tranny box 🙂

    Scrugglebumms — a lot of technical details are confidential, but I’ll give you a couple stats. We have half a petabyte of storage. We spend over $1 million/year on bandwidth. And I’m particularly impressed with our site ops guys who have figured out how to push 4 Gb/sec from a single server.

    Mister Handy — thanks for your suggestion on WMV tags. I hadn’t thought of that one.

    garbman — the reason our profit margins are low is our traffic acquisition costs. We pay 50% of our revenue to anyone who sends us a signup. When you add bandwidth, billing fees, and payroll on top… there’s not a whole lot left.

    Ocdave67 and Agent — our rating system is based on favorites, and more specifically on percentiles of favorites. When you see only 10 out of 329 tranny scenes have some star rating, that means only 10 are favorited more than the 50th percentile favorite count of all our scenes. Since tranny appeals to a small percentage of our users, I’m not surprised that the overall popularity of tranny content is low. I’ll do a future post that goes into our rating system in more detail.

  28. bobsipod Says:

    Josh, if you wanna bring up your profits, throw some ads up along the sides of this site. I’m looking up at a wide-screen monitor that is wasting about 33% of it’s space because you have that unoffensive, unassuming field of blue flanking either side of the page. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the clinical aesthetic of this website; with the exception of the hardcore thumbnails, this site looks nothing like a pornsite. However, if you were to throw up some ads on the unused real estate i really wouldn’t care. Just think outside the box. I don’t want to see a friggen flesh-light banner up there. Instead, think about who else would advertise here. I see that “WM” waste management sign all over mlb stadiums, so why not here? How about something from the Philly blunt corporation? Cialis? World of Warcraft? There’s your revenue, and as a result, maybe we get some “premium” porn on the cheap. Just don’t allow any of those floating banners to waft across the screen. That’s all i need is to lose a chubby because the Domino’s pizza company wants me to fill out a brief survey. “do you prefer bacon or sausage on your pizza while you masturbate?” Basically, keep it out of the middle of the screen, and don’t make us watch some geico commercial before the scene pops up in the flash player, and I’m fine with it.

  29. ticl Says:

    To me there is no such thing as bad porn. I watch a little bit of everything. Even the most trashiest studios sometimes produce gems and something very erotic. You don’t have to get a massive woody from every scene you watch. This is not a competition.

    The reason I subscribed to this site is for its very easy to access flash player. I never downloaded a single scene to HDD. I frequently watch old scenes/clips.

    PS: More South American tranny videos please.

  30. Xanthious Says:

    My small beef with the premium content aside, you simply cant please 100% of the people 100% of the time. I think most people are smart enough to figure out that not every update is going to be to their tastes so as a whole we take the good with the bad. Even taking away all the scenes that I have less than zero interest in watching there is still more porn for my money on here than most other pay sites. I cant speak for everyone else but for my money as long as VB stays at this pace I will be content to remain a member.

  31. Xanthious Says:

    Sorry for back to back posts but I just had to say. . .really? Tranny Videos? People request those? Takes different strokes for different folks I guess. Now if you could get some more of that zombie porn from five or six months back. . . . . .

  32. ocdave67 Says:

    bobsipod- Ads are slowly becoming a thing of the past on the internet IMO. When you use Firefox for a browser and install the “Adblock Plus” add-on that is available, web site ads basically are 99.9% removed from your web surfing experience.
    Using this setup you would probably be surprised on how the VB home page appears to me.

    I have even been able to block the images of the flash ad for the premium content on the home page. Ads are not appreciated or viewed by this VB member.. here or any other web site.

  33. johndaunch Says:

    I just wanted to point out that the videos posted to this site over the past week have been some of the worst and lowest-quality pornography ever presented at Videobox.

    That is all.

  34. DP Says:

    I love the tranny vids & would gladly join a tranny channel as long as it didn’t cost more than half of a monthly VB membership.

    Opening a tranny channel would allow you to get some of the more high-end tranny studios, while also keeping the current line-up of trans content for regular VB members.

  35. bobsipod Says:

    Ocdave- I was trying to be funny (obviously unsuccessful). I’d be shocked if I saw mainstream ads on a pornsite. Still, if you could pull off putting a domino’s pizza ad on a pornsite, I’d be impressed as hell.
    DP- there are high-end tranny studios? Somewhere out there is a studio claiming to be the vivid of tranny fare? Thats awesome. I’m not gonna watch but like I said- awesome.

  36. Scrugglebumms Says:

    Josh: Thank you for the response. Those were some awesome stats! It sounds like the site ops guys could write a book on the topic of handling massive amounts of content and traffic. Very impressive stuff.

    My hat is off to you and everyone working behind the scenes at videobox. Thank you all for your hard work.

    Best regards,

  37. Boyband Says:

    I think some celebrity porn would be a nice compliment to what you have. Sex tapes, nude celebrity stuff. I find myself looking for that outside videobox more than anything.

  38. DP Says:

    Octdave67 says: “Where is this “Army” of Tranny lovers?”

    We’ve been forced in the back of the closet by people like you who locked yourselves in.

  39. doppyman Says:

    Josh – I interpret your answer to OC Dave and Agent that you only consider a video’s rating if it has been favorited by a certain percentage of viewers. So, rating a vid may be meaningless, unless it is favorited a lot? I have rated vids, but not favorited them because I know who I like, figuring that rating scenes was making my opinions known. Is it necessary to favorite scenes if you want your positive opinion registered? If I interpret your system correctly, I think it is shady and self-serving because : Your favoriting threshold seems to basically ensure that no rating is given to movies that everyone hates, ensuring few one star ratings appear. That way browsers don’t see that you have put some awful content on the site. This gives a mistaken impression that this site has 6,000 vids that were not given bad ratings by viewers, rather than say, 4,000 that were assessed as good or better ones and 2,000 that viewers felt sucked.

  40. doppyman Says:

    Josh – I noticed that in your post you said “We have handful of studios that release” consistently good vids. You then listed some studios, including Lethal Hardcore. You don’t have Lethal Hardcore. You did at one point, but I don’t consider six vids since last July as having a studio, particularly since there has been ONE in this calendar year. As for the Combat Zone and Platinum X releases, lately an inordinate proportion of these have been black and interracial releases, which is all well and good, but it is certainly NOT top of the line releases by these studios. (Judging by commenters, I am not alone in this opinion.) So VB does not release consistently good content from these studios IMHO. Only sometimes and, as with Lethal Hardcore, hardly ever.

  41. bobsipod Says:

    What I’ve noticed about the rating system, is that no scene ever has a rating below 2.5 stars. a Star, yes, but a scene? no. Its either 2.5 or up, or its unrated. Take this weeks “top scenes this week”; of the 203 scenes on the videobox portion, 104 had been given a visible rating. So, this tells me that a scene needs to be favorably rated a certain amount of times before it is rated in the five star system. We’re never exposed to one star ratings (unless you look under the “stars” tab, where it seems a little out of whack at times), so this explains to me why the tranny stuff doesn’t get a rating. There aren’t enough patrons that are watching those scenes, understandable considering this is, by and large, a straight site. There are likely others that will negatively vote on the scene just to deter the category’s continued expansion.
    I also keep drawing comparisons between the tranny category and sports teams like the New York Yankees or the Dallas Cowboys. Its seems to me that the most popular category also happens to be the most hated as well. (the comparison ends there between the sports teams and the tranny category… except for Tony Romo)

  42. yesman Says:

    I want the 1000 DVDs of girls getting spanked. 😀

  43. andy82 Says:

    (a) VB is very good in terms of the cost to DVD ratio. I objected during the whole premium channel debacle to the fact that it was announced that you were getting Vivid without any mention of the fact that it would only be available at an extra premium.

    (b) I struggle to believe that on a non-gay Video site the top request for additional niche stuff comes from Tranny fans. I can see that they may be a very vocal minority but the numbers of subscribers who would actually wish for an increase in that stuff would, I’m betting, be proportionally very low.

    (c) I have noticed that the countdown timer is currently showing over 5 hours till the next DVD. I sincerely hope that this is a glitch, otherwise if you have reduced the number of updates, I will be leaving after 3 very happy years as a member.

  44. ddub1352 Says:

    I’m 44, so I like a mix of older porn (Racquel Darrian, Peter North, Stephanie Swift (esp doing those two British guards in one scene – very hot, The real “Devon” from long ago), but I also like features from Europe – they really know how to pick very beautiful, thin women that take it every way in a “loving” way – not just gonzo (which is my least favorite). I guess my fantasy is to go back to those college days (circa 1980-1988) and see that genre of porn. I get off on cute cuties with tight asses and nice breasts that fuck their neighbor or dad’s co-worker – innocent like until they just give in – and young couples who don’t know each other that see each other getting ready for bed and then one thing leads to another – like it actually could have happened. It turns me on because it reminds me of my past. Gonzo between “big-dick LARRY” and “sweet-surprise Jenny” just honkin’ away at each other with zero relationship is not my thing. Softer porn with a hard edge and great cum shots where she looks like it’s her last bit of required moisture for the day. The buildups are good – features are good. There is so much older porn out there that was very good – from 80-95. That’s what I want to see. All of that director that won all of the awards in that time (he was an ex-porn guy himself) – great stuff. Peter North has a WEALTH of stuff out there. If I could afford it, I’d have every one of his DVDs – always hooked up with thin, cute babes, huge dick in every hole and then the best blast any porn actor could deliver. I’m seeing more and more of this content on your site – thank you. VCA has good stuff. But I haven’t seen one scene with “Devon” in it – she is very hot.