Favorite Website content

Right now, we only have porn that’s pressed onto DVDs. But there’s a much wider world of content out there, and I’d like to bring it into VideoBox.


Which website’s content do you like the most? Would you like to see reality content, amateur, foreign videos, fetishes, or weird niches on VideoBox?


If you give me names of specific websites, we can contact them and try to work out a licensing deal.


Note: how we pay for the content is still an open question. I may be able to flat out license it and mix it into the main VideoBox area. Maybe the sites would be willing to license a subset of their videos in exchange for our traffic. Maybe I’ll have to put it into a “premium” section. For now, I’m interested in what sites you’d like us to get.



141 Responses to “Favorite Website content”

  1. wcfields Says:

    As always, I am flabbergasted by the variety of sexual preference that exists even among the relatively narrow demographic of ‘dudes who really like porn’. I vote for AnalLickFest.com as an outside site, they get the hottest girls to eat ass. I would also like to vote for leaving the hard, hard fetish stuff off the site. I tend to think those niche websites exist for a reason. It’s not that I’m a hater, but if we have a limited number of titles to get I don’t really want to waste it. Same with the MILF stuff, as far as I’m concerned.

    By the way, am I the only person on here who does not consider the video resolution to be a very big deal? The flash player has all the resolution I could really want, and if I DL something I don’t want a ridiculous file size anyway. With all the male body parts on display* at any given moment, I’m not sure I want HD resolution anyway.

    *Yes, I am aware that I just complained about male parts on display right after requesting videos in which girls eat male ass. Humans beings are fucking incomprehensible, and I am exhibit 1.

  2. jondavisx Says:

    Reality Kings, Brazzers Networks, Brain Pass, Naughty America, New Sensations and BangBros are great sites. I’ve been a member of Video Box for 3 years and a month, and in that time I have never seen another site with a more quality content and VB has the most intuitive way of downloading it. User tagging would be great to see as well as a filter out content with the search feature. Like Show (Mature) -redheads -toys -lesbian…

  3. M Lee Says:

    Would really like to see the stuff from ExploitedTeens.com on here. Nice wholesome porn 🙂

  4. Exactly Says:

    I’d really like some Naughty America. Other sites yes, but i’d like the focus to be on Naughty America. Naughty America, and the Bang Bros. site are really the only sites i’d want subscriptions to other then Videobox.

  5. sjenkie Says:

    I would like to see content from privateteenvideo.com!

    By the way. why don’t you make a selection of several posibilities and put them in a poll?

  6. thebigjizzler Says:

    Kick Ass Pictures. The Chica Boom, Girl Power, and Specs Appeal series are fap-worthy

  7. Slimetrail Says:

    1. Nubiles.net, nuff’ said

  8. OpHuzzah Says:

    I was a fan of Apornarchive.com before I discovered Videobox, and they’ve got some good stuff (including a Jeneveve Jolie/Eva Angelina foursome that should definitely be on this site). Also, rescuing more classic porn from VHS would be good, too. Needs more Nikki Dial.

  9. thirdeye Says:

    Super high def shit… and Max Hardcore :() yeah and as Slimetrail said above me… Nubiles.net would be awesome too.

  10. bobsuruncle Says:

    gangbangs, bukkake, blow bangs, etc. you get the picture.

  11. fert69 Says:

    German Goo Girls, Brazilian Facials,and Bang Bros. network would be awesome.

  12. Gaped Says:

    I just want more anal and some huge gapes.

    Also it would be nice to see more ATM and ATOGM !

  13. Greg Says:

    FuckingMachines …. just awesome.

  14. ivan00 Says:

    Hey Josh, Can we get an update as to the status of fixing the Vivid titles with the messed up angles? It is getting annoying to sit down with some video I thought was properly encoded only to have the angles start jumping around constantly.

    My vote would be for classic, 80s and 90s stuff. That and reality based stuff. The selection of current, professionally produced content is already pretty good.

    I do echo the concern, though, that any new content be integrated into the current videobox format. I supported the current premium channels but I think having multiple channels with different pricing structures would detract from the overall site. Keep it simple.

  15. bobsuruncle Says:

    jessica kane

  16. Nathan Says:

    for realty porn bangbros is the best I often join that site it would be nice for your website to have all in one that way we can stop fucking around and get there porn hit in one go instead of joining multiple websites.

    also ive come across this italian porn star roberta missoni very fuckin hot big nautraul tits.

  17. Kali Says:

    Teens from Tokyo (http://www.teensfromtokyo.com/) has good contents. Also Brandi Belle’s website. Good amateurish stuff with some humor (http://www.brandibelle.com/).
    Good Japanese porn would be nice too. There is already some Jap porn on this web site but it is reformatted to foreign market usually (with much shorter scenes and not the prettiest girls). It’d be nice to have real Jap DVDs.

  18. Kali Says:

    I also agree with some other posters: Reality Kings! (http://www.realitykings.com/)

  19. Roy Says:

    I would really like to see a new catagory added to Videobox. I am a big fan of hot woman clothed / or partially clothed in nice clothes. I love hot fucking when the woman has her skirt hiked up and her tits bouncing around the top of a silky blouse. Since clothing and fashion is a multi billion dollar industry, having a catagory in porn to reflect beautiful woman dressed in hot, sexy clothes and using those clothes to highlight bodies, legs, feet etc. seems to be a natural but alas is overlooked by the porn industry. A naked chick is fine but a sexy, partially dressed woman or a woman pulling her skirt up is way hot….

  20. andy82 Says:

    The only website that I would ever pay the premium fee on this website for would be Kickass.com, specifically their Barefoot Confidential DVDs.

  21. MrBen27 Says:

    I say lock up JM Productions.

  22. WhiteCircle Says:

    I’ve been really into ass shaking and dancing lately. I don’t know if anyone has seen the site http://www.shakinit.com or the other one I really like is the reality kings site inthevip… more stuff like that. On the shakinit site, each girl has her own thing going, but I would imagine that V box could go a long way to get this type of amateur content by having contests and the like.. If Vbox could be the youtube of porn websites (honestly the other ones don’t work so well) I would never have to go anywhere else.

  23. H3N5Y Says:

    aka milfhunter, realitykings, cumfiesta, bignaturals. a whole lot more sites to mention.

  24. jdky Says:

    I’m surprised no one had mentioned scoreland. They have a wealth of great content, and i would much rather access it through videobox than their plethora of websites.

  25. tjstjs Says:

    other sites: BangBros / Reality Kings

    other content: uniforms, lingerie, amateur, british porn – “ben dover” springs to mind, although i’m sure there’s others

  26. cockstrong Says:


    This site offers world-class Brazilian girl/girl pussy and ass eating.

  27. cockstrong Says:


  28. Ron Says:

    Hey Josh,
    How about getting someone on your end to fix my subscription. My account seems to have been canceled on 04/22/2009. It wasn’t canceled by me and no one else has access to my account. I haven’t been able to access this site since 05/15/2009. I don’t know if there’s some kind of game being played, be this isn’t very funny! I’ve contacted CCBILL and they said it’s on your end! If this is a way to get the 17.95/mo outta people who have been members for quite sometime and have been paying 14.95/mo., it’s not only not fair ,it’s just down right wrong! I have contacted support twice, 05-15-2009 and 05-17-2009 and haven’t heard a single word from anyone. I would appreciate a response from you, that is if you even read any of this. Just let me know what is going on so as i can either remain a member at my 14.95/mo price or just move on!!

  29. ken Says:


  30. Bill Says:

    bangbros network

  31. weirdporn Says:

    Videos and pics of porn on their cellphones,2 of them …more understandable but their all women.weird? they dont even deny that they like it … Its not weird…we like dirty stuff just as much as guys…sometimes more!!

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