Favorite Website content

Right now, we only have porn that’s pressed onto DVDs. But there’s a much wider world of content out there, and I’d like to bring it into VideoBox.


Which website’s content do you like the most? Would you like to see reality content, amateur, foreign videos, fetishes, or weird niches on VideoBox?


If you give me names of specific websites, we can contact them and try to work out a licensing deal.


Note: how we pay for the content is still an open question. I may be able to flat out license it and mix it into the main VideoBox area. Maybe the sites would be willing to license a subset of their videos in exchange for our traffic. Maybe I’ll have to put it into a “premium” section. For now, I’m interested in what sites you’d like us to get.



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141 Responses to “Favorite Website content”

  1. bigkai19 Says:

    Hey I still can’t join E/A premium, and I’m a ccbill member! As far as answering your post, Peeing, schoolgirl spanking, is pretty much the extra I’d been into watching, also a little more Japanese porn uncensored, schoolgirl, teacher, secretary, housewife fetishes!

  2. mistahleary Says:

    Facial Abuse, doubt they’d license it though. Teen Pink Videos is good. Whatever ass eating site you can get, Anal Lick Fest, etc. Maybe you could get some of the older Naughty America stuff. Problem I would see with going after websites, is the older stuff they might want to license, probably has mediocre video quality.

  3. Hodgepodge Says:

    I think you should pay deep respects to the late Marilyn Chambers. “Behind the Green Door” was really the first porn film produced after the US Supreme Court decriminalized porn to achieve prominent status.

    I would love to see VB secure the rights to “BTGD.”

    There are many amateur sites…many of which have been seen on naughtyamerica.com–including swingers brandilove and janetmason. One of my favorites was cumondagny.com, but it appears she hasn’t updated it in awhile. Dagny’s husband Jeff cums like Peter North. There used to be a website called talensteele.com, but apparently it no longer exists. I have a VHS tape of Talon Steele taking numerous shots from her husband, who also had the volume of Peter North. When I bought the video from Talon Steele, she lived somewhere in southeastern Massachusetts, near the Rhode Island border…but I don’t recall the exact city. Sorry.


  4. smur1701 Says:

    Actually, I would like to address the video formats.
    “High” wmv as 480×362 and “DVD” as 640×480? That is a joke.

    And this changed as of late probably due to new fees and new studios, but come on. I know as I have gotten full 640×480 videos prior on ‘High’.
    Change the listing to ‘Low’ and ‘Useless’ or offer what is advertised.
    ‘High’ should at least be 640×480 and ‘DVD’ well beyond that.

  5. xposh Says:

    Wow. I typed in a quite lengthy reply and then clicked Submit Comment and since I hadn’t entered name, etc. it said “Error: please fill in…” so I pressed backspace and it was just blank in the comment box. Very disappointed as I must have put in about 15 or 20 minutes into what I had written to be as helpful as possible (since they don’t usually get tons of answers, except, that one time when they posted about Premium Studios…)
    Dagny’s cool, Brandi’s cool, Janet’s Cool. Any MILF stuff. No reality sites where guys talk too much. A lot of guys like Wifey or Naughty At Home but the problem with them is they never cut their hair so they look exactly the same as they did when you might have liked them most like 2001 or something. Seen their full scenes on free sites. Amateur is hit and miss. Webcam vids or homemade vids can be a lot of fun since it’s so intimate. Don’t now who Talon Steele is offhand. Know that male porn actor, Talon, but that’s it. I don’t like about 98% of guys in porn, Lee Stone and Mark Wood each must make up about 40% of that field. Annette Schwarz videos would be a good addition or any big pornstar here in general. Probably not anything where the people speak a foreign language ’cause that stuff feels weird until the sex, you don’t know what they’re sayin’.
    Hidgepodge is right. A little bio or link would have been great mentioning Marilyn’s passing. Too late now imho.

  6. xposh Says:

    *Hodgepodge, sorry man! EEK!

  7. peru1978 Says:

    Everything I can think of is on DVD, like Naughty America, Brazzers and Bang Bros. Reality Kings, maybe? I saw an awesome Tia Tanaka scene on one of the free sites that was from Babysitter’s Club or something like that, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was on DVD, though. I could list some fetishes: glasses, school girls, teachers, secretaries, stockings and heels, bikinis and heels, other uniforms like cop or construction worker, POV, maids, Asa Akira… oh yeah, I saw another awesome video on the free sites from Cream Pie Thais starring Beer. I also like long make-out sessions between two girls and go-go dancing, like Christine Mendoza. She doesn’t get completely naked but man is she hot and boy can she shake her ass…

  8. Prevert101 Says:

    Fucking Machines

  9. datapanix Says:

    Josh: how about fixing the broken videos already on the site first? There are multiple Vivid scenes that annoyingly jump-cut every half second, which totally destroys the mood, if you catch my drift. I’ve sent three emails to support in as many weeks with no response yet

    I finally figured out the reason: it’s all the Vivid DVDs that have multiple angles– ie Bad Wives, Marissa, Masseuse. Your DVD ripping process is pulling down everything, all the multiple angles, and mashing it together into one feed. Go take a look at one– I’ll wait.

    I have no idea how you would be able to extract a single camera angle into one video file, but that’s not my problem. I’m already paying a premium to watch broken videos, maybe you could use it to invest in a tech guy to figure out how to fix it.


  10. chad Says:

    Actually, I would like to address the video formats.
    “High” wmv as 480×362 and “DVD” as 640×480? That is a joke.

    And this changed as of late probably due to new fees and new studios, but come on. I know as I have gotten full 640×480 videos prior on ‘High’.
    Change the listing to ‘Low’ and ‘Useless’ or offer what is advertised.
    ‘High’ should at least be 640×480 and ‘DVD’ well beyond that

    i totaly agree, am i missing something here. i watch all my vids on and old school set up. if you watch any of these vids on a new set up they look like shit.

    what do you guys watch your scenes on?

  11. josh Says:

    bigkai19 — have you emailed customer service about joining EA? Also, do you have any particular sites you like with those fetishes?

    smur1701 — we haven’t changed our resolutions, though we did drop the “low” resolution. 640×480 is native DVD resolution, so until we get videos from different sources, that’s as high as we can go. There are a lot of porn DVDs that say “shot in HD”, but they’re just shot on an HD camera and then compressed onto normal DVDs. There is very little HD or Blue Ray porn (so far).

    datapanix — you’re right that the multiple angles messed up the encoding on some of our Vivid titles. Our content ops team has a solution, and they’re reencoding the DVDs as we speak. They estimate the fixed titles should be up on the site in the next couple weeks.

  12. rubmeright Says:

    First Time Video(FTVGirls)would be a great add.

  13. MikhailT Says:

    More mature films would be nice. Something that is not 20-30years old MILF shit that you see on many of the bangbros or specifically milfhunter. Those are not MILF nor mature. Spicymatures.com, oldmomsanal.com, lustygrandmas.com, and many more is what I am talking about.

    Some piss, BSDM lesb (like wiredpussy.com).

    All of those would definitely add high value to videobox. Honestly if they were a bit cheaper than VB, I wouldn’t be here.

  14. HardUpStudd Says:

    I wanna see stuff from the whole peter north network!

  15. lickmylovepump Says:

    Anything with orgies/group scenes (meaning more than 3 people). And I like the couples seducing teens series, too.

  16. Insane2 Says:

    Also, http://www.miltontwins.com would be AMAZING.

  17. AC Says:

    Some (hard) fetish stuff like that:


  18. redchile1537 Says:

    The only website that I would consider paying a premium for would be Kick Ass Pictures. I’ve always enjoyed their emphasis upon natural breasted, barefoot women.I’m completely turned off by plastic breasts, latex, leather, shoes/boots, and lingerie, unfortunately, that encompasses a majority of porn.

    True MILF releases would be good. That is, an attractive 40-something year old woman is teamed with a noticeably younger man, like her son’s friend.

    An occasional real amateur DVD would be nice.

    Also, some classic stag films would be fun, maybe 1-2 a month. The older fellows know them from their youth, the films were usually black and white and silent.

  19. AC Says:

    Some (hard) fetish stuff like that:

  20. abc Says:

    Very nice content: brutaldildos.com

  21. mistahleary Says:


  22. and One More Thing Says:

    I personally would like (in no particular order) more reality porn fairly hardcore eg. Meatmembers.com, brutaldildos.com, fisting, watersports, gape- vag/anal, foreign porn (you don’t necessarily have to understand what they’re saying to understand what they’re doing). I particularly enjoy authentic vids from Italy, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand. Foreign vids have a very different vibe to them as well as different ways of emphasizing what their culture may prefer. They are also different than those vids produced by Americans with local actresses. Unfortunately, much of it is somewhat hard to get and they too can produce some crappy products. Also, more hentai would be great. Central Park Media, Kitty Media, Vanilla Series all have good products. Lastly, if you can have tranny vids that feature them having sex with hot girls, it would be more appreciated. I think that about covers it… for now. Thanks.

  23. JohnThomas Says:

    German Goo Girls would be peachy!

  24. SitOnMyFace253 Says:

    I have to agree 100% with mistahleary and JohnThomas. Kink.com has the best BDSM out there, along with FuckingMachines and the very awesome Ultimate Surrender. Plus, for fans of watersports, Pissing.com is unbelievable. Real quality pornstars in high quality scenes.

    Also, we all know that German Goo Girls is the pinnacle of bukkake achievement! You don’t get more hardcore then GGG.

    I would also add a personal favorite, MeanBitches.com. I love Facesitting, and this site is the most concentrated, highest quality, and easiest place to find the stuff.

    All these sites offer great fetishes, great stars, and great quality. I would add that they also share a special brand of BDSM. It isn’t simply torture. Its not girls getting whipped for a half hour, then end scene. Nor is it girls peeing outside or on people, or people being smothered by asses for the simple sake of humiliation or torture. In the end, all the stars in these films give excellent performances where they seem to enjoy all these fetishes, and actually get off, where getting off is actually a priority for everyone. I’ve had enough of BDSM DVDs like Nina Hartley’s or Gianna Michaels where no one gets off and no one seems to be enjoying it sexually.

  25. jack_black Says:

    This site pretty much has it covered. I’d like a few more real Asian films with amatuers.

    Also, some Brazilian carnaval sex parties.

  26. Agent Says:

    I’d like to see more POV stuff, particularly amateur or reality. Feels more real to me and the women are (usually) more natural and actually enjoying the sex, rather than just working to get a paycheck.

  27. lanky Says:

    Kick Ass pictures

  28. bigkai19 Says:

    To Josh: I left customer service a few messages, and only received an automated reply, I haven’t had a reply from a service member.
    The sites I thought of, were: girls boarding school.com, spankpass.com, for an Asian extra, 88 Square.com, and Deluxe Pass.com that would be the ultimate add ons to the already highly rated VB!
    Sorry members complain all you like, Vb is still very high on the rating scale.

  29. SWOTBM Says:

    I doubt it would be possible, but ZTOD and 3rd Degree have some good stuff. But their site is already pretty comprehensive so I would have thought that they would be unwilling to license any of their content.

  30. WeaponX Says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing some more Hentai on the site, I know it’s a real small niche around here, but the content is already licensed out the wah-zoo to tons of sites. It couldn’t be that much more difficult to obtain, and there’s a kings ransom in content. The only problem is, alot of it is really… weird (seriously, it’s Japaneese, nuff’ said right?). Stuff that I’m not into, and only about 15% of the hentai world is what I would consider hot. Here’s a site that does host that content though. (http://www.hentaimovieplanet.com)

    Also something to consider are the pin-up girls and comics of “LegioComix” (http://www.legiocomix.com). The artists are very talented, and 90% of what they produce is really hot stuff.

    Another would be the Midnight Prowl (http://www.midnightprowl.com)... now that’s dirty, in a good way.

  31. Ditto Says:

    VB has kind of blown up my need to consider other porn sites, but the one I continue to eye is the content from Kink (as noted by MistahLeary). My favorite is Ultimate Surrender – where many favorites from THIS site compete in their events and turn out some great lesbian “scenes.” That’s great, because I’m not normally into staged lesbian porn. I’d not expect that to be an easy license, but you asked. ;)

  32. jfro21 Says:

    I like the Teen Core Club websites, including white teens black cocks, etc. Used to be a member. Thought that it didn’t make sense because of the expense. Like this kind of euro porn or sites with natural girls, shot well, that don’t do the usual porn gymnastics. I think VB has enough or too much of the LA porn scene with its routines. Also, if you can videos from some of the soft core natural girls websites that would be OK with me. I like some of the Brazilian stuff and also anything that seems authentic where it seems as though we are looking at some unstaged action.

  33. Rael Says:

    Naughty America and Peternorth.com

  34. bergman2 Says:

    I’ll repost my comment from the prior blog entry:

    Has anyone at VB considered starting a member’s only forum? The blog is sometimes interesting, but I think its real value lies in its recommendation and categorization power, and in that capacity it is criminally underutilized. There’s a reason both the Oral Creampies and Favorite Scenes posts are in the top five. They’re a tremendous resource. I believe Josh listed being unable to conduct high specificity searches as one of his complaints with VB, but these blog posts could help to solve that problem. And a forum would be even more helpful, as it would allow the members to set the parameters of the discussion and those discussions would not be buried under subsequent blog posts. Personally, I would love topics which allowed members to list the “Hardest Poundings” or “Real Female Orgasms” or “Favorite Glasses Scene” or “Scenes with Pussy Farting” etc, etc, etc…

  35. FA Says:

    I’d also like to see Ghetto Gaggers/Facial abuse on here. I think the ‘Adultdoorway’ site would allow you to use it.

  36. 3lwap0 Says:

    I personally advocate anything POV – it’s a great fantasy style of porn. POV perverts, Mike John’s POV – Some sites like Bangbro’s have POV sub-sites that are pretty decent.

  37. jfro21 Says:

    Of course, 1by day has some great content as well as other sites from that studio (DDF?). Swank I believe has some great stuff. Also I downloaded some cool amateur and other random videos from YouPorn…I just searched according to highest ratings.

  38. Papayaman1 Says:

    Its good to feel consulted and some good suggestions have emerged. Bergman’s proposal for a more specialised forum may well have some mileage and I like the idea of some more quality uncensored JAV porn, especially if it features some of the hottest girls like Maria Ozawa, Ai Kurosawa and so on.

    I wonder though if anybody shares my predilection for sperm play. Most guys seem to want to see girls swallowing sperm at the come shot. Personally I prefer the scenes where it is sprayed liberally on the breasts and face. There are already some nice scenes of this type on the site, but there are some series that specialise in girls being covered in sperm, bukkake style. Luci Thai has done some nice scenes in this vein, for example Baker’s Dozen and her scene in Invasian 3 – with a girl as attractive as Luci Thai this is a real turn-on. I have also seen shots from scenes featuring Libellule and Sai Tai Tiger, where the idea seems to have been to cover them in sperm as far as possible. The Sai Tai Tiger scenes were done by a German outfit called Sperma (or maybe that is the name of the series). Annette Schwartz has also done material of this sort on her own website. Personally I’d love to see more of this type of scene and I wonder if anybody else shares this fetish.

  39. Mike Says:

    I like realitykings stuff, also like castingcouchteens and exploitedbabysitters. Like the Pink visual stuff, which we get some of already, but it is a small fraction in comparison and is a little out of date.

  40. bob loblaw Says:

    I’d love to see tranny-trick.com posted, its a really hot site and even though it obviously set up, its still hot to watch…more trannies

  41. Tyler Says:

    You guys are awesome! I love the way you think!

  42. febtober Says:

    some more hardcore cum stuff like
    or stuff like

  43. Trevor126 Says:

    I’d like to see content from Creampie.com, the sites for Spring Thomas and Heather Brooke and some content from Wifeys World.

  44. mapashe Says:


  45. flip77 Says:

    Why isn’t my comment being posted???

  46. TBiz Says:

    I’d like to see more uniforms, tease, softcore stuff. I LOVE uniforms and lingerie.


    And one more thing (from opposite field) I am dying to see: a hardcore Crissy Moran scene.

  47. TBiz Says:

    Also, always attracted to this site -


  48. TBiz Says:

    And I’ll second the Brazilian carnival sex parties

  49. Billdozer Says:

    If there is uncensored stuff similar to


    that would be great. I like the Japanese stuff you guys already get, but some real bukkake/cum drinking would be nice.

  50. garbman Says:

    How about lets stick with what used to work with me anyways.
    This site is increasingly becoming not my cup of tea. Unless the core content improves immensely, I for one won’t be a member when my subscribtion runs out in September. I must admit I download all most everything because I don’t like flashplayer. But I also delete almost everything because it’s mostly trash. Never used to be that way. But has been the case for sometime. I need some good content more than once a month to keep me interested in the future. Without having to adapt too the new fangled VB.

  51. Steve Jobs Says:

    I used to like Alsscan. They have lots of hot Euro chicks.

    I’m also a fan of real milfs (30+) and deepthroatlove.

  52. HotScooter2 Says:

    Josh ;
    in my opinion the best thing VB ever had going for it other than being a good value for a DVD site, is Alison. she is what has kept the blogs going,along with rope.but as most of us know rope is not an employee. i think she should be reinstated in her old position and given full time status,along with a raise. it is not just me that feels that way. she is a very popular lady on the blogs,and is very good at interviewing porn stars.don’t let her slip out of your hands.of course there is no such ting as being irreplaceable.but getting someone as good as her would be very difficult.just being honest with you

  53. juanxyzzy Says:

    I’d like to see more classic porn from the 70’s and 80’s. Surely it must be cheap to license now.
    I signed up for the vivid channel, and it’s ok but not enough updates.. I’d like to see more on it, especially vivid’s earlier stuff that must be cheap to license.

  54. Notthatguy Says:

    Reality kings, Brazzers, Bang Bros, are one that come to mind immediately. Pink Visual has some good wife switch and orgy sites as well

  55. notthatguy Says:

    Reality Kings, Brazzers, Bang Bros are some that come to mind. Pink Visual has some good Wife Switch and Orgy Party Videos that are good as well.

  56. Luis Says:

    How bout some more stuff from combat zone and lethal hardcore and if we can have access when the dvd comes out not stuff that is already 2 years old.

  57. digital_ten2 Says:

    kink.com sites, puresybian.com, thebondagechannel.com, chantasbitches.com, cumonherface.com

  58. AgeDaddy Says:

    Any thing from Naughty America would be awesome!

  59. trlfmdr Says:

    Mainstream sites are probably too expensive, but VB might have a shot at aggregating content from single-girl sites that don’t get a lot of traffic already. Could be a win-win for everybody! Examples: http://www.anettakeyslive.com, http://www.priyaanjalirai.com, http://www.kinafetish.com.

  60. G man Says:

    Watersports and tittyfucking would be great. But more than anything I would love for VB to feature high resolution picture porn galleries. I wouldn’t mind paying a premium for that.

  61. FlopTheNuts Says:

    I know it’s impossible so I feel silly for asking, but what about Lightspeed stuff? Jordan Capri, Tawnee Stone, etc. I know that content is typically too softcore for VB audiences though, and I figure they do a strong business and wouldn’t be interested in licensing with VB. But I’d be willing to pay more for that!!

  62. PanthersX Says:

    Swinger style material but with hot couples, not the amature fat couples.


  63. dunjuan Says:

    RealityKings or Brazzers would be nice additions. But I’d love it if you went after ATK or Karups for more amateur porn.

  64. Kev Chan Says:

    I’m a big fan of the fantasy stuff on Naughty America. It’s a little repetitive by itself but would be a good compliment to the existing content on VB. Also if you update more DVDs under the teen genre that would be awesome as well. Finally, we should definitely get a message board/forum here on VB.

  65. Dan Says:



  66. fatrush Says:

    more tranny stuff…chris-pounds-chris.com…bless u ditto fuggas

  67. drudgereport Says:

    Realitykings would be awesome

  68. SexAddict Says:

    REALITY. Definitely. Bang Bros, Reality Kings, Brazzers.

  69. robert Says:

    Not sure of a specific site but something with petite girls with small tits only, extreme rough sex sites, Hustler?

  70. steve Says:

    I would also like to see kink.com; they’ve got a great selection of videos, and they’re pretty well produced.

  71. porter Says:

    we definitely need a forum! i also would like it if the pos bang and neg bang told you how many total bangs there were, that way you could see how popular or controversial someone’s comment actually is… right now it may say only 3 pos bangs, but thats because it’s had 198pos bangs and 195 neg bangs, you know what i mean? I’ve wanted to say this for a while, but this is why we need a forum too!

  72. stan Says:

    hard fetish

  73. doppyman Says:

    I wouldn’t look for other types of content for VB unless you are convinced you can’t keep improving the level of DVD material. Perhaps the whole Premium Channel thing now makes that impossible. It would be a shame if VB stopped being excellent because of the high level of DVD content and became a hodge-podge of mediocre DVD content, weird minor web sites and premium channel DVD content. For me, that would kill VB. The web sites I am most interested in, essentially your competitors for my porn dollars are Brazzers, Naughty America, Bang Brothers, some of the Kink.com web sites and some of Twisted Factory’s sites.

  74. chopper3 Says:


  75. noodleboy Says:


  76. steviewonders Says:

    Some lesbian arse licking would be nice.

  77. Randy Says:

    I’d like to see more 70s and 80s porn, if possible.

  78. flblasted Says:

    Pretty much the only other website that I’ve liked enough to pay for more than a month has been Naughty America. I’d be in heaven if you made an agreement with them.

  79. Boots Says:

    I’d like to see boys peeing on girls, eg Piss Mops, and girls licking boys bottoms.

    I also quite like the http://www.abbywinters.com/ stuff, which is mild but kinda sweet.

    Otherwise, variety is good.

  80. mistahleary Says:

    Anything with tears.

  81. thebandit Says:

    How about some jerk off encouragement vids?

  82. rascilon Says:

    I agree with other posters who have mentioned format. I would truly like to see Videobox offer TRUE HD 1080 or 720 format porn. I have been a happy customer for several years, but am now shopping around for alternatives because of the lack of true high-def video formats.

  83. ThePack3455 Says:

    1.Naughty America
    2.Digital Playground
    3.Bang Bros.
    4.Reality Kings
    Enough said!

  84. Chattaboom Says:

    littlemutt has quality content … u should check it out.

  85. BBG Says:

    I’d love to see ideepthroat.com as well as fuckingmachines and reality kings.

  86. petermc Says:

    ideepthroat.com hasn’t been updated for years, awesome site though, Heather Brooke is just incredible. Anyone know what happened with her?

    I don’t know that many sites but tend to circle around the obvious names that have been mentioned numerous times. Those being Brazzers, Bangbros, Reality Kings and Naughty America, so yeah I like reality porn! I’m totally with those requesting POV stuff as well.

  87. davros Says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing some content from Brain Pass, as it’s probably the only way I’ll get some Christine Young.

  88. danebly Says:

    Euro, definitely. Stylish women, always starting off clothed, brings real life eroticism to porn. Gonzo is the WalMart version of video pornography. Euro, especially Italian, is the Tiffany’s.

  89. ILTK Says:

    German Goo Girls (GGG) John Thompson Productions, everything you could ever want. Tons of enthusiastic unknown amateur models getting it in the hardest ways possible.

  90. Bronty Says:

    I subscribe to FTV Girls. Ocassionally, I pop in at Explicite Art. Otherwise, Videobox has made redundant my need to subscribe to other sites—–for the most part. I would second/third the idea of aggregating individual model sites, where feasible. That’s a brilliant idea.

    In terms of DVD variety (not your question, I know), I also like the idea of getting more from other countries. VB is perhaps too LA focused. (Although, not a bad focus to have.)

  91. Alchemist Says:

    FTV Girls or some Lightspeed stuff would be awesome

  92. Bez Says:

    I want to see real women! So, my answer goes to more amateur, reality based stuff. How much longer can I look at the same girls, doing the same shit? I’m sick of all that makeup and anal! Just some nice real girls would be great for me. :)

    Oh, and group sex….swinger style. :p

  93. DP Says:

    Some BDSM that actually has sexual intercourse would be nice.


    John Thompson Productions. germangoogirls.com (GGG), Sexbox 666, they are all pretty good and completely different than anything we’ve seen in the US.

  94. DP Says:

    I’d also like to see more classic features from the 70’s and 80’s. How about that flick “Trashy Lady” for example? Isn’t there some web-based site that carries all of these movies?

    I also want to join in to the throng of people that are rooting for fantasy-based sites such as NaughtyAmerica. I have a thing for nurse porn too.

    Reality POV that is frequently updated, like 1 scene a week, would be great– especially blowjob based POVs that end in facials.

    I kind of doubt that Brazzers is going to have anything to do with you since they are basically trying to out-videobox videobox through their crap site, brazzersreel.com .

    Please stay the fuck away from bangbros. The guy won’t shut the fuck up during the entire scene and is a real jerk off killer. Then you have the male porn star they use with the big herpes sore on the end of his dick. Bangbros is really sub-par porn.

  95. sjenkie Says:

    I agree, ideepthroat.com!

  96. t2m Says:

    Gokkun (swallowing large amounts of semen), Bukkake, watersports. Would love to see more of this, I currently subscribe to other sites for this content.

  97. Thund3rstruck Says:

    I cannot post anything! AHHHHHHH

  98. ESPN Sucks Says:

    More content focused on girls being covered with large amounts of cum. I would also like to see more reality themed films, in addition to ones involving uniforms (ie cheerleaders/frenchmaids) and clothing (ie. stockings, kneehigh socks). The kneehighs in particular I wish I saw more in porn.

  99. ESPN Sucks Says:

    edit: and with the kneehighs not just plain offwhites or black. I’d like to bright loud colors and/or multicolored with checkered or diamond patterns.

  100. Bozwell Says:

    Since hardcore is pretty well represented already on the site as well as withing the suggestions here, I would like to see some softer stuff. I don’t mean cinemax fake-porn type stuff, but solo girls and more couples oriented stuff would be great as a change of pace.

  101. wcfields Says:

    As always, I am flabbergasted by the variety of sexual preference that exists even among the relatively narrow demographic of ‘dudes who really like porn’. I vote for AnalLickFest.com as an outside site, they get the hottest girls to eat ass. I would also like to vote for leaving the hard, hard fetish stuff off the site. I tend to think those niche websites exist for a reason. It’s not that I’m a hater, but if we have a limited number of titles to get I don’t really want to waste it. Same with the MILF stuff, as far as I’m concerned.

    By the way, am I the only person on here who does not consider the video resolution to be a very big deal? The flash player has all the resolution I could really want, and if I DL something I don’t want a ridiculous file size anyway. With all the male body parts on display* at any given moment, I’m not sure I want HD resolution anyway.

    *Yes, I am aware that I just complained about male parts on display right after requesting videos in which girls eat male ass. Humans beings are fucking incomprehensible, and I am exhibit 1.

  102. jondavisx Says:

    Reality Kings, Brazzers Networks, Brain Pass, Naughty America, New Sensations and BangBros are great sites. I’ve been a member of Video Box for 3 years and a month, and in that time I have never seen another site with a more quality content and VB has the most intuitive way of downloading it. User tagging would be great to see as well as a filter out content with the search feature. Like Show (Mature) -redheads -toys -lesbian…

  103. M Lee Says:

    Would really like to see the stuff from ExploitedTeens.com on here. Nice wholesome porn :)

  104. Exactly Says:

    I’d really like some Naughty America. Other sites yes, but i’d like the focus to be on Naughty America. Naughty America, and the Bang Bros. site are really the only sites i’d want subscriptions to other then Videobox.

  105. sjenkie Says:

    I would like to see content from privateteenvideo.com!

    By the way. why don’t you make a selection of several posibilities and put them in a poll?

  106. thebigjizzler Says:

    Kick Ass Pictures. The Chica Boom, Girl Power, and Specs Appeal series are fap-worthy

  107. Slimetrail Says:

    1. Nubiles.net, nuff’ said

  108. OpHuzzah Says:

    I was a fan of Apornarchive.com before I discovered Videobox, and they’ve got some good stuff (including a Jeneveve Jolie/Eva Angelina foursome that should definitely be on this site). Also, rescuing more classic porn from VHS would be good, too. Needs more Nikki Dial.

  109. thirdeye Says:

    Super high def shit… and Max Hardcore :( ) yeah and as Slimetrail said above me… Nubiles.net would be awesome too.

  110. bobsuruncle Says:

    gangbangs, bukkake, blow bangs, etc. you get the picture.

  111. fert69 Says:

    German Goo Girls, Brazilian Facials,and Bang Bros. network would be awesome.

  112. Gaped Says:

    I just want more anal and some huge gapes.

    Also it would be nice to see more ATM and ATOGM !

  113. Greg Says:

    FuckingMachines …. just awesome.

  114. ivan00 Says:

    Hey Josh, Can we get an update as to the status of fixing the Vivid titles with the messed up angles? It is getting annoying to sit down with some video I thought was properly encoded only to have the angles start jumping around constantly.

    My vote would be for classic, 80s and 90s stuff. That and reality based stuff. The selection of current, professionally produced content is already pretty good.

    I do echo the concern, though, that any new content be integrated into the current videobox format. I supported the current premium channels but I think having multiple channels with different pricing structures would detract from the overall site. Keep it simple.

  115. bobsuruncle Says:

    jessica kane

  116. Nathan Says:

    for realty porn bangbros is the best I often join that site it would be nice for your website to have all in one that way we can stop fucking around and get there porn hit in one go instead of joining multiple websites.

    also ive come across this italian porn star roberta missoni very fuckin hot big nautraul tits.

  117. Kali Says:

    Teens from Tokyo (http://www.teensfromtokyo.com/) has good contents. Also Brandi Belle’s website. Good amateurish stuff with some humor (http://www.brandibelle.com/).
    Good Japanese porn would be nice too. There is already some Jap porn on this web site but it is reformatted to foreign market usually (with much shorter scenes and not the prettiest girls). It’d be nice to have real Jap DVDs.

  118. Kali Says:

    I also agree with some other posters: Reality Kings! (http://www.realitykings.com/)

  119. Roy Says:

    I would really like to see a new catagory added to Videobox. I am a big fan of hot woman clothed / or partially clothed in nice clothes. I love hot fucking when the woman has her skirt hiked up and her tits bouncing around the top of a silky blouse. Since clothing and fashion is a multi billion dollar industry, having a catagory in porn to reflect beautiful woman dressed in hot, sexy clothes and using those clothes to highlight bodies, legs, feet etc. seems to be a natural but alas is overlooked by the porn industry. A naked chick is fine but a sexy, partially dressed woman or a woman pulling her skirt up is way hot….

  120. andy82 Says:

    The only website that I would ever pay the premium fee on this website for would be Kickass.com, specifically their Barefoot Confidential DVDs.

  121. MrBen27 Says:

    I say lock up JM Productions.

  122. WhiteCircle Says:

    I’ve been really into ass shaking and dancing lately. I don’t know if anyone has seen the site http://www.shakinit.com or the other one I really like is the reality kings site inthevip… more stuff like that. On the shakinit site, each girl has her own thing going, but I would imagine that V box could go a long way to get this type of amateur content by having contests and the like.. If Vbox could be the youtube of porn websites (honestly the other ones don’t work so well) I would never have to go anywhere else.

  123. H3N5Y Says:

    aka milfhunter, realitykings, cumfiesta, bignaturals. a whole lot more sites to mention.

  124. jdky Says:

    I’m surprised no one had mentioned scoreland. They have a wealth of great content, and i would much rather access it through videobox than their plethora of websites.

  125. tjstjs Says:

    other sites: BangBros / Reality Kings

    other content: uniforms, lingerie, amateur, british porn – “ben dover” springs to mind, although i’m sure there’s others

  126. cockstrong Says:


    This site offers world-class Brazilian girl/girl pussy and ass eating.

  127. cockstrong Says:


  128. Ron Says:

    Hey Josh,
    How about getting someone on your end to fix my subscription. My account seems to have been canceled on 04/22/2009. It wasn’t canceled by me and no one else has access to my account. I haven’t been able to access this site since 05/15/2009. I don’t know if there’s some kind of game being played, be this isn’t very funny! I’ve contacted CCBILL and they said it’s on your end! If this is a way to get the 17.95/mo outta people who have been members for quite sometime and have been paying 14.95/mo., it’s not only not fair ,it’s just down right wrong! I have contacted support twice, 05-15-2009 and 05-17-2009 and haven’t heard a single word from anyone. I would appreciate a response from you, that is if you even read any of this. Just let me know what is going on so as i can either remain a member at my 14.95/mo price or just move on!!

  129. ken Says:


  130. Bill Says:

    bangbros network

  131. weirdporn Says:

    Videos and pics of porn on their cellphones,2 of them …more understandable but their all women.weird? they dont even deny that they like it … Its not weird…we like dirty stuff just as much as guys…sometimes more!!

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