Eva Angelina’s 5 Best Scenes

Eva Angelina
In honor of Eva Angelina’s upcoming return to porn after having her baby, I came up with a list of my 5 favorite Eva scenes on VideoBox. If you’re a fan, you know how ridiculously hard that was. She is definitely a little sex fiend (word has it, she was a huge slut before she got into porn at 18) and her energy and enthusiasm are almost over the top at times. She’s a dirty talking screamer who really seems to enjoy getting manhandled a bit.

When watching a lot of scenes from one actress, it becomes abundantly clear that the male talent and the director play a huge role in how the scene turns out. From the chemistry to the angles chosen, these are the things that make or break an Eva scene because she’s always on her game. So without further ado, I present…

The Top 5 Eva Angelina Scenes on VideoBox

1. Big Giant Titties #1, Scene 1
Directed by Manuel Ferrara (2005)
This is hands down my favorite Eva Angelina scene of all time. Great energy from Eva and awesome chemistry with her costar (Manuel Ferrara). She gets kind of lost in the scene, making the sex incredibly hot. She’s like a woman possessed and the dirty talk/screaming is really excellent (even for her!) and it really helps fuel the scene. You barely even notice that they’re fucking in a bare room on the floor because the action is so hot. The cum shot is pretty decent, with him squirting all over her tits while she laughs.

2. Easy Prey #2, Scene 5
Directed by Dan Silver (2004)
Despite the stupid set up (cable guy? really?), the sex itself is pretty fucking hot. Eva clearly loves having her pussy eaten and might have cum early on in the scene. I’m not Nick Manning’s biggest fan in general, but the play between Eva and Nick is pretty excellent and she lets her dirty talk fly. The best part of the scene for me is when they’re in doggystyle and he tells her to fuck him back and she slams her pussy back onto his cock as hard as she can. The cum shot is a standard Nick Manning “droppin fuckin loads” affair, so I recommend hitting mute once he starts making noise, but all in all, a great scene.

3. Whoriental Sex Academy #8, Scene 2
Directed by Bud Lee (2004)
This is one of Eva’s earlier scenes, before she got implants. She’s decked out in a schoolgirl outfit and sporting her signature glasses. Although I generally find Mr. Pete a bit too rough with the girls, Eva really seems to get off on being bossed around and throws all her energy into this one. Mr. Pete responds by nearly fucking the glasses right off her face.

4. Great Big Tits #1, Scene 1
Directed by Jordan Septo (2006)
The scene is relatively tame until about halfway through when Eva gets completely wild. Gyrating her hips and screaming and simply refusing to have sex that isn’t hard and fast and exactly what she wants. In doggystyle, she gets into the dirty talk, screaming things like “Fuck me like your little whore!” and holding onto the couch for dear life. When she flips onto her back, she squeezes her tits so hard that she leaves marks.

5. My Hero, Scene 1
Directed by Jerome Tanner (2005)
In this silly set up, Eva convinces Manuel Ferrara (playing a mugger) to give her purse back by promising to suck his dick. This is a workable compromise for both of them and they proceed to fuck right there on the ground. Manuel gives her the kind of fucking that she really seems to crave and she responds by screaming, yelling and returning the favor.

So what’re your favorite Eva scenes? Post them in the comments!


22 Responses to “Eva Angelina’s 5 Best Scenes”

  1. shammy Says:

    Great list Alison. Eva definitely rocks.

  2. bergman2 Says:

    One of the cutest faces in porn. Boob job kills me, but she’s one of like three cases where it isn’t a dealbreaker.

  3. bergman2 Says:

    And again I’ll raise the idea of a forum, where recommendations and suggestions wouldn’t be limited to one quickly buried blog post a week.

  4. HotScooter2 Says:


    wanted to let you know that i unsubbed a few days ago,and today is my last day on my billing cycle. i think it is still a good site but it is not the same as it was,and it has all just gotten too confusing for me. You are a dear person and i wish you all the best both in your own personal life as well as your professional career.all in all you are just a pretty groovy chic.oops i just dated myself,that word hasn’t been used since the mid 70’s. as always a big cyber hug

  5. ropeadope Says:

    @ Alison – Outstanding group of scenes. I agree the male co-star is a integral element in the overall quality of the scene. Eva and Manuel are a Hall of Fame combination. I will look through her scenes on the site and attempt to add a few that were memorable to me. I recall reading your blurb that Eva was on the cusp of divorce proceedings, but I can’t seem to locate the entry. Would it be possible to kindly provide me with a link to your report?

    @ HotScooter2 – Sorry to hear you’ll be leaving us for awhile. You’ve been a valuable contributor to the site / blog, and I always look forward to reading your comments. Take care my friend.

  6. Ravo2006 Says:

    Great list Alison and I for one always love your articulate description of the scenes, in fact they heighten my anticipation 🙂
    HotScooter, I agree with Rope all the best to you, Cheers

  7. alison Says:

    shammy – Thanks!

    bergman2 – Her boob job definitely isn’t the worst, but seeing her original tits makes me kinda sad. They were nice. Since a forum isn’t really my call, my suggestion is that you email support@videobox.com with the suggestion. Maybe even ask that it be forwarded to Josh, the owner. He’s always interested in hearing what members think (as evidenced by his posts as of late).

    HotScooter2 – Wow, I don’t know what to say. I don’t think this blog would be the same without you. I really hope you’re not gone for good and I wish you (and your wife!) the very best. Take care and cyberhugs.

    rope – Thanks. I couldn’t agree more about Eva and Manuel. I think it’s something of a crime that they’ve only been in 5 scenes together. As for the Eva news, you can get more info here if you’re interested.

    Ravo2006 – Thanks, glad I can help 😉

  8. fatrush Says:

    hello ditto_fuggas! great post alison, love ur descriptions. and hotscootter, scoot coot, you can’t leave, who’s going to give josh his cyberhubs; bless u all!

  9. shammy Says:

    Alison are any more of your interviews from AVN coming soon? If there are any more I am really looking forward to them they are very interesting.

  10. someguy Says:

    My personal favorite appears to no longer be on the site. It was one with Eva and Tiana Lynn. I believe it was Cum Swappers. The look on Eva’s face when Tiana started squirting was classic.

  11. wertrew2 Says:

    @someguy – I’m fortunate enough to still have that one downloaded. It is scene 2 from Sperm Swappers.

  12. davros Says:

    Those are definitely some great scenes you picked there, Ali.

  13. HotScooter2 Says:

    Alison and Rope:

    thanks for the nice farewell. it is probably only temporary.
    and if i am still able to write in on the blog as a non member after i have been officially cancelled,i will probably throw my 2 cents in once in a while.also thanks to fatrush i always like reading your comments.and rope and alison i maintain my stand she is definitely cuter,and you are funnier. rope i know you challenge this but i just can’t see you looking that great in a skirt,and definitely would prefer seeing alison in fishnets. here’s a blog for you,how many of us pervs would like to see alison in fishnets. you know i still think you were the sexiest lil maarketing manager videobox ever had.guys any of you that have seen alison’s pics ,let me tell you she is a lil fox. in deep shit trouble as always i am. a big ole cyberhug to a true fox alison.well girl at least i didn’t call you a possum.because anyone down my way knows that possums are butt ugly. and alison if i didn’t get ya blushing with this post i never will. like jackie gleason told his wife on the honeymooners “baby you’re theh greatest. well alison you have been the best damn blogger this site ever had. i am sure i will not be a stranger for too long. as rope and alison already know i am too fucking awnry to stay away very long

  14. bergman2 Says:

    This dude is seriously creepy.

  15. турист Says:

    Вот это сиськи. Мне б такие. Круто!!!

  16. teaganthreesome Says:

    great list! i think the best eva scene is the recently added early days threesome with teagan!

  17. 1 Says:

    my fav is E is for eva in the EA collection she takes it in the butt like a champ!

  18. jack_black Says:

    The best ones have been taken off the site. 🙁

  19. OpHuzzah Says:

    My favorite Eva scene is unfortunately not on this site, although I’ve requested it a number of times. It’s in Latin Obsessions #2, I believe, and it’s a crazy intense foursome with Jenaveve Jolie, who ups her game to match Eva. 60% of the time, it works every time. 🙂 But to get a good Eva foursome here, Off the Rack 5 is a pretty good choice. I liked her original boobs, too, but I’m actually kind of impressed by how smooth her boob job seems to have gone. They look big and fake, but not scarred up or pouchy like some fake boobs do. Her skin still looks flawless.

  20. Boeber Says:

    is there a scene on the site before her boob job ?
    I’m curious

  21. Microsurf Says:

    My favorite scenes with Eva are from her earlier days on CaliforniaPimp.com. Pre-boob job and a hell of a lot of energy! I still love her now, but wow do I love them when they first start out!

  22. Victor Says:

    Hi, Can i take a one small photo from your blog? Thanks!