Favorite Website Content Redux

In last week’s post, Favorite Website Content, there were over 50 specific sites suggested. I felt it would be impossible to create a follow-up poll that we could get better information from, so I took the liberty of boiling the list down to 20 using the most requested and repeated site genre type. I feel this poll represents what most everyone was discussing. (sorry AC, no joyangels) Please vote on your faves. I have a pretty good idea of how I think this will play out but you never know…



24 Responses to “Favorite Website Content Redux”

  1. TBiz Says:

    What is 3rd degree? There is no porn site under that name.

  2. TBiz Says:

    Found it – thirdmovies.com

    By the way, just want to encourage votes for content we DON’T already have on the site – my vote goes to ftvgirls and girlsgonewild – but there are plenty of genres above that also qualify.

    What doesn’t qualify? RealityKings, brazzers, bangbros, ect.

    I don’t dispute these are great sites – but we have TONS of similiar content here. Let’s branch out a little before we go that route.

  3. bergman2 Says:

    You don’t have to worry, none of those would sites would ever license their content anyway.

  4. redchile1537 Says:

    None of those listed. The only other site that interests me is kickass.com.

  5. Baltin Says:

    Just a note and a question. Is there any way one could get real customer service. I need some assitance with a billing issue that involves CCbill and double charging. The auto-mail does not cut it .


  6. greywind57 Says:

    I’d love to see some 3rd degree movies on VB.

  7. chad Says:

    i have been a member to brazzers and naughty america. both companies content is horrible. brazzers uses the same big breasted women over and over. naughty americas female talent is trully just old and ugly.

    there is so much better quality porn out there. bangbros and pornpros blows both out of the water. realitykings is not bad if you dont mind a camera guy talking all the time and the same male talent in all the videos.


  8. bigkai19 Says:

    Come on guys, everyone is voting for the common sites, we are able to see daily, from free websites, and torrent sites, how about the rare stuff, that’s listed! I’ve check some of those out by reviewers, they all have high ratings. The Asian site, the Hentai one, Abbywinters, and kink.com are top quality sites.

  9. bob loblaw Says:

    Tranny-trick for the win!

  10. robert Says:

    Well I thought we were suppose to already get Zero Tolerence and some of these site belong together on the same network? Four of them are essentially the same. The top 4.

  11. garbman Says:

    Lets just get far away from the bargain bin, this site has gone to hell in a handbag lately

  12. Jerry Says:

    Lots of comment deletion going on nowadays. Are you guys asking for our opinions but not willing to listen to the negative ones?

  13. Breadwinner Says:

    I actually think the content lately as been pretty good and far from bargain bin. I happen to agree that much of the top (voted) sites are similar and their content kind of similar to stuff we already have. I do like the amateur aspect but I’d like more variety with this site.

  14. bobsipod Says:

    um, remember that whole “tranny is the most requested form of content” argument? I guess thats out the window, huh?

  15. doppyman Says:

    I think one reason why the top sites are similar to a lot of VB content is that they produce quality stuff with porn stars we like and their stuff uses newer hot porn stars. While VB has an amazing back catalogue and continues, however erratically, to post a lot of good stuff, it is not that strong on content involving the top hot girls from the last two years. That’s why scenes with these girls get raves when they are posted on VB. So I have to disagree that the content of these sites is redundant. And there is nothing like the Kink.com stuff on this site at all.

  16. ocdave67 Says:

    Content Dude- I could guess before I voted on how the results would look as well. I predicted the top four pretty accurately except for the exact order of the top four. I disagree with the “same content” debate that other blog posters stated. I have subscribed to Naughty America a couple times over the years while subscribing to VB as well. I would not add another pay site if I felt that the content would be the same as what I already had with VB. Naughty America provides original content and to say that the stars are “ugly and old” is an uninformed opinion.
    I will have to agree with bergman2 on his statement about the “good luck getting these sites to license with VB” the top four sites are often mentioned as front runners to win the “porn site of the year award”. I fear that if you could strike a deal with any of these sites it would only result in a VERY limited amount of content that they would be willing to share. I do not subscribe to your two new channels for that reason. The top sites have probably ten times the amount of subscribers that either Evil Angel or Vivid has for their website. It would be great to get some new content but I bet the members of VB will be displeased on the content (if any) they would be willing to license to VB.
    I see allot of blog content pertaining to adding premium content at an extra price Content Dude. How about an update on studios you are trying to obtain for us “regular” VB members? Are you going to attempt to bring Hustler on board again? How about Jules Jordan?

  17. clwizard Says:

    It’s not on the list, but my vote would go to alsscan.com and alsangels.com.

  18. the content dude Says:

    OCdave- I had my ‘mock draft’ with pretty much the same results too. I don’t entirely agree with the ‘same content’ argument but i do think there are more similarities than not. Remember content production is a business, everyone uses the same talent agencies, same girls (more or less) the same directors, the same locations. It’s all a matter of timing with who gets the new fresh girls first and if the studio wants to lock that girl down to an exclusive deal.

    Since most of the discussion seems to be focused on the type of content as opposed to where it came from maybe the thing to do would be do a poll about VB categories. Stuff you would like to see more/less of.

    For instance: What types of things would you like to see that are more fringe (if any)? Do you dig through the catalog when you can’t find what you like. Do you find what you like when do search.

  19. Ron Says:

    This is in response to Baltin, call CCBILL directly, I’ve never had a problem getting a dispute solved with them

  20. doppyman Says:

    Content dude – Perhaps some discussion of tags with the VB masses would be appropriate in terms of using the catalog. Also, the search process is pretty damn good here, but could be improved. A discussion of problems people have using that would be useful. Again, I can usually find what I need pretty quickly and have learned to work around any limitations, so I won’t go into specifics here, but if you are interested in improving use and information access, this would be worth following up.

  21. Nathan Says:

    First of I hope this video box has already inqiured about these sites all this poll is just a waste of time as far as im concern bangros is the best by far in reality porn kink.com is the best in bondage some other site you should consider are kickass.com and bustyadventures(like bangros but euro big tits porn) and at the end of the day I doubt any of the sites will be possible to incorberate and also have you guy considerded the video quality of some of these sites eg bangros is shit quality compared to the dvd quality on this site I realy don’t want to downgrade my porn.
    look video box I think you should try to improve the original site and stop trying to get all the worlds porn because its just not realisticaly viable I think you should think about putting hd porn on video box get with the times also maybe you can release more dvds a day.

  22. Breadwinner Says:

    I think there have been a lot of comments about getting HD (720p and up) material on VB. I think there may be a number of misconceptions about this. First, there is, right now, a very small percentage of porn (in the great big mass of porn out there) that is truly HD. A lot of covers claim that it was “shot in HD” but to get it on DVD, it is downgraded to the corresponding resolution. Also, porn on media such as Blu-Ray, will not be coming onto VB for at least 5-6 years if VB is lucky. A lot of the content on VB is about 2-3 years old and for good reasons. Studios want to license out their older content as folks want to buy only the newer stuff. VB is obviously limited in resolution by their source material. It can be easily downgraded for things like ipods but really cannot be upgraded in the true sense. Sure your DVD player can “upconvert” a DVD but this is hardware and not “true HD.”

    BTW, VB, according to your link for Evil Angel, Buttman has better subscription prices than you do for a 6 month subscription.

  23. Howard Says:

    Seriously the brazzers and naughtyamerica content is weak, there is superior content ALREADY on the videobox site. I am assuming the cost to license that material is probably high as well. Did you guys look at the privateteenvideo.com content?
    Really hot young amateurs, looks far more interesting than brazzers which is so similar to existing VB content.
    Reality kings is also similar to VB content, but it is good content.

  24. sexualcream Says:

    I really wanna see content that isnt on videobox and german goo girls is really extreme nasty stuff thats hard to find here. also girls gone wild is another great one and it may be seen not that hardcore but its amatuer quality is what i like. the way they have everyday girls are on these videos makes it worthwhile. stuff like reality kings and bangbros i agree are already too similiar to whats already on. but bukakke and gokkun is what i hope we can get on here.