Finishers: April 2009

As promised, this post contains everything: the good, the “ehh” and the wtf?!? Let’s start with the good stuff…there are a LOT of finishers to get through. In fact, this is a little out of hand. Lemme know what you think in the comments.


The Black and the Blonde #2, Scene 2
starring Brittaney

This is the perfect way to edit a scene: fucking, then cross-dissolve right to the finish. It doesn’t take 3 minutes of desperate cock-stroking, it just happens and it’s a great one.
Momma’s Got A “G” Thang, Scene 3
starring India Summer

Very interesting. An open-mouth oral creampie. Very well-executed. India really seems to like cum.
Darkside, Scene 2
starring Alicia Alighotti, Hillary Scott

Excellent finish. Hillary jerks him into Alicia’s mouth for an oral creampie. Cumswapping ensues.

Buttman And Rocco Go To Montreal, Scene 1
starring Jade, Barbie Belle

Barbie strokes Rocco off into both their mouths. There is *copious* amounts of cum. It’s everywhere. It’s great.
Grudgefuck #4, Scene 3
starring Sativa Rose

I love Sativa Rose. Smiling as she jerks him onto her tongue. Stop watching when she’s done. The answering of a cell phone during sex is really not hot.
Fuck Dolls #5, Scene 6
starring Karina Kay

A fantastic finish. She looks hot as she jerks him into her mouth, licking up every drop and swallowing.
Fuck Dolls #5, Scene 7
starring Claire Robbins

Claire is like the definition of a cute girl. And she knows how to give a blowjob. Not to mention that she makes the cutest face when she accidentally gets cum up her nose
Casual Sex, Scene 3
starring Liliane Tiger, Veronica Da Souza

Simply saying that Liliane jerked cum onto their tongues doesn’t account for the fact that both of these girls are ridiculously gorgeous. Great finish.
Cum On My Face #3, Scene 1
starring Bobbi Eden, Silvy Taylor, Katarina

Three finishers in one scene. And one of them is Bobbi Eden. What can I say?
Bustful Of Dollars, Scene 1
starring Brianna Love, Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie looks on as Brianna jerks the cock right into her mouth, but she ends up being the one to swallow it.
Euro Angels Hardball #9: All Anal, Scene 5
starring Eva Mercedes

EPIC FINISH. Eva manages to finish 4/5 guys in this crazy gangbang. Guy #5 was arguably not her fault – he had a half-limp dick and came before she even turned her attention to him.
Black Cock Addiction #1, Scene 8
starring Christie Lee, Velicity Von

Velicity *wants* that cum. And Christie gives it to her. I almost wish Velicity was on her own because I think she would’ve knocked it out of the park. As-is, it was merely good, not great.
Bet Your Ass #6, Scene 2
starring Jenna Haze

As Jenna Haze is in it, this is a solid scene. Her finishing technique (double-handed blowjob) is flawless. And she swallows.
Brand New Faces #4, Scene 3
starring Oklahoma

his girl is very cute. And she’s ready to stroke his cock on a moment’s notice while he’s tittyfucking her. Nice.
Ass Munchers #5, Scene 1
starring Madison Ivy

Jerks him into her mouth, shows us the cum and swallows it like a porn star should.
Momma’s Got A “G” Thang, Scene 1
starring Kylie G. Worthy

Member Craqshot describes it well: “That’s a nice finish. She jerks him off and gives a little post cum BJ.”
Double Down, Scene 3
starring Nikki Ryder

This is mostly fantastic. The first guy pulls out of her ass and she jerks him off right onto her tongue ring. Really nice cumshot. The other guy…not so much.
Couples Seduce Teens #2, Scene 2
starring Jolean, Chase Dasani

This is a good finish if you don’t watch the part before it where he jerks himself to get to the point where they can take over. Two girls, one cock, cum in the face. Good stuff.
Heels And Hose, Scene 1
starring Sammy Jane

Yes, this is a foot-centric video, but the finish involves no feet whatsoever. He really seems to enjoy it even if she’s well out of the splash zone. Then the feet come out, so if you’re not into that, stop it immediately after the money shot.
Heels And Hose, Scene 3
starring Christina, Sammy Jane, Demia Moor

I honestly don’t know who’s who, but one girl jerks the guy off onto the other, who is rubbing her clit.
Oops I Swallowed And It Tastes Like 40 Years Old, Scene 3
starring Jaylene

Foamy/milky oral creampie. She swallows much of it. Solid.
Couples Seduce Teens #1, Scene 5
starring Charlee Chase, Kara Mynor (OC)

Charlee Chase displays considerable skills, sucking the cum out of a half-limp dick. Really something to behold. She drips it into Kara’s mouth afterwards.
Cum On My Face #3, Scene 3
starring Vanessa Hill

She strokes his cock so fast, it looks like the video is sped up. Decent finish.
Cum Swapping Sluts #8, Scene 6
starring Piper Austin & Ashley Jordan, Avy Lee Roth & Stacey Cash

Both sets of girls finish, although I think Avy and Stacey definitely did a better job.
Pussy Poppin’ Perverts, Scene 2
starring Roma Chocolate

Solid finish. Not flashy, but good.
Made In Xspana, Scene 3
starring Jessica Blue

After a frenzied two-hand jerk off, he cums all over her face/tongue.
Made In Xspana, Scene 5
starring Irina Vega

This is the second girl. She works those biceps stroking his gigantic (relative to her) cock with both hands.
Dream Cum Two, Scene 3
starring Barbara Summer, Lenny Powers

You guys know how much I love team work. Out of Barbara’s pussy and into the waiting hands of Lenny Powers (quite a name). Overall, decent, but the deathgrip she takes on his dick at the end kinda scared me.
Buttman’s Ultimate Workout, Scene 3
starring Talia James

She doesn’t seem left-handed to me, but Talia strokes the first guy off with her left hand. After which a young John Stagliano decides he needs a turn and she finishes him around 22:45.
Teen Brazil #6, Scene 5
starring Sabrina

The girl’s kinda whatever, but she does a nice job of finishing him into her mouth.


Young Tight Latinas #10, Scene 4
starring Estella Leon

+ 1 for Spanish dirty talk, -1 for the awful grimace she makes when the jizz she’s been working so hard to liberate finally arrives.
Cum On My Face #3, Scene 4
starring Anastasia Christ

Anastasia Christ is so hot that it almost makes up for her being a total cum dodger.
Chloe’s Pool Party, Scene 4
starring Chloe Jones

This was fine. She made him cum. It didn’t really stand out though.
Pretty Little Asians #50, Scene 6
starring Megumi Kato (OC)

You can tell when he cums in her mouth because she kinda chokes on it a little bit. Sadly, instead of swallowing it, she proceeds to spit it into her hands.
3-Way Warriors, Scene 5
starring Dainet

Ya know…the image is washed out *and* she dodges the cum. Mediocre in my book even if she does look like Rosario Dawson.
Made In Xspana, Scene 4
starring Laura Blume

Classic handjob cum dodge.
Cum Swapping Sluts #7, Scene 6
starring Kimberly Kane, Nomi

Nomi strokes, Kim catches, and the guy screams like a little girl. Afterwards, Kim swaps to Nomi (as the title would suggest).
Cum Swapping Sluts #7, Scene 7
starring Alex Divine, Trinity Post

Alex gets facefucked for a while, resulting in an oral creampie. Apparently it took a while, though, judging by the impatient look in her eyes. She swaps to Trinity who swallows.
Cum On My Face #3, Scene 5
starring Sheridan, Liliana, Nicole

First girl: dodger. Second girl: doesn’t finish. Third girl: probably couldn’t look more bored. Meh.
I Love Redheads, Scene 3
starring Cherry Poppens

Cherry is like a cute hippie chick with all her jewelery. She doesn’t seem interested in interacting with cum, but she does finish him.
Dream Cum Two, Scene 5
starring Angelika, Luigina Nike

I think Nacho Vidal needs to get on the Peter North diet or something. Half the time, I can’t even tell he came until I notice cum on the girls. This was one of those times.
Angels Of Debauchery #6, Scene 1
starring Lexi Love

I love Lexi. I half love this finish. She gets it all right on the tongue, smiles, looks great. Then she shoves her hand into her mouth and tries to pull it out to play with it. I felt that was uncalled for.


Black Cock Addiction #1, Scene 6
starring Keeani Lei

Okay, I admit it: this wasn’t a terrible finish. I just can’t help but hate this girl for what she did to Kylie Ireland.


10 Responses to “Finishers: April 2009”

  1. ropeadope Says:

    I will append to these comments as soon as I navigate my way through the abundance of finishers. For now, I just want to note that Kylie Ireland is a very talented writer and I found her story to be a great read. Everyone should check it out. Thank you for providing the link, Alison. Edit: What a bevy of finishers, finally viewed them all. My personal favorites would be Jenna Haze from Bet Your Ass #6 scene 2, the Avy Lee Roth & Stacey Cash segment of Cum Swapping Sluts #8 scene 6 (scroll to 27:17 for the homestretch of that finish), and Kylie G. Worthy from Momma’s Got A “G” Thang scene 1. Superb post Alison, many thanks.

  2. doppyman Says:

    Alison – this is great work. I have searched for opportunities to use the phrase “copious amounts of cum” in polite conversation, but unfortunately, the opportunity has never quite presented itself. Gotta agree with you about Claire, Anastasia, Liliane and Veronica. The Kylie Ireland story was amazing (as was her aside about Asian porn star names) and I think we would love you to supply us with similar links when you encounter them. Your use of “splash zone”, “deathgrip” and “screams like a little girl” were hysterical, but nothing tops “She doesn’t seem interested in interacting with cum”, TGIF.

  3. jfro21 Says:

    What do the symbols on the screencaps mean? The envelope, the S and the smiley face?

  4. alison Says:

    ropeadope – Thanks. I agree on the picks, although I might add Claire Robbins too.

    doppyman – Haha, thank you. Even if you don’t get to talk about copious amounts of cum in conversation, you can live vicariously through me 😉

    jfro21 – The S/smiley is for “swallow” and the envelope is actually a little piece of pie to indicate an oral creampie.

  5. davros Says:

    Great work as always, Alison. And after reading that blog entry on Kylie’s Myspace, I can see how some performers seem to give them all a bad name. Not that they need me to fight their battles for them, but I have climbed up on my soapbox for their defense from time to time. Funny thing is, one of the most vocal decriers of porn gals wants me to sneak him porn because his wife doesn’t let him watch. To which I tell him, “Oh, now you want to watch it. Before you disparaged the names of all these porn gals. Why don’t you get off your ass, go down to the local adult store and get your own?”

  6. shammy Says:

    People still buy porn in stores? I have found that is usually incredibly overpriced. I like the new ribbons and also the Kylie Ireland story was great thanks for linking it. Any more AVN interviews coming? Sorry for always asking this I just look forward to them. 🙂

  7. Hodgepodge Says:

    I’m afraid I do not understand this fascination with jerking off into the female’s mouth–unless it involves a snowball.

    I prefer a facial, especially a large one. One of the best was by Peter North and Francesca Le in “Babe Market” back in the 90’s.

    A true “blow job” involves the female doing “the elusive oral cream pie” and swallowing. How can that be photographed?

    Sorry, Allison, I do not understand where you are coming from. Most women I know can’t stand to have cum in their mouths.

  8. doppyman Says:

    Note the description of Centerfolds Caught In Action 5/4/09 ” …. hot copious loads to the face”. Who’s messing with our intellectual property?

  9. bellator6 Says:

    My favorite is the come-in-the-mouth-and-let-it-drip-out-while-still-sucking kind. Haven’t seen it in too many vids.

  10. Tom Says:

    Hey assholes, I quit this site now I want to come back, but all I get is a push towards the channels, plus I can’t even get to the second page, get your shit together, will ya.