Interview with Bobbi Starr

Bobbi is really sweet and totally gorgeous in person. This was a fun interview to do and I hope you guys like it!

Note: I wasn’t able to do the subtitles this time, but the full transcript is below if you’re not sure what was said.


Alison: So Bobbi, how’s the show going?

Bobbi Starr: It’s going great. It’s nice to come here and get to meet everybody that loves what you do. And since I love what I do, I like people who love what I do.

Alison: So you’re meeting a lot of fans?

Bobbi: [nods head]

Alison: It must be a lot of fun.

Bobbi: It is a lot of fun.

Alison: Do you find that they know a lot about you before they meet you?

Bobbi: Some of them, yeah. Some of them have read every interview, have watched every YouTube video, read everything I’ve ever written on my MySpace and know all my pictures. They’re like, “I saw that picture you put up 2 days ago and it was awesome!” and I’m like, Yes! Thanks!

Alison: It’s like having friends you never knew.

Bobbi: Yeah, like virtual friends.

Alison: So, when you work for Evil Angel, you have to be a certain kind of girl, I think. Usually that girl is really into sex and has a great time on camera. From what I can tell from your movies, you’re one of those girls.

Bobbi: Well, you know, I figure why do this job if you don’t really love it?

Alison: You seem to love it. What is the best part of it for you?

Bobbi: I guess it’s just a really healthy, comfortable environment to be able to have sex on camera. You know? Just have sex in general. It’s like a lot of times it’s like I do my scenes and I don’t even remember that there’s a camera there. You know? It’s like, the people that I get to work with are just amazing people. Especially for Evil Angel. It’s like the performers are awesome and it’s always a fantastic experience.

Alison: I bet. Yesterday I was talking to Belladonna and I heard that she fisted you on a webcam.

Bobbi: Yeah.

Alison: What was that like?

Bobbi: It was awesome.

Alison: Would you do it again?

Bobbi: Oh yeah. For sure.

Alison: Of all the people you work with at Evil Angel, who are your favorite male and female stars to do scenes with?

Bobbi: For female, Belladonna of course. It’s kind of a no-brainer. But other ones…I love working with Loona Luxx. That’s another one who’s signing today. And I love, guys, I love working with Manuel of course. I love working with Jazz Duro of course. I love working with…god, everybody. Just go through everybody I’ve worked with for them and I’m like, Yes, they’re on the top of my list.

Alison: That’s great. So I hear you have a bachelor’s in music.

Bobbi: Yes.

Alison: Are you still making music now while you’re acting?

Bobbi: I do just for fun, you know. I still practice, I still play, you know, just for myself. I’m not doing anything professional. This job pretty much takes up all of your time.

Alison: Which instruments do you play?

Bobbi: I play the oboe.

Alison: Oh, wow. That’s really cool. What are your favorite bands and music to listen to?

Bobbi: You know, I kinda go through phases. I have these, like, right now I’m kind of in this mainstream pop phase of music. Which is not the one that I’m most proud of.

Alison: No judgements [laughs]

Bobbi: But it is at the moment, so…

Alison: What’s your favorite top 40 song right now?

Bobbi: Oh god. See, I can’t even say it. I’m too embarrassed. [covers face with hands] New topic, new topic!

Alison: When you’re getting ready to do a scene, do you think about anything in particular? Do you try to prepare yourself mentally for it?

Bobbi: I actually try to not think about anything because I have an extremely active imagination and a lot of the times, my imagination can make my reality worse. [laughs] Because I’ll imagine something and be like, Oh that would be awesome, that would be amazing, and I get myself all turned on and then the reality disappoints me. So, if I just don’t think about anything…You know, a lot of people say that when I show up on set that I’m quiet, I don’t really talk. You know, like I don’t really talk to the makeup artist, I don’t really talk to the performers, and I do my scene and they’re like, “Wow, we expected you to not be able to do this. You’re so quiet. And, uh, but wow!” And I’m like, well, I just like to warm up with mediation.

Alison: Are you pretty much a quiet person in your life?

Bobbi: Yeah, I’m a pretty quiet person.

Alison: So is it nice to be in porn and just be able to let it all out?

Bobbi: It is, yeah. It’s definitely an outlet.

Alison: That’s really cool. Thank you so much, Bobbi. It was really nice to meet you. Have a great show.

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17 Responses to “Interview with Bobbi Starr”

  1. Mister Handy Says:

    Nice interview!

    As an aside, what, no blog post about having gotten VCA and VCA Classics?

  2. greywind57 Says:

    Nice interview Alison. Was this from the adult expo?

    It’d be nice to see more of Bobbi on VB too.

  3. Doublehead Says:

    Great interview. Only problem is that Alison is way hotter than Bobbi… Maybe Bobbi should have interviewed her!

  4. thirdeye Says:

    I second that Doublehead… Alison is far more attractive, makes the interview backwards!!!

  5. HotScooter2 Says:

    y’all gonna make our lil ole Ali blush. don’t take much.she’s a blusher,and i ain’t gonna mess with rhymin with that. i was gonna say 2 hot brunettes really heat it all up.just thinkin about it steams up windshield don’t you just know chile.about time y’all started realizing what a hot dish Ali is. maybe next week we can have a lil Ali ala mode.alison and ice cream what a delicacy indeed.but before i get impression of being a flirt which i am,i should find out how big her hubby is .
    but i tell all u guys a secret and don’t you be listening in Alison. she may blush when she gets flattered but she loves every last word of it.kind of like maxwell house coffee and being good to very last lovin spoonful. she drinks up all the complimentsand loves every sip of it. she gets the compliments cause i think all of us have grown to love her in our own way. Hell alisoj is just like a lil ole teddybear. so a big ole cyberhug to our sexy dynamo alison.
    yep ali girl you miight be a blushin but you lovin every word of it and u know it

  6. shammy Says:

    Great interview as always Alison. Bobbi just might be the hottest Oboe player ever.

  7. JJ Says:

    Well HotScooter…. none of that is creepy at all. Not one bit…

  8. ropeadope Says:

    Excellent interview Alison. Much appreciate your providing a window into the personalities of the various performers. Very enjoyable viewing / reading.

    Doublehead & thirdeye – Not only hotter, but Alison commands a much greater screen presence. Regardless of who Alison is interviewing, my eyes are always glued to Alison. And that voice. Something about that voice!

    JJ – The interview I’m really waiting for is the interview of HotScooter2. I can see the wheels turning inside Alison’s head. Hmmm, should I conduct the interview with HotScooter2 sitting next to me, or channel it via email? Lol, we luv ya Scooter.

  9. DRHouse Says:

    Thx for that interview!!!!

  10. HotScooter2 Says:

    Maybe we should get Ali to interview us both at the same time.
    That could be a bit much for her though. or woulld she love all 4 eyes of ours flirting with her.stay tuned for another exciting episode of the great triumvirate of Ali,Rope and Me.

  11. baldguyxxx Says:

    Alison. You need to get a handheld directional mike that is plugged into the camera so that viewers can HEAR what is said in this kind of rather LOUD situation. Either that or wireless lavaliers. show business rule: ” IF they can’t hear you …..they hate you”.

  12. alison Says:

    Mister Handy – Thanks. I only do one a week. I picked the interview.

    greywind57 – Yep, this was from the AVN Expo in January. I totally agree. Bobbi’s hott.

    Doublehead – Thank you. And you are actually causing me to blush.

    thirdeye – Aww, you make me so embarrassed. Thank you very much.

    HotScooter2 – Cyberhug back at ya. You’re right…they did make me blush. I thought that was your job. 😉

    shammy – Thanks. I couldn’t agree more.

    ropeadope – Thank you. The logistics of interviewing HotScooter in person might prove difficult as I’m guessing we’re all a few thousand miles from each other. Web cam maybe?

    DRHouse – No problem – glad you liked it!

    baldguyxxx – Thanks for the advice. I did actually bring a shotgun mic…the camera required the XLR to 1/8″ cable that I managed to forget, unfortunately. I certainly won’t forget next time…

  13. ShowMeMo Says:

    Excellent interview Alison! I just love bobbi starr, she’s amazing. Gotta find that fisting video.

  14. Rael Says:

    Where is the fisting vid? WHERE IS IT?

    Good interview . . . for some reason it makes these women even hotter when you see them as “normal” people.

    And I like Allison and think she is very attractive, but come on, it’s Bobbi Starr. Tone down the ass kissing a notch.

  15. alison Says:

    ShowMeMo – Thanks! I think it was a live webcam show for Belladonna’s website. They may archive them, I’m not sure.

    Rael – Thank you. I appreciate that you didn’t kiss my ass 😉

  16. Juanxyzzy Says:

    I think Alison should end all her video interviews with a nice lesbian kiss just for the benefit of the perverted viewers.

  17. B2B Says:

    I think Bobbi is such a interesting, lovely, beautiful woman. There are not many, (or any) woman who could be your schools music teacher, your next door neighbors, or any of life’s “normal” things, but who can express themselves so beautifully in such a sensual way.

    I wish I had the chance to know her in her early years. I have a friend similar to Bobbi who we have been friends for so long, we are just sexually comfortable with each other, we share wonderful intimate times. I would have loved to have this with Bobbi. What a woman!