VideoBox Interviews: Lexi Love

Lexi Love is a pornstar powerhouse: super adorable, authentically nasty and totally real. You can tell from watching her scenes that she is loving every second of it and I enjoyed every second of our interview.

The audio’s spotty, but the transcript of the interview is below for your reading pleasure:

Alison: How’s your day going, Lexi?

Lexi: I’m having a great time.

Alison: Have you been to sleep?

Lexi: No, I haven’t been to sleep. [laughs]

Alison: I couldn’t even tell though, you look really good.

Lexi: Thank you. Makeup – it’s good for that.

Alison: Oh, my god, right?

Lexi: Exactly.

Alison: So have you been signing a lot of autographs this time?

Lexi: I have been signing a lot. There’s a lot less people here, though, than there used to be.

Alison: That’s pretty weird. I guess…you know…

Lexi: It’s more intimate, though. I like intimate.

Alison: So you’re getting to meet a lot of fans and actually having time to talk to them.

Lexi: Yep. There’s less of a line and less, like, touching people. No one’s “ohhh can I touch your asssss?” [laughs]

Alison: I imagine you get that a lot. You do have a beautiful ass.

Lexi: Thank you.

Alison: When did you start in porn? What were you doing beforehand?

Lexi: I was waiting tables and going to school. I actually dropped out of college to go do porn.

Alison: Really?

Lexi: Yeah, I was going to school for chemical engineering and I decided that this was much more fun. [laughs]

Alison: I can imagine. I mean, not that chemical engineering probably isn’t a lot of fun…

Lexi: Yeah, well, when I went to class and I wouldn’t get sleep the night before I would blow stuff up on accident.

Alison: [laughs] You’re not serious!

Lexi: [laughs] Yes I am. I blew up asprin. I didn’t know it was possible.

Alison: Wow, how did you manage that?

Lexi: Um, two grams vs. two tenths of a gram.

Alison: Those little things…

Lexi: Yeah, I was just like, [makes pouring motion] “Okay, alright, why is it smoking?” and boom. [laughs]

Alison: So, I was talking to Mr. John Stagliano and he told me that you were in both of his movies that are being indicted for obscenity.

Lexi: Three out of four.

Alison: Oh my god…and that you contributed heavily to the obscenity in those movies.

Lexi: I did. Especially in the Milk Nymphos.

Alison: Really? What were you doing?

Lexi: They dressed me up like a kitty and then they took a turkey baster and filled my ass with soy milk.

Alison: Did you specify soy?

Lexi: I’m vegan, so I didn’t want cow’s milk in my ass. Like, I find that appalling. [laughs] So you can put soy milk up my ass but real dairy? Sorry, can’t do it.

Alison: Wow, that’s awesome. How was that experience? Was it fun?

Lexi: It was, but we went through like five different brands of soy milk to try to find one that was white instead of like, repellent.

Alison: Oh, that’s right. They’re off-white. What was the brand that you chose, do you remember?

Lexi: I think we ended up going with rice milk. Rice Dream. I sprayed it all over Angela [Stone]’s face.

Alison: [facing the camera] At home – Rice Dream.

Lexi: Perfect for anal…milking. [both laugh]

Alison: And what were the other two that you were in?

Lexi: Storm Squirters with Joey Silvera. I don’t know why that one in particular [was indicted].

Alison: I’m not sure either. I didn’t realize squirting was a problem.

Lexi: Yeah, I think it just depends on what state it’s in. All those little lines, you know. It’s ridiculous. C’mon, we just want to make some porn and have some fun! It’s not hurting anybody.

Alison: It must seem pretty ridiculous to you…

Lexi: A little bit, it is. Because like, I signed papers saying “yeah, I’m here, I want to do this, I think this is fun.” If you think it’s obscene, don’t watch it.

Alison: You’re in some pretty edgy scenes. What are your favorite types of scenes to do?

Lexi: I like really rough scenes. Like, anal, choking, spitting and stuff like that.

Alison: Really? What appeals to you about that?

Lexi: It’s fun. It’s like, I don’t know, if you want something slow and mushy…it’s like when I go home, I’ll be like, “alright, I want to lay on my back.” You know? But when I’m on set, it’s like I want to make something. I want to have something fun that not everybody else gets to do. Because that’s what porn is. It’s something that not everybody else gets to do. It’s fun. And I just want to be able to do that.

Alison: Who’s your favorite partner? Who’s really good at treating you the way you want and being really rough?

Lexi: Steve Holmes is pretty good at being rough.

Alison: Really?

Lexi: Yeah. Cause he’s a sweet-looking man and all of a sudden, he’s like, “Rrrr. I love ze pussy hair”

Alison: Beforehand, when you’re doing a scene like that, do you usually talk to the guy you’re going to be with about what you like and don’t like?

Lexi: Yeah. I mean, it depends. Normally I’d just be like, “Hey, don’t kill me.” [laughs] “This is what I like, this is what I don’t like.’ It’s kind of like speed dating. You spend just a few minutes with somebody and you’re like, “This, this, this. Next.” And you know, it’s fun.

Alison: What’s on the “don’t like” list?

Lexi: I do not like to have my ass smacked like right under the cheeks. I hate that. It hurts. You know, and if you hit that one spot over and over again…

Alison: Anything else?

Lexi: Um, that’s about it.

Alison: Wow, your only No is smacking your ass cheeks.

Lexi: And don’t cum in my eye.

[both laugh]

Alison: Have you ever gotten cum in your eye?

Lexi: [gives knowing look] Too many times.

Alison: Oh my gosh, more than once?

Lexi: I’ve done over 400 movies.

Alison: I guess you’re gonna have that.

Lexi: Yeah.

Alison: So what do you do? You just flush it out with some…

Lexi: You leave the set with one pink eye and people at the grocery store look at you funny later.

Alison: Do those people in the grocery store ever recognize you?

Lexi: Yeah.

Alison: “I know where you got the pink eye”?

Lexi: Yep. They know where you got the pink eye. If I go to like, Whole Foods, the guys are always like, “Can I help you with anything??” and I’m like, “It’s okay…I’m good” [shields face with hands]

Alison: Wow, what’s it like when someone comes up to you in Whole Foods and says “Hey you’re Lexi Love”?

Lexi: Well, okay, it kind of throws me off because I’m not in that mindset when I’m at the grocery store. And I’m just like “Oh! Hi! How are you?” I’m like, I’m buying groceries and you’re thinking about me getting fucked anally. Morning. [laughs]

Alison: Is that a little strange?

Lexi: Um, sometimes. I mean, I don’t mind. Just like, don’t fondle me or whatever.

Alison: That’s fair.

Lexi: Yeah. No, it’s flattering.

Alison: Have you ever had a stalker, though? Or someone who was a little bit too…

Lexi: Not really a stalker. I have had someone like follow me through a couple of lights and stuff. But that’s about it. I have really cool fans who appreciate what I do.

Alison: That’s nice.

Lexi: Yeah, I love it.

Alison: Thanks so much, Lexi. It was really great to talk to you.

Lexi: You too.


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21 Responses to “VideoBox Interviews: Lexi Love”

  1. pornochromatic » Blog Archive » Lexi Love Interview Says:

    […] I did an interview with the absolutely delightful Lexi Love at the AVN show this year and I just posted it over at the VideoBox Blog […]

  2. HotScooter2 Says:

    say there lil lady ,how is Alison today. i have made an astute observation. that is Johnny Cash was known as the man in black.Alison gotta be called lady in blue,has anyone seen our dear Alison when she didn’t wear blue. i am gonna have to get your hubby to buy ya another color to wear once in a while. not saying you don’t look like an absolute fox in blue. i know better than to say that to a woman.but say hon give another color a chance. then i can say Alison looks good in everything.
    And my friend it is not just you ,my wife everything shhe buys gotta have some blue in it.. but my sister and i have bought her clothes and told her there was some blue in it when there wasn’t. when she noticed it we just told her she was color blind.
    But don’t feel this is a put down,because Jimi Hendrix did song about chics like you called Foxy Lady. girl you hotter than a habanero in the summertime. you so hot you make my microwave melt just looking at your pic.
    and if anyone thinks i am in trouble she loves every lil compliment i give her even if it does make those rosy cheeks of hers blush. i can’t help myself i just love teasin this gal.
    we still love you even in blue,take care hon and have a good weekend

  3. ropeadope Says:

    Thank you for the fun & informative interview, Alison. According to Lewis Black, “there’s no such thing as soy milk. It’s soy juice. But they couldn’t sell soy juice, so they called it soy milk. Because anytime you say soy juice, you actually… start to gag. Know how come I know there’s no such thing as soy milk? Because there’s no soy titty, is there?”

  4. alison Says:

    HotScooter2 – I think I was wearing black in one of these interviews…the Chayse Evans one, I’m almost sure. But anyway, thank you very much…I’ve never been called a habanero before 😉

    rope – I suspect the same bit could probably be applied to rice milk, eh?

  5. thirdeye Says:

    really well done interview; aaand, ahem, you’re so friggin cute dammit!! Imma start an “alison must do at least one porn scene” petition i swear to christ

  6. ropeadope Says:

    Alison – Absolutely correct. Rice Krispies, yes. Rice paddies, yes. Rice titties, no.

    thirdeye – I could see Alison being receptive to the idea under only the most limited set of circumstances. I suggest recruiting Belladonna and Tommy Gunn as her co-stars. Probably still be a longshot, but as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  7. Juanxyzzy Says:

    I don’t think alison realizes quite how cute she is. A little bit of fan service would be nice. Though given what she does for work, how objectionable could she find a porn scene? She’s got the looks and she likes watching porn.

  8. doppyman Says:

    All of this hitting on Alison seems creepy, stalky and annoying to me. And it’s too bad that the blog has been reduced to a once a week thing. On the other hand, I find the new additions to the VB roster pretty strong and the quality of updates very high over most of the last few weeks.

  9. biglucifer Says:

    the updates stink!!!

  10. tfal432 Says:

    I agree that some of these Alison fans are kinda creepy. I just figured she was wearing the same outfit cause it was the same press junket day. And not every cute chick that doesn’t mind watching porn wants to be in a porn scene. For the stalky creepy fellas, just pretend that Alison’s husband is a ultra cool super secret ninja assassin that will come lop of noggins of guys getting weird on her weekly blog.

    Like the insight into the industry. I am always amazed at the background cross section of performers (Nina Hartley was Registered Nurse, Gen Padova has a BS in Biochemistry, and others). Keep the blogs coming.

  11. bribribri Says:

    cant log on to VB. any one know why?

  12. dd135754 Says:

    I also cant logon to Vbox, not sure why…hope its resolved soon! Have to pick up my gf soon hahaha

  13. Why?? Says:

    I also can’t log on. What the hell is going on?

  14. bribribri Says:

    goin on 3+ hours…this is total BS for a paysite of this quality. WTF???

  15. slampig Says:

    This is not the first time this month this has happened either…

  16. Lubenluv Says:

    I’m logged in but downloads are slower than molasses.

  17. Hey_Jude_the_Obscure Says:

    Good interview. Thanks.

    Where’s the petition to encourage Alison to do a scene? I’d love to sign it.

    As for the “Alison stalking getting creepy”: unless there have been deleted comments, I haven’t read anything that was too over-the-top, although the “wall of text crits me for 900 heath points” treatise on wearing blue was a bit over the top.

    She’s an admin at a porn site, is a porn fan, and is a “habanero.” Now that I’ve seen how attractive she looks, why WOULDN’T I want to see her in a scene?

    Keep up the great work, Alison!

  18. doppyman Says:

    So every woman who likes porn or works at a job affiliated with porn should consider making a film so lots of guys can jack off while watching her? On another note, the fact that the site was down today and that this is the only place we can discuss it or find mention of it shows the need for some type of a forum. Is it a sign of addiction that the absence of the site for a few hours gave me that empty feeling?

  19. alison Says:

    Folks who suggested I become a performer – While I do love porn and appreciate the compliments, I definitely think sex on camera is best left to the pros. I have all the admiration in the world for the ladies who choose to share their sexuality with the world, but I know that my talents are best showcased behind the scenes.

    thirdeye – Thanks. Twice. 🙂

    rope – You know I totally swoon for Bella…

    Juanxyzzy – Thank you. Porn scenes are in no way objectionable to me…I just prefer to watch them 🙂

    doppyman – Thank you very much. I’m honestly not sure what problems the site was having (I couldn’t log on either), but it looks like VB straightened them out. As for the empty feeling, all I can say is that I feel ya.

    tfal432 – Thanks!! You’re right…Most of those interviews happened Saturday morning (!!!) at the show, which is why I’m wearing the same clothes. And you’re not *that* far off about my husband 😉

    Hey_Jude_the_Obscure – Thank you very much. Too bad comeliness is no longer an ability score 😉

  20. Stuplete Says:

    Videobox is STILL down for me. I am based in the UK. What is up with the site guys!?

  21. bongsmoker69 Says:

    Videobox is still down for me. long time member…in NY. VB please fix!!