The Next Big Thing: Kagney Linn Karter

glam1I was talking to the Content Dude about what I should write for this week’s post and he suggested that I tell you guys who I think the next big star will be. Even though there’ll never be another huge Jenna Jameson-like pornstar again, there are definitely ladies like Jenna Haze and Belladonna who everyone knows and many love.

So I started thinking…who is the next up-and-comer in porn? With so many girls coming and going, who stands out as interesting and seems likely to stick around? My money’s on Kagney Linn Karter.

For those who might not be familiar with Miss Karter just yet, she’s a 22-year old big-boobied blonde from Texas who started her career as a showgirl in North Hollywood. She started making movies last summer and played the Mexican Delivery Guy Game with Tory Lane on the Howard Stern show in March. She revealed on the show that her father’s in prison for armed robbery and she’s not ready to do anal yet, although she’s looking forward to it.

Since VB didn’t have any Kagney scenes up on the site yet, I convinced the Content Dude to schedule Cum Stained Casting Couch 13 for tomorrow night. I also downloaded and checked out Kagney’s scene so I could give you a quick preview of what to expect.

In this scene, she’s “auditioning” with Ben English (aka Derek Hay, the real-life owner of LA Direct, one of the largest agencies in porn valley). She’s super bubbly and has sort of a little girl voice, which she uses quite liberally to moan and talk dirty throughout the scene. Kagney’s been in the business less than a year and it kind of shows in her dirty talk. When you see the scene, you’ll know what I mean.

During the interview at the beginning of the scene, Kagney’s dressed in a little red bra and panties and tells John Strong that she lost her virginity at 15 in her mom’s bed. She’s got a nice round ass and big fake D-cups that she uses to tit fuck Ben English early in the scene. I’ve made a very small gallery of screen captures to illustrate the rest of the scene, even the closed-eyes facial at the end.

picture-1 picture-2 picture-3 picture-4 picture-5 picture-6 picture-7 picture-8 picture-9 picture-10 picture-11

The scene will be going up tomorrow night at 7:30 PST. After you guys watch it, I’d love to know whether you agree with me that Kagney’s got a big future in porn. Tell me in the comments!


24 Responses to “The Next Big Thing: Kagney Linn Karter”

  1. bongsoker69 Says:

    is this website down? keep getting redirected to welcome page

  2. bigkai19 Says:

    Ah, the lovely Kagney, I’ve been following her since she started doing porn, and knew she would blow up big time, she wasn’t that great, at the beginning, but improved at a rapid rate, she can preform right with the best of them now! I’m kinda hoping she doesn’t run with the anal theme, It’s neat to watch sometimes, but stars I love like Bobbi Starr just do it to often, and it most cases, they get worn out quickly! Kagney is real good now, hopefully she’s be great, I wish her the best!

  3. ropeadope Says:

    I have about a half dozen scenes that Kagney filmed for internet websites. Cum Stained Casting Couch #13 will be my first look at a Kagney scene released by a major studio. I believe Kagney will have a successful career. She’s cute and has an alluring stage presence. That said, her look isn’t to my liking. Which of course, means absolutely nothing. Just personal preference. I prefer brunette to blonde and small to medium natural breasts as opposed to large enhanced breasts. I view comparisons to Jenna Haze and Belladonna as a bit of a stretch. I see Kagney in the mold of Alicia Rhodes or Britney Madison. Which translates into a good career. But let’s not be awarding the crown for the next can’t miss huge star just yet.

  4. Papayaman1 Says:

    She may yet be the next big thing, but those boobs look so darned fake to me and the barbie doll look is not one that hugely appeals to me. Having said that, with daddy serving time for armed robbery, she is on second thoughts a pristine looking beauty who is deserving of all the success coming to her.

  5. MrX Says:

    A bottle blonde (?) with fake tits who does anal scenes and ends every scene with a facial totally fails to engage my interest. No offence to her, but if she’s being touted as the next big thing in porn it just goes to show what a derivative and formulaic business it is.

  6. davros Says:

    I’ve seen her work before. It’s pretty good, and I’m looking forward to seeing this upcomming scene.

  7. Stuplete Says:

    UK based Videobox subscriber here. The site is STILL down for me. Has been for the last 22 hours! What up guys?

  8. allcomers2 Says:

    She definitely can have a long, lucrative and steady career (for pr0n), if she wants. As far as the next big thing…I’m not sure what that is. Jenna/Tera type fame isn’t happening anymore…Sasha Grey is a unique case and not a model to applied elsewhere….the only person nowadays that qualifies as an “it” girl, with a very bright pr0n future, is Stoya, in my opinion.

    That said, Kagney is fantastic and probably will be just below the rarefied tier that Stoya/Sasha seem to occupy.

    I know Kagney seems generic and formulaic when you consider her by individual attributes, but when you see her in a scene…wow. I always look forward to her NA or Brazzer scenes.

    A couple of her more recent scenes at NA or Brazzers have her with minimal eye-makeup and with some nice close-ups of her face. She’s genuinely pretty and looks even better in my opinion with less makeup (contrasted to the pics above).

  9. CannonFodder Says:

    Also a UK user here with no access. What’s the deal?

  10. Stuplete Says:

    In UK and STILL down 30+ hours later!! 🙁

  11. bongsmoker69 Says:

    long time member…live in NY and haven’t been able to see movies for a couple days. emailed tech support and waiting for reply. i log in and everytime i click a dvd box, it redirects me to the welcome page with the new releases..
    anyone had this happen? is that what’s going on for members in the UK as well?

    sorry to post this here, if it is not the appropriate spot but running out of options!

    thanks vb members

  12. Fugazied Says:

    Sorry, not appealing at all to me. Bad tit job, peroxide hair, these kinds of women are a dime a dozen in the porn industry. She doesn’t stand out in the industry in the same way Jenna Haze, Faye Reagan, Lexi Belle do.
    They are slamming hot teens who don’t look like porn stars, they just look like hot women. This girl looks like she has already been worn out by the industry and got the bad tit job to please some shitty porn manager.

  13. LakersIn4 Says:

    I agree to disagree, this girl doesn’t look like she’s going to have the vigor, or moxy to pull off what Jenna did for the industry, and if you want to talk about the next big star, well… that’s hands down Sasha Grey, after that I say comes Gianna Michaels, Alexis Texas, Rachel Starr, Sunny Lane, shoot I would even throw in Annette Shwartz in the mix, but this chick is just another blonde on the block, unless she can do a anal scene and pull out a cum drenched rabbit I’m not putting any money on her…

  14. tfal432 Says:

    The best actress I have come across lately is an actress named Stoya. She is absolutely amazing. She is a natural beauty and amazing. Can’t find her on videobox so far. She is a real treat.

  15. out4fun3 Says:

    Does not appeal to me: Bad boob job and peroxide hair just doesn’t do it.

  16. baldguyxx Says:

    Since my ability to leave comments on this site have been disabled because I once dared quoted Don Imus ( he’s back on the air but I am STILL censored on VB)even though I pay the same fee’s as everyone else…. I am forced to leave my comment about this video here. I liked this Kagney Linn,But I have to agree that the fish bowls on her chest are unappealing
    and I ended up pulling the pud to Laci Lane who has an adorable girl next door look.

  17. vaidx41 Says:

    I’m from the UK. No problems on my PC except maybe a bit slower than usual, however, i mainly access this site with my Ipod Touch. I haven’t been able to for at least three days. just says server has stopped responding, every other website works fine on my ipod. Have contacted customer support and waiting for an answer back. Slightly annoying as some of the stuff updated over the weekend looks rather good….

  18. MrX Says:

    To anyone who has said that Stoya is amazing, I say damn right. No peroxide, no silicone basketballs on her chest. Perfect.

  19. gettodachoppa Says:

    VB seems to be having some tech issues that really need to be addressed. The site has been up and down for me for the last three days or so and when I tried to log in several hours ago it acted like I wasn’t a customer anymore and tried to make me re-upgrade. When I tried to re-upgrade it said my username was already in use. I sent a note to support but have yet to receive a response or even an acknowledgement that my message was received. This may not be the appropriate place for these types of complaints but I’m wondering if other VB members have been experiencing similar issues.

  20. Stuplete Says:

    User in UK. VB has been down for me for the last few days! Please can you forward me the customer service email? This is quite frankly ridiculous, having to leave messages on the blog. VB should respond!

  21. Cannonfodder Says:

    It really is getting beyond a joke.
    If I use an American Proxy I can access the site fine, but incredibly slowly.
    The least they could do is explain to us why they appear to have blocked all UK IP addresses.
    I shouldn’t have to complain on a blog to try and get answers!

  22. Mike Says:

    I think the feedback on her is luke warm to say the least. AGree as above, both Sasha Gray and Stoya are amazing, also can’t leave out Missy stone. Quite partial to Kiki Vidis, Amia Moretti, Tanner mayes as up and comers, oh yeah and how can I forget Teagan Presley. I feel a survey coming on….

  23. vaidx41 Says:

    It’s good to hear (in a funny sort of way) that it is not just me having problems. i can log on at work and home on my PC no worries but with my ipod it just doesn’t want to know anymore(every other website i try on my ipod works fine, so logic would dictate it is a problem at VB’s end, not to mention that the error message on my ipod says the server stopped responding, i can only imagine that is VB’s server as i don’t have a server.), can’t even get a log in screen, just a blank screen and than a box saying the server has stopped responding.

    i went through support at the top of the page and sent a message via the login problems choice, however, that was 24 hours ago and although i got an automatated response saying VB were looking into it i still just get a blank screen on my ipod no matter which way i try to access VB. as you say having to go via the blog to get your point across is not ideal. Come on VB, what’s going on???????

  24. space816 Says:

    I cant effing access the site at all and i am in kansas city. You folks over at VB shouldnt be taking our money for a product we cant use!