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Thirty Scenes Warranting An Evil Angel Subscription – part 1

This will be the first installment of a continuing series highlighting scenes from the Evil Angel channel which have caught my eye. I am very early in the process of viewing the Evil Angel scenes. Thus, these scenes will be presented in no particular order. Just an ongoing collection of scenes which I feel are good enough to warrant consideration for adding the Evil Angel channel to your VideoBox subscription. I invite everyone to respond to the post with their own Evil Angel favorites. I will endeavor to give the Vivid channel the same treatment in the near future.


New Feature: Favorite Stars

We just added the ability for you to add stars to your favorites.


Why use favorite stars?


Let’s say there are several girls you really like.  Favorite stars lets you see all their videos in one place.


Also, every time you visit VideoBox, you can quickly check to see if there are any new updates from your favorite stars.


How does it work?


To add a star to your favorites

  • Click on a star’s name anywhere (like on the DVD details page, or a search results page)
  • You’ll now go to a page listing all the videos of that star
  • On this page, you’ll see a button that says “Add Star to Favorites”
  • Just click that button


And from the VideoBox home page, you’ll see a new link in the “Quick Links” section called “My Favorite Stars”.  Click there and you’ll see all the videos from your favorite stars.


Finaly, you can edit this list under the “My VideoBox==>MyFavorite Stars” tab.


Coming Soon


Some anticipated features include

  • Alerts whenever we add a video from your favorite stars (RSS or email)
  • Recommendations for favorite stars
  • Star pages with comments, profile information, and related stars


Please let us know what you think of this new feature.





Enjoy the 2009 FAME Award Winners on VideoBox

If, like me, you couldn’t make it to LA Erotica, you may have missed the results of the third annual FAME Awards. Unlike most other (porn) awards, the FAME Awards invite fans to vote on their favorite stars and movies.

VideoBox offers quite a few examples of why most of the winners came out victorious this year. Check out the scenes from each that VideoBox members voted the best of the best:

Favorite Female Star: Tera Patrick
VB offers 18 sex scenes starring the beautiful and talented Ms. Patrick. Four of those scenes are rated 5 stars by VB members:

Asian Lust #2, Scene 1
Loose Screw, Scene 3
Caught in the Act, Scene 2
Caught in the Act, Scene 2
Paradise Hotel, Scene 4
Paradise Hotel, Scene 4

Favorite Rookie Starlet: Tori Black
Even though Tori’s been making movies since 2007, she was voted the Favorite Rookie Starlet. She’s also a favorite on VB with four 5-star scenes:

Young Stand-Up Titties #3,
Scene 4

Young Stand-Up Titties #3, Scene 4
Sucking Me POV South Beach,
Scene 1

Sucking Me POV South Beach, Scene 1
Secretary’s Day #2, Scene 6
Secretary's Day #2, Scene 6
Teen Worship #1, Scene 1
Teen Worship #1, Scene 1

Favorite Breasts: Stormy Daniels
You can check out the Stormy’s bountiful bosoms in three scenes on VideoBox (not bad for a woman who’s spent a large chunk of her career as a contract star). One-third of those scenes were rated 5 stars by our members:

Hell on High Heels, Scene 2
Hell on High Heels, Scene 2

Favorite Ass: Teagan Presley
Teagan and her legendary ass have graced VideoBox with 13 sex scenes. And a whopping 10 of them are rated 5 stars! My four faves are:

Terrible Teens #3, Scene 2
Terrible Teens #3, Scene 2
Cum Drippers #6, Scene 5
Cum Drippers #6, Scene 5
Total Babe #4, Scene 1
Total Babe #4, Scene 1
Truly Nice Ass #7, Scene 2
Truly Nice Ass #7, Scene 2


Favorite Director AND Favorite Anal Star: Belladonna
To honor Belladonna’s dual accomplishment, the first two highly rated Bella scenes are of her anal as well as her directing prowess. The second two star and were directed by Belladonna, but don’t include anal sex:

Dark Meat (part 1), Scene 2
Dark Meat (part 1), Scene 2
Butthole Whores (part 1), Scene 1
Butthole Whores (part 1), Scene 1
Discovering Alexis Texas,
Scene 2

Discovering Alexis Texas, Scene 2
Fetish Fanatic #4 (part 1),
Scene 2

Fetish Fanatic #4 (part 1), Scene 2


Favorite Oral Star AND Dirtiest Girl in Porn: Jenna Haze
With twenty separate 5-star scenes on VideoBox, Jenna Haze is without a doubt one of the most popular stars on the site (and perhaps in all of porn) – no doubt because of her excellent blowjobs and willingness to be extremely nasty. Here are four of the best scenes in Jenna’s VB repertoire:

Filth and Fury #2, Scene 1
Filth and Fury #2, Scene 1
Secretary’s Day #2, Scene 2
Secretary's Day #2, Scene 2
Nasty Talk, Scene 1
Nasty Talk, Scene 1
Just Over Eighteen #2, Scene 1
Just Over Eighteen #2, Scene 1


Favorite Underrated Star: Daisy Marie
How an adorable Latin cutie like Daisy Marie could ever be overlooked is a mystery to me. Of her 5 top-rated scenes on VB, here are the most popular 4:

I Love ‘Em Latin #2, Scene 1
I Love 'Em Latin #2, Scene 1
Inside Jobs #3, Scene 3
Inside Jobs #3, Scene 3
Caliente, Scene 5
Caliente, Scene 5
Mexxi-Melts, Scene 2
Mexxi-Melts, Scene 2


Favorite Male Star: Evan Stone
Last, but certainly not least, is our good buddy Evan Stone. VB doesn’t usually credit male stars, but this has to be my favorite video of him ever:


Other awards:
Hottest Body: Jesse Jane
Favorite Studio: Brazzers
Favorite Gonzo Movie: Lex the Impaler 3 (Jules Jordan Video)
Favorite Feature Movie: Pirates 2: Stagnetti’s Revenge (Digital Playground)
Favorite Star Website:

As a side note, there is some controversy about the voting methods used by the FAME Awards and not everyone believes that the awards are on the up and up. Belladonna herself posted these messages to her Twitter on the night of the show:

# I do not support the award show that happened tonight, please do not mention it to me. I only want awards that are REAL!!

# Last year I was lied to and I would rather not have another award that means nothing. Staying true to my word feels good.

Whether you think they’re fixed or not, you can still enjoy the pornographic stylings of the ladies (and gentleman) who won.

The Wacky World Of Sex

Several months back, I came across some offbeat sex related stories while surfing the net. I intended to share them at that time with readers of the blog, but managed to get sidetracked. In the spirit of “better late than never,” here they are. Have you ever found yourself in similar circumstances to those described in the second story? Or a close call which could have escalated to that level had you not narrowly escaped? I’m still undecided whether I believe the third story. What do you think?


Name That DVD / Performer / Studio

Twenty questions based on thirteen images compiled from scenes appearing at VideoBox. You’ll need to identify the DVD’s from which the scenes were drawn, the performers in the scene, and the studio which issued the DVD. Maximum score is 100. I would judge any score above 40 to be an excellent showing. But it’s not solely about the score. I believe you’ll enjoy these scenes. If you missed the DVD’s upon their original posting, check them out. An answer key is provided at the bottom of the quiz.


What Made My Favorites List This Week

In any given week, I might watch a few seconds of and reject dozens of scenes. Maybe the girl was completely silent, had an acne problem in her sensitive places or visible boobjob scars (those are some of my dealbreakers).

The ones that really catch my interest make it on to one of my favorites lists (I have half a dozen). This week, three new scenes made the list out of the sixty or so I checked out.

Swallowing Anal Whores #2, Scene 1

Vanessa Lane starts the scene by rubbing her pussy on a couch. Normally this would be pretty uninteresting to me, but she’s got a quality about her that makes you want to watch. Her shoes are so over the top, they’re awesome and I actually think the outfit’s pretty hot. She’s one of the few stars who actively fuck the guy back and it sort of makes up for all the gasping. She didn’t do any really crazy pretzel moves in this scene, but that’s okay. Her beauty and enthusiasm was more than enough.

Rachel’s Choice, scene 1 (Evil Angel)

Rachel Starr has an unfortunate above-the-pussy tattoo (is there a name for that?). But it’s okay because this scene was good enough to distract from that. At 17:26, Steve Holmes starts rubbing her pussy hard and whether or not she actually came, she at least convincingly faked it. There’s an unusual mid-scene cumshot at 25:00 where Rachel Starr jerks Steve Holmes into her mouth. There’s a lot of blowjob footage in this scene, but at almost an hour long, you can easily skip it without sacrificing everything. Watching the girls fuck side-by-side is definitely a treat and I thought the intensity of Erik Everhard working his way up to anal with McKenzee Miles was great.

Big Titty Moms, Scene 1

While not generally a fan of the MILF genre (or teens either, actually), I do like a woman who knows what the hell she’s doing. Austin Kincaid seems like a knowledgeable “older” woman (I think she’s like 29) who loves to fuck. She has a nice ass, and as a few pointed out, a classy look you don’t see a lot in porn. The garter belt and stockings with the line down the back are a nice touch. The scene itself isn’t anything special, persay, but it’s a good, solid performance from an actress I think is underrated. As member rutnadexin3 pointed out, she recently retired. Let’s hope it’s not for good.

How about you guys? Which scenes struck your fancy this week?

You Make Three – Final Showdown

I’ve closed all four preliminary polls in the “you make three” series and have advanced the twelve most deserved teams (based on your votes) into the finals. Same rules apply. You’ve been selected to participate in a threesome and have the choice to insert yourself in one of the following pairings. In our hypothetical scenario, all the girls are still active and in their prime. Click inside to read a brief comment on how each team reached the finals and my opinion of their chances in this showdown. Please make your selection below.

Amy Reid & Bree Olsen
Annette Schwarz* & Sasha Grey
Ashlynn Brooke & Keri Sable
Belladonna & Taylor Rain
Cytherea & Dani Woodward
Eva Angelina & Teagan Presley
Gauge & Jenna Haze
Gianna Michaels & Penny Flame
Kacey Jordan & Lexi Belle
Lela Star & Rachel Starr
Liliana Moreno & Peaches**
Monica Sweetheart & Naomi

*Several scenes credited as Annette Schwartz

**Peaches from the Breakin’ ‘Em In #2 and Just Over Eighteen #3 scenes.


Which pairing would you choose to join?

  • Gauge & Jenna Haze (16%, 230 Votes)
  • Amy Reid & Bree Olsen (15%, 218 Votes)
  • Annette Schwarz & Sasha Grey (11%, 156 Votes)
  • Eva Angelina & Teagan Presley (10%, 148 Votes)
  • Gianna Michaels & Penny Flame (8%, 122 Votes)
  • Lela Star & Rachel Starr (8%, 113 Votes)
  • Belladonna & Taylor Rain (7%, 105 Votes)
  • Liliana Moreno & Peaches (7%, 96 Votes)
  • Kacey Jordan & Lexi Belle (7%, 96 Votes)
  • Monica Sweetheart & Naomi (7%, 96 Votes)
  • Ashlynn Brooke & Keri Sable (5%, 79 Votes)
  • Cytherea & Dani Woodward (5%, 77 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,440

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Now Rope Wants Us To Think?

Today’s post is completely different from anything previously presented on the blog. I’ll be back with a more “normalized” post in roughly 24 – 36 hours. So what’s this entry about? I’ve constructed a puzzle regarding the hypothetical filming of an adult movie. All you need to solve the puzzle is logic and common sense. No mathematical calculations required. Paper and pencil (the eraser is bound to be needed) are recommended. I’m including a help file if you need to be pointed in the right direction, and the solution can be found at the bottom of the post. No need to respond to the post with your answers. However, I would like to know whether you would be interested in seeing more of these type of posts in the future, and if you found the puzzle to be too easy or too hard. Let’s get to the specifics.


What is a Classic?

barbara-broadcastWith the addition of VCA to VideoBox’s studio lineup, I’ve been thinking a bit lately about what qualifies a movie as a “classic.” Depending on who’s doing the answering, a classic seems like it could be anything released before 2000. Obviously that can’t be the case.

Perhaps we can learn from the world of classic rock. Although the definition seems to be a rolling one (what gets played on classic rock radio today is definitely different from what was played 5 years ago), there is a loosely agreed-upon definition that most stations seem to adhere to.

I went and checked the playlists for a few stations (WZLX in Boston, WLUP in Chicago, WDVE in Pittsburgh) and found that generally speaking, classics tend to come from the years between 1965 and 1985. Looking at the “classic” VCA movies on VB, the non-compilation movies made in that era are:

  • Debbie Does Dallas 2 (1981)
  • Barbara Broadcast (1977)
  • New Wave Hookers (1985)

However, these movies – categorized the exact same way – were made after 1985:

  • Night Shift Nurses (1987)
  • Curse of the Catwoman (1991)
  • The Catwoman (1988)

It’s hard for me to call a movie made in 1991 a classic. I might even be willing to expand the definition of include anything up to 1989, but it just seems like a stretch to call things made within the last 2 decades classics.

What do you guys think? What era really qualifies as “classic porn?” Does it depend on how old you are?

VideoBox Identification Quiz


How good are you at identifying series, scenes, performers, and studios from images? I’ve compiled a quiz made up of twenty four questions based on nine images. All screenshots are taken from scenes appearing on VideoBox. Please click the pictures to reveal full size images. Maximum score on the quiz is 100. Had I not chosen the images myself, my score would have been roughly 60. I believe any score above 50 should be considered exemplary. An answer key is included at the very bottom of the quiz. No need to reply to the post with your set of answers. However, I would be interested in hearing your scores after checking the answer key. Comments, suggestions, criticisms, are always welcome. Specifically, was the quiz too easy or too hard, and do you want more blog updates of a similar nature?