The Evelyn Lin Interview – Part 1

Going For A Test Drive Takes On A Whole New Definition

Going For A Test Drive Takes On A Whole New Definition

The stunningly beautiful Evelyn Lin was gracious enough to submit to an interview with VideoBox. Evelyn is featured on the site in approximately a dozen titles and is one of my very favorite performers. All of Evelyn’s scenes are worth checking out, but I would especially recommend Asian Poke Holes #2 scene 5, Asian Slut Invasion #4 scene 4, Big Dicks Little Asians #2 scene 1, Sakura Tales #12 scene 5, Teen Machine scene 2, Teens In Tight Jeans #2 scene 5, Virgins of the Screen #1 scene 5, and Young Asian POV scene 1. If you enjoy girl-girl action, add Asian Slut Invasion #2 scene 3. If you like sex with Yeti’s, add The Babysitter #25 scene 4. If you desire oral only activity, add Paste My Face #5 scene 10. If you …. oh hell, just watch them all.

And please don’t forget to visit Evelyn at her website.

rope: Hello Evelyn, thank you so much for speaking with us. I understand you were born in the Hunan Province of China, and moved to Southern California at the age of four. Do you still have family back home in China? Have you returned for any visits thus far, or do you hope to do so in the future?

Evelyn Lin: The majority of my family still lives in China so I do visit, usually once every four years. Mostly I go back with my parents and just follow along with whatever they have planned, but I’m kind of thinking of heading back to China this year with a few friends just to explore now that I’m all grown up. I can’t exactly check out the night life with Grandpa and Grandma, haha.

rope: Consulting my handy Chinese Zodiac, I notice you were born in the Year of the Rabbit. Individuals born under this sign are projected to be gracious, kind, sensitive, cautious, compassionate, flexible, astute, artistic, and a good friend. Conversely, they are prone to be moody, detached, superficial, and opportunistic. Do you feel your personality matches up with the predicted traits?

Note to readers: I’ve already mentally checkmarked graciousness (see my opening comments) and flexibility (watch any of Evelyn’s scenes, maybe not Vanessa Lane flexibility, but certainly good enough to pass the Zodiac test).

Evelyn Lin: Well, here’s the thing—I’m also a Leo. Leos are characterized as fiery leaders who are headstrong and get what they want. It’s a bit of a contradiction to the gentle Rabbit. I guess I’m a little bit of both. I’m always a little shy when I meet people for the first time. On set, directors will always note that I’m not as instantly chatty as other girls but I just take a little time to warm up to people. And just because I’m not actively participating in a conversation doesn’t always mean I’m detached. I simply like to listen and get a feel for people first. When I’ve been on set for a bit, I start to converse with everyone and then, when the camera goes on—bam, the Leo comes out, bold and sexed-up. But hey, I’m definitely Rabbit nice!

rope: Has the current economic downturn affected the porn industry? Penny Flame recently stated on her blog that girls who were filming fifteen to thirty scenes a month, are no longer finding work. According to Penny, many have resorted to escorting in an effort to pay the bills. Has your workload been affected?

Evelyn Lin: I’ve heard a lot of directors say that porn has always managed to remain unaffected through past economic slumps but this time, we’re really taking a hit. I definitely have to agree with them. With the current economic situation and all the free porn that’s floating around online (which I don’t support by the way!), people just aren’t buying porn DVDs as much and thus companies that shoot mostly DVDs aren’t making as many as they used to. The majority of shoots I’ve been on this year were for internet only. I haven’t done any escorting or privates but I’ve definitely expanded my website store to include things such as video shout outs (with a little strip tease) and custom videos where you can have me act out your own fantasy.

rope: Your breasts are perfect. Please tell your loyal fans at VideoBox, you have no intention of undergoing breast enhancement surgery. This should be a “no-brainer,” but I’ve seen some strange decisions made in this area.

Evelyn Lin: I’ve definitely wished for bigger breasts in the past, especially having a close friend with natural D’s. However, from age 18 to now, my breasts have definitely gotten bigger. I admit, I was a little sad to throw out all my sexy A cup bras and having to buy all new B cups but I LOVE my breasts so don’t worry! The only elective surgery I probably would ever get is Lasik (I’m so blind without my contacts!)

rope: Current licensing restrictions prevent VideoBox from adding Asian Fever #34 to the site. The DVD is from Hustler, and features a M/F/F threesome with yourself, Tia Tanaka, and Marco Banderas. I was fortunate enough to view this scene just the other day. I will not ask you the most obvious question that comes to mind (which is of course, how many days running did Marco have to blow Larry Flynt to get cast in this dream scene). Instead, let me ask you the following question. When performing a M/F/F threesome with Tia or another equally hot girl, does a sense of competitiveness take hold? In other words, do you each try to out-perform one another? Judging by this scorcher of a scene, my guess is yes!

Evelyn Lin: Of course there’s always a little competitiveness but I would actually say the heat from the scene was generated as a collaborated effort. I had done a girl/girl/girl scene with Tia Tanaka and Lana Croft the day before so I knew what kind of energy to expect from Tia. Both of us just had really good chemistry working together and with Marco. I think if we hated each other’s guts and were just about “who looks better”, it would’ve been a weak scene with two angry girls and poor Marco caught in the middle. The good chemistry just pushed us to perform our very best 🙂

rope: Do you enjoy cooking? Are you a good cook? If I were to stumble into your kitchen, before you beat me senseless, would I be more likely to see you dining on:

A – Home Cooked Hunan Beef / Hunan Chicken
B – Delivery Pizza
C – Vegetarian Salad Platter
D – Cookies, Ice Cream, Potato Chips, & Soda

Evelyn Lin: Haha, I’m most likely to shield your eyes first—I’m always walking around naked in my apartment. Hm, most likely B and D. I’m a pretty horrible cook so my meals are pretty easy to make (my God, the things you can make with precooked rotisserie chicken!) However, I’m a very good baker and like to make crème brulee and mascarpone cupcakes for fun. As for vegetarian… I don’t think I could do it—I love my steak…. when someone else makes it of course!

rope: Many of our members (myself included) dislike the rough sex that seems to populate many scenes nowadays. Choking, slapping, spitting, hair pulling, forcing the girl’s head forward while pinching her nostrils shut during oral sex. I recently viewed your scene from Asian Street Hookers #45 with TT Boy. Thankfully, it wasn’t as rough as I feared. He did have his hand around your throat in several positions, which is disturbing enough for me. When you’ve booked a scene with TT Boy (or another performer / studio which tends to include rough sex), is the scene fully discussed ahead of time? Are the parameters and limits laid out, understood, and agreed upon? What if the limits are crossed despite a prior agreement?

Evelyn Lin: I actually don’t recall my scene with TT Boy being that rough. The hand around the throat isn’t my cup of tea but if it’s not really grabbing hard (which TT Boy wasn’t), I’ll let it slide and not ruin the heat of the scene. Performers do discuss limits and likes/dislikes before the scene however. I always just tell guys nothing too rough, that I’m not into the things you mentioned above (choking, slapping, etc.) except a little bit of hair pulling is okay and that my clit gets really sensitive so if I start to squirm, slow down on the clit play. Usually, a simple inconspicuous tap on the leg or arm will do the trick. I’ve only had my limits crossed once and I simply finished the scene and put the performer on my “Do Not Work With” list. Plus, I drive myself to shoots so I always have the option to just leave if things get out of control (hasn’t happened yet).

rope: Does it bring about a special feeling of satisfaction and achievement when chosen as the cover girl for a newly issued DVD? You’ve graced the box cover of numerous DVD releases, including a few on our site. You have to be stoked seeing yourself on the cover for the first time.

Evelyn Lin: It is definitely a good feeling to be cover girl! I remember sending a link of my first cover to everyone who emailed me saying “You have to check this out!” I feel a little embarrassed saying this but… sometimes one DVD will have multiple covers… and I always show everyone the one where I’m bigger on the cover. Everyone likes to have their ego stroked every now and then right?

rope: How does a petite girl such as yourself handle guys like Mark Ashley (Teen Machine), Steve Holmes (Erotica XXX #13), Manuel Ferrara (Teen Dreams #13), Michael Stefano (Teenage Peach Fuzz #2), Erik Everhard (Teens In Tight Jeans #2) or Lee Stone (Craving Big Cocks #11), to give a few examples. Those guys are pretty well endowed, and you’re well, pretty tiny. So when you know you have a scene with Mark Ashley the following day, how do you prepare for that? Have you ever had a co-star that was too big for you? What about the related topic of penis size and anal? Jenna Haze maintains that the larger cocks hurt the least when it comes to anal. She says, once inserted, a steady rhythm develops and it’s all good. But the (relatively) smaller cocks hurt the most in anal. Because you feel that you’re continuously being poked with each stroke. Do you find this to be true?

Evelyn Lin: Usually when I’m working with someone that’s really big, I ask to get a little lube and go for sort of a “test drive” before the cameras start rolling. That way, I can ease myself on and get “warmed up” before the pounding starts. If it’s a new guy I’ve never worked with, it also builds good sexual tension so we’re not jumping into the scene strangers… we’ve already fucked a little 🙂 I’ve told my agency that I’m kind of scared of REALLY REALLY big guys (like Mandingo big) and they’ve been pretty good about not booking me with someone that big. The one guy I’ve worked with that was just too big for me was Chris Charming. The scene was just a blowjob and I could barely get my mouth around him so I knew for sure that sex with him probably wasn’t physically possible.

As for anal sex, I don’t know about the “smaller being worse” and the “bigger being better” thing but I agree that once in, I can handle a pretty hard pounding. I’ve had so many guys ask me how they can make anal with their girlfriends less painful and here’s the answer: Go slow! For me, I tell the guy to let me kind of ease myself onto his cock instead of him pushing forward so I can stop when it hurts. I always go really slow and always pause a few seconds every time I inch the cock a little deeper. When I finally get the whole cock inside my ass, I pause again for a bit longer to let my asshole stretch out a little and then I’m ready for anything. It’s really only the insertion that hurts so try a little more anal, girls! 🙂

Thank you Evelyn. Guys, be sure to check back later in the week for part 2 of the Evelyn Lin interview. If you have any questions or comments for Evelyn, please leave them as a reply to the post.


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14 Responses to “The Evelyn Lin Interview – Part 1”

  1. vaidx41 Says:

    Nice interview.

    any news on why us subscribers in the UK can’t get VB to work anymore. I am especially having trouble on my ipod touch???

    4 days now! Nearly 48 hours since i wrote and still no news.

    What is going on???

  2. space816 Says:

    Im in kansas city I cant get the site to work at all either. I’ve also emailed them this is ridiculous.

  3. gettodachoppa Says:

    Thanks for the interview but some word on the severe site issues VB has been experiencing would be nice. I know you guys read these comments so help us out!

  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ vaidx41 & space816 & gettodachoppa – I know this must be an extremely frustrating situation, but all I can tell you is VideoBox is aware of the issue and is looking into it. Leaving these type of comments in an Evelyn Lin interview thread will not get the problem resolved any quicker. Look, I’m sitting in my living room 3000 miles from the VideoBox home office. Do you really think there’s anything I can do to help remedy the circumstances? Let’s please keep the comments on topic.

  5. Que? Says:

    Fewer questions at a time, rope! My journalism teachers are rolling over in their vaginas right now. Ask a question, get a response. Ask another question, get a response.

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ Que? – I have to ask my questions all at once as I think of them. Because I’m very forgetful. So if I ask one question and wait for the response, I’ll forget the other three or four questions I had in mind. Would have made for a very short interview. Although it would have eliminated the need to post it in two parts. However, Evelyn answered every single question, so I believe she handled it extremely well.

  7. danebly Says:

    rope: great preparation. you did a brilliant job of presenting a smart, articulate woman with the ability to show her smarts, real personality and authentic assessment of her industry. very well done, indeed.

  8. ropeadope Says:

    @ danebly – Okay, contest over, danebly is the winner. Free lifetime subscription. What? I can’t do that? Oh, sorry danebly. I was just informed I don’t have the authority to award a lifetime subscription. But thank you for the kind comments. I was blown away by the awesome job Evelyn did with the interview questions. Upon receiving her answers, I told Evelyn I always admired her as a performer, but this interview added an entire level of respect over and above that admiration.

  9. Papayaman1 Says:

    Good God Rope, I feel so envious that you actually got to chat with this lovely girl! But I agree with Danebly, you did a great job of airing a lot of the issues that folks on the blog have written about, notably around rough sex. And it was interesting to hear about the logistics of anal sex from her point of view, not to mention reassuring to hear that she has no intention of engaging in body alterations, notably the awful bolt-ons that so many porn actresses acquire (I was so pissed off when I saw the first scene on VB a day or two back in which Natalli Di Angelo had what appeared to be a pair of helium balloons attached to her chest).

    I’m sure Que is right and that the professional journalist would ask snappy little one point questions – but actually your discoursive approach was more effective in bringing out wider ranging and thoughtful answers from a smart young woman. Which just goes to show that a professional journalist can over-simplify things. And I think this interview was really successful in showing that Evelyn is quite thoughtful and definitely does not fit the stereotype that some people believe in of the drug addled, giggle-headed porno maven. Her look may be a little too specialised for her to be the next big thing in porn (although she completely blows me away), but she clearly has the smarts and a particular Oriental beauty to successfully exploit her niche for a good while yet. Overall then a great first part to the interview that has certainly whetted my appetite for more. And VB that does not just mean more of the interview, but more Evelyn scenes – if I could just express a preference though, scenes with Tia Tanaka are preferable to ones with a yeti!

  10. thirdeye Says:

    Wow, she is really genuinely quite a smart girl — That I must say was unexpected. Great interview Rope, very impressed.

  11. ropeadope Says:

    @ Papayaman1 – lol, I was on the verge of contacting you prior to the interview, as I know you’re a huge fan of both the Asian genre and Evelyn Lin. I held off because I didn’t know whether it would be cool to email without your permission. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview and I very much appreciate your nice comments. Looking at Evelyn’s credits at IAFD, the following DVD’s might be coming our way. They were issued by studios utilized by VideoBox, but that does not necessarily guarantee they will appear here. But at least there’s a fighting chance. Asian Angels (Vivid), Asian Fucking Nation #2 (Evil Angel), Asian Mouth Club #4 (Madness), Me Luv U Long Time #9 (Red Light District), and Teenage Peach Fuzz #2 (Red Light District).

    Note – Asian Angels now available on the Vivid channel.

    @ thirdeye – Thank you kindly. Going into the interview, I wasn’t quite sure what it would yield. Somehow, I was actually leaning toward the intelligent, well spoken, and humorous person that Evelyn revealed herself to be. But this exceeded all expectations.

  12. doppyman Says:

    Rope – This interview is sensational. You ask all sorts of questions that I have been curious about for years and cover a lot of ground really quickly. Obviously, the interview wouldn’t have been so good if Evelyn wasn’t intelligent and articulate and very straightforward about things. And I have to give you credit not only for your well formulated questions but for your excellent preparation as well (no surprise there, maestro). Thanks! (And it didn’t hurt that I just got into Evelyn last week (figuratively, unfortunately) and downloaded all of her scenes on VB.)

  13. Papayaman1 Says:

    Rope you’re always welcome to contact me. And great news about prospective Evelyn scenes. Lets hope VB is able to deliver on some of those titles. Well done again.

  14. ropeadope Says:

    @ doppyman – Thank you buddy. Isn’t there a saying about great minds thinking alike? I had plenty of time to prepare. My last post was about a century ago. Evelyn definitely made the interview what it was, no question about it. Happy to hear you got into Evelyn. Hopefully the interview will encourage others to get into her as well.

    @ Papayaman1 – I second your sentiments on the prospective Evelyn Lin scenes, and I’ve made a note that I can contact you. Thank you.