The Evelyn Lin Interview – Part 2 + Review


When I uploaded the Evelyn Lin interview to the blog on Tuesday, I was forced to remove a few questions due to a word count limitation imposed upon the posts. As the remaining questions are relatively brief in nature, I’m including a review of one of Evelyn’s scenes appearing on the site. I chose her scene from Teen Machine. Long time readers of the blog may recall I previously did a full review of Teen Machine #2. If I ever do a similar review of Teen Machine, today’s post will give me a leg up on the article. Let’s first conclude the interview.

rope: A typical scene may have a runtime of twenty to twenty-five minutes. Some longer, some shorter. But I’m sure it must take quite a bit longer to get those twenty or so minutes on film. When you go on a video shoot, how many hours would usually be needed to complete the scene? Are you responsible for supplying your own wardrobe? Are there any differences between filming for a major studio (Digital Playground, Evil Angel, Red Light District, etc.) and internet websites (Mr Chews Asian Beaver, Reality Kings, etc.)?

Evelyn Lin: The longest I’ve been on set was actually 12 hours and most of it wasn’t shooting anything, just waiting around. Waiting happens a lot on set because people are late or equipment malfunctions and scenes get pushed back. It usually only takes about an hour and a half to actually shoot the pictures and video. For most companies, I am responsible to bring my own wardrobe. My agency will list what type of clothes the director is looking for and I’ll bring it (which is why I have a ton of jail bait clothing from my just 18 days). Even if they say wardrobe is supplied, I always bring basics such as bra and panties just in case they don’t have the perfect fit in their wardrobe.

The difference between shooting for a major studio and internet sites are pretty minor. I’ve definitely had the whole “major studio” experience with Ninn Worx, where they provided wardrobe, makeup, and had a revolving stage! But I’ve also had major studio shoots where it’s just the other talent, me, and the videographer/photographer… and internet shoots on a whole big fancy set with a whole crew.

rope: I read you were attending college and working on a communications major. Do you have many credits remaining before graduation? Would you anticipate putting this degree to use some years down the road?

Evelyn Lin: Unfortunately, I’m not graduating quite yet! I’m going to be a super senior! I’ll most likely be done winter this year but it’s scary. College is limbo… you’re kind of independent but not quite working a 9 to 5 yet. I’m actually considering adding business somewhere into my college education (most likely grad school) as running my own website has taught me a lot about managing a business.

rope: Are you into gaming? If so, do you prefer consoles (PlayStation, Wii, Xbox) or a PC platform? If console, which is your favorite system? What are your favorite games?

Evelyn Lin: I love games, I just wish I had more patience with some of them. I’ve accidentally deleted my Final Fantasy IV (on my DS) 3 times and I’m not sure I have the heart to start over again 🙁 I’m currently favoring consoles over PCs because the only PC game I have is Sims 2, which is on my old laptop (I’m currently using a Mac) and… it doesn’t run very fast. I love my PS3 because it’s an everything machine—I can watch movies and play games online with fans (my members have my PSN) but I was glued to my Wii the week I got Zelda… God my arm hurt so bad and I had such dark circles from not sleeping but I love Zelda!

rope: Could you tell us about your website? What type of material would a visitor to your site encounter?

Evelyn Lin: My website’s not as big or flashy as some others but it’s my baby! It’s just me and my webmaster running it so you really get a personal experience. For members, I have a blog that details all my trips out of town and what happens—for example, there’s a video of the sink I broke in Chicago… shh! Of course, there’s a picture and video gallery. My videos have things you’ll never find anywhere else, including new anal videos and the only real vaginal creampies I’ve ever done. I come up with all the videos based on a mix of personal fantasy and fan requests and I’m always trying to make it a little different from the typical porn plot. The site also has webcam shows from time to time (depending on my schedule) with a chat box so fans can make requests as I go. Even if you don’t decide to join my site, there’s a free trailer and wallpapers so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Please click to visit Evelyn at her website.

rope: Any other messages for your fans Evelyn?

Evelyn Lin: The only thing I’d like to say is thank you for loving me because I love you guys! Hey, I wouldn’t be anything without the fans, so keep me popular on VideoBox!

Thank you so much Evelyn for all the time and effort you put into this interview. It was a great pleasure for me to conduct the interview with you. If I ever make it out to AVN, I hope to have an opportunity to say hello to you in person.

Teen Machine scene 2 Evelyn Lin & Mark Ashley

Evelyn is the cover girl for Teen Machine. With a cast including Adrianna Faust, Celina Cross, Lexi Belle, Ryaan Reynolds, and Veronique Vega, that’s quite an achievement. I know the good folks at Elegant Angel were thrilled with her scene. They used it as the bonus scene for both Teen Machine #2 and Fresh Newcummers #2.

Camera panning up Evelyn’s body revealing her in a short blue jean skirt and turquoise top, looking as gorgeous as ever. Pierced navel. Skirt raised from behind, showing the black panties. Evelyn pulls up the top, baring her beautiful breasts. Squatting, Evelyn dips her hand inside the panties, rubbing at her pussy. Action captured very nicely from a floor level camera. Evelyn is now perched atop a bar stool (with a flexible back support), panties pulled to the side. The black panties have a green colored crotch on the inside. Vertically stroking the pussy from taint to clit. Wetting middle finger. Rubbing all around the slit and clit, buries middle finger in pussy. Stroking in and out, tasting the pussy off her finger. Mark Ashley joins. Mark massaging Evelyn’s breasts from behind, pulls her legs wide and back as Evelyn continues to rub at her pussy. Mark eating Evelyn’s pussy from below as she rests her right leg on Mark’s back. Evelyn moaning and squirming as Mark licks at her clit. Evelyn is almost horizontal on the bar stool. Mark pries her legs wide apart and continues his assault on the clit.

Mark entering in missionary, using short slow strokes. Quickening the pace, going a bit deeper. Mark now varying both the speed and depth of his strokes. Camera has the action framed perfectly. Full strokes now and Evelyn is feeling it. Evelyn off the bar stool, giving P2M as she tastes the cock for the first time today. Mark has his hands on either side of Evelyn’s head, drilling his cock in and out of her mouth. Evelyn down on all fours, Mark entering in doggie. Evelyn slowly backing up onto the cock, now letting Mark control the pace. Mark driving his cock into Evelyn’s pussy. Once again, a floor level camera is used to great advantage. Mark slowly draws his cock back and forth. Pulls out, eating at Evelyn’s ass and pussy. Lightly slapping the pussy. Fingering the pussy fast and furious.

The pair move toward a couch and Evelyn climbs aboard in cowgirl. Mark laying flat and motionless, Evelyn riding the dick. Now it’s Mark’s turn as he drives his cock up and into Evelyn’s pussy. Evelyn hanging on to Mark’s thighs with both hands as he pounds away at her pussy. Evelyn leaning forward over Mark, her pussy being pummeled from below. Mark slapping at Evelyn’s ass cheeks with both hands. Evelyn swivels her body to the side into the under utilized side saddle position. Evelyn bouncing on the cock, her ass cheeks have turned pink. Evelyn P2M, getting about half the length of Mark’s big cock in her mouth. Evelyn stroking the cock with both hands, left over right, as a left handed batter would grab the bat.

(Note to self: Ask Evelyn if she’s a lefty.)

Back to side saddle, Mark ramming his cock up into Evelyn’s pussy. Evelyn swings her leg around into reverse cowgirl. The turquoise top which had been bunched up above Evelyn’s breasts, finally comes off 17:12 into the scene. Evelyn riding Mark’s cock, rubbing on her clit. Mark pumping Evelyn’s pussy at a furious clip. Evelyn’s tits dancing about as the heavy pounding continues. Evelyn P2M, brief 69 before action resumes in reverse cowgirl. Evelyn now laying on the couch, Mark banging away in missionary. Mark slowly inserts and removes his cock from Evelyn’s pussy four or five times. Slapping the head of his cock against her pussy, rubbing it up and down her slit. Deep stroking the pussy. Mark has his hands under Evelyn’s knees, pinning her legs back. Getting in long, deep strokes. Now grabbing her sides as he quickens the pace. Evelyn rolls onto her left side into a standing spoon (?). Mark going to town with quick, deep strokes.

Return to missionary. Mark pulls out and shoots his load onto and into Evelyn’s mouth. Mark squeezing out the final drops. Evelyn shows the cum to the camera and swallows it down. The camera didn’t fully capture the cum in the mouth before the swallow, which I believe is the first and only shortcoming of the camerawork the entire scene. Post cum head. Evelyn has remnants of cum around her mouth and chest as the camera fades out.

I’m rating the scene 4.5 on a scale of 5. Evelyn is consistently beautiful in all of her scenes, no exception here. She receives a hard pounding in this scene, handling everything that Mark can dish out. Mark is a no-nonsense performer, and Evelyn was up to the challenge. The tease footage was hot, lighting and camerawork excellent, and I loved the variety of positions used in the scene.

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12 Responses to “The Evelyn Lin Interview – Part 2 + Review”

  1. walken Says:

    Good work rope, I really enjoyed both parts of this interview. You asked a lot of the questions ‘porn fans’ think about, and I like that. So are you working for VB now??? In the last couple of months the blog has really gone down hill in my opinion. Not so long ago Alison was asking us what improvments we would like added to the blog and there was hope for this great space developing…. and it looked good for a while, there was plenty of updates, polls, finishers etc.. But now, it’s starting to feel like VB is losing it’s community vibe which I think sucks, there’s some smart and funny and damn right entertaining contributors to this blog and it would be a shame for there not to be regular topics for them to comment. So, if VB offered it to you, would you take over the blog rope and give it some life? I don’t mean to put your name up for something you may not be interested in doing, but if you did you.. would have my vote!

  2. Ian Says:

    Is anybody else getting “Access Restricted” when they log-in? Is the site down or something?

  3. ropeadope Says:

    @ walken – Great to see you, its been a long time. Thank you for your positive comments on the interview. As to your questions: Would I consider taking over the blog? No, because Alison is in charge of the blog and nobody is more qualified than Alison to serve in that capacity. Do I hope to make more frequent contributions to the blog? Yes, things are being discussed. I do appreciate your support, let’s see what transpires over the next few weeks.

  4. trlfmdr Says:

    Love that she kept her shoes on the whole Teen Machine scene, nothing hotter than that. Well, maybe if she sucked on her heels while he came on them. But back to her, wow what a goddess.

  5. danebly Says:

    Let me second Walken’s suggestion. No slight to Alison or anyone at VB, but Rope’s contributions are always, without fail, fun and thought provoking. More rope, more blog material…..please.

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ trlfmdr – lol, I forgot all about the shoes. Now that you mention it, I remember black shoes with lots of straps at the beginning of the scene. I completely lost track of them after that.

    @ danebly – Thank you again, my friend. Alison helped me formulate the interview questions for Evelyn. When I first notified Alison that Evelyn had agreed to the interview, these were the only two questions I had:
    1) Hu’s the President of China?
    2) Are fortune cookies considered accurate windows into the future? Normally they’re lighthearted and fun. But the last one I opened stated I would need a kidney transplant no later than October 25, 2017, which I found to be both disturbing and oddly specific.

  7. walken Says:

    Thanks for your reply rope. I too think Alison is certainly qualified, but aren’t her contributions limited to once a week now? I’d love to see more frequent updates on the blog, be it from Alison, yourself or others. I think this blog is at it’s best when it has some momentum.

  8. ropeadope Says:

    @ walken – I believe we’re all on the same page. Alison, myself, yourself, and I would imagine, the bulk of the membership. Alison and I are not the people you need convince. You’re preaching to the choir. For my part, I do intend more frequent updates going forward. Hang in there for a few weeks and reassess the situation at that time.

  9. Papayaman1 Says:

    Oh dear that photo of her in school uniform is giving me wicked thoughts. Other than that, I also would welcome more frequent updates from Rope and others. The blog has been a success for VB overall, but it has been just a little sparse of late.

  10. ropeadope Says:

    @ Papayaman1 – I love the gray schoolgirl uniform on Evelyn. I only have a couple of sample photos from that set. I believe Evelyn wore the outfit for her scene from Fresh Outta High School. Did you notice the DVD Asian Angels was just uploaded to the Vivid channel? Good scenes from Evelyn and Tia highlight the film.

  11. Papayaman1 Says:

    I noticed that one ROPE – mind you who wouldn’t with that cover? Tia seems to have an ability to combine looking angelic and sexy as hell at the same time. Its an ability she shares with Evelyn even though they have very different styles of beauty. I find myself almost wishing this update had been on Evil Angel because there is rather more on that channel that interests me. One of these days I shall have to spring for the upgrade.

  12. ropeadope Says:

    @ Papayaman1 – I plan on highlighting a few of the scenes that have caught my attention on both the Evil Angel and Vivid channels for the blog in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled.