May Finishers

I need to be honest with you guys. The “Finishers” post has gotten pretty out of control. I couldn’t even write something about every scene because there are just so many of them. So the Good and Ehh sections have some notable scenes and then links to the rest of the finishers in that category.

Be sure to check out the WTF?!? section at the bottom though. The first scene is hands down the worst and among the funniest I’ve ever seen.


Just Fuck Me, Scene 1
starring Vanessa Blue

A cock in each hand, she masterfully finishes one of them and gets a great smile on her face when she tastes the first bit of cum. Gotta love Vanessa.
Buttman’s Bend Over Babes #3, Scene 5
starring Danyel Cheeks

A for effort on this one. Danyel jerks John Stagliano off through her legs while he licks her naughty bits.
Euro Angels #25: Budapest Booty Fest, Scene 2

All three girls are kneeling around his cock like baby birds begging for food. Gabriella finishes him and they all gather round to lick it up.
The Double Life Of Candy, Scene 2
starring Janet Joy, Susanne Brend

Both of these girls are gorgeous, even if I can’t tell them apart. Great finish where one of them jerks the guy off in both their mouths.
New Wave Hookers #1, Scene 1
starring Desiree Lane

Desiree manages to finish Steve Powers into her mouth while getting fucked by Jamie Gillis.
Momma Knows Best #6, Scene 5
starring Francesca Le

Even before I saw this, I knew it’d be good because Francesca Le is a pro. She didn’t let me down. Finish in the face/mouth area, complete with swallow.
Real Couples #1, Scene 2
starring Victoria Kruz

Hot chick, crazy pop-the-champagne cumshot. I definitely approve of this scene.
The Catwoman, Scene 6
starring Kathleen Gentry

Hot, oily sex and a good cumshot. Very nice.
Club Katja, Scene 10
starring Katja Kassin, Andrea Anderson

Katja is the seasoned pro teaching Andrea the ropes. She helpfully jerks Andrea’s guy into her mouth, which was great, except Katja had cum dangling from her nose the whole time and it’s all could look at.
POVerted #7, Scene 9
starring Nina Hartley

Nina looks damn cute in her glasses stroking that cock and giggling when success is at last reached.
Euro Angels #25: Budapest Booty Fest, Scene 1
starring Anita Black, Sophie Evans

This is a fun scene with an explosive ending. Both girls furiously jerk him off and then lick it up.
Just Over 18 #10, Scene 7
starring Cris Taliana

This is a nice oral creampie finish. On mute. Seriously.
Liquid Diet #1, Scene 4
starring Kami Andrews

Kami Andrews knows how to suck a dick. Oral creampie with swallow = excellent.
Real Couples #1, Scene 5
starring Dionne Darling

This was a nice finish to a decent scene. She’s into it, as evidenced by the extensive cum-play at the end. Very good.
Spaghetti Connection, Scene 1
starring Maria Bellucci

You have to give it up for almost simultaneous finishes. I wonder if Maria’s ambidextrous?

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Big Dick Little Jane #2, Scene 4
starring Christina Agave

Christina’s giving a look that says, “Cum, now. I fucking mean it” and he does. On her chin.
Stardust #5, Scene 2
starring Kobe Tai

Kobe presumably finishes Steven St. Croix, but I can’t say with certainty because they didn’t show *her* during the money shot.
Kamikaze Premium #27, Scene 4
starring Yui Natsuki

Oral creampie…and then the spitting. Always the spitting…
Devil In Miss Jones #6, Scene 6
starring Tina Tyler, Stacy Valentine

Tina jerks one of the guys wearing a MEXICAN WRESTLER MASK onto her chest. The other one finishes himself.
Curse Of The Catwoman, Scene 7
starring Alexandra Quinn, Selena Steele, Raven, Patricia Kennedy

One of these women (Alexandra Quinn?) is riding the guy and jumps off for the cumshot. He starts stroking, but she knocks his hand away and finishes the deal. This scene was too weird for me.
Belladonna: Manhandled #3, Scene 6
starring Belladonna

An Abu-Ghraibed-out Belladonna finishes Alan Stafford into her mouth. I could’ve done without the bubbles. And the hat.

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First Time Swallows #3, Scene 5
starring Dillan

This is absolutely the worst finish I’ve ever seen. He cums in her mouth and she’s completely disgusted and swallows only after being goaded into it by the cameraman. And then she gets pissed and bitches about how gross it was.
Kat’s Gangbang, Scene 3
starring Kat

I’ve said this before: Kat and her braces are gross. She two-handedly finishes him onto her tiny boob. I feel dirty.

POVerted #7, Scene 3
starring Annie Body

There’s something about Annie Body that yucks me right out. Ugh.


13 Responses to “May Finishers”

  1. DP Says:

    Damn Alison, hell of a nice job. I love it, thanks for the hard work. You never disappoint on the finishers recap.

  2. Jace Says:

    COMPLETELY agree about Annie Body and Kat. Those two have no business in porn. Honestly, there arent too many girls I avoid like the plague in porn, but those two are on the list. Kat isnt cute at all and she has the body of a 10 year old (yuck), and Annie Body just looks like a beat up piece of trailer trash.

  3. DP Says:

    I also agree about Kat. I’d pay 1.00 extra every month if VB would never post another Kat scene. I’m serious.

  4. ropeadope Says:

    I’m still making my way through the boatload of finishers (thanks Alison, this post should occupy me until mid Summer), but I had to pause my viewing to come to the defense of Kat. I do find her cute, energetic, and enthusiastic. I have no problems with the braces or the small breasts. How do you guys feel about Avena Lee and Leah Luv? Good performers all, in my estimation. As that wise poet and philosopher of yesteryear, Sly Stone wrote, “different strokes for different folks.” More Kat!

  5. x2visionquest Says:

    Kami Andrews gives great screen cap, lulz! best part of the whole post, besides all the great linkage/coverage, and besides the all hard work that went in 😛

    srsly made my day.

  6. jfro21 Says:

    The ongoing suggestion that we simply have a “finishers” tag to the video, would make the job a little easier and allow you to simply highlight the notable finishes that are fun to write about.

  7. Mihx Says:

    Wow! Impressive collection this time. Are you really finding all these on your own Alison or are the people categorizing and extracting screenshots from new movies setting them aside for you? Because if it’s the latter I’m inclined to agree with jfro21 that a tag/category would be easier – although your scene comments are of course much appreciated :).

  8. Papayaman1 Says:

    I know it must be hard work for Alison putting these together, especially when there are so many. But I really like to see this category being dealt with in this form. It is just fun to see all the pictures and click to the actual come shots. Sometimes I discover a scene I like in this way and I wouldn’t if it was just one of the normal categories. And then there is also the fun of reading Alison’s comments and analysis, which are always amusing and perceptive. Having said that I agree with Rope about Kat. I have only recently started watching the occasional Kat scene and I agree there is something appealing about her energy – although I think Alison is right that she should lose the braces at this stage. How long has she worn braces now? Maybe its time to give up on the igenue image.

  9. thirdeye Says:

    Kat isnt too bad, similar to Luv… KITTY is fuckin’ sick however.

  10. thirdeye Says:

    oh and in defence of Dillan — its a firts time swallowers scene, part of the whole thing is them PRETENDING it was their first time, and often PRETENDING to be grossed out. Ill bet the entire finish was staged 100%.

  11. nneeaard Says:

    Here are some suggestions for tags that VideoBox should add…

    Oral Creampie
    Salad Toss

    Anyone else have any good ideas?

  12. neuroshield Says:

    I’d love to see a “Female Orgasm” tag (real ones or at least good/decent fakes). So many of the videos these days don’t even attempt to fake one (err, I guess the “squirting” videos have that going on, but I digress). There’s something hot about seeing a woman cumming.

  13. Thomas Says:

    oh my god so many good finishers:)