You Make Three – Final Showdown

I’ve closed all four preliminary polls in the “you make three” series and have advanced the twelve most deserved teams (based on your votes) into the finals. Same rules apply. You’ve been selected to participate in a threesome and have the choice to insert yourself in one of the following pairings. In our hypothetical scenario, all the girls are still active and in their prime. Click inside to read a brief comment on how each team reached the finals and my opinion of their chances in this showdown. Please make your selection below.

Amy Reid & Bree Olsen
Annette Schwarz* & Sasha Grey
Ashlynn Brooke & Keri Sable
Belladonna & Taylor Rain
Cytherea & Dani Woodward
Eva Angelina & Teagan Presley
Gauge & Jenna Haze
Gianna Michaels & Penny Flame
Kacey Jordan & Lexi Belle
Lela Star & Rachel Starr
Liliana Moreno & Peaches**
Monica Sweetheart & Naomi

*Several scenes credited as Annette Schwartz

**Peaches from the Breakin’ ‘Em In #2 and Just Over Eighteen #3 scenes.



Amy Reid & Bree Olsen (Odds: 3-1) – Runaway winners of poll #3 garnering more than twice as many votes as their nearest competitor and one out of every three votes cast. Much tougher competition today could be the equalizer.

Annette Schwarz & Sasha Grey (Odds: 7-2) – Pulled away late to win the four way seesaw battle of poll #2. Did Annette’s dropping by to leave a comment in the post make the difference? Battle tested, will be a factor.

Ashlynn Brooke & Keri Sable (Odds: 8-1) – Close fourth behind Annette & Sasha in poll #2. Will need to improve to handle this field.

Belladonna & Taylor Rain (Odds: 6-1) – Third behind Annette & Sasha in poll #2, only 4 votes out of second and less than 30 votes from the win. Dangerous.

Cytherea & Dani Woodward (Odds: 12-1) – Distant second behind Amy & Bree in poll #3. Longshot.

Eva Angelina & Teagan Presley (Odds: 9-2) – Second to Gauge & Jenna in the tough field of poll #1. Definite contender, but will have to figure out how to close the gap vs. G & J.

Gauge & Jenna Haze (Odds: 5-2) – Won poll #1 by more than 150 votes against the toughest competition of all four polls. Have to be considered the favorite today.

Gianna Michaels & Penny Flame (Odds: 6-1) – Second to Annette & Sasha in poll #2, less than 25 votes from the win. Will make their presence felt.

Kacey Jordan & Lexi Belle (Odds: 10-1) – Third behind Lela & Rachel in poll #4. Two up and cummers, will have to be at their best to threaten the top pairings.

Lela Star & Rachel Starr (Odds: 4-1) – Solid winners of poll #4, should be in the thick of it.

Liliana Moreno & Peaches (Odds: 10-1) – Second behind Lela & Rachel in poll #4. Very popular but hindered by their lack of scenes.

Monica Sweetheart & Naomi (Odds: 5-1) – Third behind Gauge & Jenna in the tough poll #1. Capable of surprising, don’t count them out.



23 Responses to “You Make Three – Final Showdown”

  1. doppyman Says:

    I went with Gianna and Penny, since I figure at my age all of the combos would kill me and I might as well die laughing.

  2. The Content Dude Says:

    I am going with the favorite gauge/jenna haze

  3. alison Says:

    I had to go with Belladonna and Taylor Rain, although Gianna and Penny were a close second.

  4. wcfields Says:

    Amy and Bree, FTW!

  5. x2visionquest Says:

    went with Eva/Teagan over my second choice of Gianna and Penny. it was a tough call for me, and looking back i think i made an informed decision.

  6. bobsipod Says:

    I’m gonna have to agree with the content dude on this one. Gauge was possibly the first porn star i discovered when i first surfed the net. Can’t vote against that kinda history, and Jenna Haze is stunning. That being said, if I could choose any two, I’d go with Tobi Pacific and Sophie Dee (without the new tits. I don’t necessarily mind them, but she didn’t necessarily need em either).

  7. Papayaman1 Says:

    I went with Sasha and Annette because they both combine beauty with a completely wild attitude towards sex. And I can’t think of a better way to be killed with kindness. Its certainly true that Gauge and Jenna are stunning, but when I watch Gauge I always have the feeling that its absolutely all about the pay packet – Sasha and Annette are both able to sustain the illusion that they would do freaky sex acts from choice.

  8. Dean1987 Says:

    had to go with Ashlynn & Keri, more variety given with those two than any other pair it seems.

  9. hejuj Says:

    I would normally go for Liliana Moreno and Peaches in a heartbeat, but Jenna Haze is the ultimate fantasy. I don’t even really like Gauge, Jenna alone would be unreal.

  10. thirdeye Says:

    I’de probably have sex with Bob Dole if it meant Sasha Grey would be there too… so yeah… Sasha Grey and Annette win 🙂

  11. rubmeright Says:

    Several great combinations in that list, but had to go with Gianna and Penny. There’s a reason for having 2 dicks!

  12. Detritus Says:

    I went with Gauge/Jenna but damn if that wasn’t difficult. I love the tiny, dirty, cute girls who do everything and they’ve been favorites the longest I think, but honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of these. In ten minutes I could also change my mind. Fantastic Rope.

  13. Dean1987 Says:

    I just realized..Faith Leon never made it into any of the polls..that’s a travesty. Faith Leon & Jennifer Dark I think would be a lethal combo.

  14. ropeadope Says:

    @ doppyman – That’s definitely the way to go, with a smile on your face that would make The Joker envious (lol, I think I’ve watched The Dark Knight at least a dozen times this past week on HBO).

    @ The Content Dude – They got my vote as well, although I voted against them in poll #1 (you know I got it real bad for Veronique). Just out of curiosity, do you prefer brunettes in real life?

    @ Alison – I knew those two, but no love for Gauge & Jenna? They had to be a very close third.

    @ wcfields – Long time no see, where you be hiding? Your pick is right there, good battle brewing.

    @ x2visionquest – Powerful combination. When the site posted Cum Swapping Sluts #7 in April, I was about to charge director David Luger with stealing my idea for his scene 5 pairing of Eva & Teagan. Then I realized the movie was filmed in 2004. So I guess I was the thief.

    @ bobsipod – Jenna is indeed stunning. I’ll keep Tobi and Sophie in mind for the next edition of You Make Three.

    @ Papayaman1 – Annette may be the most “extreme” performer I’ve had the pleasure of viewing. The films she did for Rocco and Evil Angel were insane. There was a sequence in Animal Trainer #23 with Annette, Isabel Ice, and more than a dozen guys, where I was shielding my eyes from the monitor as I watched the scene.

    @ Dean1987 – Variety is the spice of life!

    @ hejuj – I’m sure you could find something for Gauge to do. It wouldn’t be fair to exclude such a cute bundle of energy from the proceedings.

    @ thirdeye – Bob Dole, sure. Who wouldn’t? But here’s the real test. Would you do Elizabeth Dole to get at Sasha?

    @ rubmeright – You have two dicks? Another illustration of why life is so unfair.

    @ Detritus – Thank you. I totally agree. I wouldn’t think twice about accepting any of these assignments.

    @ Dean1987 – That is a travesty. I’ve really only scratched the surface of the performer rolls in the polls thus far. I’ll certainly use Faith Leon in a future poll. I used Jennifer Dark with Angel Dark in poll #2. This is just the final of the first edition of You Make Three. There’ll be more to come.

  15. Lopan44 Says:

    Had to go with Teagan and Eva myself but definitely a hard decision. If there was a Jada Fire and Gianna option, there would be no contemplation whatsoever.

    @ Rope – This got me thinking and I was curious about a few other possible polls regarding some of the “classic” stars of porn. Perhaps a version of “You Make Three…” of all-time? Also, I began to think about what stars of previous generations would I like to see time warped to this modern age. Meaning better production, better hairstyles and the absence of horrible background music (wah-wah pedals anyone?). Right now Tori Welles is topping the list in my head.

  16. Garp Says:

    Amy & Bree, but Naomi & Monica were #2 in my book. Both would fuck the moisture out of your body. Hell give me a case of gatorade and some ben-gay.

  17. ropeadope Says:

    @ Lopan44 – I think you’ve made some excellent suggestions. A “classic era” you make three poll sounds like a lot of fun. When I refer to some of my favorites from that time period, I always include Tori Welles along with the likes of Ashlyn Gere, Madison, Racquel Darrian, etc.

    @ Garp – The biggest shock to me in the voting thus far, is finding Monica & Naomi bringing up the rear. They’re an outstanding combination in my book. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them launch a rally soon.

  18. thirdeye Says:

    Sadly rope… I probably would. Frightening i know.

  19. ropeadope Says:

    @ thirdeye – That makes two of us. I’d be right there with you, lol.

  20. john Says:

    My all time favorite is Hailey Young! I would take her home to meet my mom and be proud after I creampied her!

  21. ropeadope Says:

    @ john – I must admit that Hailey has flown under my radar to this point. I’ll have to check out a few of her scenes.

  22. PinkPanther Says:

    Jeeeezzzz, Gauge & Jenna – oh, what fun. 2 hot tight bods – 2 of the most talented mouths ever, 2 of the most fuckable asses ever, Guage’s boobs are great mouthfuls of joy and Jenna’s itty bitty titties would be wonderfully tasty – and both could be put in great positions.

  23. Detritus Says:

    God what a poll, but you go with what brought you. Gauge and Jenna are my oldest fixations here, so they have to get the nod out of pure loyalty. But there isn’t a loser here at all. Well done.