What Made My Favorites List This Week

In any given week, I might watch a few seconds of and reject dozens of scenes. Maybe the girl was completely silent, had an acne problem in her sensitive places or visible boobjob scars (those are some of my dealbreakers).

The ones that really catch my interest make it on to one of my favorites lists (I have half a dozen). This week, three new scenes made the list out of the sixty or so I checked out.

Swallowing Anal Whores #2, Scene 1

Vanessa Lane starts the scene by rubbing her pussy on a couch. Normally this would be pretty uninteresting to me, but she’s got a quality about her that makes you want to watch. Her shoes are so over the top, they’re awesome and I actually think the outfit’s pretty hot. She’s one of the few stars who actively fuck the guy back and it sort of makes up for all the gasping. She didn’t do any really crazy pretzel moves in this scene, but that’s okay. Her beauty and enthusiasm was more than enough.

Rachel’s Choice, scene 1 (Evil Angel)

Rachel Starr has an unfortunate above-the-pussy tattoo (is there a name for that?). But it’s okay because this scene was good enough to distract from that. At 17:26, Steve Holmes starts rubbing her pussy hard and whether or not she actually came, she at least convincingly faked it. There’s an unusual mid-scene cumshot at 25:00 where Rachel Starr jerks Steve Holmes into her mouth. There’s a lot of blowjob footage in this scene, but at almost an hour long, you can easily skip it without sacrificing everything. Watching the girls fuck side-by-side is definitely a treat and I thought the intensity of Erik Everhard working his way up to anal with McKenzee Miles was great.

Big Titty Moms, Scene 1

While not generally a fan of the MILF genre (or teens either, actually), I do like a woman who knows what the hell she’s doing. Austin Kincaid seems like a knowledgeable “older” woman (I think she’s like 29) who loves to fuck. She has a nice ass, and as a few pointed out, a classy look you don’t see a lot in porn. The garter belt and stockings with the line down the back are a nice touch. The scene itself isn’t anything special, persay, but it’s a good, solid performance from an actress I think is underrated. As member rutnadexin3 pointed out, she recently retired. Let’s hope it’s not for good.

How about you guys? Which scenes struck your fancy this week?

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8 Responses to “What Made My Favorites List This Week”

  1. ropeadope Says:

    Hi Alison, excellent selections on your part. So much to choose from, but here are a few scenes which caught my eye over the past few days.

    Don’t Waste It, Taste It #1 scene 5 Ashley Jensen – Ashley is in the midst of a hot 1 on 1 scene with Tommie Gunn when a second guy (Joe Blow), and later, a third guy (Kyle Stone) join. Ashley services the two late arrivals orally and swallows their loads. Tommie Gunn continues to bang her, leading to a third swallow as the scene concludes.

    Don’t Let Daddy Know #7 scene 2 Kara Novak – Kara has filmed for internet sites, but this is her VideoBox debut. That’s Kara on the boxcover. The scene takes place in my favorite venue. Somebody, please give me the address of that house. I’d love to take a tour. Red Light District uses this locale extensively, but other studios have filmed here as well. Anyway, the Woodman puts Kara through the paces in a tasty 1 on 1 scene.

    Shane Diesel’s Fucking Adventures #1 scene 2 Haley Paige – I could do without the cigarette smoking as the scene opens, but OMG, look at Haley. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her looking more beautiful. That alone would make the scene a keeper, but Haley’s performance never disappoints, as she gives Shane & Sylvio Mata all they can handle.

  2. rutnadexin3 Says:

    Thanks for the mention, Alison. 🙂

  3. alison Says:

    rope – Thanks for sharing those scenes! I’ll be sure to check them out and I bet other members will too.

    rutnadexin3 – Just giving credit where it’s due. I didn’t even know she’d retired 🙂

  4. Shahram Says:

    Austin Kincaid is an absolute turnoff for me. I can’t even get an erection looking at her nude body. So glad that she retired.

  5. davros Says:

    I don’t know if it counts as this week, but 110% Natural 17, scene 1 with Scarlett Pain.

  6. x2visionquest Says:

    great starlets in your favs list. dont know why i havent checked em out yet. im either jaded or dont like to jump the gun in the first week of posting. that said Holy Fuck Its Huge! #1, Scene 1 w/ Jayden James caught my attention. well, the curly hair and the leathery(pleather?) corset caught my eye – and Jayden rocked the cock.

  7. jfro21 Says:

    I’m going to have to agree with Rope on Haley Paige in Shane Diesel’s Fucking Adventures #1. I haven’t really gotten into her because sometimes she seems kind of spaced out in scenes but in this one she is enjoying herself completely and looks super hot.
    I think Holy Fuck It’s Huge #1, Scene #2 is exceptionally hot. Isabella Pacino is really enjoying herself it seems to me and she’s super cute.
    POVSinevision #2 Scene #2 (and also #1) was very hot. The girls are exceptionally cute and more than usual the cameraman/stuntcock seemed to develop a kind of nice rapport with the girls. I didn’t mind the length of the scene…usually 35+ minutes is too long.
    Her First Anal Sex #10 Scene #4 with Alicia Alighotti was very hot. She really seemed like an anal virgin who started to have a good time.
    Silvia Saint in Dangerous Things in DVD quality is just a marvel to look at. I don’t know why Private can’t make more films of that beauty with the actresses and sets they put up.

  8. steve Says:

    Since when was 29 considered older? Austin hasn’t even reached her prime yet.

    Not everyone wants to watch 18 year old girls.