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Several months back, I came across some offbeat sex related stories while surfing the net. I intended to share them at that time with readers of the blog, but managed to get sidetracked. In the spirit of “better late than never,” here they are. Have you ever found yourself in similar circumstances to those described in the second story? Or a close call which could have escalated to that level had you not narrowly escaped? I’m still undecided whether I believe the third story. What do you think?

Woman finds porn on brand new phone!

Melbourne: A woman was shocked when she found that her brand new mobile phone contained pornographic images of a female employee from the store where she bought the phone. The images in the phone show the Dick Smith Electronics store’s employee naked from the waist down lying on a bed performing a sex act. Other images of a man holding his penis and consecutive shots of the woman in her bra and pulling her pants down were also discovered from the phone, reported the Cairns Post.

The student from Cairns university, who bought the phone, claimed that she found the illicit images among 49 photos stored on the phone. “It’s sickening to think I’ve been using this phone near my face when it was used to take all of these photos,” quoted her, as saying. She added: “I’m not disgusted by what she did, what people do in their own homes is their business. “But I’m disgusted that it was left on the shelf to be sold.”

The phone was the last one in the stock, but the woman later complained to the store that it was faulty as she could barely hear callers talking. But when she got to the phone’s menu, she found 49 images, including the female staff member in her Dick Smith Electronic uniform outside the store, two other people, and what looked like various interior shots of a hotel room.

A spokesperson from Dick Smith Electronics said the company was investigating. “Incidences like this are practically unheard of on new phones direct from the manufacturer,” he said.

Note: Beware pop-ups.

Officials: Dad finds naked boy in daughter’s room, hits him with pipe

A Deltona father ended up in jail Thursday after finding his daughter’s teenage boyfriend naked in the girl’s bedroom and hitting him with a pipe, sheriff’s officials said. Raul Colon, 45, didn’t even know his daughter had a boyfriend — or that the youngster had been sneaking into the home for more than a year. So when he heard noises coming from his daughter’s room early Thursday and saw a naked stranger standing on the girl’s bed, he swung a metal pipe he had taken from the garage, hitting the 15-year-old, according to a Volusia County sheriff’s report.

Colon was charged with aggravated battery on a child but was released from jail later Thursday on $10,000 bail, a booking officer said. No one answered the phone at Colon’s residence Thursday for comment. According to the report, Colon heard the noise in his daughter’s room when he got up at 4 a.m. to let his dog out, as he does every morning. Colon told deputies he chased Lucas Contreres through the kitchen, living room and through the front door and out into the street and called 9-1-1.

Colon’s daughter later told deputies she had been seeing Contreres for 18 months but did not tell her father about the relationship. Contreres had sneaked in through a bedroom window at 3 a.m. Thursday to have sex with her, the 15-year-old girl told deputies.

Contreres was found at Florida Hospital Fish Memorial in Orange City where he received staples to close cuts on his head. His injuries were not life-threatening, deputies said. Contreres told deputies a similar account to Colon’s. He said Colon came into the room and started swinging at him with the metal pipe. He jumped out of the bed and began running through the home to get away from Colon. Once outside, he jumped on his bike and went home. His sister later took him to the hospital, deputies said.

Although Contreres’ father said he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to press charges, deputies took Colon to jail anyway.

The link to the story is no longer active, but this had been the original working link:

Penis size argument turns bloody

Three people were shot dead and two others are fighting for their lives after a remark about a patron’s penis size escalated into a bloodbath at a tavern in Umbilo, Durban, on Wednesday night. Horrified customers ducked for cover as gunmen opened fire at the Merseyside Pub and Tavern on Hillier Road. Five men, including two police officers, were arrested at 4am on Thursday.

Police said Nick Jansen van Rensburg, 57, and Rory Menzes, 40, were both shot in the chest and Shawn Strydom, 33, was shot in the head. All three men died at the scene. Two men were wounded and were rushed to a local hospital.

A police source said the two groups of men had been inside the tavern watching the World Cup qualifying game between England and Croatia last night. “At some stage, one man from each group went into the tavern’s toilets and there was an argument over the size of their penises.” When the men returned to their friends the argument escalated. “At some stage, some of the men went outside and there was a scuffle. One group returned to the tavern to watch the game and the other group remained outside,” the source said. “The men then went to their cars, opened their boots and returned to the tavern where they opened fire on the five men.” He said the shooters then casually exited the tavern, jumped into their vehicles and left.

Police spokesperson Inspector Michael Read said the altercation started at 9pm. He said that after an argument in the car park one group had returned to the pub, leaving the other group in the carpark. Read said the men then entered and in a “precision style” picked out the five men they had the argument with. “The station commissioner of the Umbilo police station then formed a task team and by 4am four men had been arrested,” Read said.

A witness to the shooting who works at the tavern, said she suspected there would be a fight when a group of men approached the other in a dispute over the size of their penises. “Things turned nasty very quickly and they decided to have a fight outside,” said Michelle Andrew. “I decided to herd regular customers to the back of the bar when one group of men, who were regulars at the pub, walked back in.”
Andrew said she was standing at the front of the tavern when she saw the other group of men approach with guns drawn. “I was trying to get patrons inside and to close the door but they were big, strong guys and they just barged in. One of the guys who was killed actually pulled me out for the way,” she said, the events of last night’s horror only just sinking in.

Court says police illegally taped nursing home sex

MADISON, Wis. – Police illegally videotaped a Wisconsin man having sex with his wife while she was in a coma in her nursing home room, an appeals court ruled Thursday.

David W. Johnson, 59, had an expectation to privacy when he visited his wife at Divine Savior Nursing Home in Portage, the District 4 Court of Appeals ruled. Therefore, police violated his Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches when they installed a hidden video camera in the room, the court said. “We are satisfied that Johnson’s expectation of privacy while visiting his wife in her nursing home room is one that society would recognize as reasonable,” a unanimous three-judge panel wrote. The ruling means prosecutors cannot introduce the video tapes as evidence in their case against Johnson, who is charged with felony sexual assault for having intercourse with his wife without her consent at least three times in 2005. Johnson’s wife, Leah, was admitted to the nursing home after suffering a stroke, unable to speak or sit up. Nursing home staff members fed, cleaned and turned her, checking on her at least every two hours. Prosecutors say she was comatose.

Johnson’s attorney Christopher Kelly said his client would visit the woman he married in 1988 every day, reading her the Bible and moving her arms and legs so her muscles wouldn’t atrophy. The woman’s sister, who is now her legal guardian, is upset that prosecutors brought charges against him, Kelly said. “She believes her sister’s husband was merely expressing his love for his wife and was trying everything he could to bring her back to consciousness,” Kelly said.

But nursing home staff members feared she was in danger because they suspected he was forcing her to have sex and tipped off police. Police obtained a search warrant to videotape the room and installed the camera, which ran for three weeks. Johnson, who is free on bail, was charged based on that evidence in 2005.

Sauk County Circuit Judge Patrick Taggart, who heard the case out of Columbia County because of a request for a substitute judge, tossed out the videotape evidence last year, ruling it was an illegal search. Prosecutors appealed, arguing Johnson had a right to privacy when he visited his wife to care for her but not when he used the room for intercourse. The appeals court affirmed Taggart’s ruling. Johnson believed he could spend time alone with his wife in private, was lawfully on the premises and took precautions to seek privacy such as closing the door, the court said. The court rejected the prosecution’s argument that Johnson forfeited his right to privacy when he illegally had sex with his wife, noting proof of the assault “has not been admitted.” “The salient inquiry is whether Johnson’s claim of privacy is consistent with historical notions of privacy involving a visit between spouses in a room in a nursing home,” the court wrote. “We conclude that it is.”

Department of Justice spokesman Bill Cosh said prosecutors are evaluating whether to ask the state Supreme Court to review the case.

Kelly said he believed prosecutors would be forced to drop the charges without the evidence on the tapes. He said the appeals court made “a pretty obvious call.” “I think anybody who is visiting a spouse in a nursing home who is told, ‘you can have a private visit and we won’t disturb you,’ has reason to think he has privacy in the room,” he said. If the case goes to trial, Kelly said he would argue that intercourse did not amount to sexual assault. Family members believe she “would be perfectly happy to feel the love of her husband in that situation,” he said.

Leah Johnson, 54, remains in a coma at the nursing home, he said. The couple did not have children.

The link to the story is no longer active, but this had been the original working link:,0,692418.story


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  1. porter Says:

    as for this last story, he SHOULD be able to fuck his wife! FUCK, they’re married aren’t they??? I don’t give a fuck if she’s unconscious. If I was unconscious, I would want my wife to keep trying to fuck me! Maybe that way this dude will keep caring for her and not ask for a divorce so he can go fuck some conscious chick that isn’t his wife. Fuckin’ cops…

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ porter – Privacy is on the road to extinction, following in the long ago footsteps of the sabre tooth tiger and the woolly mammoth.