Thirty Scenes Warranting An Evil Angel Subscription – part 1

This will be the first installment of a continuing series highlighting scenes from the Evil Angel channel which have caught my eye. I am very early in the process of viewing the Evil Angel scenes. Thus, these scenes will be presented in no particular order. Just an ongoing collection of scenes which I feel are good enough to warrant consideration for adding the Evil Angel channel to your VideoBox subscription. I invite everyone to respond to the post with their own Evil Angel favorites. I will endeavor to give the Vivid channel the same treatment in the near future.

Belladonna: Manhandled #2 scene 2 Ashley Blue

Ashley shows up at the home of Tony T with a problem. Someone just stole her shoes and she wants to use his phone. Tony replies he doesn’t have a phone, which is strange, because he’s on the phone during this encounter. Ashley asks if she can use his bathroom. Tony agrees, once Ashley says he can watch her pee. Sounds like a fair exchange. Ashley’s bathroom etiquette is less than optimal, and it’s not long before she’s down on her knees blowing Tony. The oral action is quite slobbery, featuring hard face fucking by Tony. They move into doggie anal with Ashley giving plenty of A2M throughout the scene. Reverse cowgirl anal, Ashley sportin’ a nicely trimmed bush. Tony drops a load into Ashley’s mouth, but he’s not through yet. More face fucking leads to spoon anal, followed by cowgirl anal. Ashley takes a second pee break, Tony seizing upon the opportunity to get in some more face fucking. Anal from behind, Ashley with one leg propped up on the side of the bathtub. Scissors anal. Standing cowgirl anal. Missionary anal with anal gaping. Ashley takes a third pee break, this time a standing pee over the toilet as she jerks and sucks Tony’s cock. Tony deposits his second load of the scene on the toilet seat which Ashley proceeds to lick up.

Whew, that was a hard scene. Normally I despise Tony T (he was the guy who directed Teen Line: The Blue Room and near waterboarded Tia Tanaka in scene 5 of that film.) But the pairing with Ashley Blue worked perfectly. I actually think Tia likes it just as rough as Ashley. The difference is that Tia comes across so innocent, you feel bad for her. Ashley makes no secret of liking it rough and this was an extreme performance. Excellent camera work and lighting are icing on the cake.

Christoph’s Beautiful Girls #1 scene 7 Monique

My introduction to Monique came via a bunch of VHS cassettes filmed for Video Team / Afrocentric. When Monique first entered the business in 1996, she was only doing girl-girl scenes. Video Team would use her as eye candy in many boy-girl scenes, where she was supposedly one of the camera operators. The guys that shot regularly for Video Team (Mr. Marcus, Julian St. Jox, Byron Long, etc.) would stalk her with their tongues hanging down to the floor. When am I gonna get a piece of you? By 1997 Monique was doing it all, and has remained a favorite ever since.

In this scene Monique is visiting with Alberto Rey and Pascal St. James. They tell Monique they are pornstars in Europe. Monique poses for them in her short skirt and high heels, showing off her gorgeous legs and ass. Crawling up the staircase, the ass on prominent display. Monique invites the guys to join. Alberto licking and fingering the pussy, giving way to Pascal as he moves further up the staircase to let Monique suck his cock. The trio move to the couch, Monique sucking and stroking both cocks. Monique disposes of her panties, climbing aboard Alberto in cowgirl. Monique riding Alberto, as Pascal watches from across the room. Monique switches over to Pascal, riding in reverse cowgirl. Bouncing and grinding up and down on the cock. Monique laying back in a deep chair, running two fingers in and out of her pussy. Spreading the lips wide apart.

Alberto: “What about a dick in your ass, you think you can take it?”
Monique: “You think YOU can take it?”
Alberto: (laughing) “I don’t know. I should try. I’m not so sure now.”

Alberto lays flat on the floor, Monique sitting her pussy down on his cock. Pascal receiving head from Monique, moves behind her and enters her ass to complete the DP. Monique with her trademark eyes bulging out of head look. Monique now gives Alberto a crack at her ass, as she rides him reverse cowgirl anal. Pascal entering the pussy from the front, once again completing the DP. Monique POV P2M-A2M on Pascal, Alberto drilling her in doggie anal. Anal gaping. Now the guys are tag teaming Monique’s ass in doggie. Pascal, Alberto, Pascal, Alberto, Pascal. It’s a two man anal train on Monique. Monique A2M on Alberto. Monique down on her knees between the two guys, stroking both cocks side-by-side. Monique jerks Alberto’s load into her mouth, onto her face and chest, then does the exact same for Pascal. Monique finished both guys! Alberto now has a second load which he jerks onto Monique’s face and mouth. Monique post cum head to both Alberto and Pascal. Monique scooping cum off her titties with her fingers and licking them clean as the scene fades out.

Hot scene. Monique brings high energy to her performances, was very vocal throughout the proceedings, took a heavy pounding, and was rewarded with big loads from both guys.

Discovering Alexis Texas scene 2 Alexis Texas & Belladonna

Alexis read in a magazine if you give a guy fellatio, he will fall in love with you. Alexis likes the sound of that, but doesn’t know what fellatio is. She decides to consult her roommate Belladonna. Belladonna is equally stumped. All she’s ever done with a guy is give a blowjob. She recommends asking Alexis’ boyfriend, Daniel. Daniel promises to show them, saying it’s part of a process that needs to be built up to step by step. Both girls are wearing tank tops, panties, and leg warmers. The girls lift their tops, revealing four beautiful breasts. They pull down Daniel’s pants, Belladonna sucking the balls, Alexis sucking the shaft. Girls taking turns sucking his cock, Belladonna delivering some deep throat. Alexis lowers her panties, bringing her splendid butt into view. She straddles Daniel’s face, as he eats her from below. Alexis drops her pussy onto Daniel’s cock in cowgirl. Alexis bouncing on the cock as Belladonna licks at Daniel’s balls. Belladonna P2OGM. Alexis P2M. Girls sharing the cock in hot oral footage. Belladonna pulls aside her green panties, climbing aboard Daniel in reverse cowgirl. Belladonna has a moderately hairy pussy today. Alexis P2OGM. Alexis re-inserts the cock into Belladonna’s pussy as she continues to ride reverse cowgirl. Alexis facesitting on Daniel, grinding her pussy into his face. Belladonna P2M, climbing back aboard in cowgirl. Girls switch positions, Alexis riding reverse cowgirl, Belladonna facesitting on Daniel. Belladonna P2OGM, slapping the cock against Alexis’ clit. Stack ’em up with Belladonna positioned atop Alexis, both asses sticking out for easy access. Daniel ravaging Alexis first, then Belladonna, in the doggie stack up. Alexis doggie with frequent breaks for Belladonna P2OGM.

Alexis: “You like tasting that pussy off that dick, don’t you.”

Alexis P2M, stroking and sucking the cock. Belladonna sucking the balls. Daniel shoots his load into Alexis’ mouth. Alexis deposits the cum down into Belladonna’s mouth. Girls kissing and swapping the load between them.

Alexis and Belladonna both looked outstanding in this scene and had excellent chemistry with one another. I’ve only seen Daniel a couple of times previously. He has a bit of a wimpy look, but was a welcome change from the same old – same old. This is not a typically *HARD* Evil Angel scene, just a very good sex scene. I found the double oral footage especially enjoyable. The scene does feature lots of P2M and P2OGM if that’s your thing.

Part 2 of this series coming to the blog soon.


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33 Responses to “Thirty Scenes Warranting An Evil Angel Subscription – part 1”

  1. M0N5T3R Says:

    something tells me we’re gonna see a lot of Belladonna in these post, and with good reason. thanks for giving us a rundown. ive avoided browsing whats just outta my reach at the moment. Vivid looks good too, but its gonna have to wait even longer. wish i had enough paper right now for the one-time(reoccurring?) lump sum – but if im gonna play with the big boys/Belladonna i should probably bring my A-checkbook.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ M0N5T3R – Belladonna is certainly well represented on the Evil Angel channel. She makes appearances in 75 scenes (as of this writing – although that includes a few behind the scenes segments). Save up some of that pesky depreciating paper (federal reserve notes) and join for a month. Grab what’s available and repeat the process at the interval of your choice.

  3. BrownChickenBrownCock Says:

    Hmph. I thought VB said they were OK with me not being a member of the fuck-you-in-the-ass channels. Now it seems that they’ve got rope pimping for them. Flum deal, man. Flum deal.

  4. Papayaman1 Says:

    I don’t understand the knee-jerk hostility to the new channels. Nobody has to join them. But Rope has the right to express his opinion about their worth. And for that matter VB has the right to promote them, something that they have actually shown considerable restraint in doing.

    For my part I think I may well take up the tactic Rope suggests and join Evil Angel for a month. I am noticing a build up of several scenes that look as though they would be well worth downloading on Evil Angel and if I can do it for an extra payment of $9.95 that strikes me as a pretty good deal. And yet again Rope’s excellent scene descriptions have attracted my attention to a number of interesting scenes I might otherwise have missed. I’ll be interested to see what his other picks are in future posts.

  5. ropeadope Says:

    @ BrownChickenBrownCock – I’m very uncool and have no idea what a “flum deal” is. Is it similar to a bum deal? Please rest assured, nobody at VideoBox asked me or suggested to me that I write about the Evil Angel channel. Or the Vivid channel. Completely my idea. I’m quite sure the site will remain perfectly OK with your decision to either join or not join either or both of the premium channels.

    @ Papayaman1 – Agreed and thank you. I look at the premium channels as a nice available option if one chooses to go that route. Not a requirement, but an option. I believe your strategy would work well. There are roughly 660 scenes currently on Evil Angel, from top directors such as Joey Silvera, John Leslie, Nacho Vidal, Jonni Darko, Manuel Ferrara, Christoph Clark, Jake Malone, Belladonna, etc. If one can grab a sizeable portion of those offerings for ten or twenty bucks, seems like a great deal.

  6. doppyman Says:

    Rope. I love your other blog entries, but I’m gonna skip this one. I feel that to get equal value from the premium channels, their inventory has to be a hell of a lot larger and I won’t even consider looking at them for another year.

  7. ropeadope Says:

    @ doppyman – I understand and respect that line of reasoning. Of course it’s difficult to match the value of standard VideoBox with over 6000 DVD’s available. But in my estimation, the premium channels represent a solid bargain in their own right. Will the price entry point twelve months from now still provide the same bargain? True, the inventory will be larger. But are the subscription prices guaranteed to remain unchanged?

    As to skipping the blog entry, c’mon tell the truth. You read it, right? Or at least looked at the pictures?

  8. Hamtili Says:

    Good list rope.
    I also liked this scenes and the DVDs they are on. In my opinion Angels of Debauchery 6 is also a good DVD from the Evil Angel channel. It’s not so hardcore, but very beautiful girls, especially Rebeca Linares in Scene 3 and in nearly every scene Mark Ashely is the male performer, which is one of my favorite male performers.
    Other good DVDs from the Evil Angel channel, in my opinion, are for example E For Eva, G For Gianna and Rachel’s Choice.

  9. Wordyo Says:

    I have to agree with the Discovering Alexis Texas scene. That quickly became one of my favorites on the site, regardless of the channel.

  10. SWOTBM1 Says:

    Nice blog. It’s a shame I cant sign up to the EA channel because there is some good stuff on there (the Velicity Von scene in Nice Fucking View springs to mind).

    Any news on whether or not the premium channels are going to be made available to customers with other billers?

  11. ropeadope Says:

    @ Hamtili – Thank you for the recommended DVD’s / scenes. I just took a quick look at Angels of Debauchery #6 and it appears to be an outstanding title. Hot girls in every scene (Rebecca Linares, Lela Star, Paulina James, Jamie Elle, Lexi Love, Chelsie Rae). I fully agree with your assessment of Mark Ashley. Fans of Eva Angelina, Gianna Michaels, and Rachel Starr will greatly appreciate your other recommendations.

    @ Wordyo – I had overlooked Alexis Texas for a long time and originally viewed that scene due to the presence of Belladonna. After viewing the scene, I was now a fan of both Alexis and Belladonna.

    @ SWOTBM1 – This is my understanding of the situation as it currently stands. If your biller is CCBill, all should be good. If your biller is Epoch (and possibly others which I’m not familiar with), they cannot handle the extra complexity that the premium channels bring to the table. VideoBox is working on alternatives (possibly doing their own billing), but it will probably be several months before any new options are introduced. You can do one thing presently. You could cancel your current subscription and start a new subscription through CCBill. This would allow you to subscribe to one or both of the premium channels. If you wish to do that, I would suggest contacting customer support (click support link at the top of the VideoBox movie pages) and they will walk you through the process.

  12. doppyman Says:

    Nope, didn’t read it. Saw that the pictures were of Belladonna and moved right on since she doesn’t do it for me. I am signed up with Epoch, which is part of my problem with the whole premium thing. Not to digress too much from the topic, but I was very interested in Vivid because that’s where my initial porn viewing was done, but it seems to me that Vivid is posting recent releases with the same stars that are featured already in so many VB videos. (Why pay more for the same actresses doing more vanilla scenes when you can see plenty of them doing more on basic VB?) The classic Vivid girls from the late 90s and early 2000s were an amazing collection of exceptional beauties (Devon, Kira Kener, Mercedez, Lexus, Kobe Tai, Janine, Jenteal, Leslie Glass, Tia Bella, Dyanna Lauren, Chasey Lain, Cheyenne Silver), but the Vivid channel seems to rarely post their vids, maybe one a month, with Taylor Hayes being the only one who seems to get a lot of play.

  13. M0N5T3R Says:

    guess i was a little confuzzled over the pricing, but the EA channels lead page(homepage?) gave me a much smaller sum to work with. i had the promotional offer stuck in head, from the first sign up page for VB standard – somewhere in the range of 100bucks for 12 months. its been circling around and making me dizzy for the past month, lulz. also thought i might shout out to Alison’s ‘The 8 Best Porn Blogs’ post(last June) – cause im still checking in on PopPorn alot. they have their own vid out too,..maybe it’ll make its way here at some point? also Taylor Hayes if frackn hawt!!

  14. PJ Says:

    I’ll consider it when there’s more “new” DVDs as oppsosed to the majority of the Bargin Bins that you have now. I’ll also consider it when you get more of Evil Angels black targeted DVDs. Until then, no thank you.

  15. Detritus Says:

    Still waiting for the library to build up a bit. Not a big fan of the slow posting schedule so more needs to be there first. Great studio though.

  16. ocdave67 Says:

    I doubt very much that I will ever be subscribing to any of these premium channels. I have learned over the years about the amount of porn that one can acquire free by using torrent programs. There are torrents out there for Evil Angel material that I doubt will find its way to the Videobox\Evil Angel channel in the near future. The most popular titles are frequently available via torrent so I will not pay for something that is free for the taking using these programs.

    I also know that Videobox was considering attempting to add other content like Naughty America, Brazzers and Reality Kings. I must say again that most scenes from these sites that I may be interested in are also available via torrents. I honestly can not think of any content that Videobox could provide at an extra charge that I would not be able to find via a torrent search.

    My subscription to the main Videobox site is not however in jeopardy. Even with the use of torrents, there is no way to find all the material that your main site offers. I must also admit that you did start getting a few extra dollars from me each month after I bought a 1 TB USB drive for my computer. I then found that I wanted to have DVD quality clips to keep so I did up my subscription to a premium level.

    I will also have to put my 2 cents in on another issue discussed in this blog and that would be Belladonna. This porn star does absolutely nothing for me. I found it funny that this blog paired her with another porn star that does nothing for me and that would be Alexis Texas. To each their own but to use these women as a “selling point” for these channels has a reverse effect on me.

  17. ropeadope Says:

    @ doppyman – Vivid was probably my first studio as well via movies shown on The Playboy channel (cable). Back in the days before having bought my first computer. I like the roster of starlets you laid out. I’m hoping for more of Heather Hunter. She appeared in many Vivid DVD’s; thus far we have The Boss’ Wife.

    @ M0N5T3R – Yes, the pricing is variable based on the terms of your standard VideoBox subscription. If you have a long term subscription (as opposed to month by month), the premium channel will be for a like term. But the first billing will be pro rated to the anniversary date of your current subscription. So if you have a 10 month subscription for $100 and upgrade to one premium channel with two months remaining on your subscription, I would expect an additional charge of $20. For that $20, you would be entitled to access one premium channel for the final two months of your subscription. At least that’s my understanding. Best to check with customer service if you have any questions. Be careful if the subscription is automatically renewable (I don’t know if they are or aren’t) and you don’t desire a new 10 month premium channel subscription.

    Totally agree with you re Taylor Hayes. One of my all time favorite performers.

    @ PJ – I would judge the movies on the Evil Angel channel to be the complete opposite of bargain bin DVD’s. Do you have any specific titles in mind which you would like to see uploaded to Evil Angel?

    @ Detritus – That seems to be the feeling of many within the membership. Personally, I believe there’s more than enough to keep one occupied for a month. Grab what you want and come back in another three, four, six months, or however you choose to do it. But that’s just me.

    @ ocdave67 – I’ve never used a torrent program. That can’t possibly be legal. There would undoubtedly be copyright violations incurred with the use of such a program. I’m sure neither Evil Angel nor any other studio is licensing their content in that manner.

    As stated above, I’m not looking to “sell” you on the premium channels. Just writing about some of my favorite scenes. The premium channels sell themselves. Josh stated three months ago in this post, several thousand members had already upgraded to the premium channels. The channels had only been available for a short time at that point. I’m sure the numbers are even more impressive now. VideoBox doesn’t need me to be a salesman for the premium channels.

  18. PJ Says:

    Yes ropeadope, I apologize. Not all are bargin bins. But there are some that I label as such because they just seem “old.” I would like to see newer DVDs with the new “known” girls in the biz.

    As for black titles, I do believe Brian Pumper is the resident black content director over @ Evil Angel. More of his titles would be nice. Manuel Ferrara also has an appreciation for black girls with big bottoms.

    As for the “regular” VB, I see Candy Shop, Black Market & Combat Zone are the studios of choice for black content. Perhaps you’d like to take a look at West Coast Production & Black Ice?

  19. ropeadope Says:

    @ PJ – Thank you for the clarification, no apology necessary. One scene I really enjoyed on Evil Angel was Brian Pumper’s Gapeman #2 (part 2) scene 2 – Alicia. Disregard the screencaps which appear, they are incorrect. I will try to write this scene up for my next Evil Angel article. The scene is actually a bonus scene for Gapeman #2 and was originally filmed for Phatty’s Rhymes N’ Dimes #2 which Pumper also directed. If this scene is indicative of the series, I hope we get Phatty’s Rhymes N’ Dimes in its entirety. Gapeman #2 has a very strong cast, but I found Pumper’s Gapeman persona quite annoying. Fortunately, he plays it straight in the bonus scene with excellent results.

    I had asked The Content Dude about West Coast Productions some time ago, and they weren’t licensing their product at that time. I’m not familiar with Black Ice, but I’ll look into it.

  20. PJ Says:

    I did enjoy Gapeman 1 and 2 but as you said, I am not fond of the Gapeman character lol.

    And thank you for addressing my concerns.

  21. ropeadope Says:

    @ PJ – Most welcome. I now recall Black Ice is part of Zero Tolerance (along with Third Movies as well). Some years back, Zero Tolerance was licensing their movies to VideoBox. I think they’re currently keeping all releases exclusive to their website. If The Content Dude can hammer out a new deal with Zero Tolerance, Black Ice and Third Movies would likely be included. However, I do not believe this is imminent.

  22. ocdave67 Says:

    The legality issue you stated about torrents is a good point. There have been people recently sued over sharing music content via these programs. However there has never been a suit brought up by any porn studios against anyone downloading porn via torrent programs. Most people agree that unlike the music industry, porn companies do not have the financial resources to pursue a suit against someone. Does that make taking advantage of these studios content right? That has been debated for years and I do not see a consensus opinion ever resulting on this matter.
    I am glad to hear that you did not post this blog as an advertisement for the premium channels. I have looked at the channels and the feedback/reviews for most titles and I came to the conclusion that not many subscribers are happy with these new channels. Comments such as “We are paying estra for this shit, We waited 72 hours for this update? are very common on both your channels. You stated that 1000’s signed up for these channels when they first came out, however that does not necessarily mean that the numbers today are as good now that people have had a chance to try the channels..

    Just out of curiosity Rope could you give me an estimate from Videobox’s staff on what the total number up subscribers to this site is? I have always been curious on the actual number of members to this site. Have a great 4th..

  23. ropeadope Says:

    @ ocdave67 – I am not privy to the membership numbers. Remember, I’m not an employee of VideoBox. My own opinion is the number would probably be quite large. I believe only a small fraction of the membership participate by leaving comments in the movie reviews or here on the blog. But really, your guess is as good as mine.

  24. doppyman Says:

    Rope, I left the inimitable Celeste off my list! And I must say that I was totally blown away by the 4th of July EA posting. Still will wait awhile and have to switch billing companies, but I was totally impressed by that vid.

  25. ropeadope Says:

    @ doppyman – Wow, you have a great memory. I had totally forgotten about Celeste, despite the fact she was another favorite of mine. Somewhere in my house I have a four hour VHS cassette made up entirely of Celeste scenes. Do you remember Woody Long? I don’t know whether Woody and Celeste were boyfriend – girlfriend, but they did a ton of scenes together. I remember being completely shocked when I read in 2002 that Woody had fallen down a flight of stairs, hit his head and died. I see iafd now says he suffered a stroke which led to the fall.

    I agree, very nice surprise for the entire membership with the EA 4th of July posting.

  26. ocdave67 Says:

    Actually I think Woody Long was the husband of Sandra Scream. Now there is a porn star that I would like a “where are they now” update on. Celeste as well. Both these stars were a couple of my favorites back in the day!!

  27. ropeadope Says:

    @ octdave67 – Thank you for the information. I couldn’t place Sandra Scream in my mind, did a VideoBox search and found she has a few scenes on the site. Here’s where the mystery deepens. In Evil Woman scene 4, Sandra has a scene with Woody Long. In the review comments, fellow member straggler states that Woody was “married and divorced to the stunning Celeste.” Iafd shows Woody and Sandra worked quite a bit together, although only about half as much as Woody and Celeste. Possibly Woody was married to both Celeste and Sandra over the course of his life? I believe The Content Dude may have the definitive word. I will ask him.

  28. ocdave67 Says:

    Looking around the net Rope, I think we are both right. Here is a copy of Celeste’s Profile..
    Celeste is a mesmorizingly, gorgeous, brown-haired vixen. Born in Stillwater, Minnesota, she was stripping at Minneapolis’ Deja Vu when she got the urge to give hardcore a try. She moved westward and started sexing it up on film with her boyfriend Woody Long. Her first big stint was in John Stagliano’s ‘Butt Freak,’ where she showed her freaky side and critics loved her. Celeste had a special energy on film that not many people had, and she was in demand in no time. When her career was taking flight, she out of nowhere decided to move to the midwest with beau, Woody.

    Not long after, she got smart and ditched Woody to get back into the hardcore scene. When she came back it was with new flair, and a new boob job, which put her in demand once again. She hooked up with Vivid and fell in love with the director Paul Norman, and they married as soon as her and her ex’s Woodster was completed. Her financial success was just as great as her on-screen performance, so she shot right back into the spotlight. Prior to 1995’s ‘Borderline,’ the most extravagant Vivid movie to date, she left the biz again. Celeste was one of the top stars of the 90’s, a sexy woman that can make anything seem sexy.-

    Proof of marriage to Sandra Scream..

  29. ropeadope Says:

    @ ocdave67 – Many thanks my friend, excellent research on your part.

  30. R Says:

    I have a silly question, and the only reason that I ask it is that moviebox recently made it such that their “premium” studios couldn’t be downloaded but instead just streamed.

    Can the Evil Angel and Vivid premium scenes here be downloaded in the various formats like the rest of the scenes on Videobox?

    Thanks…(sorry if I missed the answer somewhere)

  31. ropeadope Says:

    @ R – Yes, Evil Angel and Vivid content can be downloaded exactly the same as standard VideoBox content.

  32. R Says:


  33. R Says:

    Just signed up — great content.