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Female or Shemale?

Inevitably, when you watch a lot of porn, you’ll see a picture of a girl and have absolutely no idea whether she’s a tranny. The other day, a friend sent me a picture he found someplace that cut off at the waist and it wasn’t totally clear what gender the girl was. It gave me the idea for a quiz – Can you tell the difference between females and shemales?

I made two versions of the quiz. A ten-question “Lite” version with somewhat easier questions as well as a longer, more difficult and completely different Extended Version after the jump.


Same Last Name


In this quiz we have ten sets of performers. Each set of two performers share the same last name. I’ve captured screencaps of each performer from scenes appearing on VideoBox. If you correctly identify the shared last name using only the images, you earn ten points. If you need assistance, click on the help file to obtain the performer’s first names. If you use the help file, each correct answer earns five points. Maximum score on the quiz is 100. Click all images to view full size. The answer key is provided at the bottom of the post.


How Much Porn Are You Willing To Be Caught Dead With?


In a memorable scene from HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm series (Porno Gil – Season 1 – Episode 3), Jeff, who has been hospitalized and is awaiting emergency bypass surgery, makes a request of Larry. Jeff wants Larry to get to his secret porn stash and clear it out of the house before any family members make the discovery. Should Jeff not survive the operation, he doesn’t want his wife, daughter, or parents to stumble across his XXX collection of books, magazines, video cassettes, CD’s, DVD’s, hard drives, flash drives, etc.

In this poll, please select the answer that best fits your approach to death and porn. I believe it’s human nature to think we have an infinite amount of time to make the necessary arrangements. But what if you’re hit by a bus or struck by lightning? Beyond the poll, please leave a comment if you have any ideas to pass along for best hiding places, best removal strategies, or any other tips to insure your porn stash remains undiscovered.



Interview with Belladonna

Meeting Belladonna this January at the Adult Entertainment Expo was a real treat. This is the final interview in the series I did at the show.

Having never met Belladonna, I wasn’t sure what to expect. She turned out to be even sweeter, open and adorable than I’d even imagined. I hope you guys enjoy the interview.

Alison is sick

Just got a message from Alison apologizing for no post today. Apparently she has come down with a really bad case of food poisoning from lunch today. She said she will make her post as soon as she gets well.

Favorite VideoBox Series – round 02


The second round of our ongoing sequence of polls which will eventually determine the membership’s favorite VideoBox series. You can still cast your vote in the first round by clicking here. For this round, please select your favorite series from the following choices:

Anal Cumsumption
Big Babies In Budapest
Creampie Cuties
Double Parked
Farmer’s Daughters
Hot Bods & Tail Pipe
Kamikaze Girls / Kamikaze Premium / Kamikaze Street
Legal Skin
MILF Worship
Photographic Mammaries
Rain Coater’s Point Of View
Screw My Wife Please
Teens For Cash
XXX Road Trip



Last Name Please


I’ve noticed a number of performers in the world of adult video who have dropped their last name upon reaching a certain level of popularity. In this quiz, I’ve captured screenshots from eleven scenes appearing on VideoBox (ten plus bonus). All feature performers who have been credited in various scenes using either their full name or first name only. I’ve supplied the first name, your job is to come up with the last name. Each correct answer is worth ten points. If you need assistance, you can use the included multiple choice help file. But if you make use of said file, each correct answer is only worth five points. With the bonus question, maximum score on the quiz is 110 points. The answer key is provided at the bottom of the post.


The Best of Belladonna

I think Belladonna is the porn performer of her generation. Her energy and enthusiasm are incredible, she’s cute as a button and she genuinely seems to love what she does.

In preparation for next week’s post (I’m sure some of you can guess what it is), I’m posting my top 5 favorite Belladonna videos. Each scene has 6 resizable screencaps. The list is in countdown format and features 3 regular VB scenes and 2 Evil Angel scenes. Hopefully, there’s something for everyone.

5. Nothin’ Butt Buttwoman, Scene 6
buttwoman1-2 buttwoman2-2 buttwoman3-2
buttwoman4-2 buttwoman5-2 buttwoman6-2
The scene starts with Bella holding a camera and three guys fondling her. You can tell she enjoys the attention. In fact, Belladonna might be the only porn star who seems more in her element with three cocks than one. Throughout the scene they change configurations in every possible way and she just loves every minute of it. To top it all off, she finishes the one I think is Kevin Long.


H2 Redux

H2 Video
Almost a year ago, I made a post with a poll asking if we should add a studio called H2 to VB’s catalog. The vote went 70% in favor. This seemed like a no brainer, H2 had already said they were good to go before I did the post and VB viewers liked the idea so i was ready to pull the trigger…BUT! For whatever reason that was never explained to me, they got cold feet and backed out after I made the post.

To put this into perspective, it isn’t entirely uncommon for deals to take a while.

The current batch of Red Light District you are enjoying took over 2 years to get done. The Sensations/Sensational took over a year. But that is more negotiating on the front end. So I was a little annoyed that it fell through so suddenly and without explanation (not to mention the emails of hey content dude WTF happened to the H2 stuff).

But if I’ve learned anything in this business over the years it’s that ‘no’ doesn’t mean ‘no’ it just means ‘not now’. So despite my irritation I kept in touch with them (harassment might be a more accurate description) and after a year they decided that they were ready to move forward. I would have been making this post a lot sooner except for the month delay the product had in US customs.

But wejumped through that hoop as well and I am happy to finally say that tomorrow we will release our first H2 title in the 7.30 PST time slot.

BTW – The one good thing that came out of the waiting was they expanded the titles available for us to license so we ended up with a better deal than we had a year ago.

Load blast from the past!

It’s so hard these days to make it past the Videobox homepage. With five updates every day, it’s not easy to muster up the energy to check out all the other videos the site has to offer. Sadly, There’s a whole world of neglected porn out there just yearning for your attention. Luckily, having been a part of the content team at Videobox for some time now, I have made note of a bunch of excellent movies that might have slipped by you. Allow me to share some personal favorites.

I don’t know how you feel about Cherokee but I will always be a fan. I mean, yeah her voice sounds like Mickey Mouse on Helium but have you seen that ass hanging out the back of some cut-off Jean shorts? No? It’s time to check out Sweat. She has three super hot scenes in this movie, one of which is a lesbian scene with the equally hot, Loni. Rose, who I really wish we had more scenes with, has a super hot scene in this one as well. I feel as though I’ve said “hot” a billion times in this description. That’s probably why they called it Sweat.