One More For The Puzzle Lovers

For the non puzzle lovers, I’ll have a more traditional post uploaded to the blog within the next 24 hours. If you do enjoy puzzles employing logic, deductive reasoning, and common sense – time to put on your thinking caps. The rope adult performer awards (imaginary) were held last night. Five awards (one award was for best fetish scene) were presented during the ceremonies, each received by a different woman (Ms. Larson is one surname). From this information and the following clues, can you determine each woman’s full name, the specific award she earned, and the order in which the awards were presented. A help file is provided if you need a nudge in the right direction, and the puzzle’s solution can be found at the bottom of the post.

1. Hillary’s award was presented earlier in the evening than Ms. Hanson’s, but later in the evening than the award presented for best oral scene.

2. The woman who was named adult performer of the year, received her award immediately after Anna’s award, which wasn’t the first award presented.

3. The woman who won the award for best anal scene, received her award earlier in the evening than Inga, which was earlier in the evening than Ms. Mason’s award.

4. The award for best gangbang scene was not the first presentation of the evening, but it was received at least two awards prior to Ms. Dawson’s award.

5. Nicole did not receive her award for best anal scene, nor did she receive it for best oral scene.

6. Ms. Olson and Misty are both close friends of the woman who won the award for best anal scene.

The five first names are Anna, Hillary, Inga, Misty, and Nicole

The five last names are Dawson, Hanson, Larson, Mason, and Olsen

The five awards presented were for Performer of the Year, Best anal scene, Best fetish scene, Best gangbang scene, and Best oral scene

The order in which the awards were presented were First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth

If you need some assistance in getting started, please click to view the Help File.

Once you’ve completed solving the puzzle, please click to view the Solution.



6 Responses to “One More For The Puzzle Lovers”

  1. Sunny Says:

    Ha, reminds me of LSAT logic game…

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ Sunny – Yes, these puzzles seem to remind people of the LSAT or GRE. I’ve never had occasion to take either examination. I just enjoy logic puzzles.

  3. doppyman Says:

    Haven’t had the time to sit down and do this yet, but I think this kind of logical test reminds me most of parts of the LSAT.

  4. doppyman Says:

    Took 54 minutes with a three minute bathroom break. SPOILER ALERT It was some combination of Misty or NIcole in the first spot and Lawson and Olson in the first spot as well as figuring that the first three scenes had to be some combination of anal, oral and GB. Again, props on your clues, because I was able to complete this without having to work on speculation, using only the process of elimination you subtly established. Thanks!!!

  5. ropeadope Says:

    @ doppyman – Thank you. Excellent work on your part once again. Solving in under one hour is superb. This puzzle differed somewhat from the first puzzle in that none of the clues gave any answers outright. For example, the first puzzle contained clues stating Veronica performed in the POV scene and Louise performed in the squirting scene. Not sure if that made this puzzle tougher, just a bit different.

  6. doppyman Says:

    This puzzle was tougher for me; it took more time to sift through options to draw that first definite conclusion that could get the ball rolling. And the next two steps also took a good ten minutes to puzzle out, but then things were pretty easy to fill in. Again, I marvel at how air-tight your logical structure was to allow the puzzle to be solved through logic, without having to try any counterfactual reasoning.