Favorite VideoBox Series – round 01

This will be the first of numerous polls designed to specify the membership’s favorite series appearing on VideoBox. Do not be worried if you fail to see your favorite series in today’s poll. Many rounds will follow, and we’ll eventually hit upon all the popular series. For the opening round, please select your favorite series from the following choices:

Barely 18
Cheating Housewives
Couples Seduce Teens
Cum Swapping Sluts
Fast Times at Deep Crack High
I’ve Never Done That Before
Kelly The Coed
Meet the Twins
The Adventures of Shorty Mac
The Babysitter
The Girl Next Door
Young Ripe Mellons




9 Responses to “Favorite VideoBox Series – round 01”

  1. davros Says:

    There’s a lot of good series there. Personally, I chose Couples Seduce Teens. I just happen to like them.

  2. ichabod Says:

    My favorite’s not on here, but it’s gotta be photographic mammaries

  3. Papayaman1 Says:

    I went for Intensitivity out of this list, but there are several series I prefer. I will be interested to see where XXX Road Trips ends up because some of the scenes in that are blisteringly hot. My admiration for South East Asian women also inclines me towards Me Love You Long Time because it features several of my favourite hotties such as Sabrine Maui and Fujiko Kano (speaking of whom where has that lovely Japanese girl gone?). But I’m not sure it matches the raunchiness of the Road Trips. And what about 8 Simple Ruls for Bangin’ My Teenage Daughter?

  4. passingthrough Says:

    I would be interested in more of these. I bet “Raincoaters POV” would be near the top of all-time favorites.

    I voted “The Babysitter”. Great series, and it seems pretty popular.

  5. ropeadope Says:

    @ davros – Couples Seduce Teens is one of my favorite series as well (although my vote went elsewhere in this poll). Somewhere in the blog, before VideoBox added the series, I recommended it to The Content Dude. I already owned the first six volumes of the series. Don’t know if that had any influence, but I’m glad VideoBox added Couples Seduce Teens to their roster.

    @ ichabod – I’m a big fan of Photographic Mammaries. I was all set to include the series in today’s poll, but I already had Meet the Twins and Ripe Young Mellons in the poll. I don’t want to overload any single poll with too many series that focus on the same genre. Photographic Mammaries will be added to a poll in the near future.

    @ Papayaman1 – You raise several interesting points. I didn’t want any single studio to dominate the poll, so I tried to include series from multiple studios. As Red Light District and Vouyer Productions were already represented, I chose to hold back Me Luv U Long Time and XXX Road Trip for another day. But make no mistake, they will be included soon. As far as 8 Simple Rules for Banging My Teenage Daughter, how many volumes of a title should be required to constitute a series? I’m comfortable with three or more. But what about two? Technically, I guess two meets the definition of a series. Here’s my current thinking. I will include titles with only two volumes, but probably initially restrict them to a poll against titles of a like kind (only two volumes). Those that advance to a later round will have to duke it out against titles that are comprised of more volumes.

    @ passingthrough – No doubt Rain Coater’s Point Of View will be an extremely popular series. I was thinking Whale Tail might be one of the most popular. Both will be included in the near future. It’ll be interesting to see the results. As for this edition, it looks as if many agree with your choice of The Babysitter (I’m also a fan).

  6. thirdeye Says:

    Wow, Babysitter is so high yet Kelly the Coed is so low?? They are very similar type scenes… meh well The Girl Next Door got my vote. That’s a helluva series.

  7. thirdeye Says:

    and yeah… passingthrough reminds me… Raincoaters POV would have got my vote if it up there. THAT’S one of the better series.

  8. ocdave67 Says:

    He said there would be other polls which I am sure will include your very favorite series!!

    For me it is “Hot Bods and Tail pipe” FTW!! 🙂
    “The Babysitter” was my choice for this round..

  9. ropeadope Says:

    @ thirdeye – Be on the lookout for Rain Coater’s Point Of View in the near future. I really don’t think of The Babysitter and Kelly the Coed as similar series. Of course, there will inevitably be overlapping type of scenes in all series. I agree with your assessment of The Girl Next Door.

    @ ocdave67 – Thank you for coming to my defense. So far, there have been less complaints of “my favorite series wasn’t in this poll” than I anticipated. I’ve been a long time fan of Hot Bods & Tail Pipe and will include the series in an upcoming poll.