New Stars on VideoBox This Week (and a Sneak Peek at Next Week)

Every week, new stars are added to VideoBox and 99% of them arrive to little or no fanfare. I’ve compiled a list of the girls who made their VideoBox debut this week below (as well as a sneak preview of who to expect next week!).

Aryana Starr
Julia Gabbi
Gabriella Bond
Helena G.
Melony Malone
Gabriella Mai
Mel Belle
Kelly Stafford
Jenny Tones
Misty Jane
Stacy Nichols
Laura Pistoochi
Carol Ninfa


Other new girls this week: Blondy, Tifany, C.J., Leslay, Caitlynn, Alysha, Cecile, Anita Ferria, Vixy, Eka and Abia

My favorites were definitely Kelly Stafford and Bijou. The former because she’s possibly the dirtiest pornstar that’s ever lived and the latter because she’s gorgeous.

As promised, here are two of the girls whose debut you can look forward to on VideoBox in the upcoming week:

Natalia Rossi
Zoe Stunner

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2 Responses to “New Stars on VideoBox This Week (and a Sneak Peek at Next Week)”

  1. ropeadope Says:

    Extremely helpful summary, thank you Alison. Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me. The scenes featuring Jenny Tones and Carol Ninfa are the only ones I’ve downloaded thus far. I have a lot of Kelly Stafford’s past efforts with Rocco. I’m intrigued by next weeks preview. Will Natalia and Zoe be making their VideoBox debut in the same movie? If so, my guess is Just Over Eighteen #22 (Red Light District). But Teen Worship #3 (Exquisite) would also be a possibility. Interestingly, either of those updates will also yield a new Kara Novak scene. Another possibility for Natalia’s debut would be Wasted Youth #8 (Red Light District). VideoBox has already posted volumes 2, 4, and 6 of the series. Which begs the following question. Is there any truth to the rumor that The Content Dude only acquired the even numbered volumes of the series, stating he found the other volumes too odd for his liking?

  2. PinkPanther Says:

    The word “star” in relation to porn performers gets spread around too much, in my opinion, rather like the term “classic”. Just because a girl has been paid to fuck on video – or film – doesn’t make her a star.

    Ginger Lynn was a star. Laura Pistoochi – not so much.

    Now, Natalia Rossi – Mmmmmm, gorgeous girl – delighted to know that we’ll be seeing scenes with her.