Load blast from the past!

It’s so hard these days to make it past the Videobox homepage. With five updates every day, it’s not easy to muster up the energy to check out all the other videos the site has to offer. Sadly, There’s a whole world of neglected porn out there just yearning for your attention. Luckily, having been a part of the content team at Videobox for some time now, I have made note of a bunch of excellent movies that might have slipped by you. Allow me to share some personal favorites.

I don’t know how you feel about Cherokee but I will always be a fan. I mean, yeah her voice sounds like Mickey Mouse on Helium but have you seen that ass hanging out the back of some cut-off Jean shorts? No? It’s time to check out Sweat. She has three super hot scenes in this movie, one of which is a lesbian scene with the equally hot, Loni. Rose, who I really wish we had more scenes with, has a super hot scene in this one as well. I feel as though I’ve said “hot” a billion times in this description. That’s probably why they called it Sweat.

bongwaterBong Water Butt Babes
I’ve never been super in to Black Mirror movies but there’s no denying the creativity of Bong Water Butt Babes. A bong made from a butt!? What!? If I had thought of that in high school, I wouldn’t be stupid right now from using my dad’s empty beer cans in a pinch. This might not be something to rub one out to but you and the family can definitely get a night’s worth of entertainment out of it.
straightaStraight to the A #1
Are you one of these guys that love anal so much that you can’t even waste time warming up with some good old fashioned pussy? Vince Vouyer’s got you covered. Straight to the A is a tasty little series of just hardcore ass pounding and Videobox has all 4! I suggest you start with #1 because it stars a few of my personal favorites: Belladonna, Venus and of course Miss Jenna Haze. There’s also a couple other great scenes with Flick Shagwell (who definitely lives up to her name) and Cherie, who you may not know but I suggest you check out some of her stuff. Scene 2 might be a weird one for ya. It features Japanese Porn Star Fujiko Kano and she’s crying pretty much the whole time as Mark Wood and Brandon Iron have at her. You might think it’s sad, you might think it’s hot, I found it distracting. I mean, I’d be crying too but she knew what she was getting herself into. C’mon.
100100% Prime Grade A Meat #2
I can’t decide what it is that makes this movie such a high number on my list of favorites. Maybe it’s that Jenny Hendrix could make you fire off a round before she even gets her co-stars pants off. Maybe it’s that Alexis Texas’ gigantic planet of an ass looks amazing in that mesh skirt. Or maybe it’s that one of the other girls in this movie was a cheerleader at my high school and I get a lot of pleasure out of seeing what became of her. Either way, I think you’ll enjoy this one.
whaletailWhale Tail #1
I know some of you might find this one obvious but I think a lot of people haven’t seen it. If you’re a fan of thongs and butts then you definitely need to check out the Whale Tail series! They’re all jam packed with some of the best girls out there but my personal favorite is Whale Tail #1. It kicks off with a classic anal scene from Tiffany Rayne and continues on to more hot scenes with a super sexy Autumn Bliss, the ever-so cute Mary Anne and an eager to please Kristen Price. The kicker for this movie is an early scene with 2009 AVN Best Anal Sex Scene award winner, Sunny Lane. A Must see for any fan!

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8 Responses to “Load blast from the past!”

  1. thirdeye Says:

    Nice choices! when I first signed up I slowly went over the entire catalog and DL’d anything that looked good (unlimited bandwidth ftw) – Thats the way to do it :() Straight to the A #1 has the single best Flick Shagwell scene ever and one of the best Haze scenes too. Yumm. And yeah, all 4 of the Whale Tail movies on here are excellent as well! Oh Oh, and Cherokee has a hot voice – for sure a turn on and I don’t really know why.

  2. davros Says:

    I’ve viewed some scenes from most of the films listed, except for Bong Water Butt Babes. That one just looked a bit out there. But I can vouch for how good the other titles are.

  3. Zack & Miri Says:

    Good picks Noah! Keep em’ coming!

  4. Silkyog Says:

    These are some great picks… The Ass Bong is worth a DL and I’m a big fan of Lethal Hardcore! When they release a tranny title you can catch me diggin’ deep in the archives!
    Thanks Noah

  5. M0N5T3R Says:

    i really dont peruse the back catalog enough. it feels like treasure hunting when i do though. so its a mystery why i dont take that extra few minutes to look around. might be cause ive joined on several different occasions and burnt myself out. i even joined when the stock would be laughable compared to today. my point : i ran across Dayton’s Crazy Sex in Crazy Places, Scene 4 ..from around the time Sweat was posted. good times.

  6. junkco Says:

    Sadly Noah as a member since this site was called Climax Corner I’ve walked my dog to all five of these DVD’s!

  7. numbles Says:

    How about allowing selected users to blog or report about your porn sink.

    I guess there are quite some noteworthy scenes that don’t get views anymore because they are burried in the depth of your system because everybody is stuck with the homepage.

    Another thing would be a more intuitive option of crosslinking scenes with a more dynamic user interface.
    Like with those fancy flash systems that work as dynamic tree diagrams.
    Like you have a scene that contains Anal, One-on-one, Amateur and Cumshot you could easily base the branches that go off of this scene on either Actor, Content Categories or, what I would really like the “strength” of the actual content. I mean, don’t you feel sometimes betrayed if a scene is labeled Double Penetration and you only have some 30 seconds of that content. So in this flash interface you could users give a convenient option to vote if a scene is “very anal” for example to establish link groups that move the user much faster to the content he likes. By theory this should very soon result in a much better organised file portfolio where users just by following strong branches to content they like automatically digg much deeper without wasting time.
    That would be vastly superior to the actual system of clicking content categories and searching for ages for stuff you want to see.

    Hope you understand what I mean :-).

  8. numbles Says:

    Besides, you wouldn’t have to give extra additional voting options. You could just follow selected users that have given their permission throughout your system an base strength of branches on their choices. That would take more time to show results but theorically should be the same.