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H2 Video
Almost a year ago, I made a post with a poll asking if we should add a studio called H2 to VB’s catalog. The vote went 70% in favor. This seemed like a no brainer, H2 had already said they were good to go before I did the post and VB viewers liked the idea so i was ready to pull the trigger…BUT! For whatever reason that was never explained to me, they got cold feet and backed out after I made the post.

To put this into perspective, it isn’t entirely uncommon for deals to take a while.

The current batch of Red Light District you are enjoying took over 2 years to get done. The Sensations/Sensational took over a year. But that is more negotiating on the front end. So I was a little annoyed that it fell through so suddenly and without explanation (not to mention the emails of hey content dude WTF happened to the H2 stuff).

But if I’ve learned anything in this business over the years it’s that ‘no’ doesn’t mean ‘no’ it just means ‘not now’. So despite my irritation I kept in touch with them (harassment might be a more accurate description) and after a year they decided that they were ready to move forward. I would have been making this post a lot sooner except for the month delay the product had in US customs.

But wejumped through that hoop as well and I am happy to finally say that tomorrow we will release our first H2 title in the 7.30 PST time slot.

BTW – The one good thing that came out of the waiting was they expanded the titles available for us to license so we ended up with a better deal than we had a year ago.


10 Responses to “H2 Redux”

  1. M0N5T3R Says:

    i wouldve hated waiting, but i honestly forgot about the post (for the most part) i mighta crossed my mind a few times. that said i love more videos. and more videos to to add to whats gonna be added.. well, thanks for being persistent!!

  2. ropeadope Says:

    Great work as always Content Dude, thanks for the status report. I’d like to mention two studios that don’t receive much attention, although their releases have been quite enjoyable. I’m referring to Venom and Pink Kitty. We received thirty five updates from Venom between 10/16/08 and 4/12/09. Extremely solid DVD’s, comparable to Red Light District and Vouyer in my estimation. Only one update since 4/12/09. Hopefully there’ll be more to follow from Venom. Pink Kitty might be the most improved studio with updates like the P.O.Verted series. There must be some connection between Pink Kitty, AMA, and High Impact. Juicy and Buster Booty may also be part of that group. Same ownership possibly? Does Tyce Bune have his hand in all those studios?

  3. JayKay Says:

    Hope you remembered to clap yourself on the shoulder and bought a nice cake to enjoy at work with some of your colleagues 🙂

    Always nice to hear..

  4. danebly Says:

    Thank you for the insight. Business is business and rarely is anything worth having acquired easily. For the incessant whining that pervades here, you do a great job keeping this the best porn site, anywhere.

  5. content dude Says:

    Rope – You are for the most part on the money. Pink Kitty, AMA and High Impact the same company. Tyce Bune is the owners ‘porn de plume’. Juicy is a distribution company that doesn’t actually produce or own 90% of its content. What they do is contract with directors to produce (x) number of titles per month. All film production costs come out of the directors pocket. The director gives Juicy the edited title and they do all post production including the DVD authoring, box art etc. Depending on the arrangement the director can generally maintain ownership of digital rights but gives up all rights to DVD distribution for both domestic and foreign and is compensated with a % (low) of sales.

    My guess with the Buster Booty is that this was web only content that Tyce didn’t need anymore so he sold all of his rights, DVD and digital, to Juicy

  6. davros Says:

    I’m not too familiar with this studio’s work. But I’ll give it a view.

  7. Detritus Says:

    Same here on the lack of familiarity and I too forgot about it, though I remember the post. If they are like RLD and Vouyer as Rope suggests then it should be a top notch addition.

  8. ropeadope Says:

    Thank you for the detailed explanation Content Dude. I hadn’t understood, nor made the distinction in my mind between production and distribution companies. For some reason these relationships fascinate me, and the additional information you provided is much appreciated. I found the first offering from H2 (Web Girls #2) very enjoyable with good performances from Tiffany Taylor, Penny Flame, Vanessa Lane, etc.

    @ Detritus – I was actually comparing Venom to RLD and Vouyer as I wasn’t familiar with H2. But as stated above, if their first posting is indicative of the studio as a whole, I believe we’ll be more than happy.

  9. Mister Handy Says:

    Count me among those very happy with H2 – I’ve already got Leg Affair #1 on DVD (and #2, and #3 on VHS) but given the bargain that VB is I’m happy to have y’all save me the trouble of re-compressing those for the computer myself 🙂

    The other H2 disks up so far have all been very good as well.

    BTW while I’m at it one more big “thanks” for all the great stuff from VCA lately – ie everything of theirs except the Jim Holliday films and even those are interesting enough 🙂 – please do keep them coming if you can.

  10. doppyman Says:

    H2’s content is fine so far, but certainly not exceptional. My question is, is the proliferation of European studios that result of the premium deals VB struck with two domestic companies, making future deals with American companies more difficult? This was what worried a lot of the naysayers about the whole premium set-up, and while the overall level of posts is still pretty good (and was really excellent for a while there back in the spring) it does seem that there is a recent dearth of high quality domestic porn on the site.